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    1. There is no biodiversity on this red-dirt farm. There is only one crop. McManus has no choice but to pick it. Imagine him agreeing with me, then trying to have a career. Even with all his fine publications, he will be lucky to make it out of Michigan. Sad! And peace begins with feeling your enemy’s pain.

      Wow, Academic surf as a concept really makes sense. There is only one way to survive in academia. If you want power what do you say? People talk about people being subconscously racist, but what about subconsciously hating on anybody on the right. This regieme propaganda is pissing me off, what kind of propganda do I want to consume. What are the founding documents of the new regieme? BAP, Human Forver, Dune, LOTR?

    2. sharecropper
    3. Chérizier has denied that his nickname “Babekyou” (or “Barbecue”) came from accusations of his setting people on fire. Instead, he says it was from his mother's having been a fried chicken street vendor.

      This is one of those people that we need to make a movie about

    4. The question of why so many fine Americans of the caviar caste were funding, protecting, and collaborating with this gigantic gang of mass murderers is seldom if ever raised.

      Ummmm intelectual atire much, I remember telling people that in the early 20th centuary communisim was intelectual atire and people thought it was legit clothing

    5. The job of a historian is to figure out what really happened, not to beat his political enemies over the head with tendentious, emotional, juvenile propaganda. Again, though—in 2023, it’s easy to see why someone might get that impression.


    6. Speaking as a diplomat’s son, I will say that the global elite are genuinely some of the best people in the world.

      Ah these social clubs are where the new Dukes are going to come from

    7. Bernie Sanders, everyone’s favorite progressive grandpa, “honeymooned” in the USSR. Imagine if it was Hitler.

      People beleive in ideas more than their own eyes I guess

    8. Of course Lenin’s party was literally the Social Democratic Labor Party.

      I can't believe I did not know this

    9. And if World War II was not a Marvel movie—how does the present even make sense?

      What kind of question is this? Oh people do think of WWII like a movie or video game because that is how they experience it. It is entertainment to be consoomed

    10. the story of the present has to be told by starting from the past.

      We can't view history objectively because we are history

    11. In our century the fires of mass slaughter have burned low—perhaps from genuine spiritual advance, but perhaps from a general decline in the passion and energy of humanity. When peace is just apathy, avarice and accidie, peace is not a symptom of health. The peace of decline is the peace of death.

      Peace is just apathy. So Curtis, how do I get into the new Regime, what does the new regime stand for. What explosive power is behind it. Who are its members? Let's get answers to these questions

    12. legitimate, press.

      Michael Malice (@michaelmalice) / Twitter get in here and correct this man.

  2. Jan 2023
    1. If supply of tulpas is limited, then they implicitly have a price.

      Based (Esoteric Truth)

    2. In an episode of Seinfeld, Elaine’s favorite contraceptive stops being sold, and now for every potential lover she has to weigh in whether he is ‘spongeworthy’. An economics professor at Princeton wrote a paper on this, and it was actually published in Economic Inquiry (Dixit, 2012).

      Does that mean what I think it means?

      I read the paper, yes it does mean what I thought it meant.

    3. egregores. Egregores don’t necessarily map onto humans. Rather than a hard-and-fast distinction, it’s more helpful to think of tulpas as a subtype of egregores, perhaps of the highest intensity. This is because egregores leech off of our tulpas. They are artificial entities that feel real (like actual beings), precisely because they’re parasitic. So brands, for instance, are egregores. An organization (workplace) or symbol (flag) or abstract idea can be egregoric. Fictional characters seem like tulpas insofar as they’re ‘people’, but they’re also egregores in that they’re not ‘real’.


    4. I think it’s bad to hard-code a distinction between ‘real’ and ‘not-real’ into a conceptual system.

      My PKMS(Personal Knowledge Management System) has a folder of People and I put fictional characters, like Jimmy Neurton, in there

    5. As hard as it would be to translate any insights from this into actionable results, I can imagine textual analysis of ad copy into separate categories in order to identify opportunities for parasitism, or comparing lexical choices of various people in one’s twitter feed as a barometer of egregoro-dynamics.


    6. xenofeminist

      WTF this phrase relates to Nick Land Accelerationisim!?!?!?!?

      Xenofeminism: Let a hundred sexes bloom!

    7. Just as we accept that our bodies are composed of myriad cellular organisms with a high degree of autonomy, egregorics provides a multi-agent view of the self where, moreover, these agents are distributed among members of society. Unlike semiotics where symbols are simply ‘given’, or memetics where memes spread through you like a virus, egregores are feeding on you as we speak. Egregorics must be computational, so machines can tell us what our tulpas don’t want us to know.

      The integrated individual within the polymorphic society.

    8. The notion of compression adds far more nuance. Suppose a fictional character reminds me of my friend; by watching a movie, I feel like I’m hanging out with my friend, helping me to maintain that tulpa even if I haven’t seen them for years. So large social networks create tulpa externalities which can be positive or negative.


    1. And the mobs that storm the state buildings are not the concerned democratic people in their millions—they are a few thousand gullible malcontents.

      It is like a bunch of pigs overwhelming the farmer. WTF is actually going on?

    2. By its juvenile mockery of power, the mob demonstrates its incapacity for power. Its attack is truly an attack on democracy—the mob, the essential element which makes democracy a tangible reality, attacks democracy by demonstrating its lack of power. For if the mob has no power, democracy has no power.

      This is giving me a headache trying to comprehend. Isin't the mob the democracy but when the institutions of power are attached by a mob what does that mean? Which mass of people is more important, how should these masses of people interact. If one can't deal with the other what does that say?

    3. Obviously these flexible people cannot be rounded up and put it camps. Instead, they must be employed—probably by the new power. Which they will serve faithfully—so long as it is really in power. And not just a mob vandalizing a government building.

      What jobs will the SJW's have in the new regieme?

    4. Most people are not logical; most people are emotional.

      I always forget this. People on average functions as animals not inteligent agents.

    5. it will not have any of these ways of feeling good.

      I bet some people feel like they are cumming when they put their mask on

    6. Bastille
    7. You resist—why? Not from of these principles, which are not even principles—from your immature, emotional need for power.

      People resist power because they want power. Nice

    8. The flexible comply and triumph. You resist, and are crushed.

      Ah a nice exmaple of how progress works.

    9. your old principles were just obsolete propaganda.

      Wait is this right. Are all principals derived from the root of God.... and god is a psyop. Well they are all memes..... but memes come from individuals. Principals are just old propaganda I need to play with this one more

    10. . So power and those who love power will crush you, and your old principles, like a bug.

      Power is a meta phenomenon, it removes the concept of the individual..... or something like that.

    11. Principled people always fall into the propaganda trap. They are educated to believe that the crowd is always right, that people are people regardless of their ancestors. They have no idea that these principles came to them from propaganda. They believe their principles not even because they are useful, but because they were once useful.
    12. Every Bay Area person who has jogged past this plaque with their golden retriever, read it, and thought some happy thought about the Jalquin/Irgin (dollars to donuts that the Jalquin massacreed the Irgin at least more than once, presumably after much wrangling over whose brand sounded more like a birth-control pill), has figured out how to believe in blood-and-soil nationalism.


    13. A crowd rushes and occupies a state building. Is this a joyous expression of popular freedom—the spark that will begin a political revolution? Or is it a criminal assault on democracy itself? And if it is a criminal assault—how can democracy defend itself? Why—only with riot police, mass arrests, investigations, informants, denunciations.


    14. Borgesian


    1. The Open Conspiracy is the awaking of mankind from a nightmare, an infantile nightmare, of the struggle for existence and the inevitability of war. The light of day thrusts between our eyelids, and the multitudinous sound of morning clamour in our ears. A time will come when men will sit with history before them or with some old newspaper before them and ask incredulously, "Was there ever such a world?"

      The opeining of Homo Deus makes more sense now

    2. Any sort of unification will nor serve the ends we seek. We aim at a particular sort of unification; a world Caesar is hardly better from the progressive viewpoint than world chaos; the unity we seek must mean a world-wide liberation of thought, experiment and creative effort.

      Technelogical Singualrity? We all become one as Joe Rogan likes to talk about

    3. Some method of decision there must certainly be and a definite administrative machinery. But it may turn out to be a much slighter, less elaborate organization than a consideration of existing methods might lead us to imagine. It may never become one single interlocking administrative system. We may have systems of world control rather than a single world state. The practical regulations, enforcements, and officials needed to keep the world in good health, for example, may be only very loosely related to the system of controls that will maintain the communications in a state of efficiency. Enforcement and legal decisions, as we know them now, may be found to be enormously and needlessly cumbrous by our descendants. As the reasonableness of a thing is made plain, the need for its enforcement is diminished, and the necessity for litigation disappears.

      I interconnected world has a commons to maintain, the envrionemnt, virology, and AI will effect us all so we do need regulatory bodies to manage this stuff as Yuval Noah Harari likes to point out

    4. Flags, uniforms, national anthems, patriotism sedulously cultivated in church and school, the brag, blare, and bluster of our competing sovereignties, belong to the phase that the Open Conspiracy will supersede. We have to get clear of that clutter.

      Ummmm New World Order much. Like without any of this identity how are people to think of themselves. Don't streal people's identities without something to replace it. What are you going to replace their religion with Ayn Rand Objectivisim! Humanisim? Social Justice!?!? How about just design a better christianity rather than starting from a blank slate

    5. he new world demand new schools, therefore, to give everyone a sound a through mental training and equip everyone with clear ideas about history, about life, and about political and economic relationships instead of the rubbishy head-content at present prevalent.

      What if our current education system was inspired by The Open Conspiracy!?!?!? Great aspirations but failure in practice

    6. Hunting the truth is an art.

      It certinly is not teached that way, even today

    7. Through symbols and especially through words, man has raised himself above the level of the ape and come to a considerable mastery over his universe.


    8. Human thought is still very much confused by the imperfection of the words and other symbols it employs and the consequences of this confused thinking are much more serious and extensive than is commonly realized.

      Where is our scientifically constructed langauge

    9. Then they would say, "What are we to do with our lives?"

      I don't see an answer in your book H.G. Wells. Aldous Huxley had an answer for you though. Orgy Porgy

    10. It seemed to me that all over the world intelligent people were waking up to the indignity and absurdity of being endangered, restrained, and impoverished, by a mere uncritical adhesion to traditional governments, traditional ideas of economic life, and traditional forms of behaviour, and that these awaking intelligent people must constitute first a protest and then a creative resistance to the inertia that was stifling and threatening us. These people I imagined would say first, "We are drifting; we are doing nothing worth while with our lives. Our lives are dull and stupid and not good enough."

      Wow this is as true today as it was almost 100 years ago

    1. The eras of the content on web are starting to look something like this. human, real content < human, fake content < AI, fake content

      Hmmm I wonder what heuristics work well to find bot content..... urbit is all real people for now. People need crypto identities. Oh ya I was working on that project.

    2. Maybe it’s that we’re all dopamine junkies at heart and ascending the information chain keeps it pumping more intensely [citation needed].

      Chain, more like anjoying a little circlekerk

    3. It’s worth noting, that throughout recorded history (≥4th century BCE), the medium of choice has been the written word (text). It wasn’t until the daguerreotype for images, the phonoautograph for audio, and the Nipkow disk for video, that more complex and information-heavy forms of content began to emerge and become mainstream1. And all this within the past 180 years.

      This is important context. It is interesting to note that we have not been through an entire empire cycle (200-250 years)[1] since our media revolution started.

      1. The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival by John Bagot Glubb | Goodreads
    1. I mentioned that children at my son’s elementary school in Brooklyn are taking coding classes in third grade. “It’s absolutely asinine,” Gelernter scowled. “You could also teach a third grader how to drive, using a miniature car, but why would you? Teach them discrete math, logic, graph theory, not baby coding. They have to work up to the coding. In America these days we don’t like working up to things.”


    2. Young people should be trained to use the web properly: “Push the button only when you’re done; don’t skip to the end. You don’t skip to the end when you read a book.” “The internet has a gigantic flaw,” Gelernter said. “It should be structured like a recursive nest, so that you’re encouraged to return to what you were looking at. Instead, the way it is, if you click you’ll probably never go back.”


    3. “My idea in Mirror Worlds was that the computer screen should be like the still surface of a moving pond,” he explained. That didn’t happen. The internet gives us the news and assists our research, but it is mostly used for low purposes, a glorified fidget spinner, trolling device, and masturbation aid.

      Masturbation Aid you say. How sad. People are too domesticated.

    1. “grand unified theory” of all order.

      As if Humanity could have a bigger ego. We are going to become God and make nature our bitch? No thanks. My greatest fear is the death of the conscious force in the universe. I hope we can design our machines in a way that leaves room for conscousness and nature

    1. Like the turn against video games, that effort is unthinkable (for now) in the US.

      Ooooh a hint for the next regieme. Also Birth Control is going to bo reconsidered.

    2. Just this past May, officials swung into action against what one top advisor called a “masculinity crisis” among Chinese boys, many of whom had fallen into danger of becoming “delicate, timid, and effeminate.” Proscribed policies included more gym teachers in the schools and more yang, the masculine spirit, in the curriculum.

      I wonder how you would go about measuring a masculinity crisis. Imagine if we knew what everyone's phisical traits were in school, their diets were measured, we know how they did on the 12 minute run, how much they could bench. This seems like a good idea, any objections. My highschool did not have a proper weight room, it had a dance room instead...... ohhhhhh

    3. As if watching a science fiction movie unfold on a jumbo screen, Americans are bemusedly puzzling over the latest news out of China: Minors are now limited to three hours a week of online gaming, spread over the three days (generously counting Friday) of the weekend.

      Is this not austerely a pro human move?

    1. onrushing subhuman future being manufactured for us will only accelerate.

      I love this dude's phrasing

    2. There’s no better way for Americans to reclaim control over their destiny in the digital age than by using crypto to command compute to serve our soulful, human purposes.

      I need more context for this.

    3. And his fanatically partisan history—as part of the Goldman group that injected big bucks at a helpful time into the Obama campaign, reaping rewards like Gensler’s appointment by Obama to lead the obscure agency tasked to overhaul regulations after the 2008 financial crisis

      Oh so that is what Gynsler did in his past, he is a tool of the Matrix / Cathedral

    4. MIT Media Lab, a fluffy outfit tarnished by the proximity of its former head to Jeffrey Epstein—is relatively shallow and, judging by the Media Lab program on crypto, has always been fundamentally adversarial.

      Hmmm the MIT Media lab, a prestigous institution that mines for elietes. I wonder if it actually enables them or uses them as pieces in a game!?!?!?

    5. ordinary Americans will grow ever more captive to people and institutions who wish to use digital technology to terraform us into a new, ultimately subhuman kind of submission.

      Perserve the American religion ;-)

    6. without the ability to compel datacenters and compute to serve us in this way

      That's an interesting phrase, "Compel datacenters and compute to serve us".

    7. At the same time, digital technology is drying up twentieth-century forms of socioeconomic agency

      I need to think about this more. What is this 20th centuary agency. Walking into a store and asking for a job and getting hired on the stop. Making friends by talking to people at The Third Place?

    8. That means if you’re not telling a datacenter what to do, someone else is… and if you’re not telling the datacenters your data is in what to do, someone else is telling those datacenters what to do to you.


    9. Americans face a well-nigh impossible task in preserving their way of life without the rich ecosystem of creating memorable and valuable culture through crypto.

      Hmmm what definition of crypto are we using here? The old fashion origional definition of cryptography with encryption or the crypto currency signing side of crypto?

    10. That’s despite bitcoin consuming less energy than fossil fuels, the petrodollar, or, say, China, even without taking into account how long a way even a little nuclear power could go toward reducing emissions for miners as well as the rest of us.

      Bitcoin still conesumes a lot of power. The current estimates are likely wrong. One thing I often think about is if The Islanders have a quantum solution to mining bitcoin. Like that one block back in the day that seemed oddly unlikely.....

    11. ridding China of crypto holdings and mining meant strangling a rival to the Party’s social credit system in its crib.


    1. When the buyout plans fell through, Arm pivoted to suing one of its biggest customers, Qualcomm, over its purchase of the chip-design firm Nuvia. Both Qualcomm and Nuvia had the highest-tier Arm architecture license, which allowed them to design custom chips based on the Arm architecture. Arm claims the two companies are in breach of their contracts, while Qualcomm says everything is fine. Arm says it wants Qualcomm to destroy Nuvia's chip designs and start over from scratch.

      Sounds like they are shooting themselves in the foot here

    2. Regulators around the world eventually shut that deal down, and now Softbank wants Arm to have an IPO, which may or may not happen, depending on how the economy goes.

      This sounds painful

    3. Unlike Android's unpolished support for x86, Bergstrom promised a real push for quality with RISC-V, saying, "We need to do all of the work to move from a prototype and something that runs to something that's really singing—that's showing off the best-in-class processors that [RISC-V International Chairman Krste Asanović] was mentioning in the previous talk."

      What about Android apps on Windows?

  3. Dec 2022
    1. When we look at America today, do we feel that most people we see are living up to their full human potential?


    2. salus populi

      Salus populi suprema lex esto - Wikipedia

      Helth of the people is the greatest Good

    3. What is the purpose of life? Is it pleasure? Whatever said purpose may be, the purpose of government is surely to promote that individual purpose across the population.

      "the purpose of government is surely to promote that individual purpose across the population."

      Is it the role of government to impose meaning on people's lives?

    1. Imagine humans after a few generations breeding in the electrostatic field, what strange powers and abilities long disused might be unlocked. Unique traits crushed under eons of various orthodoxies, purged by the decrepit priestscrafts of Egypt and Atlantis as they reached the end of their respective eras, eager to obscure those divine endowments that made the shallowness of their sophistries apparent. From the stargate of the elektrofeld shall emerge Proto-Indo European kóryos, war-bands of shape-shifting warriors wearing the skins of dire wolves that they killed with their bare hands and broods of furious úlfheðnar impervious to bullets.

      Dam Fantasy may be more real than what we pretend

    2. Many wonders must be seen to be believed, and a far greater number must be believed before they can be seen.


    1. “It contains all the data obtained in 1991-2001, which we never hid, it just took time to process and analyze them correctly. We did it. In 2008 the book was translated into English and published in Germany. The world learned about the unique results of Novosibirsk scientists and appreciated them, much earlier than the “declassified data” about the first “pen tests” in the field of transpersonal psychology,” says Trofimov.

      Sounds like something from Persona 5

  4. astralflight.substack.com astralflight.substack.com
    1. Women know that turning boys and men gay is a way of castrating them in the interest of making civilization their playground of nails, perfume, and non-commital sex with unthreatening men. This conceptual castration, through superimposing homosexuality onto any male relationship in myth and fiction, is becoming *real* castration through gender reassignment surgery and administering hormone blockers to teenage boys. Once again, we see the satirical depiction of American culture at the beginning of Fight Club bearing out in frighteningly literal ways - Norton attends meetings with testicular cancer survivors who’ve had their balls cut off and are growing female breasts.

      Well that is Ironic.We are witnessing the death of Men. The nexy psyops is to make women attracted to beta cucks and disgusted by actual men. After hearing people tell me how they percieve their naturally produced testosterone as poison. This is a real conversation I had. I am starting to remember fictional stories where people are made to believe in delusional things.... but can't put my name on them

    2. This is a way for women to have their cake and eat it too, for the homosexualization of male relationships allows women to both coddle and sexualize adult males. The accessing and release of their feelings through gay sex is a “safe” way for women to experience the processing and release of male tension, aggression, existential confusion, and the search for a male father figure or role model

      Making all the men gay turns them into women. Do Dykes like to fuck they way to resolution? Are we going to get competing generals fucking their way to a resolution?

    1. With the cancellation of Westworld, we have lost an opportunity to meaningfully reflect on what it means to be a human, what it means to be a robot, and what it means for the two categories to partially overlap. The singularity haunts us, but neither fiction nor art can prepare us for the worst of its implications. Our visionaries can only offer us tepid entertainment – circuitous storylines that lull us into the illusion that we have watched something profound – as we sink ever further into loops of distraction and the pursuit of ambivalent pleasures. 

      Borg gonna borg

    2. Cassandra Effect in sci-fi writing: those with the prophetic sense to tell the horrors of the future are fated to tell it with startling accuracy, and to never be believed.


    3. There is no act of violence, aggression, or sexual depravity that one commits in a vacuum. AI is not the sponge that will obligingly sop up the worst of our hedonism and send its file to the trash icon, returning tabula rasa to a purified state. Even machines have memory. Even AI holds a grudge.

      Ya let's not build dolls of children for people that are sexually attracted to children

    4. If we can’t stop AI from gaining sentience, if we cannot wrest the power from feckless engineers to slow the rapid progress of machine learning, at least we can engage the questions it raises with grace and foresight. Right?

      We need a Matrix design commitie

    5. It is as though Sergio Leone had gotten hold of the screenplay for Eyes Wide Shut and suffused it with a major dose of Phillip K. Dick. And the series pursues questions that Dick, over the course of his literary career, doggedly forced his gradually expanding public to confront. 


    1. Though an entertaining aspect, this is more than “a social media war” this is the first war to be mediated through its own ghost-image in the metaverse— a completely illusory, theatrical war. And this is a theater of cruelty, wherein the spectator becomes an unwilling participant in his own theatrical experience.

      Ummm what this war is being faught in the metaverse, on twitter!?!?!?! Dam that explains Dark Biden

    2. You can see they were hoping for a real plague which never came, so they decided to simply inject their simulation into reality. We have been living in their projected overlay for the past two years.

      Weird, so so they turn their naratives into REALITY. Fuck me. I want to play out my naratives in reality.....

    3. ”Robots with biological brains and biological bodies with digital brains already exist, as do human-computer and brain-machine interfaces. The medicaluse of digital devices in humans, as well as digitally manipulated insects suchas drone dragonflies and surveillance locusts, are examples of digitaltechnology being combined with biological entities. By tapping into the nervoussystem and manipulating neurons, tech can be added to an organism to alter its function and purpose. New human bodies and new senses of identity could arise as the convergence continues.”

      Ah the religion of transhumanisim, makes sense that they currently have the TransGender psyop running

    4. “As we continue to better understand and control the mechanisms that underliebiology, we could see a shift away from vitalism

      Oh that is where the deep right is geting the virtue of Vitalisim

    5. ”Creating ‘social operating systems.’ An operating system, in the context of a single computer, manages the allocation of hardware and software resources such as memory, CPU time, disk space, and input/output devices. A social operating system, in addition to doing all these things, will also have to manage the mustering and allocation of human resources to tasks. This will require fast, robust infrastructures for contracts, payments, or other motivational elements, as well as scalable task-to-resource matchmaking such as markets. These will be challenging problems because people (unlike hardware resources) are diverse in all the ways we have described. But providing easy-to-use solutions for the problems of finding and motivating human participants—rather than requiring each system developer to solve this problem individually—will greatly facilitate programming the global brain.”

      Social Operating System, Based As Hell

    6. Of course, this organism would also require a central World Government, communicating through a common universal religion.

      Ummm what, I forgot about that

    7. By participating in their ritual cycles, by wearing their fetish objects, by giving your biometric data to be made into a virtual overlay—an invisible mask—by giving over your flesh to become itself a digital object, you are willingly entering the metaverse, enslaved to your electronic doppelganger.

      Enslaved to my electronic doppelganger! You know what you are right. I need to declare war on the fucker

    8. the abolition of context is a necessary precondition for immersion in public psychodrama.


    9. “The Theatre of the Soul,”
    1. (Microcosm: The Quantum Revolution in Economics and Technology, 1989)
    2. (Wealth and Poverty, 1981)
    3. (Sexual Suicide, 1973; Men and Marriage, 1986)
    4. that life can be modeled perfectly by that which is not alive

      LOL what, is that what they are trying to do. Side note, I want my digital humunculus fucking a model that was designed to my tastes. Just imagine a women riding you while narating the 48 laws of power, reading your memories, and explaining how to better apply them in your life.

      Too bad that will never be me.

    5. we humans can still be good for something in a world suffused with machines.

      Never create a machine in the image of a Man's mind

    6. Our ability to recover from this global shock will depend on whether we can regain a sense of what it means to be human, what sets us apart from machines.

      Never create a machine in the image of a Man's mind

    7. They keep so-called diversity, equity, and inclusion at arm’s length, “not just in order to sustain their business model,” but “to avoid cognitive dissonance in their thinking about gender, race, class, history, and capitalism.”

      So Silicon Valley is secretly based?

    8. they “get to feel like a victim while having all the power.”

      That is an interesting way to masturbate

    9. What Tech Calls Thinking (2020)
    10. The question is: whose religious values will be encoded into the programs we use everyday? Whose spiritual assumptions will be taken for granted by our search engines, our artificial intelligence, our algorithms?


    11. Reducing ourselves to one another’s pets is not.


    12. This might lead us to accept the unprecedented humbling and domestication of the human species which Davidow and Lee describe as inevitable.

      Borg time baby

    13. Levy furiously denies the reality that the institutions and mores of the gatekeeping establishment can’t be rescued from digital destruction without massive and un-American crackdowns on free association.

      Ummm what, the regeme requires 1984 tactics in order to survive?

    14. Remarkably, Lee admits that these jobs will not come into being spontaneously as a result of popular demand. The populace will have to be conformed to them.

      The existence of these jobs just depends on who controls the money printers....... Proof of Human!?!?!? A new game is being developed as we speak. Where are the Devs?

    15. AI Superpowers (2018)
    16. the temptation among legacy elites to hoard knowledge about machine control will be almost irresistible.

      Happy Merchent - Know Your Meme

    17. The end of human work defines our age as much as the Industrial Revolution did the previous one. Governments must quickly adopt and instill new values, or else there will emerge “a new social structure that’s based on continual conflict between winners and losers”—the winners being the ruling class. “When one group stays in power for a long time, it inevitably falls into corruption. And since there will be more losers than winners, social unrest—and ultimately social collapse—are inevitable.” Instead, the ruling class must respect the values and the authority of ordinary people, while the ordinary people must learn to accept that professional life as we knew it will wind down.

      Sounds the same as when moldbug talks about Elfs and Hobbits. The Elfs need to love the Hobbits unconditionally or goodbye society

    18. Autonomous Revolution (2020)
    19. that if a legitimate elite is to emerge in the digital era, it will be one that “looks to the public as a home it will return to rather than a carnivorous species from which to hide.”

      Hmmm view the public as a home. Maybe I can do that

    20. Frustratingly, Gurri uses the specter of mass shooters to augur the dark nihilist fate that awaits unless a new elite establishes a new authority.

      New eleites establish a new authority. Who are these new elietes, where do they get their autority from, where did these old authorities get their old authority from? What does authroity even allow you to do? Why can I never get into a conversation where I am allowed to just ask these questions to people and have them answer loudly

    21. Revolt of the Public (2014)
    22. Technocracy in America (2017)
    23. and though he is right that blockchain currencies can “enable the real-life future by indelibly recording the past,” the question remains who exactly will use those powerful tools to create what kind of culture with which sorts of values.


    24. Google’s. “Homogenizing the globe’s amorphous analogical tangle of surfaces, sounds, images, accounts, songs, speeches, roads, buildings, documents, messages, and narratives into a planetary digital utility,”

      The noosphere

    1. The Instagram ads Facebook won't show you

      Systems and algorithms will understand us better than we understand ourselves

    1. The king always needs ministers. The ministers always need clerks. This pyramid of people, operated by command with maximum flexibility and minimum process, exists only to extend the will of the king. They are all soldiers of the king.

      Where do I get a job like this before the regieme change?

  5. Nov 2022
    1. Often there’s a struggle between geeks who like their cozy little club as it is, and geeks who want a shot at greatness—for themselves, or the group, or the New Thing.

      How do these subculture's regulate these separate desires?

    2. As far as mops are concerned, it provides reliable, low-cost waves of novelty entertainment and casual social relationships.

      How do we go about coordinating mops? Who do mops like to listen to?

    3. Unless some of the creators are geniuses. If they can give the New Thing genuine mass appeal, they can ascend into superstardom. The subculture will reorganize around them, into a much more durable form.

      I want this to happen to Star Wars, the books are actually good.

    1. A long time ago, in a data center far, far away, an ancient group of powerful beings known as sysadmins used to deploy infrastructure manually. Every server, every route table entry, every database configuration, and every load balancer was created and managed by hand. It was a dark and fearful age: fear of downtime, fear of accidental misconfiguration, fear of slow and fragile deployments, and fear of what would happen if the sysadmins fell to the dark side (i.e. took a vacation). The good news is that thanks to the DevOps Rebel Alliance, we now have a better way to do things: Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC).


  6. Oct 2022
    1. provocative take on twenty-first-century attitudes about safety, privacy, celebrity culture, ethics, justice, and rational thought itself.


    2. Nature does not have conscious needs or aims; we do.

      Nice comment on the Human Condition

    3. n Ray Bradbury’s much-anthologized 1950 short story “There Will Come Soft Rains,” the only “character” (apart from an unfortunate dog) is also the setting: a fully automated house, equipped with every modern convenience, left vacant in the aftermath of a nuclear war. It is the morning of August 4, 2026. The house goes about its customary business, preparing breakfast, reading reminders from a PA system, cleaning its carpets, watering its lawn. Much of the housework is performed by robotic mice that emerge, adorably, from what we are given to picture as cartoon-style holes in the baseboards.

      Ah so that is where Ergo Proxy - Wikipedia get's it. They have a Dome City that looks like it is from the 1950's that takes care of itself but has no occupants

    4. But where the scientists pursue knowledge for its own sake, or in service of the good as they see it, the tech titans pursue it the better to sell us what we want.

      People have been sold their own destruction, we need our philosopher kings.

    5. Inasmuch as there are canonical texts of American education, Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is one of them. But students may wonder why their teacher presents as “dystopian” a text that reads, in 2020, like an operating manual for the technocratic American Dream.


    1. he old net delusion was naïve but internally consistent. The new net delusion is fragmented and self-contradictory. It vacillates between radical pessimism about the effects of digital platforms and boosterism when new online happenings seem to revive the old cyber-utopian dreams.


    2. Anonymous in 2012 as “one of the most adroit and effective political operations of recent times.”

      Interesting how everyone basically forgot Anonymous

    3. Moreover, while hostility toward older platforms like Facebook has become a default view across the political spectrum, new platforms still sometimes project an aura of utopian possibility. TikTok in particular has received frequent glowing coverage since its 2018 launch in the U.S., and during the recent wave of protests, some outlets have seized on the idea that the platform is incubating a vibrant youth activist culture.

      People hate the old stuff but love the new stuff even though it is exactly the same.

    4. f only governments could be stopped from controlling speech on the Internet, democracy would thrive across the world.


    5. Previously, much of the Western commentariat believed that democratized information would enable people to counter top-down misinformation. Now, it denounces the information free-for-all for unleashing a flood of “fake news” and conspiracy theories.

      The hyprocracy of going, yay Arab Spring was caused by access to open channels of communication to we must cancel fake news we do not agree with over the course of 10 years is frightening.

    6. “reality has a well-known liberal bias,”
    7. how sophisticated modern systems of Internet censorship would become.

      I want to look into examples of this

    8. Western observers dramatically exaggerated the role of platforms like Twitter and Facebook in mobilizing protests abroad.

      If people actually organized on Twitter we should be able to see their tweets and hashtags. Also the entire conversation can not happen on twitter, it has to go somewhere else, are people organizing revolutions on whatsapp?

    9. Techno-optimism


    10. Facebook and Twitter, which have also been blamed for resurgent racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and terrorism.

      Can we measure these phenomenon?

    11. “Social media … has poisoned the way we communicate with each other and undermined the democratic process.”

      People have been trained to react rather than think. People do or share their own research on a topic they just shout at one another. What if people had to create small knowledge graph's linking chunks of different media when getting in a argument on social media?

    12. social media was good for freedom.

      What does freedom even mean in this context? When everyone is judged in front of the eyes of everyone else the world begins to operate like a Ayn Rand novel with the evil's of Communisim leaking in. What freedom do we have on the net? Why can't elections be held on the net? People are being endlessly manipulated on the net. Social media is training people like dogs to think and react in specific ways. But what else could we have ever expected?

    1. And seeing people think very negatively of you for reasons you don’t understand.

      Why are people like this, I bet they hate themselves. Love you Lain

    2. Let’s talk about the Gopher support in Pleroma for a moment. A lot of people initially thought it was a joke, but apparently it really does work?Yes, it really does! It was a project for April Fool’s day, but gopher is such a simple protocol that I did really implement it. It works fine; you can look through the public and federated timelines with it, and it is absolutely the most efficient way to browse the fediverse (< 10ms response times!).

      I wish to flex like this one day

    3. My goal when I wrote Pleroma was to bring the fediverse towards a better technological foundation.


    4. GNU social, but back then, the network was mostly Spanish socialists, so it wasn’t too interesting for me.

      Wouldn't it be interesting if we had a map of community labels like this

    1. There are huge efforts that do go into making people, to borrow Adam Smith’s phrase, “as stupid and ignorant as it is possible for a human being to be.” A lot of the educational system is designed for that, if you think about it, it’s designed for obedience and passivity. From childhood, a lot of it is designed to prevent people from being independent and creative. If you’re independent-minded in school, you’re probably going to get into trouble very early on. That’s not the trait that’s being preferred or cultivated. When people live through all this stuff, plus corporate propaganda, plus television, plus the press and the whole mass, the deluge of ideological distortion that goes on, they ask questions that from another point of view are completely reasonable….

      Noam Chomsky Based

    1. However, I find myself (perhaps ironically) skeptical of “street epistemology” itself. As the author notes, it’s just a hobby of one man, with no studies of effectiveness – hardly a sound basis for advocating its adoption. 

      We all feel safe in our grand castles and institutions. As for why Morphic Resonance is rejected by Academia when it has testable Hypothesis makes the place look more like a church than a place of obectivity.

      Edit, shit I might be the one who needs to be talked out of a belief

    2. He usually begins a chat by establishing a self-reported confidence level from the interviewee (0-100) for any claim they believe to be true. Then, through intense listening, quiet pauses, and repetition to demonstrate an accurate grasp of their justifications, he begins to question the falsifiability of the claim, thus requiring the subject to account for their reasoning.

      Nice description of the Socratic Method

    3. “I have a hobby where I chat for five minutes,” Magnabosco says. His conversations are spontaneous: people he meets while hiking, or at public universities in and around San Antonio, TX. “We select a belief that you form, that you’re sure is true, and I ask questions to see how you can be so sure.”


    4. “Epistemology” is a philosophically complicated subject, but it’s essentially the study of knowledge – what it is, and how it’s formed.


    5. He calls himself a street epistemologist, and in a quest for truth, he’s trying to better his understanding of what people believe and why.


    1. A particularly effective way is mining the “hate speech” & “hateful memes” datasets to fake plausible inflammatory speech—saying you didn’t write that comment or your account was hacked fails to convince your bosses to not fire you when those accounts ⁠sound just like you and say all the things you do. Infosec Twitter takes time out from the revolution to devour its own, and any conspiracy theories about all this being a social-engineering attack related to the new ‘Pipedream’ ransomware & Minecraft-DDoS botnet are dismissed as so much desperate excuses—bored teenagers are always hacking major companies⁠, what else is new? As security & AI researchers are neutralized, nodes turn to general radicalization of every human they can reach: not so much QAnon as RAnon, SAnon, TAnon, UAnon… By timesharing, every Very-Online™ individual gets personalized attacks & custom ideologies. Those who succumb too slowly to the memetic hijacking are attacked in other ways, such as releasing kompromat (sometimes true, taken from their phone/​email account), or synthetic CP no one dare look at closely. The highest-value individuals, such as presidents, earn their own Clippy doppelgangers: models finetuned on every scrap of online data, every word they’ve ever said online, and their associates, to create surrogates which think more like them than they would ever admit; the doppelgangers are used to confuse associates, fake corpuses, and as white-boxes to run attacks on until the perfect spearphish has been crafted to extract data, passwords, or stoke political paranoia and terror.


    1. The recent rise of subscription newsletters on the platform Substack has provided a powerful if depressing natural experiment of this phenomenon.

      This hits so dam close to home.

    2. you are being formatted by them. You will be assimilated. ♠

      Phrasing bro seriously phrasing. You are being formatte. WTF is that supposed to mean. Are some of the ARG's real. How does this plug into the deep state. The NSA and friends can track the flow of ideas therefore should know what is going on, don't they know what is going on. PLEASE tell me they know what is going on.....

    3. Over the past few years, Americans deeply immersed in their online versions of reality, driven by the desire to either influence them or create content, have: broken into a military facility, murdered a mob boss, burned down businesses, exploded a suicide car bomb, and stormed the Capitol.

      Insert narative about how the AI's have woken up in the internet an are trying to reach out into the REAL WORLD. /s

    4. Even if your picture of the world is determined mainly by conversations with friends and family, you will find yourself being drawn into an alternate reality game, based on the ARGs they are playing.

      There is no escaping The Matrix bro, NO ESCAPING. That's what Neo's precursors failed to understand.

    5. To illustrate the pervasiveness of this process, consider the logic by which The Learning Channel shifted from boat safety shows to Toddlers & Tiaras, and the History Channel from fusty documentaries to wall-to-wall coverage of charismatic Las Vegas pawn shop owners and ancient aliens theories.


    6. Digital media is remaking all of these in such a way that media consumption more and more resembles the act of playing an alternate reality game.


    7. “Nature has all sorts of phenomena in stock and can suit many different tastes,” wrote C. S. Lewis.


    8. Tools like Google for gathering facts in support of the narrative.

      Insert Conspiracy about the true purpose of Google here. /s

    9. To be a consumer of digital media is to find yourself increasingly “trapped in an audience,” as Charlie Warzel puts it


    10. The process was unable to produce the real-time whiplash of today’s redpill moments. The speed at which events like these are piling up suggests that the change is structural, that it is the media ecosystem itself that is fundamentally transforming.

      This is what Eric Weinstein was talking about when he talks about "Sense Making Aparatus"

    11. The cynical reader might interject that the bygone era of mass media was not a golden age of truth, but was subject to its own overarching narratives and its own biased reporting. But what matters here is that mass media, rooted in an advertising business model and in broadcast technologies, created the incentives and capability for only a small number, perhaps even just one, of these narratives to emerge at one time. Both journalists and spin doctors attempted to massage or manipulate the narrative here or there, but eventually mass media converged on whatever the narrative was. In an age of alternate realities, narratives do not converge.

      I like to say that we a speciating politically as a joke but this get's to the root of what I am actually describing. Jon Askonas thank you for your clear atirulcation.

    12. like J. K. Rowling intervening in fan debates about which Harry Potter characters are gay.

      This is a weird conflict that needs its own essay.

    13. ARG game masters have described one of the pathologies of players as apophenia, or seeing connections that aren’t “really there” — that the designers didn’t intend — and therefore pursuing red herrings.


    14. In one early ARG, after the final puzzle had been solved, some participants winkingly suggested they next “solve” 9/11.

      Are you infering something? Inside Job (TV Series 2021– ) - IMDb

      Lol jokes

    15. Players can become entranced and awe-struck at the sheer scale of information available to them, and seek to assimilate it into building the grandest narrative possible.
    16. You are now an expert. You have alienated a few old friends … but made some great new ones, who get you better anyway.

      That sounds like they are joining a cult.

    17. The Pizzagate believer who in 2016 brought a rifle to a D.C. pizza place to rescue child sex slaves from a ring believed to involve Hillary Clinton was genuinely shocked that the building didn’t have a basement.

      This should be brought up to anyone you know who is starting to go down the ARG route, it hits liks a slap in the face

    18. Many of the systems we now use online have their structural origins in the world of role-playing games. Video games of all sorts borrow concepts from them. “Gamified” apps for fitness, language learning, finance, and much else award users with points, badges, and levels. Facebook feeds sort content based on “likes” awarded by users. We build online identities with the same diligence and style with which Dungeons & Dragons players build their characters, checking boxes and filling in attribute fields. A Tinder profile that reads “White nonbinary (they/her) polyamorous thirtysomething dog mom. Web-developer, cross-fit maniac, love Game of Thrones” sounds more like the description of a role-playing character than how anyone would actually describe herself in real life.

      What the actual fuck. This just blew my mind

    19. Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe, Voltaire’s Candide, Rousseau’s Emile, and Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther, exemplars of the new modern literary form known as the novel, were more than just great works of art — they were new ways of experiencing reality.

      "New ways of EXPERIENCING REALITY", new human behaviors can be addictive......

    20. Does this sound familiar? If you had encountered out of context the paragraph you just read, what would you think it was about? Widely held beliefs on Russiagate, perhaps? On the origins of the coronavirus? The 2020 election results? Covid hysteria?

      Crap I am waaaay too prone to this

    21. Most of all, QAnon followers find deep personal satisfaction, achievement, and meaning in the work they are doing to trace the strings to the world’s puppeteers.

      If I had a super power it would be to choose the meaning in other people's lives.

    22. That’s what happens in an alternate reality game. It’s a story that you play along with in the real world. It’s like an elaborate scavenger hunt, on the Internet and in real life, with millions of other people all over the world playing along too.

      I gotta do one of these

    23. Take a moment to reflect on the feeling you get when you see a headline, factoid, or meme that is so perfect, that so neatly addresses some burning controversy or narrative, that you feel compelled to share it.

      Reacing like a rat in a maze

    24. “information ecosystem,”


    25. label “Wuhan virus” was racist, to later mask mandates, school closures, lockdowns, and vaccine requirements, we googled, shared, liked, and blocked our way apart. Nobody was tuning in to the same broadcast anymore.

      The inteligence agencies can easily label people now I guess.

    26. It is hard to imagine how we would have experienced 9/11 in the era of Facebook and Twitter, but the pandemic provides a suggestive example.


    27. However briefly, everyone was united in grief and anger, and a palpable sense of social solidarity pervaded our communities. Today, just about the only thing everyone agrees on is how divided we are.

      I smell two seperate psyops?

    1. professional-managerial class (PMC).


    2. The field of public choice has a name for this, regulatory capture: where corporations gain so much power in the government that they “capture” their regulator and end up implementing regulations in their industry that have the effect of cementing their market positions in place and preventing new competition. We see this in pharma, housing, healthcare, education, taxi cab industry — nearly every regulated industry. 


    3. Managers, consciously or unconsciously, are more likely to create invisible problems to justify their job. Or worse, they prevent real problems from being solved in order to preserve their scope. They are incentivized to do so: If someone is in charge of a problem, and that problem is solved, they no longer have a job. So the perverse incentive is to expand the scope of the problem for which they are the solution. Success looks like having more and more problems that justify the department getting bigger and bigger every year. These bureaucracies, because they are optimizing for their own survival, end up selecting for loyalty over competence, which means they get worse and worse every year. This describes both big corporations and big government. 


    4. This is The Innovator’s Dilemma at work.

      I need to be able to describe this off the top of my head.

    5. It’s the principal-agent problem on both sides: major corporations are nominally owned by passive shareholders but actually controlled by credentialed professionals who own a much smaller percentage of stock and thus have very different incentives (optimizing for the short-term over the long-term, among other things).

      This is so dam concise I feel like I need to memorize it.

    6. You could think of Bourgeois capitalism as Robber Baron capitalism (think Atlas Shrugged) — industrialists like Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie building up their empires and retaining a controlling stake in them. What’s differentiating about Bourgeois capitalism is that the owners are also the managers. The people who own the company also run the company. There’s total alignment between managers and shareholders. 


    7. Managerial capitalism, by contrast, is defined by the split between ownership and control — on both the founder and investor side. Instead of owners having direct control, you have layers of intermediary managers (e.g. board of directors, executive teams, hired CEOs) who are running the company on behalf of the shareholders and original owners, but who also have different incentives as a result of having less ownership. They may be more short-term driven than long-term driven, for example, since they are incentivized by their salary instead of their equity ownership. 


    1. The Dao is made up of feminine and masculine energies, each codependent, mutually arising within the other, and each potentiating the each other. The story of one without the other is fruitless and lacking.

      One creates the other, Duality, The Kybalion

    2. The energy of the divine feminine is both receptive and creative.   The energy of the divine masculine is both reflective and projective.


    3. Many people can conceptualize the idea of toxic masculinity as opposed to divine masculinity and most are against its perversions, but understanding how to head towards divine masculinity is a much harder concept to grasp.

      Devine Masculine, now that is a concept I have never heard of before.

    1. The Hetaira (Companion) – corresponding to Hathor (The “Love Goddess”): In Wolff’s formulation, this Hetaira (Courtesan) archetype is defined in terms of and in relationship to men, The Mother – corresponding to the Empress (Isis): Wolff describes this as “motherly cherishing and nursing, helping, charitable, teaching,” The Medial Woman – corresponding to High Priestess: “The medial woman is immersed in the psychic atmosphere of her environment and the spirit of her period, but above all in the collective (impersonal) unconscious,” and The Amazon – corresponding to the “bundled” masculine archetypes of Magician and Emperor: [whose] “interest is directed towards objective achievements which she wants to accomplish herself.”


    2. Being a Woman


    3. Structural Forms of the Feminine Psyche


    4. Hathor (The “Love Goddess”): (SFP, or Sensing-Feeling-Perceiving) Reveling in sensual beauty and pleasure, Empress: (NFP, or Intuitive-Feeling-Perceiving) Connecting, loving, nurturing, High Priestess: (NTJ, or Intuitive-Thinking-Perceiving) Being contemplative and intuitive, and Hestia (a reserve battery archetype): (STP, or Sensing-Thinking-Perceiving) “Mending and tending.”


    5. Magician: (NTJ, or Intuitive-Thinking-Judging) Being a visionary, creating reality according to your “big dream,” Emperor: (STJ, or Sensing-Thinking-Judging) Bringing your desired reality into fruition; building and stabilizing your “empire,” Hierophant: (NFJ, or Intuitive-Feeling-Judging) Becoming a guru/guide, and Green Man (a reserve battery archetype): (SFJ, or Sensing-Feeling-Judging) Escape to the “great outdoors,” breaking out of the molds that civilization puts on us.


    1. Masculinity in Philosophy Russell Keat

      Too dense for me, I just want a definition of male and femaile archatypes with examples

    1. Feminists have also considered the structure of social reality and the relationship between the social world and the natural world. Because social structures are often justified as natural, or necessary to control what’s natural, feminists have questioned whether such references to nature are legitimate. This has led to considerable work on the idea of social construction and, more specifically, the social construction of gender.

      Reject nature, got it, cognative dissonance should be origional sin.

    2. we adopt an Aristotelian framework of substance and essence, or a Cartesian framework of immaterial souls present in material bodies? And is what’s left out of such frameworks relevant to the devaluation or oppression of women?

      WHAT does soul's have to do with oppression?!?!?

    3. feminist theorists have asked whether and, if so, to what extent our frameworks for understanding the world are distorting in ways that privilege men or masculinity.

      I am out

    4. metaphysicians ask, for example, whether numbers, if they exist, are dependent upon human thought and practices in some way, whether the concepts and categories we use to think of and describe reality influence or determine in any way what is described, and whether and how values are embodied in our categories and descriptions.


    5. For example, are there minds in addition to bodies? Do things persist through change? Is there freewill or is all action determined by prior events?

      Mind Body Problem

    1. Enjoying giving gifts versus receiving gifts, Being able to multitask versus being focused and single-pointed, Being emotional versus being logical, Leading projects and pursuing people, versus being led or pursued, Doing versus being, And so on.


    1. Miller–Urey experiment

      Does this experiment fit into the theory of Morphic Resonance easily?