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    1. Pour l'année scolaire 2020-2021, les élections se tiendront : le vendredi 9 octobre 2020 ou le samedi 10 octobre 2020 ;
    1. While I am not homosexual, I have always felt that discrimination against homosexuality is completely ludicrous because I think people should love who they love. This belief that I have has giving me an idea for my research topic for my bibliography project where I look over the state of homosexuality in 2020. I decided to annotate this article because it gave a lot of good information about the state of homosexuality in 2020 and it has some links to other articles about homosexuality.

    1. Artikel in der NYT, in dem die Waldbrände als offensichtliches Ergebnis der Klimakrise bezeichnet werden - als ein Ergebnis, das viel schneller kommt als erwartet.

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    1. This model is the most flexible and open-ended of the four; your goal as an instructor is not to design a full-fledged semester of material, activities, and assessments. Rather, your goal is to work with your class to design and become a learning community, working collaboratively and individually towards your determined learning goals. For this to work you should have: a set of possible/preferred learning objectives for your classa library of course materials, preferably with as much as possible in digital formata suggested list of digital tools and technologies that you’re comfortable from with a list of possible assignment/project/assessment ideas that are related to your learning objectivesa willingness to experiment and invite your students into the teaching & learning process. At the onset of class you will need to facilitate a conversation among you and your students about how the class will unfold. This can be done in small groups f2f, via an online communication tool, or in a hybrid mix of both. As a community you should plan on addressing the following: what are our objectives as a learning community? what kind of work could we engage in to meet these objectives? what physical/virtual spaces would we like to work in? how/when do we want to meet in these spaces?how do we want to measure (assess) if an objective has been met?what rules and policies should govern our work? how will we work virtually and respect everyone’s boundaries and personal situations? how will we work f2f and respect public health recommendations and personal situations? You will probably need to spend at least the first 1-2 weeks answering these questions together and then designing a plan for your course. Make sure you and your students talk through various complications: what if the university’s policies about meeting f2f change? what if classes are forced to move entirely virtual/remote? what someone (students or professor!) gets sick?

      This is the one for me!!!!

    2. c

      Apologies for highlighting whole swaths of paragraphs but it can't be helped sometimes lol.

    3. Finally, these are NOT meant to be comprehensive. Instead, imagine these models along a continuum of opportunity. Your challenge is to determine where your courses could fit between and among the proposals.  

      I'm wondering how much or how little faculty will need to change their curriculum/delivery depending on the various inevitable changes that we can't exactly predict will happen this school year. For those faculty member purposefully switching online, what changes have they made already, and what changes will become necessary in the near future?

    1. Final exams.

      Has anybody tried to do a semester walkthrough using a screencasting tool and a presentation tool of some kind? I think that might be a valuable tool for first year comp students.

      Or maybe a short simulation like Clark Aldritch uses:

    2. Here is a place to add more possible guidelines:

      1. Provide a scratchpad each week where students can reflect on the week on progress or regress.

      2. Get lots of quick feedback from learners with Google Forms.

      3.Introduce the idea of feedforward to students and teachers.

  5. Jun 2020
    1. Mardi 30 juinCommissions départementales AFFELNET-Lycée (matin)AFFELNET 1Ouverture aux établissements de l’application AFFELNET-LycéeEdition et diffusion des notifications d’affectation

      Cette année cette commission a lieu le 30 juin

  6. May 2020
    1. Le rapport de l’OMS sur les comportements en matière de santé des Européens âgés de 11 à 15 ans révèle une augmentation du nombre de jeunes signalant des problèmes de santé mentale

      Le rapport de l’OMS sur les comportements en matière de santé des Européens âgés de 11 à 15 ans révèle une augmentation du nombre de jeunes signalant des problèmes de santé mentale

    1. il manquait en 2018 une information 06:06 majeure ce qu'on appelle les algorithmes 06:08 locaux des formations
    2. une autre critique qui a souvent été 04:33 adressé un parcours super c'est le fait 04:35 qu'elle oblige les lycéens à être 04:37 constamment connecté
    3. une critique qui est beaucoup ressorti 03:05 en 2018 quand parcours super est apparu 03:07 c'est la complexité de la procédure

      à 3min03s Complexité https://youtu.be/gds416WjYEI?t=183

    4. à 00:00 le problème majeur c'est avait été très marquant 2018 sur parcours sud ce sont les listes d'attentes à rallonge


    1. les groupes multi-niveaux peuvent être constitués pour scolariser des élèves prioritaires dont les cours n'ont pas repris et correspondant aux catégories suivantes  les élèves en situation de handicap ; les élèves décrocheurs ou en risque de décrochage ; les enfants des personnels indispensables à la gestion de la crise sanitaire et à la continuité de la vie de la Nation. Dans la mesure du possible, il est également tenu compte des élèves relevant d'une même fratrie ;

      La réunion avec le Dasen (Directeur académique des Yvelines) du 8 mai nous a permis de comprendre que la première semaine, la DSDEN laisse de la souplesse aux écoles et aux communes quant à la "sélection" des publics prioritaires". Pour résumé, certaines écoles prennent des enfants d'enseignants, alors que d'autres se restreignent cette semaine aux enfants déjà accueillis lors du confinement.

      Le souhait du Dasen est que rapidement (semaine prochaine) la liste des publics accueillis s'allonge en fonction des priorités définies dans la circulaire. Il semble important d'engager le dialogue avec l'IEN pour faire apparaître les perspectives de scolarisation de chaque groupe scolaire.    A noter que les choses vont très certainement bloquer à un moment si les communes ne désengorgent pas les écoles en organisant les 2S2C

  7. Apr 2020
    1. 2020 Pazarlama Stratejinizi Denetleyin Şimdi bir analiz yapmak için zaman ayırmak, yalnızca bu yılın geri kalanında değil, bir sonraki yıl da kullanılacak farklı fikirler ve çözümler aramanın yanı sıra zayıf noktaları bulmanıza ve düzeltmenize yardımcı olabilir. Senenin 2. ve 3. çeyrek potansiyeli ile mümkün olduğunca verimli olmaya odaklanmak mantıklıdır. Ellerinde biraz zaman varsa dijital pazarlama stratejilerinizi değerlendirmek için bu zamanlar faydalı olabilir. Bugün 2020 pazarlama stratejinizi nasıl denetleyeceğinizi paylaşmak istedik. Birlikte bakalım.
  8. Mar 2020
    1. Biden went up a lot more, but he was taking votes away from Steyer, Warren, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar. For now, the debate still seems the most likely cause. That’s a little unusual, since conventional wisdom says that debates don’t move public opinion much, but maybe this was an exception.

      Perhaps it was more the fact that the electorate just didn't know or trust the Steyer, Buttigieg, and Klobuchar centrist crowd enough to vote for them with time running out. As a result the old tried-and-true guy you know pulls in all the people. He didn't really need an inciting incident other than the looming election. Following the debate without anything else to use to make a decision on, the choice was fait accompli.

    1. The idea that Bernie is some kind of grouchy ogre is an old and ugly snipe. Nobody ever spends time talking about his smiles or immediate concern for people's physical safety or intensely deep sense of empathy for the blue collar working populace. He's not our friend. He won't call to wish us a happy birthday. He won't make us chuckle with a well-timed joke.

      That's not his job.

      His job is to, hopefully, become president and start working to change America into the land our Constitution promised. It's nowhere near impossible, but it won't be easy wresting control from the corporate establishment (AKA; The DNC). They are engineering the nomination process as we speak to keep Bernie from taking the nomination.

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    1. The Saint Sofia project, a huge, high-tech entertainment, retail, hotel and office complex funded by Chinese money, is expected to be built near Bulgaria’s capital over a three-year period.
    1. Estonia's first Smart City Conference took place yesterday in Tartu. Conference brought together more than 100 guests interested in smart-city-themes from 17 different countries over the world.  Presentations: Hannes Astok - Smart Tartu - Today and Tomorrow Toomas Kärner - Global Mobile Megatrends and what Citizens Actually Want Rein Ahas - Big Data and Urban Mobility Andres Osula - Jiffi - the World's First Hands-Free Ticketing Solution for Passengers Francisco Rodriguez and Raimond Tamm - Towards Smart Zero CO2 and Zero Energy Cities across Europe SmartEnCity H2020 lighthouse project - how will citizens of Vitoria, Tartu and Sondeborg benefit and what will be the European impact? Sampo Hietanen - Intelligent Transport System and Mobility as Service for the Citizens Peter Kentie - Marketing Smart Cities - Experiences from Eindhoven
    1. By the year 2020 Estonian Smart City Cluster is internationally known as the leading developer and exporter of smart city solutions that are based on ICT and other technologies.
  11. Oct 2017
    1. ‘equipthewholecountrywiththeskills,motivation,andtrusttogoonline,bedigitallycapableandtomakethemostoftheinternet....Ifwesucceed,by2020everyonewhocanbedigitallycapable,willbe.’

      Grafoscopio 2020 puede ser un llamado a pensar ese futuro optimista y empoderante y los compromisos con el mismo desde el mediano plazo.



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