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    1. Das globale Durchschnittseinkommen wird bei der jetzt zu erwartenden globalen Erhitzung 2050 fast um ein Fünttel niedriger sein als ohne Erhitzung. Die (nicht mehr zu vermeidenden) Einbußen durch die Erhitzung bis 2050 sind sechsmal so hoch wie die einer Begrenzung des Temperaturanstiegs auf 2°. 2050 ist einer neuen Studie zufolge mit Klimaschäden von etwa 38 Bllionen Dollar zu rechnen. Bis 2100 wird es in einem Business-as-usual-Szenario zu Einkommensverlusten von mehr als 60% kommen. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/apr/17/climate-crisis-average-world-incomes-to-drop-by-nearly-a-fifth-by-2050

    1. emails were helpful and prompt, it increasedstudents’ perceptions of positive relationshipswith their instructors, which led to positiveteaching evaluations at the end of the course.Leidman and Piwinsky (2009)

      research on timing of feedback

    1. In Frankreich beginnt in dieser Woche eine öffentliche Debatte um ein großes lithium-bergbauprojekt im zentralmassiv. Der umfassende Artikel beleuchtet eine Vielzahl von Aspekten des lithium-Abbaus und der zunehmenden Opposition dagegen, die eng mit dem Kampf gegen die individuelle motorisierte Mobilität verbunden ist. https://www.liberation.fr/environnement/climat/course-au-lithium-made-in-france-une-opportunite-a-saisir-ou-un-mirage-ecologique-20240310_FQOVXTBNKJC5NJ7EZI2UQKOAIY/in

    1. Untersuchungen zeigen, dass die COP28 mit dem Emissions Peak für Treibhausgase zusammenfallen könnte. Um das 1,5°-Ziel zu erreichen, müssten allerdings die Emissionen bis 2030 um die Hälfte sinken. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2023/nov/29/cop28-what-could-climate-conference-achieve

    1. Der Guardian nennt die Stimmung der meisten von der Zeitung zu ihren Zukunfterwartungen befragten IPCC-Klimawissenschaftlerinnen düster; viele sind deprimiert. Viele der Forschenden, die die Zeitung als die am besten über die Zukunft Informierten bezeichnet, erwarten Hungersnöte, Massenmigration und Konflikte. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/ng-interactive/2024/may/08/hopeless-and-broken-why-the-worlds-top-climate-scientists-are-in-despair

    1. In den Ländern, die sich in Paris 2015 einer Initiative gegen das Verbrennen von nicht genutztem Erdgas (flaring) angeschlossen hatten, wird das Verbrennen mit offener Flamme oft nur durch Verbrennung in geschlossenen Anlagen ersetzt, wie eine investigative journalistische Recherche ergab. Die Menge der Emissionen sinkt dadurch nicht wesentlich, aber diese Anlagen sind für Satelliten nicht äußerlich erkennbar. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/may/02/methane-emissions-gas-flaring-hidden-satellite-monitors-oil-gas

      Ressourcen für die Recherche zu Methan-Emissionen: https://gijn.org/resource/new-tools-investigate-methane-emissions/

  3. Apr 2024
    1. Imagine having instant access to the world's knowledge in your pocket. Something that everyone should be able to use and the discerning should appreciate.
    1. Research messages are frequently too vague to be effective because the skills and expertise of teaching are difficult to transfer.

      I have not yet encountered this myself. Honestly, vagueness to me would mean that I do not understand the subject enough and so I need to take a step back and reassess my knowledge.

      All vagueness can be overcome by expertise.

      How can one expect to teach when one does not understand how learning works on a deep level? This is a fatal flaw within the current education system. In High School you are expected to know how to learn without it ever being taught, and teachers cannot help for they too do not know how to learn...

      They come with severely outdated methods (i.e., summarization, rereading, or flashcards), or even disproved principles like Learning Styles.

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    1. first hypothesis
    2. The purpose of this study is to build on this ongoing research trajectory and help provide the sort of empirical evidence on the relative efficacy of narratives versus nonnarratives required to propel narratives into mainstream health campaigns and messaging.
    3. must first address scientifically the question of whether narratives are, “indeed more effective than nonnarrative communication for overcoming resistance, facilitating information processing, providing social connections, and representing emotional and existential issues”
    4. This research investigates the relative efficacy of changing health-related knowledge, attitudes, and behavioral intentions using a fictional narrative compared to a more traditional nonfictional nonnarrative format.

      Introduction of research study

    1. Erneuerbare Energien sind der wichtigste Treiber des Wirtschaftswachstums in China. Zugleich droht China die Klimaziele für 2025 zu verfehlen. 2023 hat der Energieverbrauch um 5,7% zugenommen. Zwischen 2021 Uhr und 2023 wuchsen die CO2-Emissionen jährlich um durchschnittlich 3, 8%. Ein Hauptgrund dafür ist die Stimulierung der Wirtschaft in China selbst und den Ländern, in die China exportiert, nach der Covid-Krise. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2024/feb/22/growth-in-co2-emissions-leaves-china-likely-to-miss-climate-targets

    1. "There is a large literature relating to twins in their purely surgical and physiological aspect. The reader interested in this should consult Die Lehre von den Zwillingen, von L. Kleinwächter, Prag. 1871. It is full of references, but it is also unhappily disfigured by a number of numerical misprints, especially in page 26. I have not found any book that treats of twins from my present point of view."

    1. for - adjacency - microscopic biology - macroscopic ecology - multi-scale competency architecture - Michael Levin - Jonas Wickman - micro-to-macro

      paper details - title - Eco-evolutionary emergence of macroecological scaling in plankton communities - author - Jonas Wickman - Elena Litchman - date - feb 15, 2024 - publication - Science VOL. 383, NO. 6684

      reference - https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.adk6901

      summary - This is a very interesting finding that links rules in the micro world to behavior in the macro. - It is relevant to Michael Levin's research on multi-scale competency architecture

      question - how would this impact the micro relations between - the microscopic world of humans - the normal macroscopic world of humans

    1. universities and public libraries have completed the“retrospective conversions” of their catalogs to computer databases(frequently with the help of federal Title II-C money, as part of the“Strengthening Research Library Resources” program),
    1. The mainfactors limiting the level of trust include: doubts about the quality of somemicrocredentials, no agreed standards for quality assurance, and uncertainty as towhether certain microcredentials will be recognised by national authorities,employers or education and training providers

      Seeds of doubt on MC quality

    2. Assigning credits to learning outcomes allows for the accumulationof units of learning and provides for transferability from one setting to another forvalidation and recognition. Interviewees representing countries in which VETsystems are modularised indicated that modules are designed to indicate a set oflearning outcomes that are expressed in terms of credits. The interviewees fromnational authorities and VET providers commonly agreed that the introduction ofmodular structures in VET and the application of a learning outcomes-basedapproach was set to provide more individualised training paths, enabling accessand progression for learners.

      Align Learning Outcomes to Credits (key for meaningful unbundling/bundling)

    3. The European approach to microcredentials(European Commission, 2020a) also highlights the importance of clearly definedlearning outcomes as a way to promote overall transparency and provide detailedinformation regarding what a learner is expected to know and is able to do

      Purpose of Learning Outcomes

    4. microcredentials must be transparent and understandable and shouldinclude summary of critical information such as:(a) the title;(b) the duration of a learning activity;(c) provider of the course;(d) description of the content;(e) learning resources;(f) type of assessment;(g) credits attributed to the course;(h) prerequisites needed for enrolment;(i) learning outcomes;(j) body ensuring the quality of the course;(k) options for stackability, if any

      11 data elements for transparency

    1. 12 resolutions that supported women’s rights

      What were the 12 resolutions?

    2. The Seneca Falls Convention was attended mostly by white women, even though northern states like New York had outlawed enslavement

      Slavery had been outlawed in 1827 in the state of New York, 21 years prior to this convention. This indicates to me that from the outset of the Suffragist movement it was focused on white women. Perhaps though there were earlier gatherings put together by black women that are not included here, or that would possibly have been lumped in with the abolitionist movement.

    1. Sarah is a Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Linguistics, Philology, and Phonetics, and Director of the Dictionary Lab at Oxford. She specializes in lexicography, endangered languages, language revitalization, the history of dictionaries, and the interface of technology with the Social Sciences and Humanities (digital humanities). Her research includes work on Australian Aboriginal and American Indian languages, especially relating to language documentation and revitalization. She is the Director of the new MSc in Digital Scholarship.

      What a fascinating set of areas she's working in... I want to do this...

  6. Jan 2024
    1. for - dream research

      Summary - This presents a new theory of dreams that challenge Freud and Jung's interpretation of dreams. - It is intriguing, as it posits that the dream state is the default state of the brain. - it makes more sense to me.

      source - google search - does dreaming allow cognitive during waking state to be possible?

    2. cast doubt on the Freudian, Jungian, and activation-synthesis theories

      for - validation - alternative to Freud's explanation of dreams - dream cognition - dream research

      Validation - I've never subscribed to the Freudian interpretation of dreams and this seems to make more sense

      • Four very different types of unexpected research findings from inside and outside the sleep laboratory since the 1950s
      • make it possible to suggest a new cognitive approach to
        • dreaming and
        • dream content,
      • an approach that has the potential to be extended into a neurocognitive theory as well.
      • These findings, which are discussed throughout this article,
      • cast doubt on the
        • Freudian,
        • Jungian, and
        • activation-synthesis theories
      • that dominated thinking about dreams in the twentieth century.
      • Those three theories all began with the idea that
      • there were major differences between
        • waking cognition and
        • dreaming,
      • but the findings presented in this article suggest that
      • there are far more parallels between
        • dreaming and
        • waking thought
      • than they realized (Domhoff, 2003b).
    1. What is Avalanche Robinhood?

      Search results suggest this post as a good answer to the question, "what is Avalanche Robinhood?" However, I find that it doesn't even begin to answer that question. Because it is about a very specific part of the Robinhood app that is about Avalanche. And it offers no description of the Avalanche-Robinhood relationship.

      Also, I can't understand why there are no images in the original post. OK, it was never originally intended to answer the question that search engines have suggested. But it would have been very easy to take a screenshot of each question that the Original Poster provides answers for.

      So, I'm asking you to research the question properly. And include links to base information sources.

      By "base information sources", I mean original information. Not search results pages, or curation articles such as forums or encyclopedias. Because it is OK to use those services to find original sources. But in my opinion, it is very poor form to quote from them as if they have any authority.

      Your Avalanche Robinhood Research Rewards

      If you present your research as a post on the Hive blockchain, you become eligible for rewards from Shrewdies. Including extra payments during Hive Rewards Week. In addition to your usual rewards in the Hive Afterweek. Subject to my competition rules, below.

      To claim Hive Week Rewards, you must reply to this note with the link to your post on Shrewdies.com, on the day that you published your post. You will then gain an immediate boost of 1 HSBI. If more than 1 person claims this reward, I will start a competition that runs for 28 days from the first response. The prize for the competition will depend on the number of entrants.

      Your Avalanche Robinhood Competition Strategy

      This section is not part of the competition rules. Just my opinions about how you might approach the competition.

      Firstly, remember that everything in the Hive Afterweek depends on the quality of your content. So: - Write with a clear purpose - Structure your research findings logically - Check your writing with LanguageTool or similar. - Read your post aloud before publishing it. Or better still, get someone to read it to you.

      Strategically, you might consider encouraging other people to enter this competition first. But don't let them get too far ahead!

      I will be working hard to promote all competition entries to search engines. You can help yourself by posting links to your Shrewdies.com competition entry on social media and wherever else you can. You can also link to it in your other posts on Hive (old and new).

      Avalanche Robinhood Competition Rules

      Avalanche Robinhood Competition Entries

      • Your post title must include "What is Avalanche Robinhood". But you can include other words. E.g., "What is Avalanche Robinhood to Me" or "Why it's important to ask 'What is Avalanche Robinhood'".
      • You must include a link to this Hypothesis Annotation.
      • This is an English language competition. However, you can provide additional translations. As long as the English version is presented first.
      • Minimum of 250 words (as measured by LanguageTool Editor). I will only measure the main English article - ignoring translations, navigation links, signatures, etc.
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      • You are allowed to edit your entry at any time. But the edited post must continue to meet the rules to remain eligible for rewards.

      Avalanche Robinhood Competition Rewards

      • Each entry will get a reward of 1 HSBI to be paid 1 week after posting.
      • The competition will run for 28 days. Starting on the day after publication of the second competition entry.
      • The competition prize will be based on the number of entrants. Being 1 HSBI per entrant. So if 10 people apply, the prize will be 10 HSBI.
      • The winner will be determined by the highest number of impressions recorded by Google Search Console during the 28-day competition period. I aim to post interim weekly numbers as replies here. But any such interim numbers are for information only. So the results depend entirely on the 28-day impression count.
      • I will only include genuine search queries. And any attempt to search for your own competition entry will be penalized.
      • I will pay the competition prize as soon as I assess the 28-day search query analysis.
    1. aybe uh sometime soon we will be able to actually use earth in a liquid state inside of a framework uh as we do now for concrete without adding 00:42:28 um stabilizer like cement

      for - research - poured earth

      research -poured earth - pourable like cement into formwork, but without stabilizers in the future

    1. So we're good with three-dimensional space, but imagine if we had a primary sense of our own blood chemistry.

      for - adjacency between - primary sense of cellular metabolism - experiences of deep contemplative practice of Rainbow Body - adjacency statement - As per Father Francis Tiso's research into the Tibetan deep contemplative Dzogchen phenomena of Rainbow Body at the time of death as well as rigpa, Trekcho and Togal, he speculates that - such deep contemplations can potentially result in a primary sense of cellular and even subatomic processes taking place within the human body. - https://hyp.is/go?url=http%3A%2F%2Fdocdrop.org%2Fvideo%2FsDyu39FCAMk%2F&group=world - It seems that the multi-scale competency architecture would be a good scientific framework to explore these questions.

      So we're good with three-dimensional space, - but imagine if we had a primary sense of our own blood chemistry. - If you could feel your blood chemistry - the way that you currently see and smell and taste things that are around you, - I think we would have absolutely no problem having an intuitive understanding - of physiological-state space - the way we do for three-dimensional space.

      claim - Lifetime practitioners of Tibetan meditation claim they have a primary sensation of their own impending death suggestion - Suggest to Michael Levin to investigate such phenomena from a multi-scale competency architecture perspective - What else can the expert meditators directly experience? And how do they achieve this? How can deep contemplative practice result in such profound experiences? Would expert meditators resonate with Levin's framework?

    1. Recruited 30 new members to the Network to engage in planning and implementation of incremental credentials. Among those are state systems of Hawai'i, Minnesota, the University of Texas, and the City University of New York (CUNY) System; and 24 public and private colleges and universities across 22 states.

      Proliferation of HE commitment, including state systems.

    1. Santosh Vempala, a computer science professor at Georgia Tech, has also studied hallucinations. “A language model is just a probabilistic model of the world,” he says, not a truthful mirror of reality. Vempala explains that an LLM’s answer strives for a general calibration with the real world—as represented in its training data—which is “a weak version of accuracy.” His research, published with OpenAI’s Adam Kalai, found that hallucinations are unavoidable for facts that can’t be verified using the information in a model’s training data.

      “A language model is just a probabilistic model of the world”

      Hallucinations are a result of an imperfect model, or attempting answers without the necessary data in the model.

    1. We will call such near-verbatim outputs “plagiaristic outputs,” because if a human created them we would call them prima facie instances of plagiarism.

      Defining “plagiaristic outputs”

    1. Searching as exploration. White and Roth [71 ,p.38] define exploratory search as a “sense making activity focusedon the gathering and use of information to foster intellectual de-velopment.” Users who conduct exploratory searches are generallyunfamiliar with the domain of their goals, and unsure about howto achieve them [ 71]. Many scholars have investigated the mainfactors relating to this type of dynamic task, such as uncertainty,creativity, innovation, knowledge discovery, serendipity, conver-gence of ideas, learning, and investigation [2, 46, 71].These factors are not always expressed or evident in queriesor questions posed by a searcher to a search system.

      Sometimes, search is not rooted in discovery of a correct answer to a question. It's about exploration. Serendipity through search. Think Michael Lewis, Malcolm Gladwell, and Latif Nasser from Radiolab. The randomizer on wikipedia. A risk factor of where things trend with advanced AI in search is an abandonment of meaning making through exploration in favor of a knowledge-level pursuit that lacks comparable depth to more exploratory experiences.

    1. alternative credential programming and financialmodels are highly decentralized across an institution – so much so that it may bedifficult for an institution to have a good grasp of its entire portfolio. Adding alternativecredentials to an institution’s strategic priorities will firm up program and business modelplanning and execution

      Inconsistent processes for establishing programs, funding programs, and pricing programs

    2. First is the strategic priority within their institution. Ifalternative credentials have been embraced by senior leadership and included in thestrategic plan, they are more likely to have the necessary resources allocated to them

      Executive sponsorship => resources allocated.

    1. Einer Analye des Handelsblatt Research Institute zufolge sind 1,1 Billionen Euro Investitionen in die Infrastruktur nötig um in Deutschland bis 2045 klimaneutralität zu erreichen. Dieser Betrag ist 65 mal so groß wie die haushaltslücke, die nach dem aktuellen Urteil des Bundesverfassungsgerichts gefüllt werden muss. Die Analyse stützt sich auf vorhandene Studien die unter anderem massive Investitionen in Gaskraftwerke fordern. https://www.handelsblatt.com/unternehmen/energie/energiewende-das-billionenprojekt-so-teuer-ist-die-infrastruktur-der-zukunft/100002597.html

    1. Das britische Climate Change Commitee hat seit 18 Monaten keinen Chair. Die Nichtbesetzung dieser Stelle durch die Regierung gilt ein Signal dafür, dass sie sich zunehmend von den Dekarbonisierungszielen der konservativen Vorgängerregierungen entfernt. Fachleute, darunter Nicolas Stern, kritisieren die Verzögerung. Das Komitee legt unter anderem die britischenTreibhausgas-budgets fest und hatte in der Vergangenheit die zu langsame Politik der Regierung wiederholt deutlich kritisiert.https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/dec/30/sunak-under-fire-failure-appoint-climate-committee-chief

  7. Dec 2023
    1. Wegen anhaltendem Wassermangel können im Augenblick nur hab so viele Schiffe den Panama durchqueren wie normalerweise Punkt für die Schleusen des Kanals werden große Mengen Süßwasser benötigt. Die niederschlagsmuster verändern sich deutlich. Es ist aber noch nicht abzusehen, wie die zukünftige Entwicklung aussehen wird. Ein Beispiel für das unkartierte Gelände, in das die globale Erhitzung geführt hat. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/dec/22/changing-climate-casts-a-shadow-over-the-future-of-the-panama-canal-and-global-trade

    1. Will artificial intelligence create useless class of people? - Yuval Noah Harari

      1:00 "bring the latest findings of science of the public", otherwise the public space "gets filled with conspiracy theories and fake news and whatever".<br /> he fails to mention that ALL his beautiful "scientists" are financially dependent on corporations, who dictate the expected results, and who sabotage "unwanted research".<br /> for example, the pharma industry will NEVER pay money for research of natural cancer cures, or "alternative" covid cures like ivermectin / zinc / vitamin C, because these cures have no patent, so there is no profit motive, and also because the "militant pacifists" want to fix overpopulation this way.<br /> a "scientist" should be someone, who has all freedom to propose hypotheses, which then are tested in experiments (peer review), and compared to real placebo control groups. because that is science, or "the scientific method". everything else is lobbying for "shekel shekel".

    1. at the Cascade Institute based on partly because of work that I've been doing for uh now almost 20 years looking at the implications of converging crises uh we have really focused on the 00:09:07 relationships between between all these different challenges that humanity is facing what are the Deep connections between them
      • for: Cascade Institute - research focus

      • Cascade institute - research focus

        • looking at the deep connections between converging crisis
    1. While much emphasis is given to the resident bone cells(primarily osteocytes) and their response to the local loadimposed on bone, new research implies that response to themechanical load (exercise) may also be neuronally regulatedand therefore systemic, with a resultant effect on multiplebones [54]. Sample et al. [54] showed that in young rats,intense mechanical stimulation of one limb can illicit aresponse in other limbs and even in the entire skeleton.This newest discovery may explain why increased BMDafter localized mechanical stimulation could be recorded inskeletal sites that were not directly stimulated (e.g., increasedforearm BMD with walking) [23]

      Will have to dig deeper

  8. Nov 2023
    1. Live-Roaming: Using Roam to teach students in college

      I'd listened to this whole episode sometime since 2022-04-05, but didn't put it in my notes.

      Mark Robertson delineates how he actively models the use of his note taking practice (using Roam Research) while teaching/lecturing in the classroom. This sort of modeling can be useful for showing students how academics read, gather, and actively use their knowledge. It does miss the portion about using the knowledge to create papers, articles, books, etc., but the use of this mode of reading and notes within a discussion setting isn't terribly different.

      Use of the system for conversation/discussion with the authors of various texts as you read, with your (past) self as you consult your own notes, or your students in classroom lectures/discussion sections is close to creating your own discussion for new audiences (by way of the work your write yourself.)


    1. Auf den Öl- und Gasfeldern der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate, darunter vielen, die der staatlichen Gesellschaft Adnoc gehören, wurde in den vergangenen 20 Jahren in großem Umfang routinemäßig Gas abgefackelt, was zu hohen Methanemissionen führt. Die Emirate hatten sich verpflichtet, das Abfackeln schnell zu reduzieren. Die dieser Selbstverpflichtung krass widersprechende Praxis gilt bei NGO als weiterer Beleg dafür, dass Selbstverpflichtungen der Fossilindustrie nicht getraut werden kann. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/17/cop28-host-uae-breaking-its-own-ban-on-routine-gas-flaring-data-showsactor

    1. In dem sogenannten Trilog-Verfahren haben sich Vertreter:innen des europäischen Parlaments und der europäischen Kommission auf eine endgültige Version des Nature Restoration Laws geeinigt, durch die bis 2030 20% der Land- und Wasserflächen der-unter Schutz gestellt bzw. wiederhergestellt werden sollen. Vor allem aufgrund des Einflusses der europäischen Volkspartei wurde die von der Kommission vorgelegte Version des Gesetzes stark verwässert. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/nov/10/eu-strikes-landmark-deal-nature-restoration-law

    1. In reality, the research experience mattersmore than the topic.”

      Extending off of this, is the reality that the research experience is far easier if one has been taught a convenient method, not only for carrying it out, but space to practice the pieces along the way.

      These methods can then later be applied to a vast array of topics, thus placing method above topic.

      • for: epoche, epoche - interfaith applications, bracketing, applied epoche, Deep Humanity, DH, polycrisis, political polarization, religious polarization, epoche - research application

      • comment

        • I performed Google search for "Epoche and application to interfaith religion"
        • The reason is that I am exploring a hunch of the salience of applying epoche for deep interfaith understanding
        • political polarization constitutes an existential threat and is one important crisis in our current polycrisis
        • Unless we find ways to effectively and rapidly reduce polarization, the other crisis's such as climate crisis, biodiversity crisis and inequality crisis will likely not be resolved
        • religious polarization form ingroups / outgroups and is a major contributing factor to political polarization and violent conflict
        • hence it becomes important to understand how interfaith understanding can be enhanced
        • epoche appears to be one possible way to accelerate interfaith understanding
  9. Oct 2023
    1. Those who prefer research methods to be buried may find Ogilvie’s habit of making explicit her archival travails frustrating, but it’s fascinating watching her track the contributors down.

      Link to the hidden process discussed by Keith Thomas:

      Thomas, Keith. “Diary: Working Methods.” London Review of Books, June 10, 2010. https://www.lrb.co.uk/the-paper/v32/n11/keith-thomas/diary.

    1. By the way this an example of an excellent lab website/research section with different pointers for different scientific fields and general public also!

    1. LLMs are merely engines for generating stylistically plausible output that fits the patterns of their inputs, rather than for producing accurate information. Publishers worry that a rise in their use might lead to greater numbers of poor-quality or error-strewn manuscripts — and possibly a flood of AI-assisted fakes.
      • for: progress trap, progress trap - AI, progress trap - AI - writing research papers

      • comment

        • potential fakes
          • climate science fakes by big oil think tanks
          • Covid and virus research
          • race issues
          • gender issues
    1. In this paper, we reconsider the major events in the history of life on Earth, from the first cells to the recent technological developments of human societies. We focus primarily on which METs identified by Maynard Smith and Szathmáry (1995) have produced MSTs, either directly or in combination with MCTs and catalysts. In reexamining these major transitions, we also highlight the importance of information for both the METs and the resulting MSTs, and speculate upon the role that Level V dark information may play in a future major transition.
      • for: research goal, research goal - METs that produce MST for life on earth

      • key research goal

      • paraphrase
        • This paper considers the major events in the history of life on Earth,
          • from the first cells
          • to the recent technological developments of human societies.
        • The focus is primarily on which METs identified by Maynard Smith and Szathmáry (1995) have produced MSTs, either
          • directly or
          • in combination with MCTs and catalysts.
        • In reexamining these major transitions, the authors also highlight the importance of information for both
          • the METs and
          • the resulting MSTs,
        • and speculate upon the role that Level V dark information may play in a future major transition.
  10. Sep 2023
    1. AI turns semantic relationships into geometric relationships
      • for: key idea, key idea - language research , AI - language research - semantic to geometric
    2. the shape which is say Spanish can't possibly be the same shape as English right if you talk to anthropologists they would say different cultures different cosmologies 00:14:45 different ways of viewing the world different ways of gendering verbs obviously going to be different shapes but you know the AI researchers were like whatever let's just try and they took the shape which is Spanish 00:14:59 and the shape which is English and they literally rotated them on top of each other and the point which his dog ended up in the same spot in both
      • for:AI - language research, AI - language research - semantic invariancy
    1. several varieties of blind spots.
      • for: blind spots, science - blind spots, aware spot, Wittgenstein, Nishada Kitaro, Douglas Harding, BEing journey, finger pointing to the moon, the man with no head

      • paraphrase

        • blind spot by vacancy
          • ie. black area in visual field.
          • contrast with the rest of the visual field
          • easy to see
      • further research start
        • pure blind spot
          • I did not understand
      • further research end
        • aware spot
          • Douglas Harding ( Man without a head) exercise
          • Wittgenstein also commented on this
            • Nothing in your visual field leads you to infer that it is seen by an eye
            • BEing journey
              • point finger to objects in your visual field
              • then point to yourself
              • what do you see? There's no object there
              • it is empty but is the source of awareness
          • Nishada Kitaro
            • As soon as you adopt the stance of objective knowledge, the knower doesn't enter the visual field
    1. Hoekstra, a Shell man and a McKinsey man in charge of EU climate policy?
      • for: climate change policy hypocrisy, fossil fuel lobby, EU climate policy, Hoekstra, Fox guarding the henhouse, Linked In post
      • comment

        • What does it say about the EU's authenticity to deal with the global boiling crisis when they put a fox in charge of the henhouse?
        • this seems awfully similar to the choice for positioning an oil man to head COP28.
        • The fossil fuel lobby is EXTREMELY busy in the opaque back end of politics. We need more light to shine and bring the back end fossil fuel lobby activity out of the shadows to pre-empt future leadership betrayals.
      • future research

        • uncover future fossil fuel lobby’s game plan and future attempts to coopt climate change policy leadership
        • needed in order to proactively preempt the next attempt at coopting climate leadership. It’s difficult when we are simply reacting
    1. I have no clue like like who you know if anybody reads them or who reads them or or what happens after that I don't know yeah yeah well I 01:21:00 appreciate that and certainly people people you know that people contact me but I I know it's it's very hard to know um you know how these things are are actually spreading or not spreading through the through the community
      • for: Indyweb provenance,
      • comment
        • Indyweb would enable Michael to trace all public interactions with his papers so he WOULD know.
    1. (1:20.00-1:40.00) What he describes is the following: Most of his notes originate from the digital using hypothes.is, where he reads material online and can annotate, highlight, and tag to help future him find the material by tag or bulk digital search. He calls his hypothes.is a commonplace book that is somewhat pre-organized.

      Aldrich continues by explaining that in his commonplace hypothes.is his notes are not interlinked in a Luhmannian Zettelkasten sense, but he "sucks the data" right into Obsidian where he plays around with the content and does some of that interlinking and massage it.

      Then, the best of the best material, or that which he is most interested in working with, writing about, etc., converted into a more Luhmannesque type Zettelkasten where it is much more densely interlinked. He emphasizes that his Luhmann zettelkasten is mostly consisting of his own thoughts and is very well-developed, to the point where he can "take a string of 20 cards and ostensibly it's its own essay and then publish it as a blog post or article."

    1. how Minds can exist in the universe how they interact with their 00:04:08 bodies how Minds scale from the Primitive kinds of um metabolic and other competencies of single cells to the emergent mind of the of the body and then of the of the whole 00:04:21 organism in a behavioral sense and uh this the scaling embodiment and uh communication is is at the root of everything
      • for: research goal - Michael Levin, embodied mind
      • question: what is the main question that motivates Michael Levin's research?
      • answer: one fundamental question that he has been interested in since he was a child is the issue of embodied minds:
        • how minds can exist in the universe
        • how they interact with their bodies
        • how minds scale
          • from the primitive kinds of metabolic and other competencies of single cells
          • to the emergent mind of the of the body and then of the whole organism in a behavioral sense
        • This the scaling embodiment and communication at the root of all fields of biology
  11. Aug 2023
    1. An unprecedented heatwave occurred in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) from ~25 June to 2 July 2021, over lands colonially named British Columbia (BC) and Alberta (AB) in Canada, Washington (WA), and Oregon (OR) in the United States.
      • for climate change - impacts, climate departure, extinction, biodiversity loss, marine heat wave, ubc, Pacific Northwest heatwave
      • paraphrase
      • stats
        • An unprecedented heatwave occurred in the Pacific Northwest (PNW)
          • from ~25 June to 2 July 2021,
          • over lands colonially named
            • British Columbia (BC)
            • Alberta (AB) in Canada,
            • Washington (WA),
            • Oregon (OR) in the United States.
        • Near-surface air temperature anomalies reached up to 16–20 °C above normal over a wide region (Fig. 1),
          • with many locations breaking all-time maximum temperature records by more than 5 °C (Fig. 2a).
        • The Canadian national temperature record was broken 3 days in a row, at multiple locations,
          • with the highest temperature of 49.6 °C recorded in Lytton, BC, on 29 June (Figs. 1b),
          • 4.6 °C higher than the Canadian record prior to this event.
        • The new record temperature was reportedly the hottest worldwide temperature recorded north of 45° latitude,
          • and hotter than any recorded temperature in Europe or South America.
    1. Imagine the younger generation studying great books andlearning the liberal arts. Imagine an adult population con-tinuing to turn to the same sources of strength, inspiration,and communication. We could talk to one another then. Weshould be even better specialists than we are today because wecould understand the history of our specialty and its relationto all the others. We would be better citizens and better men.We might turn out to be the nucleus of the world community.

      Is the cohesive nature of Hutchins and Adler's enterprise for the humanities and the Great Conversation, part of the kernel of the rise of interdisciplinarity seen in the early 2000s onward in academia (and possibly industry).

      Certainly large portions are the result of uber-specialization, particularly in spaces which have concatenated and have allowed people to specialize in multiple areas to create new combinatorial creative possibilities.

    1. Can our fundamental human need for close community be restored or will we become more isolated, anxious and susceptible to manipulation?
      • for: progress trap, unintended consequence, unintended consequence - digital technology, quote, quote - progress trap, quote - Jonathan Grudin
      • quote: Can our fundamental human need for close community be restored or
        • will we become more isolated, anxious and susceptible to manipulation?
      • author: Jonathan Grudin
        • principal researcher, Microsoft
    1. Americans’ views of what a college education should be tend to prioritize specific, workplace-related skills and knowledge rather than general intellectual development and personal growth. Half of Americans say that the main purpose of college should be to teach specific skills and knowledge that can be used in the workplace, while 35% think its main purpose should be to help students grow and develop personally and intellectually and 13% volunteer that these objectives are equally important.

      The majority of people in the US believe workforce-relevant skills and knowledge should be a priority for college education. Regardless of whether faculty intentionally and overtly design learning to focus on these skills and knowledge, I believe that nearly all high quality offering in Higher Education implicitly include skills and knowledge with valuable transfer to the workplace. And Best Practices in digital credential design allow us to notice, name, and formally recognize though our credentials where they show up in our learning opportunities and when learners acquire them.

    1. At BYU-Pathway Worldwide, this approach has been associated with a 20% increase in student retention (Marcus, 2020). These examples demonstrate the positive impact of earning a certification or certification on persistence, retention and graduation rates for learners in baccalaureate programs.
    2. One study examining short-term credentials embedded in associate degree programs found that these short-term credentials had positive impacts on retention and degree completion

      Although there are equity concerns that are essential to consider, the Student Success piece is a compelling element to consider: In addition to supporting learners' needs for acquiring skills and providing them with credentials to communicate about their skills, the possibility of credentials supporting completion and attainment could be a valuable consideration in program design.