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    1. The stack behind contemporary technological systems goes well beyond the multi-layered “technical stack” of data modelling, hardware, servers and networks, as described by Benjamin Bratton in 2015. The full stack reaches much further into capital, labour and nature, and demands an enormous amount of each.
    1. I am going to use 2 packages and each has its own approach.Using viper → here we use viper to read from configuration file config.yml and also from environment variables.Using godotenv and os package from GO together → here we use godotenv to read from .env file and os to read from environment variables.** I prefer the first approach of using viper, since it is more professional way of handling configuration files and environment variables together than having 2 separate packages for either of the tasks as in the 2nd approach.
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    1. Zum anderen habe es auch Sozialisationsunterschiede zwischen Ost- und Westdeutschen gegeben. Was der Hochschulforscher dazu sagt, hört sich genau wie die oft wiederholten Begründungen an, warum es zu wenig Frauen in Aufsichtsräten gibt: Viele ostdeutsche Wissenschaftler seien nicht durchsetzungsfähig genug, nicht laut genug, machten nicht genug auf sich aufmerksam, griffen nicht beherzt genug nach der Macht.
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    1. As physical flux are constrained in our houses exacerbating existing hierarchies inequities, social constraints, as well as giving the occasion to some of us to confirm the richness of our differences and affirm the benefit of collective life choices, ground new network organization, exacerbate our need to share practices of care.
    2. In my gaze it felt that despite the almost omnipresent governmental presence, human networks took a measure of their importance and along the course of confinement we saw the buildup of the lines of many solidarity networks, not only because we benevolently provided necessary goods for each-other, but also because we shared opinions, information, and a lot of imaginations along the modalities of our existing independent infrastructures, trusting each other, across borders.