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    1. à une politique d’entreprise

      lorsque cette politique d'entreprise s'étend à un public extrêmement large, cela représente-t-il un nouveau gouvernement, lequel se surajoute à l'État en place (ex. la politique d'Apple s'ajoute à la politique de l'État américain)?

    1. "users are not able to fully understand the extent of the processing operations carried out by Google and that ‘the information on processing operations for the ads personalization is diluted in several documents and does not enable the user to be aware of their extent."
    1. The cookie policy is a section of the privacy policy dedicated to cookies
    2. If a website/app collects personal data, the Data Owner must inform users of this fact by way of a privacy policy. All that is required to trigger this obligation is the presence of a simple contact form, Google Analytics, a cookie or even a social widget; if you’re processing any kind of personal data, you definitely need one.
    1. In general, the directive does not specifically require that you list and name individual third-party cookies, however, you are required to clearly state their categories and purpose. This decision by the Authority is likely deliberate as to require such would mean that individual website/app owners would bear the burden of constantly watching over every single third-party cookie, looking for changes that are outside of their control; this would be largely unreasonable, inefficient and likely unhelpful to users.
    2. a broader explanation of the way cookies operate and of the categories of cookies used will be helpful. A description of the types of things analytical cookies are used for on the site will be more likely to satisfy the requirements than simply listing all the cookies you use with basic references to their function.
    3. The cookie policy must: indicate the type of the cookies installed (e.g. statistical, advertising etc.);describe in detail the purpose of installation of cookies;indicate all third-parties that install or that could install cookies, with a link to their respective policies, and any opt-out forms (where available);be available in all languages in which the service is provided.
    1. provide users with information regarding how to update their browser settings. Many sites provide detailed information for most browsers. You could either link to one of these sites, or create a similar guide of your own. Your guide can either appear in a pop up after a user declines consent, or it can be part of your Privacy Policy, Cookie Information page, or its own separate page.
    1. What information is being collected? Who is collecting it? How is it collected? Why is it being collected? How will it be used? Who will it be shared with? What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned? Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?
    1. If your agreement with Google incorporates this policy, or you otherwise use a Google product that incorporates this policy, you must ensure that certain disclosures are given to, and consents obtained from, end users in the European Economic Area along with the UK. If you fail to comply with this policy, we may limit or suspend your use of the Google product and/or terminate your agreement.
  2. Mar 2020
    1. expect to see more support from Democrats, Republicans, academics and diplomats for the notion that government has a much bigger role to play in creating adequate redundancy in supply chains
    1. Vimeo We use Vimeo for video display. Read more Name Retention Function Statistics __utmt_player 10 minutes Track audience reach vuid 2 years Store the user's usage history Sharing For more information, please read the Vimeo Privacy Policy.

      I like how it groups cookies by the site/service that sets them, and has links to more information and privacy policy for each of those services.

    1. I enjoy dissent and debate among commenters, and criticism of my views is also always welcome; you are even free to call me an assclown, a dupe, a partisan ignoramus — whatever you like, as long as you don't insult other commenters.
    2. And since any commenter who only wants to drop taunts at others rather than engage on an intellectual level is a waste of everyone's time, I'll tolerate him or her for a while, a short while, hoping for unearthed maturity; but if this fails, that commenter is gone. Thanks for listening. 
    1. I've been meaning to remind readers that I do read the comments. Some time ago, one disappointed commenter mused that others' reflections seemed to go (as I recall) "into a void," because I remained silent to each. Perhaps I was ignoring readers' remarks? I assure you that is not the case. I read them all — although on this site, for some reason, "all" means somewhat sparse — and I find them nearly all remarkable in their perceptiveness. I especially welcome, and enjoy, intelligent disagreement. I choose not to respond, however, only because of my editorial philosophy, which holds that the comment section is, rightfully, for commenters — and commenters alone. I've already had my say, and it seems to me rather rude to take another whack in reply. Whenever I'm so substantively shaky or incoherent as to make my case unpersuasively the first time around, I figure I should live with the consequences. And whenever I find criticism flawed, I figure readers — perceptive as they are — will see the flaw as well, therefore there's no need for me to rub it in. So, I beg you not to take my silence personally.
    1. Because humans hate being bored or confused and there are countless ways to make decisions look off-puttingly boring or complex — be it presenting reams of impenetrable legalese in tiny greyscale lettering so no-one will bother reading
    1. "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions” may well be the most common lie in the history of civilization. How many times do you scroll and click accept without a second thought? You’re not alone. Not only they go unread, but they also include a self-updating clause requiring you to go back and review those documents for changes. You’re agreeing to any changes, and their consequences, indefinitely. 
    1. And, frankly, we’re abetting this behavior. Most users just click or tap “okay” to clear the pop-up and get where they’re going. They rarely opt to learn more about what they’re agreeing to. Research shows that the vast majority of internet users don’t read terms of service or privacy policies — so they’re probably not reading cookie policies, either. They’re many pages long, and they’re not written in language that’s simple enough for the average person to understand.
    2. But in the end, they’re not doing much: Most of us just tediously click “yes” and move on.
    3. The site invites you to read its “cookie policy,” (which, let’s be honest, you’re not going to do), and it may tell you the tracking is to “enhance” your experience — even though it feels like it’s doing the opposite.
  3. Feb 2020
    1. hook and line

      The quintessential fishing method, which uses a hook with a lure or bait attached to entice fish to bite on to the hook. Ensnared fish are then pulled to the surface for capture or release. This targeted fishing method allows scientists to minimize the impact of their research on other non-target fish that could end up as by-catch in nets, cages, and other gear. Also called "pole and line" fishing, this method can be used to make commercial fishing more sustainable, as in the case of tuna-fishing in the maldives, which you can read more about at The Guardian: https://www.theguardian.com/sustainable-business/pole-line-fishing-sustainability-tuna-market

    2. US National Fish and Wildlife Refuge

      This network was established in 1903 and has since grown to include over 150,000,000 acres of land that are dedicated to wildlife conservation.

      Read more at the website of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: https://www.fws.gov/refuges/?ref=topbar

    3. We used bio-logging to quantify the daily activity cycles

      Many of the news articles written about this study compare the methods used here to study sharks to the black-box flight recorder technology that is used to continuously collect in-flight data on airplanes--information that becomes particularly important in the event of a plane malfunction/crash.

      Although no mention of 'black-box technology' is made in this paper, interviews with the author typically relied on this comparison to communicate the methods of the study to the public. Read one such example at Engineering and Technology: https://eandt.theiet.org/content/articles/2015/06/black-box-technology-shines-light-on-shark-behaviour/

    4. therefore never truly rest

      It is a common misconception that all sharks must constantly be in motion in order to breathe. While this is not true for all sharks, this is the case for the blacktip reef sharks at the center of this particular study!

      There are several different methods that sharks can use for breathing, which you can read more about at How Stuff Works: https://animals.howstuffworks.com/fish/sharks/shark-drown.htm

  4. Jan 2020
  5. Dec 2019
    1. broaden the definition of a ‘researcher’ to include a molecular biologist and basic science researcher, and to widen the scope of research ethics

      In order to adapt to new contexts, policy diffusion often triggers such semantic drift of key concepts.

      Would be great to see that linked to the policy learning framework.

    2. CIOMS Guidelines serve as a helpful reference in the drafting of a new regulation

      Good example of policy diffusion

    3. based on the recommendations and standards set out by international organisations like the World Medical Association and CIOMS

      Reference to policy diffusion

    4. Regarding recommended practices in international ethical policy documents, these are not sufficiently disseminated or internalized, hence gaps still exist in relation to best practices and critical aspects of data practices. To address this challenge, it is not only essential to disseminate and promote these policies, but to also adapt them to the contexts and situations where they are applicable through training and capacity building.

      Given that the article is framed as being about policy diffusion and using a policy learning framework, I would have expected more details here.

    1. What rural Ohio makes of Turkey-Syria crisis

      This could be about really any town in the US. Except for some college towns and big cities, most Americans live in mostly remote places -- in an actual sense or in an intellectual sense. Let's read this warm-up article together. Please leave your actual name in the responses unless your ID is the school ID (for me, that would be Baekk).

  6. Nov 2019
    1. It needs to be fully repealed, because the first step out of the gate for Obamacare is a step in the wrong direction and that is for government control over every aspect of health care, so it’s hard to fix the system that they have put in place without ending that premise that government ought to be running and controlling health care.
    1. Disinformation in Contemporary U.S. ForeignPolicy: Impacts and Ethics in an Era of Fake News,Social Media, and Artificial Intelligence

      The authors examine the implications of fake news (aka disinformation campaigns). Before we start reading the article, I would like you to go out into the internet (preferably the reliable and credible sources on the net) and find more about American disinformation campaigns abroad. Please share the cases you found here.



    1. Why can't I keep using script whitelists in CSP? The traditional approach of whitelisting domains from which scripts can be loaded is based on the assumption that all responses coming from a trusted domain are safe, and can be executed as scripts. However, this assumption does not hold for modern applications; some common, benign patterns such exposing JSONP interfaces and hosting copies of the AngularJS library allow attackers to escape the confines of CSP.
    1. However, a broader problem is that your script-src whitelist includes domains that host Javascript which can be used by an attacker who finds a markup injection bug in your application to bypass your CSP. For example, https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com hosts Angular (https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/angular.js/1.7.2/angular.min.js) which can be used by an attacker to convert an HTML injection into arbitrary script execution (here is a paper about this).
    1. How you use our services and your devicesThis includes: call records containing phone numbers you call and receive calls from, websites you visit, text records, wireless location, application and feature usage, product and device-specific information and identifiers, router connections, service options you choose, mobile and device numbers, video streaming and video packages and usage, movie rental and purchase data, TV and video viewership, and other similar information.
    2. Demographic and interest dataFor example, this information could include gender, age range, education level, sports enthusiast, frequent diner and other demographics and interests.
    3. Information from social media platformsThis may include interests, "likes" and similar information you permit social media companies to share in this way.
    4. Information from Verizon MediaFor example, we may receive information from Verizon Media to help us understand your interests to help make our advertising more relevant to you.
    5. Learn about the information Verizon collects about you, your devices and your use of products and services we provide. We collect information when you interact with us and use our products and services. The types of information we collect depends on your use of our products and services and the ways that you interact with us. This may include information about: Contact, billing and other information you provide 1 How you use our services and your devices 2 How you use our websites and apps 3 How our network and your devices are working 4 Location of your wireless devices

      Verizon Privacy Policy

    1. Disinformation in Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy: Impacts and Ethics in an Era of Fake News, Social Media, and Artificial Intelligence

      The authors examine the implications of fake news (aka disinformation campaigns). Before we start reading the article, I would like you to go out into the internet (preferably the reliable and credible sources on the net) and find more about American disinformation campaigns abroad. Please share the cases you found here.

    1. Private post-secondary institutions that provide educational services in the State of New Mexico are subject to either the New Mexico Post-Secondary Educational Institution Act (Section 21-23-1 et seq. NMSA 1978) or the Interstate Distance Education Act (Section 21-23B-1 et seq. NMSA 1978) and can use this site to apply for State Authorization or submit other required applications to comply with State regulations. Students may request transcripts of closed schools where the New Mexico Higher Education Department is the designated custodian of records or may file complaints against any post-secondary institution that provides educational services in our State.

      The NMHE website is about providing academic, financial and policies to new mexico public higher education institutions and community.

  7. Sep 2019
    1. Abstract

      Abstract is a sales pitch and a guide; the authors summarize their entire paper into less than 100~200 words to draw you in and guide you throughout the rest of the paper.

      This is a literature review on the relationship between the public opinion and foreign policy. The American public is, largely, regarded as uninterested and unaware of foreign policy. However, here the authors survey the literature and conclude that the public is able to hold a nuanced and coherent view on foreign policy and is able to make a voting decision based on this view.

  8. Aug 2019
    1. Negative rates in theory mean the German government can borrow money from investors and get paid for doing so. But Berlin runs a budget surplus and has no desire to increase spending as other slower-growing European countries would like it to do. Olaf Scholz, Germany’s finance minister, has said recently the government doesn’t need to act as if it is in a crisis
  9. Jul 2019
    1. Opportunity bargains, however, are not an inexhaustible resource. The crucial question, says the Berkeley economist Enrico Moretti, is whether the opportunity in these places derives from “rival goods”—institutions, such as schools, with limited capacity—or “non-rival goods,” such as local culture, which are harder to deplete. When new people move in, what happens to opportunity? And even if an influx of families doesn’t disrupt the opportunity magic, people aren’t always eager to pick up and leave their homes. Moving breaks ties with family, friends, schools, churches, and other organizations. “The real conundrum is how to address the larger structural realities of inequality,” says the Harvard sociologist Robert Sampson, “and not just try to move people around

      It's all about the value of links!

    2. “Let’s really leverage housing policy as part of a larger economic-mobility agenda for the community.”
    1. We DID something or we CHANGED something, like creating a new policy or program that stopped the bullying atmosphere at school?

      A frustrated parent, Rathburn retaliate by confronting her son's bully and later got arrested. Many parent can understand Rathburn and may also feel they would have done the same. The natural instinct of protect their own. Still she hope to create a new policy or program that better handle these incidents before parent's retaliate.

  10. Jun 2019
  11. May 2019
    1. Just over half of the state’s tribes operate casinos, but only 16 are full Vegas-style resorts. And 47 of the state’s 109 tribes have no casinos at all, with some reservations still struggling to provide running water and electricity. “Not all tribes are rich from gaming,” Vialpando said.

      Wow, this is some important context... the industry is unequally distributed and doesn't help the less fortunate tribes!

    2. Two centuries of slaughter, land theft and discrimination have left California’s Native Americans with lower median incomes and education levels coupled with higher rates of poverty and unemployment than the general population.

      The 'plight' rhetoric.

    3. might give Native Americans an unfair advantage in the market.

      Same rationalization as in some of the readings!

    4. “It’s a long pattern in this state,” Vialpando said. “There’s a history of marginalizing tribes. There’s a history of not wanting to engage with tribes.”

      In this context, the Tribes being unfairly barred from this new market is not so surprising, but how is this implemented, and by whom?

    5. The Iipay Nation of Santa Ysabel opened the Mountain Source cannabis store about two weeks ago, in the front part of a failed casino that tribal leaders abandoned in 2014.

      Casino failed, locals had to adapt.

    6. a building that once let visitors try their hand at slot machines and poker tables is now a shop that sells cannabis flower and marijuana-infused truffles.

      Gambling -> Marijuana

    7. are being shut out In a state where weed is legal, groups hope for equal footing.

      This is interesting, and highly unexpected! Tribes not allowed to grow, but the rest of the state IS!

    8. new gambling fo

      Example of gambling linked to marijuana as a concept of tribal different legal restrictions to federal law.

    1. policy change index - machine learning on corpus of text to identify and predict policy changes in China

  12. Apr 2019
    1. the legislation all but ensures that paying taxes remains a giant, expensive pain in the ass for most workers and insulates Intuit, which runs TurboTax, and H&R Block from the potential harmful effects of competent governance to their bottom line.

      Not sure how accurate this characterization is, but it does seem that Intuit has been lobbying to keep things less than straightforward for taxpayers for some time. Unfortunate. https://www.latimes.com/business/hiltzik/la-fi-mh-these-taxprep-companies-lobby-hard-to-keep-tax-day-a-torture-for-you-20150414-column.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TurboTax (see controversies)

  13. Mar 2019
    1. Mr. Fiske’s Florida Congressional Committee is one of a string of political action committees with anodyne names — NorPac in New Jersey, To Protect Our Heritage PAC outside Chicago, the Maryland Association for Concerned Citizens outside Baltimore, among others — that operate independently of Aipac but whose missions and membership align with it.

      Fund-raising conducted by satellite / affiliates

    1. A potential draw-back with such pre-training approach is that themodel may suffer from the mismatch of dialoguestate distributions between supervised training andinteractive learning stages. While interacting withusers, the agent’s response at each turn has a di-rect influence on the distribution of dialogue statethat the agent will operate on in the upcoming di-alogue turns.

      策略学习也是对话过程很重要的一环。 最近的策略学习过程有用基于有监督的预训练然后线上强化学习再训练的来提高学习的方案。但是这种方案有个潜在的毛病,在离线的数据中受限于数据量,线上一旦碰到了不常见的情况,容易直接恢复不来。(这个问题应该只是推断吧?有什么实证么?)


  14. Nov 2018
    1. while we like to scoff at all the mucky-muck bureaucracy around training, budgets, policy and messaging, it’s precisely that stuff that prevents your dream initiative of today morphing into rotting infrastructure of tomorrow. It’s all too easy in this business to end up the new interactive whiteboard — bought one year as the must-have accessory and abandoned the next.

      Good reminder of how essential it is to take time from the evangelism of OER to write and enact some policy to ensure sustainability of our OER efforts.

    1. Polls show that doctors are trusted by the public more than politicians, which means it’s hard for public policy to shape the healthcare system unless medical associations sign off on it.
  15. Sep 2018
    1. open policies

      Some possible new items to add, relevant to module 5.5, Opening Up Your Institution:

      1. OER Africa has an in-depth OER policy review and development toolkit. It looks at issues around developing OER policies from the perspective of students, faculty, institutions, government context, and more. It includes case studies relevant to the regional context with probing questions to consider after each case study. It is from 2012, but many of the considerations about developing and implementing an OER policy that are included in the toolkit are still relevant. This resource can be valuable when thinking about possibly instituting an OER policy at one's own institution. The toolkit is licensed CC BY 4.0, South Africa Institute for Distance Education.

      The next two resources are relevant to the section on OER policies because it provides examples of policies along with case studies and challenges that differ in different parts of the world. It can help people see how what works in one place may not work well elsewhere.

      1. There is a global open policy report from 2016, ed. Kelsey Wiens and Alek Tarkowski, published by the open policy network: https://openpolicynetwork.org/solving-some-of-the-worlds-toughest-problems-with-the-global-open-policy-report/ It includes reports on open policies in Africa & the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Latin America, Europe, and North America. There is an overview in each section along with case studies. This report is also housed on the CC website: https://creativecommons.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/StateofOpenPolicyFullReport_FINAL-1-1-1-1.pdf The report is licensed CC BY 4.0.

      2. The ROER4D project (research on OER for development) produced a report in 2017 called Spotlight on OER policy in the Global South: Case studies from the Research on Open Educational Resources for Development (ROER4D) project. The main questions addressed include: "What is the state of OER policy development in the Global South?" "To what extent do developing countries need OER policies for OER adoption to flourish there?" The report discusses ROER4D research in four countries: Colombia, South Africa, Afghanistan and Mongolia. The report is licensed CC BY 4.0

  16. Aug 2018
    1. Administrators who are charged with the development of open education policy may not fully understand the opportunities inherent in OER and OEP, partic-ularly for learners.

      The other key area of alignment: with learners.

    2. They clearly align the open education policy with the university’s mission statement and strategic goals.

      Institutional alignment is absolutely critical so the policies can be shaped for the institution and so leadership can provide aligned support.

  17. Jul 2018
    1. Children need to view themselves as full human beings, as citizens even, something a good liberal arts foundation provides. By limiting education to a workforce development function and downplaying its political, social and development roles, the conservative position that education must be in service to the workforce benefits those who are currently in power, and education leaders are aggressively converting that belief into policy.
  18. Mar 2018
    1. In the past decade, the academic debate over cognitive enhancement (CE) unfolded largely isolated from the notoriously thorny debates about drug policy reform and the successes and failures of the international drug control regime (ICR). In hindsight, this approach proved beneficial

      Debate over drug policy has been a long history in the United States. More drugs are starting to be legal in the United States because some may be used for prescription for to treat a disease. There has been a bad side against prescription drugs because many Americans are abusing prescription drugs. Prescription drug abuse is a social problem in the United States. Some prescription drugs are leading to health issues because many people do not care about the side effects. Overall the annotation reminded me of todays issue against drugs and how we are using it against many different diseases.

  19. Feb 2018
    1. The Hawaii bill, introduced Jan. 19, would have required all faculty members in the university system to teach with OER beginning in the 2020-21 school year. The use of any instructional materials, including textbooks and online tools, that cost students money would be prohibited. Where there were no suitable OER materials existing, the bill said that instructors would have to create their own and offer them to students free.

      a good case of too much "top down"

    1. A convergence of factors is propelling OER. States have started to adopt policies redefining textbook materials and even mandating OER, particularly as the cost of replacing out-of-date textbooks has become more burdensome to America’s nearly 14,000 school districts. It’s hard to overlook the appeal of free, digital alternatives.
  20. Jan 2018
    1. 9. Does Editors Canada have a code of ethics? No. Editors Canada does not have a code of ethics, but it has adopted general principles of professional editing. You can download Professional Editorial Standards from  Editors Canada for a list of these principles.

      Not having a code of ethics seems to be a big miss!

    1. download or install buttons in image ads
    2. Ads that mislead or trick the user into interacting with them

      This is the main reason our responsive ads were disapproved.

    3. buttons
    4. ads depicting features that do not work, such as
  21. Dec 2017
    1. Ecological, genetic, and geological data suggest that gene flow was disrupted for the remaining three pairs by environmental change several million years before the land barrier was complete.

      Biological evidence supports an early and complex emergence of the Isthmus of Panama, Christine D. Bacon, PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1423853112


      According to phys.org, a newly published paper suggests that the Isthmus of Panama was formed earlier than conventionally believed. The article states that the isthmus was formed in a stop and go manner over 20 million years ago; meaning that migration of organisms could have also followed the same trend. If migration of animals between North and South America started earlier, then the minimum time required for strong reproductive isolation may actually be longer than 3.5 million years. (JP)

    2. a cessation of circulatory connections across the Panama seaway between 12.9 and 7.0 Ma as a result of altered current patterns, followed by return of a restricted shallow water connection that shoaled to a depth of less than 50 m

      Genetic divergence was observed to have occured at different moments when oceanic changes like the haulting of certain currents across the Panama seaway and the shallowing of certain areas. (DV)

    3. intolerant behavior

      The intolerant behavior that has been observed in snapping shrimp known as snapping is the production of a water jet created by the larger claw that creates a loud "pop" sound. Although, it has been discovered that the actual threat in this behavior is the subsequent shock wave that comes after the water jet. (DV)

      Read more in Shrimp shootouts end with a shock wave bang: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/10/shrimp-shootouts-end-shock-wave-bang?utm_campaign=news_daily_2017-10-30&et_rid=17774509&et_cid=1632982

    1. Tibetans exhibit a distinct suite of

      https://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2004/02/0224_040225_evolution.html Adaptations result in changed phenotype. As the Tibetan highlanders adapted to their high altitude environment, they underwent changes to their physiology as to better acclimate to their environment.

    1. References and Notes

      The economic value of grassland species for carbon storage is one of the first papers to monetarily quantify the gain or loss of a species from an ecosystem. Even slight additions (as little as one additional species) to the current U.S. Department of Agriculture's Conservation Reserve program could save hundreds of millions of dollars.

      Read more in Michigan News: http://ns.umich.edu/new/releases/24732-diversity-dividends-the-economic-value-of-grassland-species-for-carbon-storage


    2. References and Notes

      Grasslands with greater biodiversity were found to feature greater biomass than grasslands with fewer species diversity.

      Read more in ScienceDaily: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/04/170419091536.htm


    3. References and Notes

      This article by Hungate et. al applies its findings to the Conservation Reserve Program, attempting to estimate species richness of CRP. This article ( D. L. Carter, J. M. Blair, Recovery of native plant community characteristics on a chronosequence of restored prairies seeded into pastures in West-Central Iowa. Restor. Ecol. 20, 170–179 (2012). ) is cited, yet this cited paper specifically does not use CRP grasslands, suggesting an error on the part of Hungate et. al.

      Read more at PrarieBotanist: https://prairiebotanist.com/2017/04/11/a-brief-comment-on-the-economic-value-of-grassland-species-for-carbon-storage/


    1. rescued memory deficits and network aberrations

      Promising Alzheimer’s ‘drug’ halts memory loss (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/06/130626184019.htm) I found this article interesting because it talked about p38 alpha. At the beginning of the article by Arne Ittner (2017) mice with depletion of p38 alpha, beta, gamma, and delta were all tested. Only p38 gamma depletion had an effect on PTZ seizures, so they tested p38𝛾 and its effect on mice with AD. This article from Northwestern University focuses on how p38 alpha becomes overactive in AD patients. Overactive p38 alpha leads to damage in the synapses by impairing glial cells protective abilities, disrupts the signal between neurons, and releases toxic molecules that can lead to more damage.

    2. revealing an Aβ toxicity–limiting role of p38γ in AD

      Discovery opens door to new Alzheimer’s treatments (https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/11/161117151205.htm) This article connected with our paper in many ways. Alzheimer’s patient have two things, protein plaques made from amyloid-beta, and tau tangles that are phosphorylated by the kinase. When tau is phosphorylated, it forms tangles. So we thought. What the study found is that when tau is initially phosphorylated, it is for protection. They focused on a protein kinase, p38𝛾, and found that is assists in phosphorylating tau and interferes with the amyloid-beta toxicity. When removed, Alzheimer's progresses. When reintroduced, it was therapeutic and helped halt Alzheimer’s progression.

    1. Vietnam’s trade with the EU in the first 11 months of 2016 totalled $40.76bn, according to Vietnam Customs. The bloc was Vietnam’s second-biggest export market, worth $30.72bn (up 9% on the same period of 2015, and accounting for 19.2% of the total), and its fourth-biggest source of imports ($10bn, up 9.7%, and 6.4% of the total). Machinery and appliances accounted for just over half of Vietnam’s exports to the EU, 50.1%, with telecommunications equipment comprising 33.5% of all exports. Footwear and hats accounted for 12.1%, and textiles and textile articles 10.4%. Vietnam’s imports from the EU, meanwhile, included machinery and appliances (27.4% of the total), chemicals (17.8%) and manufactured goods (11.3%).

      Vietnam have been trade with EU among the 11 months of 2016, $40.76bn according to Vietnam custom.

  22. Nov 2017
    1. Indeed, bivalve molluscs constitute emerging models in epigenetics, as illustrated by recent studies examining the role of DNA methylation in the Pacific oyster

      Earlier in the year, researchers were using mollusks to derive a non addicting painkiller in the hopes of solving the U.S. opioid epidemic. Read more at salon: https://www.salon.com/2017/03/04/a-little-mollusk-may-lead-to-a-big-discovery-in-helping-solve-the-u-s-opioid-epidemic/ EM

    2. However, the role of these proteins goes beyond structure, participating in the dynamic regulation of chromatin during transcription, replication, and repair, among other DNA metabolic processes

      Histone functions can go as far as being key gene silencers in normal embryo development. Read more in ScienceDaily: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/08/170830202141.htm EM

    1. 10.

      I'm missing something about making policies themselves more FAIR, which we had included in an earlier version of these draft principles.

    1. Assemblages of insect herbivores were dissimilar between populations of ecotypes from different habitats, as well as from the same habitat 100 km distant.

      In Africa, there is a food crisis leaving millions of people without corn, a very important crop for Africa. The reason for these crops not being edible is that a certain species of worm invaded a field of corn and rapidly spread to neighboring farms, killing millions of corn crops leaving thousands hungry. This proves the point how insects differ from each-other depending on what type of plants are around, since this worm is always flocking to this one crop.

      Link:A table showing variation in herbivore communities and relative abundance of leaf secondary metabolites

      -Otniel Gonzalez

    1. phosphorus (P) additions

      The levels of phosphorus in Lake Coeur d’Alene have doubled since the 1990's. This worries authorities about the potential growth in algae and increase in heavy metals in the lake.

      Read more in The Spokesman-Review: http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2017/nov/15/phosphorus-pollution-flowing-into-lake-coeur-dalen/

    2. stimulated at nutrient concentrations that are now common across human-disturbed landscapes

      A city releases water contaminated by agriculture which will have an adverse effect on local ecosystems.

      Read more in Lawrence-Journal World: http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2017/nov/15/short-notice-citys-release-nitrogen-contaminated-w/

    3. agricultural streams

      Poultry producer is fined by $1.4 million for polluting a local stream.

      Read more in WJCT: http://news.wjct.org/post/live-oak-poultry-producer-environmental-groups-reach-deal-over-suwannee-river-pollution

    4. nutrient pollution

      William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science are studying oysters to see if they could be used to reduce nitrogen levels.

      Read more in the Williamsburg Yorktown Daily: https://wydaily.com/2017/11/05/study-suggests-oysters-offer-hot-spot-for-reducing-nutrient-pollution-tek/

    5. Nutrient pollution

      Nutient pollution is affecting the production of fisheries in the ocean by creating dead zones in the ocean where there are low levels of oxygen.

      Read more in the Iowa Public Radio: http://iowapublicradio.org/post/farmers-sea-say-livelihood-dying-midwest-ag-pollution#stream/0

    6. Algal production increases

      An increase on nutrients in nearby river has led to an increase in the levels of algae in these rivers, some of these which are toxic to people.

      Read more in nwi.com: http://www.nwitimes.com/business/toxic-algae-once-a-nuisance-now-a-severe-nationwide-threat/article_2b1decfa-43c9-5d80-bf64-173e51a95248.html

    1. Ecological, genetic, and geological data suggest that gene flow was disrupted for the remaining three pairs by environmental change several million years before the land barrier was complete.

      Biological evidence supports an early and complex emergence of the Isthmus of Panama, Christine D. Bacon, PNAS, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1423853112


      According to phys.org, a newly published paper suggests that the Isthmus of Panama was formed earlier than conventionally believed. The article states that the isthmus was formed in a stop and go manner over 20 million years ago; meaning that migration of organisms could have also followed the same trend. If migration of animals between North and South America started earlier, then the minimum time required for strong reproductive isolation may actually be longer than 3.5 million years. (JP)

    2. a cessation of circulatory connections across the Panama seaway between 12.9 and 7.0 Ma as a result of altered current patterns, followed by return of a restricted shallow water connection that shoaled to a depth of less than 50 m

      The formation of the Isthmus of Panama has been attributed to the ceasing of currents and changes to the depths of certain areas and levels of sand. It has been reinforced by a similar and more recent research that these changes are some of the major influences of divergence within the snapping shrimps species. (DV)

      Read more in New dates and new rates for divergence across the Isthmus of Panama: http://rspb.royalsocietypublishing.org/content/265/1412/2257

    3. intolerant behavior

      The intolerant behavior that has been observed in snapping shrimp known as snapping is the production of a water jet created by the larger claw that creates a loud "pop" sound. Although, it has been discovered that the actual threat in this behavior is the subsequent shock wave that comes after the water jet. (DV)

      Read more in Shrimp shootouts end with a shock wave bang: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2017/10/shrimp-shootouts-end-shock-wave-bang?utm_campaign=news_daily_2017-10-30&et_rid=17774509&et_cid=1632982

    1. Recent studies using the Ednrb antagonist bonsentan suggest that the use of Ednrb antagonists may prove useful for the treatment of melanoma.

      Ednrb antagonists could potentially be used for the treatment of melanoma. Read more: www.theoncologist.alphamedpress.org/content/20/10/1121.full.pdf (DB)

    2. Moreover, in situ melanomas appeared in adult skin grafts, while invasive melanomas developed in newborn skin grafts indicating that the susceptibility of skin to environmental tumor promoters is dependent on age (Berking et al., 2004).

      Exposure to UV radiation increases the risk of melanoma development. Read more: www.skincancer.org/media-and-press/press-release-2013/kids (DB)

    3. Cancer progression exhibits many of the characteristics seen during development.

      The progression of cancer is characterized by features that can be seen during development. Read more: https://www.cancerquest.org/cancer-biology/cancer-development (DB)

  23. Oct 2017
    1. This was in part because of the considerable time that it took WWARN secretariat staff to persuade Oxford University lawyers that seven pages of often arcane legal language could be streamlined into a three-page document in plain English, understandable to malaria researchers worldwide.

      And even those three pages use non-standard terms, which requires more lawyers to assess the compatibility of these terms with those of any other database one might wish to combine with WWARN data.

  24. Sep 2017
    1. Salient priority areas that policy-makers and practitioners
      1. Public involvement in commercially-driven sphere
      2. Address inequality
      3. Indicators/data on digital skills
      4. OER
    1. “It is also important to note that what we are doing now is in some ways fulfilling a number of longstanding principles that other presidents have always talked about.”

      Neomi Rao, newly confirmed administrator of White House Information and Regulatory affairs attempts here to renounce personal ownership of deregulation efforts instead framing the current move as the continuation of an existing motion present in previous leadership. She attempts to insure the rational saliency of deregulation through this logic of a theoretical continuum.

    1. rna om ett fritt internet och säkerställa demokratins utveckling. Demokrati är ett ständigt pågående arb

      Värnandet om ett fritt internet", helt klart borde detta stå i centrum för allt vi gör inom digidel, MIK och utvecklingen av digitala tjänster. Dock är det svårt att vara en aktör för digital frihet när man själv inte är fri. Inlåsta kommunala IT-miljöer, hämmande upphandlingsregler, policyregler som motverkar digital integritet, monolitisk syn på hårdvara och mjukvara, allt detta skapar en ofri miljö där medarbetarnas möjligheter att utveckla digital kompetens motverkas. Biblioteken är arenor som talar om digital delaktighet för medborgarna utan att först ge medarbetarna själva att bli digitalt delaktiga. Kanske borde vi tala om digital egenmakt, inte bara delaktighet. Då blir det tydligare att vår uppgift är att facilitera digital frihet, inte bara introducera medborgarna i en IT-miljö som formas och definieras över deras huvuden. En levande digitaliserad demokrati förutsätter medborgare som kan bli autonoma medskapare på internet, inte enbart konsumenter av det redan etablerade.

  25. Aug 2017
  26. wayback.archive-it.org wayback.archive-it.org
    1. Booms, busts and bitumen The economic implications of Canadian oilsands development Published Nov. 13, 2013 This report, jointly published by Equiterre and the Pembina Institute, examines how the rapid pace of oilsands development is creating economic risks and regional disparities that could have long-term implications for Canada's economic prosperity.  The report also provides pragmatic recommendations to address these concerns, such as improving the management of one-time resource wealth and eliminating preferential tax treatment for the oil and gas sector.

      This is the institute's major 2013 report on oil sands development, with recommendations to address concerns about the environment, the economy, and tax implications.

  27. Jul 2017
    1. The first effect is an outsourcing of policy development. Much of the research, number crunching, and legislative wordsmithing that used to be done by Capitol Hill staffers working for the government is now being done by outside experts, many of them former Hill staffers, working for lobbying firms, think tanks, consultancies, trade associations, and PR outfits.
  28. Jun 2017
  29. May 2017
    1. The Kafka cluster retains all published records—whether or not they have been consumed—using a configurable retention period. For example, if the retention policy is set to two days, then for the two days after a record is published, it is available for consumption, after which it will be discarded to free up space. Kafka's performance is effectively constant with respect to data size so storing data for a long time is not a problem.

      irrespective of the fact that the consumer has consumed the message that message is kept in kafka for the entire retention policy duration.

      You can have two or more consumer groups: 1 -> real time 2 -> back up consumer group

  30. nlpc.org nlpc.org