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    1. Mambrini. A. Baronchelli. A. Starnini. M. Marinazzo. D. De Domenico, M. (2020) .PRINCIPIA: a Decentralized Peer-Review Ecosystem. Retrieved from: chrome-extension://bjfhmglciegochdpefhhlphglcehbmek/pdfjs/web/viewer.html?file=https%3A%2F%2Farxiv.org%2Fpdf%2F2008.09011.pdf

    1. Stephan Lewandowsky. (2021, January 6). The COVID-19 Vaccine Communication Handbook: A practical guide for improving vaccine communication & fighting misinformation https://t.co/3s5JWBvi0m Our new handbook (PDF+living wiki), which helps fighting the spread of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines. #c19vaxwiki 1/n https://t.co/pRpkcJgVfC [Tweet]. @STWorg. https://twitter.com/STWorg/status/1346969671732490241

    1. Benjy Renton. (2020, December 5). Launching a new dashboard to track local news reports and state press releases on how many vaccine doses will be allocated to each state, since there seems to be no public federal effort. Browse each state’s allocations and a map of doses per capita. Https://t.co/CUP2W2ph7X [Tweet]. @bhrenton. https://twitter.com/bhrenton/status/1335306082693083137

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    1. But we would need to intentionally center care and well-being as a primary condition of learning and be willing to set our obsession with achievement -- gently, even if momentarily -- aside.

      post-pandemic pedagogy

    1. Defined as excess death, meaning “the number of persons who have died from all causes, in excess of the expected number of deaths for a given place and time,” the CDC said an estimated 299,028 excess deaths have occurred in the United States from late January through October 3, 2020, with two thirds of these attributed to COVID-19. (As of October 15, 216,025 deaths from COVID-19 have been reported in the United States, according to the CDC)

      Excess death

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    1. The medical community took the primary responsibility for disease mitigation, as one might expect. It was widely assumed that diseases require medical not political responses. 

      We may have gotten dumber.

    1. Bu Experts {@BU Experts} (2020) How can we navigate daily life during the pandemic? #Publichealth expert & epidemiologist @EpiEllie will be on @reddit_AMA this Thursday (8/27) at 12pm ET to answer all of your #COVID19-related questions. She'll discuss how to safely see friends and family, travel & more. @BUSPH. Twitter. Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/BUexperts/status/1297932614909792258

    1. Emily. J. Miller. - FDA {@FDASpox} (2020) Convalescent plasma has shown to be beneficial for 35% of patients. This risk reduction figure - shown in chart below - is from @MayoClinic data from expanded access program that was analyzed by FDAA for the emergency use authorization announced today. Twitter. Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/FDASpox/status/1297706985039835136

    1. Po świątecznym spadku statystyki znowu skoczyły do góry. Minionej doby zmarło ponad 307 osób z koronawiursem. Nowych zakażeń jest 7914.

      Bzdura. 28.12.2020 przetestowane 16 000 29.12.2020 przetestowane 33 000 https://www.termedia.pl/mz/Ile-dziennie-wykonuje-sie-testow-na-koronawirusa-,39038.html Dlatego rodzaj wzrostu. Jeśli spojrzysz na wyniki testów (liczba i ile testów jest pozytywnych), możesz dostrzec cykliczność. Zawsze w sobotę-poniedziałek mniej, potem wtorek-środa znowu wzrost. Wynika to najprawdopodobniej z metodologii testowania i zbierania informacji, ale nie ma to nic wspólnego z samą epidemią.

    1. When our memories become incapacitated we soon find ourselves mired in what might be called the non-binding normativity of now, a condition where the beliefs we dignify as true today place no constraints on what we believe tomorrow.

      “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” - George Orwell

    1. has developed novel bioinformatics software called OliVar, which allows researchers and assay developers to automate and design assays that target regions of the virus genome that have the lowest frequency of mutation
    1. mRNA-1273 vaccine candidate, manufactured by Moderna, encodes the S-2P antigen, consisting of the SARS-CoV-2 glycoprotein with a transmembrane anchor and an intact S1–S2 cleavage site. S-2P is stabilized in its prefusion conformation by two consecutive proline substitutions at amino acid positions 986 and 987, at the top of the central helix in the S2 subunit
    1. In some commercial assays, the cut-off is determined individually for each run based on the amplification curve and Ct value of the positive control.

      This seems like it would more accurate than just about any other test.

    2. The risk of false positive results increases as the pretest probability of COVID-19 decreases, such as in instances of low prevalence

      Samples that should have have resulted in a negative registered a false positive. However, an appropriately taken sample was likely to give a positive.

    1. We report the preclinical development of BNT162b2, a lipid-nanoparticle (LNP) formulated N1-methyl-pseudouridine (m1Ψ) nucleoside-modified mRNA (modRNA) vaccine candidate that encodes P2 S with a native furin cleavage site resulting in the S1 and S2 cleavage fragments
    2. To generate the template for RNA synthesis, a DNA fragment encoding the SARS-CoV-2 P2 279 S protein (based on GenBank: MN908947), including the amino acid exchanges K986P and 280 V987P, was cloned into a starting plasmid vector with backbone sequence elements for 281 improved RNA stability and translational efficiency19,34


    1. Why with the animals 13wanderest thou on the plain?

      When thinking of Gilgamesh, he himself is the king of Uruk. This rich and giving lifestyle is highlighted as part of humanity. To be civilized with shelter, colonies and living within cities is a normal created by societies around this time. and the people in Uruk have established themselves into this style of domesticated living. With Enkidu coming in the world from gods and automatically gravitating towards wild animals and roaming the plains eating grass and what the earth naturally grows, it is seen as weird or unnatural when in fact it is more natural than what the people of Uruk are doing. However with the people from this time, I am unsure if they knew about cave people and how they lived while on earth. Then sending in a priestess, who was called "Hierodule" (A slave or prostitute) to domesticate Enkidu by covering him with garments and introducing him to the way the people of Uruk live and the discovered feelings of people. These gestures and judgement of ones other lifestyle is one of the first ancient instances of "othering." This proves that humans have a natural instinct to not be accepting towards another persons way of life.


    2. I saw him and was astounded. 33I loved him as a woman, 34falling upon him in embrace. 35I took him and made him 36my brother.” 37The mother of Gilgamish she that knows all things 38[said unto Gilgamish:—] ................................... [213] COL. II 1that he may join with thee in endeavor.” 2(Thus) Gilgamish solves (his) dream. 3Enkidu sitting before the hierodule

      In the time period the translation, you can tell that they had just begun to create labels on relationships, people etc to understand what they were feeling or to just recognize different people. In the text chosen, there are many different area's in the highlighted portion and throughout the text, where Gilgamesh uses labels which created for a clear story. It is however conflicting because of the translators and them maybe having included different sections so that the story makes sense. Nonetheless, when he said that he loved him like he would a woman, that shows how the language at the time was advanced, closer to the current 21st century, enough to realize that Gilgamesh had romantic feelings for Enkidu. Also with the piece when the translators described him as sitting near the hierodule. The slave, prostitute (both) was able to be identified no matter of the gender. Looking back at the time, it is still demeaning when thinking in our 21st century mindset and what we consider normal. However looking back, it is interesting to see how advanced the ancient Iraq civilization operated. It is also amazing seeing where the women of this country came from as in today's world the women now being able to be involved with the government, they are making it a mission so Iraqi women know their rights (Calabrese, John, et al).

      CC BY-SA

      Calabrese, John, et al. “Constitutional and Legal Rights of Iraqi Women.” Middle East Institute, 8 Dec. 2020, mei.edu/publications/constitutional-and-legal-rights-iraqi-women.

    1. Joseph finds great fortune with Potiphar, but his promotion through Potiphar’s household attracts the attention of Potiphar’s wife, who repeatedly tries to seduce him. When her attempts fail, she accuses Joseph of rape, which lands him in prison.

      In this version, the details are told from a different point of view. and because of this point of view, a lot of the drama from what was said and how the woman was depicted falling for him and him referencing God and how she was a sinner. This version does not show the interaction, and because of this does not show the dynamic between this man and woman.

    1.     But Soudabeh, when she had so far accomplished her longing that she had gotten him within the house, desired that he should speak with her alone. But Siawosh resisted her wish. And three times did Soudabeh entice him behind the curtains of the house, and three times was Siawosh cold unto her yearning. Then Soudabeh was wroth, and she made complaint unto the King, and she slandered the fair fame of Siawosh, and she spread evil reports of him throughout the land, and she inflamed the heart of Kay-Kavous against his son. Now the King was angered beyond measure, and it availed nought unto Siawosh to defend himself, for Kay-Kavous was filled with the love of Soudabeh, and he listened only unto her voice. And he remembered how she had borne his captivity in Hamavaran, and he knew not of her evil deceits. And when she said that Siawosh had done her great wrong, Kay-Kavous was troubled in his spirit, and he resolved how he should act, for his heart went out also unto his son, and he feared that guile lurked in these things

      In this moment, Soudabeh as a character is being used as point of confliction between the two men. In this story, she is being depicted as a liar and a bitter individual due to her rejection of the main character. Despite this, later on Siyavash decides to grant her mercy. in this situation with her he felt the need to protect her. In context to what she does to Kay-Kavous and his son, it shows how men are willing to either to take her words as truth or be able to defend her even if her word cant be proven as truth. In most patriarchal societies, the man protecting the women or coming to her defense is no new concept, however it shows the issues that comes in patriarchy, because of the savior complex. This tends to make individuals, primarily men protect women because of how women are viewed as defenseless, or that they're need even if they are the antagonists of the story.

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    1. Sudabeh sent Hirbad to tell Siâvash that she was even ready to kill her husband so that he might marry her lawfully, but Siâvash denied his request. Her repeated advances being repulsed, she finally attempted compulsion; still failing, she brought a false accusation against him before her husband. The Shah, on hearing that Siâvash had preferred his wife, thought that death alone could expiate his crime. He first smelt the hands of Siâvash, which had the scent of rose water ; and then he took the garments of Sudabeh, which, on the contrary, had a strong flavour of wine. Upon this discovery, the king resolved on the death of Sudabeh, being convinced of The falsehood of the accusation she had made against his son

      While this is the same scene, in this version, the wife Sudabeh was willing to kill her husband in order to marry him. Another difference, is that the king, Siyavash's father did not show feelings of confliction when it came to choosing between his wife and his son. this versions show less details concerning how the character were affected and is more curt. it also shows less of how empathetic the men were to soudabeh and how her husband felt agony through trying yo choose.

    1. She in whose house he was living tried to seduce him. She shut the doors, and said, “I am yours.” He said, “God forbid! He is my Lord. He has given me a good home. Sinners never succeed.”

      This women is being depicted in a negative way that shows her a women who is not able to control herself. This is sometimes seen in depictions that are meant to uplift men, showing that they are being the voice or reason while the women is unable to control herself. This also displaces her as a bad or sinful person instead of just being a person with human emotions. Ultimately, this is an instance of how in some stories women are seen as emotional while the men are seen as strong willed or virtuous.