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  1. Mar 2024
    1. The current issue revolves around an emerging disruption in mid-Atlantic supply chains. The major East Coast port is now paralyzed due to the mangled bridge blocking the only shipping lane in and out of the harbor.

      Well, yes, when bridges fall in the water they block the water where they've fallen. They'll be able to focus on clearing the main channel first and get the port operating with cranes and scrapping crews once the investigation captures evidence on that section (likely scans and photographs of how they debris fell).

      Not all of the bridge needs to be picked up for traffic to be restored. Highway travel impacts are likely to take longer, but adding car ferry service would be an option until a temporary span can be put in place until a permanent replacement can be erected.

  2. Feb 2024
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  4. Dec 2023
    1. he was about two miles away from the murder scene

      The suspect was charged with voluntary manslaughter - not murder. This suggests that the prosecutor believes it could be a shooting in self-defense. If it's self-defense, then by definition, it's not a "murder scene".

    1. According to Fleps and the Six-Point Safety Plan for Norfolk Southern, wayside detectors will now be no farther than 15 feet apart. Before East Palestine, the average distance for wayside detectors was 20 to 25 feet apart, in line with the industry recommendation.

      The detectors will be 15 miles apart, up from the 20-25 miles apart they are now. Not feet.

      That'd be crazy to have a detector every 15 feet. 🤪

  5. Nov 2023
    1. we’re putting the strength of the state’s balance sheet to work for Ohioans

      Ohio's balance sheet is $32.79 billion in the red ( https://www.statista.com/statistics/305339/ohio-state-debt/ ). That's a lot of debt to be setting up "savings accounts" with artificially inflated terms that can only worsen the problem it is supposedly intended to solve.

    2. State Treasurer Robert Sprague said the program comes as many Ohioans face increased obstacles when it comes to buying a home in terms of price and availability

      Since prices are high due and availability is low, their Keynesian solution is to flood the market with free money, which will cause even more demand, less availability, and even higher prices. Basic economics.

    3. will help create special tax-advantaged savings accounts for Ohioans to save money toward buying a home through participating institutions

      As long as you do business with their cronies, they won't steal as much from you, as long as you use the money the way they want you to for the benefit of their other cronies.

    4. offers above-market interest rates

      That money has to come from somewhere, since people in the program will supposedly be extorted less, this is apparently a scheme to fund a kickback to home buyers at the expense of people who can't afford to buy a home or already have one.

    1. After a Sheriff’s K-9 attacked an unarmed, surrendering track driver

      The idea that people need costly training paid for with extorted money to know not to sick an attack dog on an unarmed surrendering suspect surrounded by law enforcement officers - against the protests of highly trained law enforcement officers - is absurd.

      Also, it wasn't a Sheriff's K-9 officer, it was Circleville Police K-9 Officer Ryan Speakman.

    2. That’s paid for by the state from a $40 million fund approved by the legislature.

      Per the #JustPowers clause of The Declaration of Independence, people can't grant powers they don't have to Gov, including legislators.

      Since I can't justly extort my neighbors to fund things I want, like training for local police, the legislature cannot justly do this either.

      The alternative would be to fund police training voluntarily through donations to a "training fund". Then the police funding would depend on what the local community is willing to support - not the whims of politicians.

      "Law enforcers" are mercenaries hired to impose political edicts on the masses, and they are funded with money extorted unjustly from the populace.

      They are predators on the people, not protectors as they are portrayed in media propaganda. Their only job is to keep the political racketeers tax slaves in-line.

  6. Oct 2023
    1. Our freedom is on the ballot.

      No one has the freedom to murder.

    2. Reproductive Rights

      Murder is not reproductive. Reproductive rights would be the right for women to decide when and if they reproduce before they take part in spawning a new human being with unique DNA.

      Nobody is arguing against a women's right to choose whether or not to reproduce - only the crime of changing her mind and trying to undo that decision with murder.

    3. take back our families’ freedom to make the decisions that are best for us

      ...to the exclusion of the innocent helpless human beings that are being murdered. What a selfish and sociopathic position to take.

    4. who should have the right to make personal medical decisions about abortion: women and their families

      Murder advocates always exclude the woman's offspring from the definition of "family".

      Women have no special authority to decide how, when, and if they murder their offspring.

      Instead, people should take murder off the table and focus on non-violent ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place.

    5. lives at risk

      Legalizing murder of innocent helpless unborn humans doesn't merely risk their lives, it ends them.

    6. health and safety of patients

      Murder advocates refuse to accept that the innocent helpless unborn human is also a patient.

      It is not possible to ensure the health and safety of a patient one is murdering.

    7. family decisions

      Murdering unborn humans should not be a private "family decision" with the next generation any more than it is with Grandma and Grandpa or one's ex-spouse.

      Nobody is involving the victim in this "family decision".

    8. birth control

      Murder is not a legitimate form of birth control. There are other highly effective, non-invasive forms of birth control that prevent conception and do not require the murder of a helpless innocent unborn human.

      The safest, cheapest, and most effective form of birth control is abstinence. It has worked every time it has been used.

    9. miscarriage care

      Ohio Issue 1 is a legal discussion, and within a legal context, abortion is a type of murder. Proponents of allowing the murder of helpless innocent unborn humans intentionally introduce the medical definition of abortion, which refers to termination of a pregnancy natural or otherwise (including miscarriages).

      The reality is that Ohio law defers to physicians to decide medical necessity of abortions to save a woman's life - only two need to agree that it is necessary.

      The prohibition on abortion in a legal sense has nothing to do with abortion in the medical sense.

    10. abortion ban has already hurt too many people

      Not nearly as many as have been hurt by being murdered while calling it "abortion".

      They explain it away as all sociopaths do, by denying that their victims are human beings.

      Unlike the helpless victims of abortions, adult women have options to avoid and stop violent criminal attacks, but most abortion murder victims are not murdered in an attempt to erase a crime - they're murdered to cover up simple irresponsibility and lack of self-control.

    11. exceptions for rape or incest

      Why would murder be legalized in cases of rape or incest?

      The unborn human being had no part in the activity, so why execute them?

      Murder is not a magic eraser.

      Punish criminals for their crimes, not helpless innocent victims.

    1. Comment

      I just wanted to let Columbia Gas of Ohio and Amanda DePerro know that not only is it poor etiquette to disable comments on posts (they obstruct customer feedback), but it's also pointless because people can just use tools like Hypothes.is to respond regardless.

  7. Sep 2023
  8. Aug 2023
    1. He was sentenced the following May to 15 years in federal prison.

      That would have put is release in 2017. No inmate by that name has a release date in that year: https://www.bop.gov/inmateloc/

    2. The sheriff noticed an ammunition clip on the seat

      How you can tell this article was written by someone who knows nothing about firearms. 🤦‍♂️

    3. He then allegedly stepped out of the vehicle and fired at both the deputy and the deputy’s vehicle. Some of the shots hit the vehicle; the deputy was unscathed.


      Apparently he wasn't the crack shot he was described as by the unnamed source. 🤷‍♂️

    4. Anderson, described as a crack shot

      ...by whom?

    1. You agree that Zoom compiles and may compile Service Generated Data based on Customer Content and use of the Services and Software. You consent to Zoom’s access, use, collection, creation, modification, distribution, processing, sharing, maintenance, and storage of Service Generated Data for any purpose, to the extent and in the manner permitted under applicable Law, including for the purpose of product and service development, marketing, analytics, quality assurance, machine learning or artificial intelligence (including for the purposes of training and tuning of algorithms and models), training, testing, improvement of the Services, Software, or Zoom’s other products, services, and software, or any combination thereof, and as otherwise provided in this Agreement.

      "Zoom terms of service now require you to allow AI to train on ALL your data—audio, facial recognition, private conversations—unconditionally and irrevocably, with no opt out.

      Don’t try to negotiate with our new overlords." https://twitter.com/tedgioia/status/1688221240790528000?s=20

  9. Jul 2023
    1. Truthbrush

      Odd that it doesn't support Windows, so you need a separate OS just to track tooth brushing even if you have a bunch of real computers around.

  10. Jun 2023
    1. You would need to have a phone number in order to create an Apple ID.

      Wow, you can't create an Apple ID without assigning yourself a telephone tracking number.


    1. This thread is locked.

      Yet another example of why it's dumb for Microsoft to lock Community threads. This is in the Bing search results as the top article for my issue with 1,911 views. Since 2011 though, there have been new developments! The new Media Player app in Windows 10 natively supports Zune playlist files! Since the thread is locked, I can't put this news in a place where others following my same search path will find it.

      Guess that's why it makes sense to use Hypothes.is 🤷‍♂️

  11. May 2023
    1. The decision doesn’t change things.  Consistent with its mission, the Foundation operates in a transparent fashion and will continue to do so," said its spokeswoman, Connie Luck, in a written statement.

      ...by continuing to bar people from public meetings or respond to open records requests?!?

  12. Apr 2023
    1. it's a basic abuse management feature

      It is a pretend one.

    2. blocking is necessary

      How do you block someone from commenting on public speech? 🤔

  13. Mar 2023
    1. we remove language that incites or facilitates serious violence

      Believing in "government" REQUIRES hypocrisy, schizophrenia and delusion. One illustration of this is the bizarre and contradictory way in which social media platforms PRETEND to be against people advocating violence.


    1. could encourage or incite violence against others

      Believing in "government" REQUIRES hypocrisy, schizophrenia and delusion. One illustration of this is the bizarre and contradictory way in which social media platforms PRETEND to be against people advocating violence.


    1. Incitement of violence towards any individual

      Believing in "government" REQUIRES hypocrisy, schizophrenia and delusion. One illustration of this is the bizarre and contradictory way in which social media platforms PRETEND to be against people advocating violence.


    1. advocating violence

      Believing in "government" REQUIRES hypocrisy, schizophrenia and delusion. One illustration of this is the bizarre and contradictory way in which social media platforms PRETEND to be against people advocating violence.


  14. Feb 2023
    1. Going forward, disposal plans including locations and transportation routes for contaminated waste will be subject to EPA review and approval, she said.

      Government slows down and impedes everything under the pretense of making it better. This is yet another example of that.

    1. ing may get your pronouns wrong. If this happens, you can tell Bing your correct pronouns using @Bing in the message.

      First things first.

    1. Bing may get your pronouns wrong. If this happens, you can tell Bing your correct pronouns using @Bing in the message.

      First things first.

    1. By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy.

      The fact that you wrote something, and posted it on the Internet, doesn't mean I consent to it.

    2. improper handline of a firearm in a motor vehicle

      Should be "improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle".

    1. When train 32N passedthe next HBD, at MP 69.01, the bearing’s recorded temperature was 103°F aboveambient. The third HBD, at MP 49.81, recorded the suspect bearing’s temperature at253°F above ambient.

      Though trending up, the bearing temperature was within non-critical limits until shortly before the wreck occurred. It was about 46 miles between the last detector and the one that alerted just before the accident.

    2. The train engineer increased the dynamic brake application to further slow andstop the train. During this deceleration, an automatic emergency brake applicationinitiated, and train 32N came to a stop.

      After being alerted to the unsafe condition, the crew seemed to respond appropriately by slowing down to stop, but during that process derailment further back in the train must have separated the air hoses causing the emergency braking application.

      This suggests that the crew didn't throw the train into emergency as some had suggested.

    3. The positive train control system was enabled and operating at thetime of the derailment.

      No other trains were involved, but this system is intended to prevent multi-train collisions or crews inattentively passing stopped signals. It indicates that the crew was alert enough to be following inputs within the confines of the system.

    4. Train 32N was traveling about 47mph at the time of the derailment, which was less than the maximum authorizedtimetable speed of 50 mph.

      So we know it wasn't speeding as some had alleged.

    1. In particular, males were more likely to take shortcuts and reached their goal location faster than females, while females were more likely to follow learned routes and wander.

      This is interesting, considering men have a reputation for not asking for directions when needed in popular culture.

    1. Tesla will offer a software update free of charge to customers, the agency said.

      Aren't these updates pushed over the air?

      So now every time someone releases a software update, media is going to call it a recall? 🤔

    1. I tried contacting our military and the FBI—and just got the runaround

      Of course, they don't work for us they work for the racketeers in Congress and their wealthy financiers. No sense in trying to talk sense into their mercenaries.

    2. The descriptions of all three unidentified objects shot down Feb. 10-12 match the shapes, altitudes and payloads of the small pico balloons, which can usually be purchased for $12-180 each, depending on the type.

      It's funny how much the US is wasting on missiles to down $12 balloons. 🤣

      Too bad they just print more money and inflate the currency to pay for such ham-handed knuckle-dragging at the behest of their senile Commander in Chief.

    3. North Korea, Yemen and the UK

      A short list of fascist dictatorships. 🤷‍♂️

    1. We ought to know when there is something that is very volatile that is coming into the State of Ohio

      A lot of these chemicals are made in Ohio. Seems goofy to be all concerned about stuff coming in that we make right here.

  15. Jan 2023
    1. (F) It is an affirmative defense to a charge under division (B) of this section that the impersonation of the peace officer, private police officer, or investigator of the bureau of criminal identification and investigation was for a lawful purpose.

      It would seem that this applies to anyone since it is an affirmative defense to "no person" in section (B).

      So, as long as one was impersonating a police officer "for a lawful purpose" (note, not any specific lawful purpose, or even one that has been declared in advance) it seems that anyone may impersonate a peace officers, private police, or even federal law enforcement.

      You'll have to explain it away in court after the fact if charged though.

    1. DeWine said he has talked directly with the director and several members of the six-member Ohio Casino Control Commission, to which the legislature gave the job of regulating the fledgling industry.

      Since neither you nor I nor anyone else may dictate whether or not people bet on sports in Ohio, we couldn't have justly granted that authority to the legislature to hand off to the made-up "Ohio Casino Control Commission". We also couldn't have justly granted any authority to "Governor" Mike DeWine.

      This is simply corrupt racketeering by the most powerful gang in the state, and their "legions of enforcer" mercenaries to claim a right to impose their opinions on Ohioans when no one else can.

      For those confused, it's right there in the Just Powers clause of The Declaration of Independence.

      All just Gov power must be granted to it by individuals. They can't just wish power for themselves out of thin air, no matter how many legislators or voters "vote" for the wish to come true.

  16. Dec 2022
    1. Allowed political topics are limited to regulatory actions (FCC, Ofcom, etc.) or other government actions that directly affect amateur radio.

      Ok, so that's not "No posts or comments on US politics" at all then, since some are expressly permitted.

      What a bunch of clowns.

    2. Moderators have the final say

      Actually, I have the final say, as illustrated by this comment that they are unaware of.

    3. Posts that appear to be promoting blatantly malicious and/or illegal activity may be removed at the moderators' discretion. Topics that might include illegal elements are not prohibited, but blatantly illegal content or activities are strongly discouraged. Discussion on modifying equipment to transmit on frequencies outside of the allocated amateur radio frequencies is not allowed. Action on this rule will require a consensus of the moderators, not just a single moderator's opinion.

      The fact of the matter is, since it's not possible to know what the law is until a judge or jury has determined it as a matter of fact in a court of law, it's impossible to justly enforce this provision. If a court determines something to be illegal, they'll let Reddit know. There's no need for a "consensus" of self-appointed non-lawyer reddit police to decide for people. Also, since when do the enforcers get to ultimately decide what's right or wrong without any oversight? Oh, that's right, on Reddit which was designed to be tyrannical and fascist. 🙄

    4. Some users may use their callsign as their username or as flair. Even though most user callsign information is public record, we request that you respect their privacy and avoid posting their personal information.

      This is goofy. If a person doesn't want their personal information associated with their call sign, they should get a PO Box or something - not leave it to the self-appointed subreddit police. 🤦‍♂️

    5. This thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast

      This is so stupid. I have a relevant question/comment to add to the thread, but someone has decided that no more value can come of this thread - yet it's in search results, so new people are seeing it all the time.

      If people don't want notifications on an old thread, they should mute notifications on it - not declare it dead because they bore easily.

      One could start a new thread talking about it, but that just daisy chains the topic across multiple threads.

      Reddit is dumb for having this "feature" and it originated to censor people, which is abhorrent.

    1. The entire first row of parking has been repaved

      It wasn't actually re-paved, it was just painted over with black paint, and new striping was added. You can still clearly see the old striping. Re-paving is a process that involves removing the old pavement and replacing it with new asphalt - a process that would remove the old pavement stripes.

    1. I was suspicious—when I ordered Robert B. Stinnett’s book Day of Deceit, that lays out in chapter and verse and proves how FDR deliberately engineered the December 7, 1941 Japanese raid on the U.S. Navy and Army Bases at Pearl Harbor and knew exactly when it was coming—about the fact that it was published by a Jewish publishing house. The publisher, Free Press (the name is a joke) is, after all, a division of Simon & Schuster, a notorious New York Jewhouse.

      Interesting reason to dismiss the evidence presented by the author.

    1. The report suggests nearly 42% of Delaware’s roads are in poor condition, a result of what it deemed as many as 20 years of deferred maintenance

      Without Government, who would neglect the roads?

    2. the report suggests an increase of the city’s current income tax rate of 1.85% to 2.25% would be the most productive way to address the narrowing excess of revenues over expenditures

      Always "extort more" from MORPC, never "Gov should operate within its budgets".

  17. Nov 2022
    1. It's supposed to be a safe space

      Safe spaces are only safe when you make them safe by repelling attackers.

      Waving a magic wand and declaring a place safe doesn't make it so. We see it over and over and people keep pretending harder.

    1. despite that scare, there’s no public record that prosecutors moved forward with felony kidnapping and menacing charges against Aldrich, or that police or relatives tried to trigger Colorado’s “red flag” law

      I think many are wondering if it's because the suspect was the grandson of a politician, "Assemblyman Randy Voepel, longtime mayor of Santee".


      Gov is usually very understanding and looks the other way when it comes to policing the friends and family of its own "officials".

    2. suspect evaded Colorado’s red flag gun law

      If you read lower in the article you'll see that the headline is a blatant lie.

      The Gov failed to prosecute a violent person, so AP spins it as if this guy "evaded" (which is an action).

      One can't evade a law that is never applied against them.

    1. Paste a Link

      Select menu > expand About Us > then select Paste a Link at the very bottom.

    1. the belief that citizens should have the right to come together to decide what’s best for their community

      What Klein overlooks is the Just Powers Clause in The Declaration of Independence.

      It explains that people may only justly delegate powers to Gov that they actually have.

      So one cannot, as in this case, "come together and decide" to infringe on the individual right to keep and bear arms because none of the individuals in Columbus have that power as an individual.

      They can't justly delegate this power to Gov because they don't have the power themselves.

  18. Oct 2022
    1. It will only come by treating the women who are compelled to make the decision as human beings with full agency and deserving of the respect and dignity to which every human is entitled.

      ...and by ignoring the human beings they are murdering, denying them the very "respect and dignity to which every human is entitled" - except the one in her womb.

    2. making desperate women into criminals

      "desperate women planning to murder a helpless human being" that is.

      It's not ME making people who try to murder other human beings murderers, it's the murderer doing that - regardless of how "desperate" they are.

    3. we who call ourselves “pro-life” must always be “pro-everyone’s-life”

      *except the unborn human being whose life doesn't matter by this rationale. Unborn human beings are outside of the scope of "everyone" apparently.

    4. statistics have shown time and again that countries where abortion is legal have lower rates of the procedure than those where it is banned

      I'd like to see those stats, but regardless, murder (which "abortion" is) is already banned everywhere, and it still happens at an alarming rate. This fact is no reason to legalize or tolerate it in any way - ESPECIALLY if one fancies themselves a Libertarian who is sworn to uphold the Non-aggression Principle.

    5. Stigmatizing women in this situation only drives them to even more desperate acts

      You heard it here first folks, stigmatizing murderers drives them to more desperate acts than murder, somehow!

    6. woman choosing to end the pregnancy, and the life living in her womb that ends before it ever really begins

      Look at the word-salad! Ending the life living... before it ever really begins?

      See how they deny reality to maintain their delusion?

      Oh, that unique human being is "alive and living", but not "really" so it's ok to murder it.

    7. It affects all involved

      It disproportionately affects the unborn human being who had no say in the matter before being murdered.

    8. every child is wanted

      ...except the aborted ones who die in a trash can of medical waste and are dismembered and incinerated.

      I wouldn't choose that over adoption.

    9. We know better than to use the force of government here. 

      We know it is appropriate to use Government force to prevent murder, because the Just Powers Clause of The Declaration of Independence explains that individuals can justly delegate powers to the Government that they have.

      You and I may all justly defend ourselves and others against murder, so this is a power we all have. This is how we know that it is one of the rare powers that can justly be granted to Government.

    10. None of us has the right to decide for someone else making this profoundly personal choice.

      This applies to the unborn human in the womb as well - even more so since they have yet to develop the capacity to resist attempted murder. It is the duty of those who can resist to do so for them.

    11. but I’m also “pro-quality-of-life”

      ...unless that life has yet to be born, of course.

    12. termination of a pregnancy

      Except that intentional "termination of a pregnancy" violates the NAP of the unborn human, which is why people evade this by claiming that unborn humans are not alive (when they objectively are), or that they magically become human when they exit the birth canal or the abdomen via Cesarian section.

      Murder is not a right, so it cannot be a reproductive right.

    13. if you are looking for a political party that has no space for nuance or compassion in the conversation on abortion, there are already two parties for you

      It's not a nuanced issue. The LP is in error when it ignores that abortion is a clear and obvious violation of the Zero-aggression Principle.

      It is the pre-meditated murder of helpless unborn humans, and since the LP objects to murder in other situations, they must reject it in this one as well.

    14. a vote for the other team is a vote for “killing babies.” 

      This is true though, specifically it fits the definition of murder since it involves the premeditated killing of one human being by another.

      One can play word games about whether or not unborn humans are "babies" - but they most likely will be if not murdered. Also, the definition of murder doesn't require one to be born first - only that one be a unique human being. We can detect the presence of a "unique human being" with blood samples from the mother.

    15. the other side wants to take choice and bodily autonomy away from women

      This ignores the bodily autonomy of the helpless unborn human in her womb who had less say than the woman in being there.

  19. Sep 2022
    1. On a volume basis, hydrogen is one of the least energy dense fuels. One liter of hydrogen contains only 25% of the energy of one liter of gasoline and only 20% of the energy of one liter of diesel fuel.

      It's the vapors of Gasoline and Diesel Fuel that burn, so to measure fuel density based on volume of the liquid for fuels that burn in vapor form - but not doing the same for hydrogen is simply dishonest.

      They all burn as a vapor and store and transport well as a liquid. If you compare them all based on the gas volume when they are burned, Hydrogen is still by far the most energy dense.

      It's the capacity to store hydrogen that makes the other fuels fuel at all, so it's hard to improve on 100% hydrogen for doing that.

    1. This area includes nearly 2,500 people who are either foreign exchange students at Ohio State University, immigrants or recently naturalized citizens. Many of them do not have the transportation to travel to the nearest grocery stores.

      Narrator: There is a Kroger a half-mile away at 2913 Olentangy River Rd, Columbus, OH, 43202 that offers fresh produce at reasonable prices year round.

      Kroger, Amazon Fresh, Instacart, and others offer fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to the home, so inability to walk a half-mile shouldn't be a problem either.

  20. www.justine-haupt.com www.justine-haupt.com
    1. Those at the highest risk are free to wear KN/N95 masks to protect themselves.

      The problem is that while N95 and P100 masks offer better protection in the lab, in practice they only have about a 40% efficacy in preventing infection. https://uwaterloo.ca/news/media/study-supports-widespread-use-better-masks-curb-covid-19

      This is among trained professionals though, and the efficacy drops to zero when forced upon toddlers and children.

      The linked study (and others) shows it's better to focus on better indoor air quality in general - which was already a problem long before COVID.

    2. All the push back to BLM
    3. We need police.

      We need security, but they do a terrible job of providing it.

      We also need to be free of a lot of things they always do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTOP-twoWj0

      So maybe we need the good things police do (that all people may do) without the bad things they do, like murdering people without accountability and enforcing dumb laws (because it's easier than catching murderers).

    4. Both US political parties have become radicalized

      Political parties are racketeering organizations.


      The idea of moderate non-radical racketeering organizations is kind of silly.

    5. The question "what is the meaning of life" doesn't seem to me to be an important one, although I think Sagan's "we are a way for the universe to know itself" is about as good an answer as can be found.

      While I agree with Sagan, that's not the meaning of life.

      The meaning of life is to project ones self into the future. There might be other ways to do this, but the easiest way is to have and raise children.

    6. You couldn't stand outside space/time to observe it happening.

      If this bothers you, I'd advise against riding Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at EPCOT, which is a shame because it's a really fun ride.

    7. Hurting animals needs to be a federal crime.

      Are fetuses animals?

      Why would someone care more about protecting animals than defenseless human beings?

    8. Healthcare should be a human right.

      Healthcare is a service provided by others.

      When a person asserts that they have a right to the labor of others, this stakes a claim of ownership over that person and their labor.

      "slavery, condition in which one human being was owned by another." https://www.britannica.com/topic/slavery-sociology

      Everyone has a right to health, but they can make no such claim to the service of others to maintain it.

    9. vaccines

      Vaccines are "administered primarily to prevent disease." https://www.britannica.com/science/vaccine

      Thusly, a "vaccine" that does not actually prevent disease is, by definition, not a vaccine but marketing spin aimed at enriching the manufacturer's shareholders.

      We know that "vaccines" are not effective as vaccines because it is so common for people who are "fully vaxxed and boosted" to announce that hey have become infected with the pathogen the "vaccine" is claimed to protect against.

      The highly scientific reaction is to respond "Well, just imagine how bad it could have been if they weren't vaccinated" which is an unfalsifiable unscientific claim.

    10. they have less bodily autonomy than a corpse

      It should be noted that corpses are also prohibited from murdering people.

    11. Denying women the right to abortion

      Murder, in criminal law is defined the killing of one human being by another.

      Since fetuses are unique human beings (as detectable via genetic pregnancy tests that are able to determine the individual genetic makeup, and even sex of a fetus after conception) then the premeditated killing of them (as in the case of Abortion) is a type of murder.

      No one has a right to murder other human beings, therefore women have no right to murder fetuses.

    12. NOBODY has the right to use your body against your will, even to save their life or the life of another person.

      This is objectively false. Everyone has the right to kill a person who is trying to kill a baby.

      If someone pulls out a knife and says "I'm going to go kill that baby" and I shoot them, thusly "using their body against their will" (where their will, plainly stated, is "killing babies") then this is an ethical and legitimate thing for me to do.

      I can justly kill people to defend myself or the lives of others - and this is a nearly universal position.

      For example, The Dalai Lama, head of Vajrayana Buddhism is quoted as saying, " If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun. " (Seattle Times, May 15, 2001)

  21. Aug 2022
    1. it may take a few days to respond

      This appears to be an understatement.

      I emailed them on 2022-07-03 with a follow-up on 2022-08-05. Nothing heard as of 2022-08-08.

      EDIT: Nothing heard as of 2022-08-30.

    2. Technical hours are Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m. PST to 3:00 p.m. EST. We are happy to help with any general questions you may have.

      They offer tech support for... 2 hours a day?!? 🤣

    3. For faster service, please call us at (770) 614-7443.

      I called and navigated through their phone tree only to be routed to voicemail after waiting a month for them to reply to email.

      I also sent them a message on Facebook Messenger. Hopefully I'll hear back someday.

    1. NASA launches Artemis I

      NASA launchING Artemis 1... tomorrow. No need to lie unless you're the sort of people who have to lie about everything.

  22. Jul 2022
    1. This section does not apply to any political party or group which has had a place on the ballot in each national and gubernatorial election since the year 1900.

      You are only allowed to advocate overthrow of the Government in Ohio if you are a Republican or Democrat.

    1. Ginther says the city needs more officers to patrol the areas. “Yes, that’s why we invested in 170 of them this year. We will invest in those types of classes in the next several years. We know we need more officers,” he said.

      Ginther is bad a math if he thinks that retiring over 200 officers and hiring 170 results in "more officers".


    2. address noise concerns

      Repealing onerous suppressor regs would make the guns a little quieter.

    1. ROMANS 13 The Most Disastrously Misinterpreted Scripturein the History of the Human Race

      Interesting read. I'm amazed I hadn't found it sooner considering how common this position is among archist Christians.

    1. OSHP upgrading aircraft to spot speeders, aggressive drivers from the sky

      This can be avoided by simply checking Flight Aware for the road ahead and seeing if any planes are flying loops back and forth against the same stretch of freeway. It's a free smartphone app.

    1. our forums

      I don't see a link to the Discord here yet.

    1. The Delaware County Land Reutilization Corporation has been awarded nearly $500,000 in demolition grants from the Ohio Department of Development that will be used for various demolition projects around the county.

      They spent decades taxing this land, and now that it's abandoned, they have to go to the State for extorted money to pay to clear it out for more development.

      ...because private developers don't have enough money.

      If Delaware County isn't saving enough of its property tax extortion racket money, that is the Delaware County Commissioner's problem - or better yet, the landowners or future developers.

    1. You’re blocked

      I wonder what I questioned that he couldn't defend.

      Pretty impressive for a "Senior Editor" to be so incapable of defending his positions.

    1. drive to the closest police station

      ...but there is nobody at the police station. 🤷‍♂️

    2. Albert said with Ohio’s permitless carry law, people should now assume that someone could have a firearm in their vehicles.

      Ohioans could openly carry for years, and CCW has been the law of the land since 2003... but you should NOW assume they have a firearm. 🙄

    1. also cited practical and financial reasons that keep adult children tied to parents.

      Unproductive dysfunctional adults rely on parents practically and financially to their own detriment.

    2. many talked about pain and suffering in their relationship. Still, they said they were close or that they loved each other. The interviewees tended to repeat this contradictory language.


    1. The person was transported to Doctor's West in critical condition.

      The images accompanying the story show that the Roll-Over Protection System (ROPS) was inactive and locked in the "down" position.

      These mowers are made by Excel. In the manual for my Excel mower (similar design but sold under another brand) not only do they warn of steep slopes like those shown in the photo, but they also warn to ALWAYS operate the mower with the ROPS locked in the up position except for temporarily lowering it to get under tree branches or other low-hanging obstacles.

      Most of the time I see mowers equipped with ROPS, the operators have it locked in the down position.

    1. Ohio Senate Democrats hope the state’s General Assembly follows the lead from Congress and enacts gun legislation that would deal with background checks, age requirements and enact a red flag law in the state

      This hope runs afoul of the #JustPowers clause of The Declaraton of Independence.

      Simply put, all just powers of Government must be derived from individuals, and since no individual may do these things (if they did, they would likely be charged criminally for their violent actions to do so) no one can justly grant these powers to Government.

      Since it fails this test, the proposal is clearly unjust based on the test laid out in our founding documents. No party that consistently proposes imposing violent or unjust policies should be allowed to exist.

  23. Jun 2022