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    1. A spreadsheet may be represented as a directed acyclic graph, with each cell a vertex and an edge connected a cell when a formula references another cell. Other applications include scheduling, circuit design and Bayesian networks.
    1. rms of Global Systems, but we do need an earth- wide network of connections, including the ability partially to translate knowledges among very different-and power-differenti- ated - communities. We need the power of modern critical theories of how meanings and bodies get made, not in order to deny meanings and bodies, but in order to build meanings and bodies that have a chance for life.

      Arguing against Marxist feminists. And for the preservation of theories and an appreciation of people's actual experiences in order to make meaning of things and give non-white bodies a chance of life. (Beyond the white male understanding.... )

    2. any ca

      Social constructionism is a theory of knowledge in sociology and communication theory that examines the development of jointly-constructed understandings of the world that form the basis for shared assumptions about reality. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=social+constructionists

    3. e the law of the fath

      "The “law of the father” is a term usually associated with the work of Jacques Lacan in his psychoanalytic account of the way in which children enter into patriarchal culture. Lacan identified three phases of psychosocial development involved in this process: the “imaginary order,” the “mirror stage,” and the “symbolic order.” Lacan's work has been contested to the extent that it has been interpreted as a justification for patriarchal social relationships, as well as being developed and utilized by feminists, particularly French feminists. Marxist feminists have also utilized the work of Lacan." https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/9781118663219.wbegss446

    1. const countriesRegExp = countries.reduce( (regex, country, i) => (i === 0 ? `(${country})` : `${regex}|(${country})`), "" )
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    1. neoliberalism, can be seen not only as destructive of trad-itional versions of Professionalism, but as Foucault argued, is also product-ive of new practices shaped by the market.
    2. ‘old professionalism’included therelative autonomy of the profession to control the‘field of judgement’(Ball, 2003, p. 216) and determine its own professional remit (seeTett, 2010;Ledwith, 2011). In contrast, the main features of this new version of profes-sionalism are centred on the ways in which the profession has been trans-formed into an instrument of economic policy and, in particular, thechanges in competencies which have accompanied this development.

      Now the professional is an instrument of economic policy

    3. ‘organisational’professional-ism (seeEvetts, 2009) - that is—a profession whose remit is controlled byemployers—in this instance the local state.Evetts (2009)argues that‘organisational professionalism’has displaced an older model of profes-sionalism -‘occupational’professionalism, whereby professions were sub-ject to internal regulation and control by ethical standards that wereoccupationally defined

      shift from standards of ethics and regulations in control to the employer standard of new profesionalism - data- and evidence-driven decisionmaking.

    4. managers and practitioners regularly discuss their‘work’in terms of‘measuring outcomes’,‘improving outputs’,‘promotingbest practice’,‘promoting sector leading practices’,‘benchmarking’,‘qual-ity assurance’,‘better outputs’,‘continual improvement’and being‘BOLD’(better outcomes leaner delivery).
    5. performance targets’of practitioners, for example, I noted that many targets are related to themanagement of austerity in one way or another. Typical‘performance tar-gets’include such objectives as‘increase the number of DevelopmentTrusts and Social Enterprises providing services’,‘increase the number ofasset transfers’;‘increase the number of volunteers engaged in servicedesign and delivery’

      performance targets - illustrated to support his argument and framework.

    6. Foucault’s proposition that neoliberalism‘penetrates more deeply intopeople’s psyches’

      this is a description of how neoliberalism has reconceived power.

    7. neoliberalism is productive of a new form of profes-sionalism is theoretically indebted to Foucaul



    1. Omitted details change everything here. There won't be circular dependency because unused import is skipped. Consider providing stackoverflow.com/help/mcve .
    1. Informative data about objects that are considered prototypes for the role. Base concept is similar to type, but without inheritance of limitations and properties. Base concepts are designed as a substitute for inheritance for external concepts. A base concept is like a related concept except that the base concept is almost identical to the role definition.
    1. Returns a Promise<?Object> that resolves with no value on success or resolves with an Object of submission errors on failure. The reason it resolves with errors is to leave rejection for when there is a server or communications error.
    1. Listening for External Changes By wrapping a stateful ExternalModificationDetector component in a Field component, we can listen for changes to a field's value, and by knowing whether or not the field is active, deduce when a field's value changes due to external influences.
    1. // Make a HOC
      // This is not the only way to accomplish auto-save, but it does let us:
      // - Use built-in React lifecycle methods to listen for changes
      // - Maintain state of when we are submitting
      // - Render a message when submitting
      // - Pass in debounce and save props nicely
      export default props => (
        <FormSpy {...props} subscription={{ values: true }} component={AutoSave} />
    1. Not all application state belongs inside your application's component hierarchy. Sometimes, you'll have values that need to be accessed by multiple unrelated components, or by a regular JavaScript module.
    1. const { getByRole } = render(html`<input bind:value=${text} />`)
    2. render(html`<${Button} on:click=${() => (clicked += 1)}>Click Me!<//>`)

      Compared to https://github.com/kenoxa/svelte-jsx#api, this alows on:click instead of on_click.

      So maybe this syntax allows for fewer workarounds overall?

    1. This would be like an executable proposal. I understand that it's beyond the original intent of having canonical patterns on the Svelte site, but it would facilitate the community to express their own patterns. Now that we have markdown preprocessors , the documentation itself can be an app.
    2. More in-depth examples definitely sound like a good idea. I've seen cookbooks quite a few times already and they are always helpful.
    1. This seems crucial, for example for #if inside #each {#each boxes as box} {@const b = box?.a?.b} {#if b} <p>{b}</p> {/if} {/each}
    1. Data fetching, setting up a subscription, and manually changing the DOM in React components are all examples of side effects.
    1. An example for a dialectical alternative media strategy is the Canadian Adbusters magazine. It is financed by donationsand sales and has a paid circulation of about 120.000.

      The authors cite the Canadian Adbusters magazine as an example of an alternative media that is radical while remaining separate for commoditization of its readership to capitalistic ends. And also Mother Jones. THey both reach broad audiences.

    2. Indymedia. Indymedia uses a ‘‘democratic open-publishing system”,is‘‘collectively run”, and ‘‘a decentralized and autonomousnetwork”(Indymedia, 2009).

      giving an example of alternative type of media and characterizing it.



    1. Hats-on Harry, Off-at-Seven George, Handle-It-Yourself Fred, and The-Eternal-Flame Edward Who-Never-Goes-Out

      Example Realist Ethnography

    2. One with a Gun, One with a Dog, and One with the Shivers

      Example Impressionist ethnography

    3. One with a Gun, One with a Dog, and One with the Shivers

      Example Impressionist ethnography

    4. Hats-on Harry, Off-at-Seven George, Handle-It-Yourself Fred, and The-Eternal-Flame Edward Who-Never-Goes-Out

      Example Realist Ethnography

    5. Johnny Gets His Gun

      Example comfessional ethnography

    6. Johnny Gets His Gun

      Example comfessional ethnography



    1. all reacting in the same way to the like need of protection from the rain-

      Social action that is related to an event, but not related to collective benefit.

      Narrows here the idea of social action.

  3. Sep 2020
    1. This is pretty good, but I don’t love that $contactStore.length bit. If we wanted to change the shape of the store from an array to a key-value store or something, we’d have to remember to update this component too. Instead, we can define a new derived store: contactCountStore. It’ll always track the count, which lets this component have less knowledge about the structure of the store. That refactor looks like this:
    1. The difference between default and named affects how other people can consume your bundle. If you use default, a CommonJS user could do this, for example:

      include the following content

    1. Proving to myself that isValid does correctly change to true even when a key in $errors is an array.

    1. Child can't update things by reassignment if you do:

      <Child bind:things={things} />

      but can if you do;

      <Child bind:things={$object.things} />
    1. Demonstrates that even though object.value kind of works, it will be out of date. You need to subscribe to it to get current value: $object.value

    1. "The First Amendment and Supreme Court decisions protect the news media in their reporting on matters of public interest, so you really have to show actual malice and disregard for the truth that would be very blatant and very provable," said Gene Policinski, senior vice president of the First Amendment Center.


      Our mission: providing resources to help the public understand how their First Amendment freedoms of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition work, and how they can be protected.

      FIRST AMENDMENT EXPERTS The First Amendment Center’s nationally recognized experts David Hudson, Lata Nott, and Gene Policinski regularly provide the media with information and commentary on First Amendment and free expression issues. Interested in contacting one of our experts? Please email media@newseum.org or call 202/292-6200.

    1. For example, you might want to use the browser’s knowledge of the user’s current time zone to group a collection of elements by date.
    1. If you can't understand where it's coming from in the stack traces, please post screenshots or create reproducing sandboxes and we'll try to help. Most of these are probably coming from a few libraries, so the most productive thing to do is to reduce these cases and then file issues with those libraries.
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    1. select some text

      this is an example of annotation.

      If you wish, you can add images, videos, or links.

      To add tags, type in the bow below and press Enter.

    1. This illustrates the difference between two types of scrolling:

      • scrolling within the dialog
      • scrolling the document that includes the dialog
    1. Corporate social media has been dominating the online space so significantly that the newest generation of Internet users now thinks that is what the "web" actually is. Fortunately, with WordPress as your platform, you can not only take back your online identity and presence, but you can use it to have a richer and fuller experience than the locked-down experience you get with the limits of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

      make a note

    1. But it's easy to imagine that the caption was incorrect for too long because those who know the language, know where the mistake is, and those who don't, think that it's the correct way to spell it.

      those who know the language, know where the mistake is, In other words, they can easily spot the mistake and no better than to repeat it themselves, but either are powerless or too lazy to actually fix it on SE.

      and those who don't, think that it's the correct way to spell it. So those who should no better are inadvertently perpetuating the mistake and teaching others that it is an acceptable/correct usage.

    2. Can't upvote this enough. It is highly irritating to see language destroyed (and we wonder why kids bastardize the language..).
    1. proscriptive, nonprescriptive

      Interesting how a word can have multiple antonyms/opposites that are "opposite" in different ways/senses:

      • proscriptive: forbid rather than prescribe
      • nonprescriptive: absence of prescribing
    1. Perhaps someone should give an example of when 'into' is ever correct. "Turn into bed" is definitely incorrect, unless one is morphing into the form of a bed. But what about "he fell into the hole", "she went into the house", or "Star Trek Into Darkness"?
    1. For example, the word dog describes both the species Canis familiaris and male individuals of Canis familiaris, so it is possible to say "That dog isn't a dog, it's a bitch" ("That hypernym Z isn't a hyponym Z, it's a hyponym Y").
  5. Jul 2020
    1. When downloading a lifestyle mobile app, the app asks for consent to access the phone’saccelerometer. This is not necessary for the app to work, but it is useful for the controller who wishesto learn more about the movements and activity levels of its users. When the user later revokes thatconsent, she finds out that the app now only works to a limited extent. This is an example of detrimentas meant in Recital 42, which means that consent was never validly obtained (and thus, the controllerneeds to delete all personal data about users’ movements collected this way).
  6. Jun 2020
    1. For example, if error messages in two narrowly defined classes behave in the same way, the classes can be easily combined. But if some messages in a broad class behave differently, every object in the class must be examined before the class can be split. This illustrates the principle that "splits can be lumped more easily than lumps can be split".
    1. An example candidate for caching might be a nightly billing task which aggregates billing data for the past month. That kind of task is likely not expecting last minute updates while it runs. It assumes that the state of the world remains constant while processing.
    1. including Oracle (since 1984 [4]), Postgres(since 1985 [41]), and MySQL’s InnoDB engine (since 2001). Butwhile there are plenty of contemporaries to these older systemsthat use a single-version scheme (e.g., IBM DB2, Sybase), almostevery new transactional DBMS eschews this approach in favor ofMVCC [37]. This includes both commercial (e.g., Microsoft Heka-ton [16], SAP HANA [40], MemSQL [1], NuoDB [3]) and academic(e.g., HYRISE [21], HyPer [36]) systems
  7. May 2020
    1. of, relating to, or being a grammatical case or form expressing means or agency

      I really need an example of this!

      It seems unusual that they specifically mention "a grammatical case or form". I've never seen a definition before that is anything like this one.

      How is this different from definition 1?

    1. sadness.js will not load, however, as document.write() produces script elements which are "parser-inserted".
  8. developer.chrome.com developer.chrome.com
    1. If a user clicks on that button, the onclick script will not execute. This is because the script did not immediately execute and code not interpreted until the click event occurs is not considered part of the content script, so the CSP of the page (not of the extension) restricts its behavior. And since that CSP does not specify unsafe-inline, the inline event handler is blocked.
    1. This change was made because GitLab License Management is now renamed to GitLab License Compliance. After review with users and analysts, we determined that this new name better indicates what the feature is for, aligns with existing market terminology, and reduces confusion with GitLab subscription licensing features.
    1. $10 donation = $9.41 deposited into your bank account the next business day $100 donation = $96.80 deposited into your bank account the next business day
    1. In algebra, for some set S together with an operation ⋆ {\displaystyle \star } to form a group, it is necessary that ⋆ {\displaystyle \star } be associative.

      Seems like a simpler example (of individually necessary and jointly sufficient) that is easier to follow could be found.

    2. that a number x {\displaystyle x} is rational (S) is sufficient but not necessary to x {\displaystyle x} being a real number (N) (since there are real numbers that are not rational)
    3. being a male is a necessary condition for being a brother, but it is not sufficient—while being a male sibling is a necessary and sufficient condition for being a brother
    4. in order for human beings to live, it is necessary that they have air
    1. This does not have to be an additional form. In practice, you can simply add several checkboxes informing the user of each additional purpose and allowing them to give consent specific to those cases.

      See the images above, which are a good example of how to do it and how not to do it.

    1. By itself the name John Smith may not always be personal data because there are many individuals with that name. However, where the name is combined with other information (such as an address, a place of work, or a telephone number) this will usually be sufficient to clearly identify one individual.
    2. Simply because you do not know the name of an individual does not mean you cannot identify that individual. Many of us do not know the names of all our neighbours, but we are still able to identify them.
    1. If you’re selling products and keep record of users’ choices for marketing purposes, dividing them into meaningful categories, such as by age, gender, geographical origin etc., you’re profiling them.
  9. Apr 2020
    1. purposes are grouped into 5 categories (strictly necessary, basic interactions & functionalities, experience enhancement, measurement, targeting & advertising)
    2. Strictly necessary (id 1). Purposes included:Backup saving and managementHosting and backend infrastructureManaging landing and invitation pagesPlatform services and hostingSPAM protectionTraffic optimization and distributionInfrastructure monitoringHandling payments