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  1. Sep 2019
    1. The equivalent ways in functional components using Hooks:In a state variable: useState or useReducer. Updates in state variables will cause a re-render of the component.In a ref: Equivalent to instance variables in class components. Mutating the .current property won’t cause a re-render.
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  3. Jul 2019
    1. The position of machine products in the civilized scheme of consumption serves to point out the nature of the relation which subsists between the canon of conspicuous waste and the code of proprieties in consumption. Neither in matters of art and taste proper, nor as regards the current sense of the serviceability of goods, does this canon act as a principle of innovation or initiative. It does not go into the future as a creative principle which makes innovations and adds new items of consumption and new elements of cost. The principle in question is, in a certain sense, a negative rather than a positive law. It is a regulative rather than a creative principle. It very rarely initiates or originates any usage or custom directly. Its action is selective only. Conspicuous wastefulness does not directly afford ground for variation and growth, but conformity to its requirements is a condition to the survival of such innovations as may be made on other grounds. In whatever way usages and customs and methods of expenditure arise, they are all subject to the selective action of this norm of reputability; and the degree in which they conform to its requirements is a test of their fitness to survive in the competition with other similar usages and customs.
  4. May 2019
    1. ladyship

      "The state or condition of being a lady; the rank, status, or authority of a lady" (OED).

    2. inferiority of your connexions? — to congratulate myself on the hope of relations, whose condition in life is so decidedly beneath my own?”

      Connexions - "Relationship by family ties, as marriage or distant consanguinity. Often with a and plural" (OED).

      Technically, Mr. Darcy and the Bennet family are from the same class, the gentry, but he has better connections. Mr. Darcy is related to Lady Catherine De Bourgh who holds the highest title a woman can have within the Gentry class. Comparatively, the Bennet's are related to the Gardiners, who are in a class below the gentry, the professional class.

    1. Men feel isolated, confused and conflicted about their natures. Many feel that the very qualities that used to define them — their strength, aggression and competitiveness — are no longer wanted or needed; many others never felt strong or aggressive or competitive to begin with. We don’t know how to be, and we’re terrified.

      I believe that this is related to something called hyper-masculinity I believe that the testosterone in males are also responsible for why there are more male shooters. This shows that it is a biological thing and has happened throughout history. Every violent things all involves mostly men no matter what setting it takes place, dating/love, war, competitive games/sports, money, fame, and survival. Only if it involves some sort of loss, hurt, or hurting their pride. However, ALL men are not like this. ONLY those who are incapable of handling the mental/emotional stress, those who are delusional, those that have "guts" and sinister courage JUST to defend their pride from being attacked, which can be summed up as mentally ill. I will refer back to toxic masculinity, most boys with a certain level of mentally illness tends to not get help and are are not as open. This tend to make things worse, and their aggression can turn to physical violence. Girls on the other hand as mentioned are more open and more capable of achieving this help, and will often have other ways other than alcohol/drug abuse to help distract them.

      There are many many many many factors, and it's nearly impossible to list them all. But the general reasons to why there are more men shooter or just male criminals then females is as mentioned biological, psychological, and social factors.

    2. Last week, 17 people, most of them teenagers, were shot dead at a Florida school. Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School now joins the ranks of Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Columbine and too many other sites of American carnage. What do these shootings have in common? Guns, yes. But also, boys. Girls aren’t pulling the triggers. It’s boys. It’s almost always boys.

      Yes and No...It is true that these horrific events happened. The articles are all over the web with a simple search. So the facts are true. But the last few statement contradict each other. It is true that the events she specifically provided all involves a male culprit. But by saying "Girls aren't pulling the trigger"..."many other sites of American Carnage"..."its boys. It's almost always boys" is contradicting, thus false. There are female shooters too. Here's some examples. 1) A women shooter at YouTube Headquarters in California, a very recent event. 2) A women who shot up a elementary school in the lates 1900s: Brenda Spencer. So far of what I have read, I believe that gender has nothing to do with shooting and crimes. The causation is more related to gun laws, federal/city laws, and mental illness, but that is another argument.

      But what I agree on is that there are more male shooters/criminals that male. But why is that? What I believe is that is has to do with biological, psychological, and social factors, which I will answer a bit more as I get through the reading.

    3. I used to have this one-liner: “If you want to emasculate a guy friend, when you’re at a restaurant, ask him everything that he’s going to order, and then when the waitress comes … order for him.” It’s funny because it shouldn’t be that easy to rob a man of his masculinity — but it is.

      If this statement is implying all guys has the same level of sensitivity and pride, then that is clearly wrong. I, for example, this situation won't strip my masculinity away as well as many guys. But if the author is implying that a man's masculinity is sensitive, then yes, I agree that is true. But each man have a certain degree of masculinity, and how they respond varies. (This is just an introductory to their point of their article, I will continue reading)

  5. Apr 2019
    1. vocabulary notes

      interpreting plot

      • title
      • subtitle
      • climax
      • denouement
      • exposition
      • frame narrative
      • in media res


      • introduction
      • main body
      • denouement
      • conclusion

      literaty terms

      • first person narrative
      • second person narrative
      • third person narrative
      • irony
      • satire
      • epithet
      • personification
  6. Mar 2019
    1. print(self.num,"/",self.den)

      i particularly like an alternate construction better, because it allows you better control of the output string(this example will not insert spaces before and after the slash, unless you deliberately put them there)


      It uses the .format module, that lets you replace {} structures with the print verions of variables, you can set names for them like

      print('{numerator}/{denominator}'.format(denominator = self.den, numerator = self.num))

      and a lot of other stuff, you can learn more reading the python documentation of the string class

    1. vocabulary notes

      interpreting plot

      • title
      • subtitle
      • climax
      • denouement
      • exposition
      • frame narrative
      • in media res


      • introduction
      • main body
      • denouement
      • conclusion

      literaty terms

      • first person narrative
      • second person narrative
      • third person narrative
      • irony
      • satire
      • epithet
      • personification
    2. She felt out of place.

      Ей было не по себе.

    3. for starters orders

      сигналов стартеров

    4. Of course, we've had our ups and downs

      Конечно, у нас бывало то лучше, то хуже

    5. processed kind


    6. Jean put the ruler down on the conveyor belt.

      Джин положила линейку на конвейер. (Прим.: В западных супермаркетах для экономии времени несколько покупателей выгружают продук­ты на конвейер одновременно. Для того, чтобы кассир видела, где граница, покупатели кладут пластиковую линейку яркого цвета между своими и чужими покупками.)

    7. Think of all the oriental foods you can get into

      Как по­думаешь, каких только ни бывает восточных продуктов

    8. her individual yoghurt seemed to say it all

      казалось, что её единственная упаковка йогурта говорит сама за себя.

    9. a gross offish fingers

      оптовая закупка рыбных па­лочек

    10. You can always tell a person by their shopping

      Всегда можно определить, что за человек перед тобой, по его покупкам

    11. when I turned up?

      когда я бы вдруг пришла?

    12. a see-through tray of tomatoes which fell casualty to the rest.

      прозрачный лоток с помидорами, придавленный другими покупками.

    13. the quick till


    14. Jean felt her patience beginning to itch.

      Джин чувствовала, что её терпение заканчивается.

    15. giving an accompaniment of nods and headshaking at the appropriate parts.

      в такт словам то кивала, то качала го­ловой.

    16. why I should have to put up with her at family occasions.

      с какой стати я должна мириться с её присутствием на се­мейных праздниках.

  7. Feb 2019
    1. class II and class IV antiarrhythmics are effective in slowing conduction in the SA and AV nodes.

      class II and class IV antiarrhythmics are effective in slowing conduction in the SA and AV nodes. This is because their end result in SA and AV action potential generation is the same. Both classes prevent calcium influx and slow phase 0. PKA which is activated via beta adrenergic receptor activation phosphorylates L-Ca2+ leading to Ca2+ influx and phase 0, so beta blockers prevent this event while Ca2+ blockers directly inhibit L-Ca2+

    1. This is not the first time that the US “common man” has embraced populism. Who said the following? “What are the real issues that exist today in these United States? It is the trend of pseudointellectual government where a select elite group have written guidelines in bureaus and court decisions… looking down their noses at the average man on the street … the auto workers, … the little businessman…” (quoted in Cowie: http://digitalcommons.ilr.cornell.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1919&context=articles) This was George Wallace, in 1972, the year he scored a victory in the Democratic primary in Michigan, due primarily to “working-class” opposition to school busing on the heels of white flight to the suburbs. His “populist” message of “anti-elitism”, “anti-crime” and anti-busing wasn’t openly racist, but that was its content. Dewey Burton, the young male symbol of the 1970s (white) working class followed for years by the US media (as told by Cowie, above) was not a racist in his personal attitudes, but his alienation from ossified New Deal politics within a Fordist economic model that provided “only” high-wage job security (and for fewer and fewer people) manifested itself in a form that is fairly indistinguishable from the suddenly new “revolt” of the white working class in the rust belt in 2016 – and this well before Fordism entered into its terminal crisis later in the 70s.



    1. the British

      You know what, I just realized that I was assuming something that I don't think Sheridan is. In my comment about the populous of Rome being virtuous, I was assuming Sheridan was attempting to educate the populous. I think I'm wrong.

      It seems Sheridan has virtue training in mind for a select few, not all of "the British."

    1. correctness in pronunciation. as in diction and usage. is not an absolute. Language standards arc the property of the ruling class; thus the diction, usage. and pronuncia• lion of the power centers of capital cities tend to be the standards for a national Ian· guagc.

      This division of pronunciation and usage is particularly visible in terms of class. Mispronounced words are often frowned upon, but all this means is that the person learned this word by reading, rather than having the opportunity of hearing someone say it first.

  8. Nov 2018
    1. The Flipped Classroom:An OpportunityTo Engage MillennialStudents Through ActiveLearning Strategies

      This article discussing using the flipped classroom using accessible technology and expand learning activities. The authors point out that the use of technology must be based on training provided to teachers to implement the technology in the classroom.

      RATING: 8/10

  9. Oct 2018
    1. Workingmothers,becausetheyhavefamiliestosupport,havemoretoloseandmaybelesswillingtojeopardizetheircurrentjobsorprofessionalstatusbyspeakingout.Mothersarestillregularlyjudgednegativelybyouremployersandsocietyforchargingaheadprofessionallyafterwehavechildren.Itdoesn’ttakemuchtointernalizethatsexismtoconvinceourselvesthatourkidsarebetteroffwithamotherwhodoesn’thaveademandingjob,whichcanleadustobeingmoreresignedthanfieryaboutbeingpassedoverforapromotionornotcalledbackforajobinterview.Ormaybeworkingmothersarejustplaintired.Butit’salsonoteworthytomethatwe’veneverhadahigh-pr


    2. “Shewaswaytoofocusedonherpregnancy.Itwasdistractingher.Ididn’tthinkshewasgoingtobecommittedenoughtothejob,soIhadtolethergo.”Ilookedather,stunned.Thiswoman—amotherherself—whoworkedonarangeoninitiativestosupportwomenwasopenlyandcasuallyadmittingtoillegaldiscrimination,againstanothermother.

      If you look in the EEOC link, you'll see that this is pregnancy discrimination and is illegal. And yet it happens.



  10. allred720fa18.commons.gc.cuny.edu allred720fa18.commons.gc.cuny.edu
    1. Captain Delano could not but bethink him of the beauty of that relationship which could present such a spectacle of fidelity on the one hand and confidence on the other. The scene was heightened by, the contrast in dress, denoting their relative positions. The Spaniard wore a loose Chili jacket of dark velvet; white small-clothes and stockings, with silver buckles at the knee and instep; a high-crowned sombrero, of fine grass; a slender sword, silver mounted, hung from a knot in his sash–the last being an almost invariable adjunct, more for utility than ornament, of a South American gentleman’s dress to this hour.

      See this article by Verônica Undurraga Schüler on the dynamics of class relationships as they pertain to Spanish-colonial constructions of masculine authority and honor. In particular, it addresses "the relationship between honor and social practices in Chile's eighteenth century and analyzes ... various manifestations of the social ways used to deal with honor at that time, together with the inquiries about mechanisms used to restore honor and its links with traditional masculinity."

    1. A cheeseburger cannot exist outside of a highly developed, post-agrarian society.

      Here, "a cheeseburger" can be the representation of agency; "...highly developed agrarian society", the most suitable historical context. In other words, throughout the course of history, if human agency were to be maximized, it must have encountered the most suitable historical context. For instance, Belgium's resistance at the beginning of the first world war may not be as vital if Germany did not execute the foul plan of Schlieffen. Equally, if a not-so-successful Olympic swimmer nowadays were to travel back in time, he probably would get the gold medals. Even if he really were to exist in the past, he would unlikely to be as fast as he will be in today's world, as the techniques for swimming in the past was not as advance as those today.

      Nevertheless, it needs to be clarify that the existence of a cheeseburger is brought about because the most suitable historical context gives the largest possibility for cheeseburgers to exist and thrive. One should not think that cheeseburgers have the ability identifying the historical context suitable for themselves. It is this age of mass production and redistribution of resources that gives cheeseburgers the chance to emerge. Hence, be grateful for cheeseburgers; this shows your respect to this sophisticated era.

  11. Sep 2018
    1. Oh no I’m sure any delta is brighter than an epsilon like those. That’s one of the wonderful things about being a gamma. We’re not too stupid and we’re not too bright to be a gamma is to be just right

      this part of the dialogue creates a great sense of social and class inequality in the world created by this movie. Deltas are considered wise and have greater responsibilities whereas gammas are considered somewhere in between and are in charge of more mundane matters.

  12. Jul 2018
    1. One of the simplest reasons so many clamor for formal spaces is because they are a signifier of wealth and prestige, a sign of having “made it.”
  13. course-computational-literary-analysis.netlify.com course-computational-literary-analysis.netlify.com
    1. I began to feel a little uneasy. There was something in the way Penelope put it which silenced my superior sense. I called to mind, now my thoughts were directed that way, what had passed between Mr. Franklin and Rosanna overnight. She looked cut to the heart on that occasion; and now, as ill-luck would have it, she had been unavoidably stung again, poor soul, on the tender place. Sad! sad!–all the more sad because the girl had no reason to justify her, and no right to feel it.

      Betteredge's demonstrative narrative here appeals to me. All along the way, the old man had been high up above, examining Rosanna's affections towards Mr.Franklin from behind the veils. However, the quiet stolidity of Rosanna described by his daughter "silenced" his "superiority sense". Not only that Rosanna had been stung in the tenderest chamber of her heart, but also her lack of justification of her feelings, had aroused the melancholy sense. I would be intrigued to analyze the turn of Betteredge's feelings towards Rosanna, as revealed here for an instance. Additionally, the old man's stereotypes towards Rosanna might be linked to class prejudice, since she was a mere servant in the house.

  14. Apr 2018
    1. Mr. Collins was only a clergyman

      Being a clergymen as a living meant a guaranteed income and home for the lifetime of the clergyman lucky enough to be appointed to one. Since the incumbent did not receive a wage or sully his hands with works per se, it was considered a gentlemanly profession and many younger sons of gentlemen pursued the church as their career."

      (Grace, Maria. Vicars, Curates, and Church Livings. Random Bits of Fascination. Web.)

  15. Mar 2018
    1. Despite all of these tensions and contradictions, the new usage of the word ‘privilege’ has entirely erased the older socio-economic meaning. Proof of the transformation lies in the fact that many social theorists today include in their laundry lists of the varieties of privilege, ‘class privilege.’ This phrase would have struck Clement Attlee or Emma Goldman as obvious nonsense, because privilege and inequality define class. The phrase is patently tautological and redundant, like ‘political government’ or ‘illegal crimes.’ Moreover, it implies a further contradiction: to speak of ‘class privilege’ is to imply that the existence of unequal social classes is acceptable, so long as they are treated equally.


    2. young activists can feed a constant conflict over racist Native-American sports mascots, even as actual Native Americans, when surveyed, consistently say that they do not care about the mascots, and instead are far more concerned about poverty, addiction, and violence in their communities.

      Accusations of "cultural appropriation" serving to distract from more difficult challenges.

  16. Feb 2018
    1. Indentured servants

      Were indentured servants any different than slaves?

    2. George Percy, the youngest son of an English nobleman, was in the first group of settlers at the Jamestown Colony. He kept a journal describing their experiences; in the excerpt below, he reports on the privations of the colonists’ third winter.

      Does Percy do a good job at explaining hardships? Why / why not?

    3. Were indentured servants any different than slaves?

    1. This allows at least 500components per linear inch or a quarter million per squareinch.

      This is about 388 transistors per mm2. Intel now gets 100,000,000

    2. 65 000

      FYI. AMD 32 core now EPYC has about 19 billion transistors

    1. Two problems now arise.

      These problems are largely one consequence of limited computational power

  17. Dec 2017
    1. The most powerful tool the med school has to win faculty mem-bers over is that they are “scien-tists at heart” and “understand the evidence” suggesting students in flipped classrooms perform better than students in lecture courses, Jeffries said. At Touro, for example, the pass rate on an important licens-ing exam has climbed to above 95 percent -- higher than the national average -- since the college flipped its curriculum

      faculty respond to data. impressive pass rate.



  18. Nov 2017
  19. v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com v4-alpha.getbootstrap.com
    1. class="sr-only"

      the class is used to hide information intended only for screen readers from the layout of the rendered page.

  20. Oct 2017
    1. In this FLT article, I am introducing a new pedagogy I call the Pedagogy of Retrieval. This is the pedagogy I use to try to interrupt the automatic use of lower potential learning strategies in my flipped classrooms at The University of Texas at Austin, and it is built on the collective body of research and efforts of my colleagues mentioned above.
  21. Sep 2017
    1. Which type of sampling is better here: with or without replacement? Justify your answer.

      With replacement simply has more "bootstrapping" power than without correct? But with a large enough sample is there any other effect replacement or non-replacement has on the "outcome?" Or is the effect insignificant with large enough samples.

    1. – Two days ago, one of our rocket buses was denied permission for an emergency landing.

      I have never seen this movie, so the start of this scene is a bit confusing. Why are these people secluded from what seems like the rest of society? I also notice that there are no people of color aboard on this "rocket bus;" it seems like only the upper class are included so far.

  22. Jul 2017
    1. encanaillement

      more distaste for the plebian

    2. the collapse of old bourgeois norms among the rich and powerful, even as class hierarchy remained strong (if not more entrenched than ever)

      Why is this powerful economic factor always made to see like an effect of a cultural project?

    1. while the non-owning, exploited class which performs the productive work is called the subordinate class.According to Marx, the history of human society is the history of different kinds of productive systems based on class exploit

      From Marx's definition, all human society is based off of exploitation. Often times, labor is always cheaper than the product that labor work on, therefore class always exist since human society was established

    2. These objective conditions will foster heightened political awareness among the working class so that full advantage can be taken of the weakened state of the bourgeoisie and collective oppo- sition to their political and economic power can besustained

      Awareness of the loss of productive quality in a process by those within the process (laborers), the exploitation occurring, and the shared conception of the experience that leads to political activity. Organizes collective action against the hegemonic powers in place at the moment.

    3. nother.words,whateverdegreeofcooperationorevenfriendlinessmightexist betweenindividualsfromeachclass,theirinterestsobjectivelyconflict.

      The inherent conflict between classes due to differential needs and interests born of different life experiences and life styles that are characteristic of the classes.

    4. Themajorityofpeople,whodonotownthemeans of production, do the productive work for the benefit of those -the minority-whodoownit

      The owner class (exploiters) use the labor of the productive class (exploited) for their own benefit, or the owner class hoards the profits of the production from those who were involved in the actual production process. Whether underpaying (unfair compensation) or not allowing the lower class from accessing the goods (i.e. a farmer has workers sew, grow and harvest apples for them, but doesn't give fair pay or access to the apples)

    1. Social Change

      caused by conflict between the oweners of material productions and the producers which results in a change in the economic bases. This then leads to a transformation of the superstructure.

    2. Surplus

      Goes in hand with the notion that the core of capitalism is exploitation. The output produced by a worker is greater than the actual price of the workers salary. The difference between the value generated and what is paid out is the surplus which is then consummed by the bourgousie or owners /capitalists.

  23. Jun 2017
    1. Clark’s work with developmental math is part of a bigger transformation going on at Oregon State. A three-year, $515,000 initiative funded by an Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) grant is enabling educators to overhaul eight high-enrollment general education courses classrooms with adaptive and interactive learning systems.
  24. Mar 2017
  25. Feb 2017
    1. "Polite" classical education continued, needless to say, in schools for the upper classes and in the traditional universities.

      But think about how this creates a divide in rhetorical understanding between class (and other socioeconomic divisions i.e. gender and race), especially in regards to the question of rhetorical definition. If one group of people is learning about language, philosophy, religion, etc. in the Classical sense and another in the vernacular sense, then will they end up having the same understanding of rhetoric? I would guess not. It would seem that rhetoric at the end of the eighteenth century (and onward) cannot be properly examined without considering a certain dimension of economic influence, especially in regards to class tension.

    1. The peculiar simultaneity of malignancy and softness in the Byronic character type meant that women were able to place themselves in the role of Byron's benevolent reformer.

      This is the major claim of the paragraph. The persona Byron created in his writing is connected to Byron himself in the minds of his readers and the softness that underlies even his evil deeds draws women to him with the idea they can help.

    2. emotional investment

      Key term: The basis of the special relationship between Byron and his readers that made him more than an ordinary poet and turned his readers into fans. The emotional connection Byron's readers feel to him transforms him into one of the characters of his novels and bestows upon him a personality that his fans can connect to.

    3. letters demonstrate how the Byronic persona encouraged a deep emotional investment from Byron's readers.

      Main theme: There is evidence that Byron's fans thought they had a personal connection to him.

    4. Byron's melancholy

      Key term: Byron's brooding element that aids him in forming such emotional poetry and is at the basis of so much of his character. Throsby equates Byron's melancholy with his Rebel character stating that together, these draw women to him with the idea that they can help.

    5. reform

      Main theme: Many of Byron's fans feel that they would be able to impact him in a real way because they think that they know him through his writing. Key Term: Byron made many mistakes and discrepancies in England, and this added to his fame, yet many women were willing to forgive his faults because they believe they saw in his writing a desire for reform. The idea of reform permeated Byron's celebrity interactions because many people saw him as living in sin and put it upon themselves to change that.

    6. Byron's formation of what Dyer would call 'the Rebel' character type and its strong appeal to women.

      Main theme: the Rebel persona that Byron creates for himself, whether true or not, is what draws this female attention.

    7. he Rebel' character type

      Key term: A persona that attracts interest by not conforming. Dyer defines Byron's celebrity persona with "the Rebel" character type.

    8. Byronic persona

      Keyterm: The celebrity that Byron created that was his personality in public and that showed throughout his writings. Throsby connects the Byronic persona to Byron's social successes.

  26. Sep 2016
    1. On a global scale, Debord not only views this as a way in which capitalism maintains the society it has created, but also argues that thepeople of anti-capitalist countries must question power instead of accepting reforms. Without the abolition of capitalism or any oppressive order, the working-class continues to struggle within the boundaries imposed on them by the system in place.

      I would like to discuss this further in class. I am just a little confused on how capitalism is oppressive to everyone. As mentioned in another comment, capitalism can allow lower class citizens to work their way up, but it is just very difficult.

  27. Aug 2016
    1. For Democrats, with their coalition increasingly split along class lines, this is looking more and more like the one issue that can keep the party coalition together

      Are the class lines smooth? This statement seems insufficient to describe complexity of the split.

  28. Jul 2016
    1. Large lecture classes may go through the content too quickly for the typical student to understand. That's why so many schools follow the practice of breaking the class cohort into smaller sections led by teaching assistants.
  29. May 2016
  30. Apr 2016
  31. Mar 2016
    1. Credentalism is economic discrimination disguised as opportunity. Over the past 40 years, professions that never required a college degree began demanding it. "The United States has become the most rigidly credentialised society in the world," write James Engell and Anthony Dangerfield in their 2005 book Saving Higher Education in the Age of Money. "A BA is required for jobs that by no stretch of imagination need two years of full-time training, let alone four."
  32. Jan 2016
    1. It’s coming out quickly and will need much development, but I need to write it down now. I welcome your comments and questions and elaborations and collegial friendly amendments.

      i.e., "thinking out loud" Campbell suggests there's something not only acceptable but good and necessary about presenting his thoughts-in-progress

    2. These structures are not unlike the distributed (neuroplastic) design of the brain itself, one that, as it happens, permits all the higher orders of cognition to emerge

      There's a very natural parallel between the Internet and the brain--an individual web page is a neuron and thought can only occur when information is passed through the synapses/the links. I don't think it's quite analogous, but it feels like an interesting similarity. Proponents of the Web sometimes talk of it as an extension of the human brain, though, and if the Internet is already shaped like a brain...

  33. Dec 2015
    1. If you've ever felt bad about working a very low-status job, or looked down on someone else for it, this might change your attitude.

      • It's ironic that many low-wage jobs are jobs that many people couldn't tolerate.
      • These days, one should be embarrassed to admit working for Wall Street, the NSA, or Congress.
      • Our government is full of people who should be mopping floors and wiping tables instead.
      • The military shouldn't be the only obvious opportunity for working-class kids.
  34. Aug 2015
    1. Hands on

      This might be the most explicit link to constructivism and constructionism. Not only is it about “learn by doing”, but it’s about concrete action in the physical world. Can’t help but find it limiting and restrictive to mention “3D Printing” as the main component. After all, FabLabs got started without 3D printers and the Maker movement has a lot of stuff which has little to do with 3D Printing. But it’s hard to argue that 3D Printing haven’t attracted attention, in the past couple of years. Sexier than laser etching? As Makers often point out, there’s a lot in the movement which is really very similar to what was happening in shop class. Though the trend may sound new, it’s partly based on nostalgia. A neat aspect, though, is that much of it can happen through learners’ projects cutting across class boundaries. Sure, we’ve known about project-based learning for a while. You do a project for a class or a series of classes. But how about a personal pathway (cf. “individualism”, above) through which learners add learning experiences around a central project? Learning Circles can make that into something really neat.

  35. Jul 2015
    1. most gorgeous dream

      I'm wondering if "the dream" -- at least as Coates sketches it out in the remainder of this paragraph -- has become a "war with the known world" for people without education and money. Is it about race or class. Robert Putnam makes a good case for the problem being about rising economic inequality in America, even as racial and sexual divisions have been lessening.

  36. Feb 2014
    1. That changed with the end of WWII. Waves of discharged soldiers subsidized by the GI Bill, joined by the children of the expanding middle class, wanted or needed a college degree.
  37. Oct 2013
    1. For the superiority of class over class is proportionate to the superiority possessed by their largest specimens.
  38. Sep 2013
    1. I hold that there does not exist an art of the kind which can implant sobriety and justice in depraved natures

      Distinction of "class" - those who can be taught from those who lack sufficient innate moral character? The idea that people are born to either rise or fall.