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    1. The father bounced silently over the wood flooring in slippered feet toward his son. Fondly, delicately, he placed a pudgy hand on Ichiro's elbow and looked up at his son who was Japanese but who had been big enough for football and tall enough for basketball in high school. He pushed the elbow and Ichiro led the way into the back,

      The imagery used to describe the interaction between Ichiro and his father really paints a picture of the character of the father.

    2. The sharp, lifeless tone of his mother's words flipped through the silence and he knew that she hadn't changed. “The bread must be put out.”

      I think this short passage is very important because it really paints the picture of the type of person Ichiro's mother is. Incredibly powerful passage. "The bread must be put out."

      A lot is said with such few words.

  2. Oct 2019
    1. They have made the mistake of believing that you can optimize life. That if they follow the instructions of some study they will find pure bliss. They will finally escape being human.
    2. You overlook the fact you are capable of figuring things out on your own

      This is something we often forget in the age of Google!

  3. Sep 2019
    1. Mitosis is a method of cell division in which a cell divides and produces identical copies of itself.
    1. systematic domination of women by men

      "systematic domination of women by men" the beside statement is varies according to person to person, that is the right each one but according to my perspective the idea is wrong because after a long period of time each girl will feel some loneliness. This isolation can be avoided if you have some to care you. No women in the could be independent but they can live independently only a certain period after they miss something in their life. Everyone will leave you but the one who love you will stick with your downs and ups. Your parents will pass you but your husband be with you until something has happen. Below you have five important benefits.

  4. Jul 2019
    1. Pair-share: What’s the next counting-by-10 number on the line after 26? Record several student responses on the board.

      This is hard.

  5. Feb 2019
    1. Simply put, your frog is the most important task. It is the thing that moves the needle the most towards your ideal future. It is probably very important, but not very urgent. So our advice (and Brian Tracy’s as well) is to make sure you tackle this MIT at the beginning of your day when you have the most energy and willpower available. Tackling your MIT first thing is extremely important!

      MIT in morning

      max willpower (not decreased cause of decision fatigue during day)

      • max impact on long term goal.. -important but not urgent -procrastinate because (a) big, overwhelm where to start (b) fear of failure - perfection , sense of worth linked
    2. If I were to summarize the book in a single statement, it would be that you should do your most important task (MIT) first thing in the morning.

      eat that frog summary

    1. Compatibility with any process.

      Key point!

    2. Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)It occurred to me rather late that continuous improvement is a risk management strategy.

      Good observation.

    1. people don’t make any difference between planning, estimating and scheduling.

      because they don't understand the differences among these things.

    2. If someone claims that they can effectively schedule the work of a team of knowledge workers more than one week in the future (even this is questionable), slap them in the face and don’t talk to them ever again.
    3. Scheduling work means that we fix the start and end date of each individual task. Scheduling in knowledge work is a waste. Period.

      I couldn't say this more clearly.

  6. Jan 2019
    1. o leaving a a longer a trade history on there would be useful is what attracts.
    2. awesome. Maybe like 100 trades back or something because I've run into that same issue on some of the other sites. Even the exchanges themselves, despite being bittrex being such a shitty place to trade, they actually do a good job of leaving, you know, 10 pages of 10 trades each or something on there for you to look. Which is nice because I do find a lot of people or an algorithm will place a really big sell order and an immediate buy right after, at the previous limit. Um, say a sell order for 100 coins and then a one person, one percent of one coin. Or point 01 at the buy order back. So it gets hidden and the candles may show up green. But if you're not looking at the order book, you're going to miss that.
    3. Um, the one thing I did want to see some more of is like under your portfolio, uh, when you're going through the, you know, the rebalancing, the correlation and the optimization, um, would just be some more information about, okay, here's how we did, um, are efficient frontier. Like here's the calculation we used. I know it's one basic calculation, but there are different parameters that people can use in them based on the risk above. So just having more general research on there, just saying, or maybe a link to another page that explains like, here's the calculations that we're using. Here's the portfolio theory, with the correlation index, you know, so setting that up, just showing people some math behind it.
    4. but the order book and the trade history are really important to me.
    5. e benefit. Like I don't have any benefit in blocfolio, like sharing my position size and i know what my position size is, i look at it 10 times a day. I don't see any need for me to put it into blocfolio. I'm mostly concerned with just price data.



    1. virtually every single DevOps success story is based on a multi-year kaizen-based continuous improvement strategy

      multi-year kaizen

    1. Teams pull work when they know they have the capacity for it, rather than having scope pushed on them


    1. Owners are responsible for Privacy overlay assessments of the P/SaaS CSOs used and any applications built on I/PaaS. Specific guidance regarding what Privacy overlay C/CEs apply to CSPs vs Mission Owners will be provided in a future release of this SRG

      Where's the guidance? (We're nearly two years on now.)

    1. Compliance documentation doesn’t tell me what the security posture of a system is now. It’s a point in time analysis that’s useless the moment it’s “saved.”
  7. Dec 2018
    1. Before you implement any data-centric projects, you must know what data you have, where it is located, and how it relates between various systems.
    1. How can you improve both test data preparation and usage? First, you’ll need to develop a strong test data management strategy.
    1. Amazon Macie is a security service that provides customers both visibility and security for the content that they store in Amazon S3.

      Will our data be stored in S3?

  8. Oct 2018
    1. Defenders see it as a harbinger of tolerance and the only ethical and epistemic stance worthy of the open-minded and tolerant. Detractors dismiss it for its alleged incoherence and uncritical intellectual permissiveness.

      The main points for both sides of my paper

    2. Relativism, roughly put, is the view that truth and falsity, right and wrong, standards of reasoning, and procedures of justification are products of differing conventions and frameworks of assessment and that their authority is confined to the context giving rise to them

      Definition, find a twist on this to frame the way I want, at first what seems like a beneficial definition, but one I can reframe and redefine when I need to

  9. Sep 2018
    1. Who are the communicator(s)? What is their interest in the thing being discussed? What's at stake for them; that is, do they have anything to gain or lose? What makes them qualified to speak about it? He is an Ohioan and deserves to to share his opinion just like everyone else.he is comparing the new technology take over to the industrial revolution, and then the pros and cons about it. What is the message of the text? that technology is not as bad as everyone is making it out to be. Who is the audience of the text? all working people that live in ohio What is the exigence for the text? it is teaching everyone about the change and telling them that it is basically fate What is the text's purpose? What does it hope to achieve? What is the text's material means of communication? it is showing us the reality, the future of the working community. this article is basically describing how the work system is going to work out once artificial intelligence is introduced.

  10. Aug 2018
    1. Disengaged, demotivated, disempowered, and disconnected. Isn’t that how employees and customers always are—and always will be?

      脱离,失去动力,失去权力和脱节。是不是员工和客户总是如此 - 而且永远都是如此?



  11. Feb 2018
    1. Duplicacy does not use file hashes at all to identify previously seen files that may have changed names or locations, but rather concatenates the contents of all files into a long data stream that is cut into chunks according to artificial boundaries based on a hash function.
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    1. one with a penchant for spending obscene amounts of money to edge out competitors, we can expect the grocery chain to take on an even larger role in everyday Americans’ lives as Amazon begins treating it more like the physical extension of its brand.

      Go to this one

    2. Whole Foods to $3.49 / pound and $2.49 / pound for organic and no-antibiotic varieties, respectively, Prime members will get an additional 50-cent discount.

      Another important thing

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    1. Visit the submission site at [submission site link]. Note that you cannot save a partially completed submission. If you exit the program before you click on "submit your abstract," your information will be lost and you will need to start over.

      here is the new text:

      Visit the submission site at [test test test].

  16. Mar 2017
    1. corporate entity.

      Is incorporation the final transition to the secular?

    2. The objective of teaching young people is not merely incidental to the work of an order, it is indeed the manner in which the order seeks to achieve its object. For a member of the order, teaching was not merely a job it was a religious vocation. There can no doubt that Brother Cosgrove was in the classroom in Sligo between 1969 and 1972 because he was a member of the Marist Order. That was known, understood and accepted by pupils and parents, and when such individuals looked at the various brothers who staffed the school at any given time, they saw, and were intended to see not just a teacher, but a Marist.

      The past

    3. he relationship between members of an order and his or her fellow members and indeed the order itself was much more intense, constant and all pervasive than the relationship between an employer and an employee, or in the old language of the late Victorian cases, a master and his servant. Everything in the organisation of religious orders is directed towards emphasising the collective. The vow of obedience involves subjugation of individual will to that of the superior. The vow of poverty has the effect of making the member dependent upon the order’s collective resources. The vow of celibacy emphasises the focus of the member on relationships with the order and with God.

      collectivity vs individuality

    4. ndeed, to apply tests drawn from the relatively modern world of commerce and industry to religious organisations which have existed for centuries is in my view, to miss the sheer scale and impact of religious institutions on peoples’ daily lives, particularly in the Ireland of the first three-quarters of the 20th century.

      Modernity vs. religion

    5. here is however in my view something slightly absurd in seeking to draw comparisons between the case of religious orders and businesses. Furthermore, the tests and language applicable when considering the case of employment and analogous relationships, such as “enterprise” and “risk” are not easily applicable in the case of religious orders.

      Risk vs religion?

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    1. Medication Guide

      Important Links:

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      • browser blue OR branded color not same as copy
    2. Full Prescribing Information

      Important Links:

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    3. Important Safety Information

      Important Links:

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    1. VISITS

      I'm not sure exactly where this would fit in, but some way to reporting total service hours (per week or other time period) would be useful, esp as we start gauging traffic, volume, usage against number of service hours. In our reporting for the Univ of California, we have to report on services hours for all public service points.

      Likewise, it may be helpful to have a standard way to report staffing levels re: coverage of public service points? or in department? or who work on public services?

    1. the response is always, "What is the LGBT community going to do about this?" But the LGBT community doesn't run the schools where queer kids are being bullied, raped, and abused. The LGBT community can't shut down those "houses of worship" where LGBT kids are abused spiritually and their straight peers are given license to abuse them physically. The LGBT community doesn't parent the vast majority of LGBT kids. So the question shouldn't be, "What is the LGBT community going to do about this?", but rather, "What is the straight community going to do about this?"
  20. Jun 2016
    1. The whole city reminded Emma of pictures she had seen of Victorian London: old, brown buildings, a lot of carriages riding around, and a lot of friendly people out and about, chattingin the streets.

      Ik heb hier eigenlijk een heel ander beeld bij. Meer met houten huizen en veel vegetatie (vreemd voor een stad). Anders dan de steden die wij kennen.

    2. Kate asked him why they had flying beds and not mapped the maze with them, and Grandleheart explained that whenever something flew over, a thick cloud would appear and obscure their view.

      Het werkt als een organisme; het veranderd continue. Niet zozeer altijd in beweging, maar anders in bepaalde contexten.



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  22. Nov 2015
    1. Paul, there is only one thing going on.

      Read from here to the end of the chapter. It is packed with insight and wisdom.

      I don't want to try to tag every concept mentioned.

  23. Aug 2015
    1. the matrix header (containing information such as the size of the matrix, the method used for storing, at which address is the matrix stored, and so on) and a pointer to the matrix containing the pixel values (taking any dimensionality depending on the method chosen for storing) .
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    1. If following a link which goes to an anchor on a page, for example: [2] it doesn't seem to pick up the annotations which are for that page (only annotations made with that exact URL).
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    1. everything that we say is important;

      This is what makes rhetorical strategy so important. Everything said makes an impact, knowing how to peak well is vital to getting across what you want to.