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    1. Only the people who want you dead seem to think overpopulation is a problem. yeah, i "pray" every day that idiots like you who believe that "pro life" and "there are no limits" should die here and now. but somehow, my "god" is not following my commands. hmm.
    1. richtig. ALLES blabla ist nur meinung, hypothese, theorie... egal wie viele "factchecker" oder "experten" da ihren "offiziellen" stempel draufklatschen. der einzige unterscheid zu frau faeser ist, die hat ihre soldaten, die ihre meinungen mit gewalt durchsetzen... hätt ich auch soldaten, würde die welt anders aussehen. waffengleichheit vs monopol richtig. ALLES blabla ist nur meinung, hypothese, theorie... egal wie viele "factchecker" oder "experten" da ihren "offiziellen" stempel draufklatschen. der einzige unterscheid zu frau faeser ist, die hat ihre soldaten, die ihre meinungen mit gewalt durchsetzen... hätt ich auch soldaten, würde die welt anders aussehen. waffengleichheit vs monopolformatting helphide helpcontent policysavecancelreddit uses a slightly-customized version of Markdown for formatting. See below for some basics, or check the commenting wiki page for more detailed help and solutions to common issues. you type:you see:*italics*italics**bold**bold[reddit!](https://reddit.com)reddit!* item 1* item 2* item 3item 1item 2item 3> quoted textquoted textLines starting with four spacesare treated like code:    if 1 * 2 < 3:        print "hello, world!"Lines starting with four spacesare treated like code:if 1 * 2 < 3:    print "hello, world!"~~strikethrough~~strikethroughsuper^scriptsuperscript
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    1. i was just banned from reddit for 3 days for "threatening violence" in this comment

      you have to be really stupid (or evil) to interpret this comment as "threatening violence". but well, nothing new. hate maintainers, hate moderators, hate admins, ...

      Kinda crazy that something that every body does is taken away from them and they shut up and obey like they are the government's property or something.

      because people ARE property of the government

      if i would own my children, then i could kill them, just like i can kill my dog. but "my" children are property of the government, and if i "hurt" my children, or if i teach the "wrong" things to my children, then police bust my door, steal my children, throw me in jail, and put my children into a "normal" family

      you sound young, maybe 20. im 30, and i have some experience in this field... im officially labelled as "unfit for educating children" because of my radical views

      here is the ban message:

      Hi milahu2,

      Reddit is a vast network of communities that are created, run, and populated by people like you. In order to keep communities welcoming, safe, and great places to be, everyone who uses the platform operates by a shared set of rules.

      Banned 3-days for threatening violence

      We flagged the following as a potential policy violation:

      Content shared from milahu2 on 01/16/2024 UTC


      After reviewing, we found that you broke Rule 1 because you threatened violence or physical harm. Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging, not for threatening violence against people or animals. We don’t tolerate any behavior that threatens violence or physical harm against an individual, groups of people, places, or animals. Any communities or people that threaten violence towards an individual, group, animals, or place will be banned.

      As a result, we’re issuing a temporary 3-day ban on your milahu2 account, removing the violating content, and asking you not to break this rule again.

      Reddit and its communities are only what we make of them together, and we want you to continue enjoying Reddit while helping your fellow redditors and communities stay safe. We suggest reading and getting acquainted with Reddit’s Content Policy. A better understanding of these rules will help you avoid further actions from our admin team. If you do continue to break Reddit’s rules through this or any other Reddit account, you may face additional actions such as a permanent ban from the platform.

      If you feel like you didn’t break the rules, you can file an appeal any time within the next six months and we’ll take a second look.

      – Reddit Admin Team

      Note: This content was flagged by Reddit's automated systems. This decision was made without the assistance of automation.

      my appeal:

      not a single word in my comment is "threatening violence"

      do you understand the english language?

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    1. I suspect that Scheper suggests using the Academic Outline of Disciplines as a numbering structure because it's an early choice he made for himself and it provides a perch to give people a concrete place to start. Sadly this does a disservice because it's closer to the older commonplace topical method rather than to the spirit of the ordering that Luhmann was doing. It's especially difficult for beginners who have a natural tendency to want to do this sort of top-down approach.

      u/chrisaldrich is permanently banned from r/antinet

      Hello, You have been permanently banned from participating in r/antinet because your comment violates this community's rules. You won't be able to post or comment, but you can still view and subscribe to it.

      If you have a question regarding your ban, you can contact the moderator team by replying to this message.

      Reminder from the Reddit staff: If you use another account to circumvent this subreddit ban, that will be considered a violation of the Content Policy and can result in your account being suspended from the site as a whole.

      🤣 Let's talk about who doesn't have a sense of humor!

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    1. The move made sense for Reddit, particularly as the company looked toward its IPO. Reddit isn’t profitable, and the infrastructure to support third-party apps costs Reddit $10 million per year. Charging for the API could wipe out that loss and potentially be a net positive on the balance sheet. (Microsoft declined to comment if it would pay for Reddit’s data; OpenAI and Google didn’t reply to requests for comment.)

      Reddit still loses money. Think about amount of funding that supports reddit year on year for over a decade. This is capitalism baby.

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    1. These links to these threads are priceless. Two questions: How can I connect with these Reddit users? Never mind, I’m sure I can find the answer myself. Second question - how do you keep these thread references so handy? Is this hypothes.is ? Zotero? Raindrop.io? I have no idea how to capture this kind of info and keep it accessible.

      reply to u/coachdan007 at https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/comments/13ygoz9/comment/jn80a7z/?utm_source=reddit&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

      Mostly these references were using Hypothesis, though I do have some material in Zotero. I don't use Raindrop. IIRC, I knew I'd seen the topics before and did a search for the tag bible and then narrowed it down my adding on zettelkasten and it popped up immediately. A large number of my replies here are just querying my digital ZK and spitting out pre-packaged answers or pointers to relevant material. I also occasionally do the same thing with my analog version, though with those I have to type them out. I follow roughly the same process for doing my own queries and writing. You get surprisingly good at it after a while, particularly when you know it's in there somewhere. Of course r/ has it's own internal search function too, so you could check out: - https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/search/?q=bible&restrict_sr=1 - https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/search/?q=bible&restrict_sr=1

      and have a slightly wider net to get the fishes and loaves you're seeking. With the proper notes at hand, perhaps you'll soon be able to turn water into wine? Interestingly, I think you're the first who's ever asked this question here (or other related fora). I hope people don't think I spend all my time writing all these custom answers when I'm just tipping out my zettelkasten. (Though I do always keep my original answers too in the eventuality that I ever want to turn all of these thoughts into an article or book.)

  9. Apr 2023
    1. The problem is not water-related becuase I have tested it. And himidity and moisture are causing the stains as chatgpt said it might be a possibilty, what can I do?

      -u/Pambaiden at https://www.reddit.com/r/notebooks/comments/12go4ft/my_notebook_gets_stain_on_it_when_i_leave_it/

      Example of someone who queried ChatGPT as a general search engine to solve a problem and mentioned it in a public Reddit when asking for general advice about a problem with their notebook.

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    1. Password Requirements12 characters1 special symbol1 capital letter1 digit


      Reddit blockchain vault for avatars

      First time a service I've used has encouraged a blockchain vault for any reason. Here they're giving away a free avatar which I'm supposed to save in my vault, so obviously it's very valuable. (meh!)

    1. Allowed political topics are limited to regulatory actions (FCC, Ofcom, etc.) or other government actions that directly affect amateur radio.

      Ok, so that's not "No posts or comments on US politics" at all then, since some are expressly permitted.

      What a bunch of clowns.

    2. Moderators have the final say

      Actually, I have the final say, as illustrated by this comment that they are unaware of.

    3. Posts that appear to be promoting blatantly malicious and/or illegal activity may be removed at the moderators' discretion. Topics that might include illegal elements are not prohibited, but blatantly illegal content or activities are strongly discouraged. Discussion on modifying equipment to transmit on frequencies outside of the allocated amateur radio frequencies is not allowed. Action on this rule will require a consensus of the moderators, not just a single moderator's opinion.

      The fact of the matter is, since it's not possible to know what the law is until a judge or jury has determined it as a matter of fact in a court of law, it's impossible to justly enforce this provision. If a court determines something to be illegal, they'll let Reddit know. There's no need for a "consensus" of self-appointed non-lawyer reddit police to decide for people. Also, since when do the enforcers get to ultimately decide what's right or wrong without any oversight? Oh, that's right, on Reddit which was designed to be tyrannical and fascist. 🙄

    4. Some users may use their callsign as their username or as flair. Even though most user callsign information is public record, we request that you respect their privacy and avoid posting their personal information.

      This is goofy. If a person doesn't want their personal information associated with their call sign, they should get a PO Box or something - not leave it to the self-appointed subreddit police. 🤦‍♂️

    5. This thread is archivedNew comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast

      This is so stupid. I have a relevant question/comment to add to the thread, but someone has decided that no more value can come of this thread - yet it's in search results, so new people are seeing it all the time.

      If people don't want notifications on an old thread, they should mute notifications on it - not declare it dead because they bore easily.

      One could start a new thread talking about it, but that just daisy chains the topic across multiple threads.

      Reddit is dumb for having this "feature" and it originated to censor people, which is abhorrent.

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    1. Trolls, in this context, are humans who hold accounts on social media platforms, more or less for one purpose: To generate comments that argue with people, insult and name-call other users and public figures, try to undermine the credibility of ideas they don’t like, and to intimidate individuals who post those ideas. And they support and advocate for fake news stories that they’re ideologically aligned with. They’re often pretty nasty in their comments. And that gets other, normal users, to be nasty, too.

      Not only programmed accounts are created but also troll accounts that propagate disinformation and spread fake news with the intent to cause havoc on every people. In short, once they start with a malicious comment some people will engage with the said comment which leads to more rage comments and disagreements towards each other. That is what they do, they trigger people to engage in their comments so that they can be spread more and produce more fake news. These troll accounts usually are prominent during elections, like in the Philippines some speculates that some of the candidates have made troll farms just to spread fake news all over social media in which some people engage on.

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    1. Instead, they keep a Thing Table and a Data Table. Everything in Reddit is a Thing: users, links, comments, subreddits, awards, etc. Things keep common attribute like up/down votes, a type, and creation date. The Data table has three columns: thing id, key, value. There’s a row for every attribute. There’s a row for title, url, author, spam votes, etc. When they add new features they didn’t have to worry about the database anymore. They didn’t have to add new tables for new things or worry about upgrades. Easier for development, deployment, maintenance.

      Reddit uses only 2 tables, with the cost of not being able to use cool relational features

    2. Schema updates are very slow when you get bigger. Adding a column to 10 million rows takes locks and doesn’t work. They used replication for backup and for scaling. Schema updates and maintaining replication is a pain.

      Schema updates and replications are not easy to handle

    1. Why does TikTok export so well? Because video is universal (or at least relatively so). A funny clip in one country is often funny in another. Moreover, music — at the heart of a platform like TikTok — has global appeal. The result is that content in an English-speaking country can go viral just as easily in a French-speaking one. Reddit doesn’t have this luxury. Since most of its content is written in English, its appeal is fundamentally limited in non-English speaking countries. 

      TikToks can easily go viral across the world, because video and music can be interpreted regardless of language.

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    1. Of interest to many here, I and a few others have been maintaining a list of personal website-based online commonplace books, examples, tools, and related information for a few years. It can be found on the IndieWeb Community's wiki (aka a community-based digital commonplace book) at: https://indieweb.org/commonplace_book

      It's got:

      • links to online examples to view for potentially creating your own digital commonplace;
      • lists of tools and resources for creating and maintaining a digital (and especially online) commonplace;
      • lists of articles and related books which some (especially beginners) may find helpful;
      • examples of written, historical and sometimes digitized and browsable online commonplaces;
      • details about other commonplace "flavors" including: anthologies/florilegium, waste books/sudelbücher, wikis, second brains, and the increasingly popular Zettelkasten and digital gardens.

      Syndicated copies: https://www.reddit.com/r/commonplacebook/comments/ourjnl/resources_for_personal_digital_online_commonplace/

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    1. It didn’t take long for the founding duo to ship v1. Written in Graham’s beloved Lisp, the site served as a fairly straightforward link aggregator that allowed for upvoting and downvoting. The first 100 accounts on the site were created by either Ohanian or Huffman to give the appearance of activity. A snapshot from the site from that period (thank you WayBackMachine) illustrates just how much of the culture was baked in early on, featuring conspiracy theories, wonkish dev chat, strong opinions, and “spez,” Huffman’s username.

      这个网站用Graham钟爱的Lisp写成,是一个相当简单的链接聚合器,可以进行升级和降级。网站上的前100个账户是由Ohanian或Huffman创建的,让人觉得很活跃。从这一时期的网站快照(感谢WayBackMachine)可以看出,网站文化在早期就已经形成了,包括阴谋论、古怪的开发聊天、强烈的意见和 "spez",Huffman的用户名。

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    1. Lemmy is a great open source federated and privacy respecting alternative to Reddit. Nodes can be self-hosted and posts will sync between them.

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    1. why goodness and beauty should exist at all

      This is an interesting position to consider. Is it mere affectivity of the person, or is there something more?

    2. That the Reddit audience hadn’t an inkling of what these proofs and demonstrations might be is, at least in part, a failure of the Churches in their ministry of education.

      This seems obvious considering the catechetical knowledge of even the most devout faithful in the pews.

  31. Aug 2019
    1. To help understand howsuch groups might differ from one another, we collected data frommany different types of communities discussing some of the sameinformation and ideas

      diversify data to avoid bias or misrepresentation. list of potentially relevant subreddits

    2. First of all, while ourapproach is also observational, our aim is not to study a particularuse case [20], or a small sub sample of tweets collected during fewmonths [6,21,22], but concrete communities, where users sharein-group characteristics, like common ideology or subcultural lan-guage. Moreover, we do not aim to observe a time snapshot, but thefull evolution of these communities from their inception.

      which is possibly on reddit over other SNS. there is value in studying a collective with an established group identity over trends in general online behaviour

    3. where users group aroundshared interests, ideologies, and subcultural language.

      description of reddit

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    1. Classics Book Club

      If you are interested in reading Classic books you can join r/ClassicsBookClub on reddit where we will be hosting groups reads and discussions.

  33. Oct 2017
    1. At Reddit, I was able to effect positive, lasting change (at least according to this research) to content quality and interaction quality by building a diverse executive team.

      Very interesting. Need to check this study out.

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    1. Each pixel you see was placed by hand. Each icon, each flag, each meme created painstakingly by millions of people who had nothing in common except an Internet connection.

      This is absolutely amazing!

  35. Feb 2017
    1. Serious

      In the Rules/Guidelines of /r/AskReddit note --{Serious} Tags-- under the heading Thread Tags

      *Calling attention to the sentence:

      "This tag designates the thread is is applied to as a serious post, off-limits for joke replies and irrelevant or off-topic comments and discussion."

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  39. www.reddit.com www.reddit.com
    1. Perhaps we can use this to comment on front-page posts to bypass the comment over-load?

    2. Do any other INTPs use Hypothes.is?