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    1. Instead of encouraging more “data-sharing”, the focus should be the cultivation of “data infrastructure”,¹⁴ maintained for the public good by institutions with clear responsibilities and lines of accountability.

  • May 2018
    1. We showhow the rise of large datasets, in conjunction with arising interest in data as scholarly output, contributesto the advent of data sharing platforms in a field trad-itionally organized by infrastructures.

      What does this paper mean by infrastructures? Perhaps this is a reference to the traditional scholarly journals and monographs.

  • Sep 2015
    1. This approach is called change data capture, which I wrote about recently (and implemented on PostgreSQL). As long as you’re only writing to a single database (not doing dual writes), and getting the log of writes from the database (in the order in which they were committed to the DB), then this approach works just as well as making your writes to the log directly.

      Interesting section on applying log-orientated approaches to existing systems.