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    1. But I, for mere suspicion in that kind,Will do as if for surety. He holds me well

      In this case, Iago is describing the effect and power he holds on others, by spreading suspicion. Could it be that he himself is entranced by the workings of suspicion, played by some external force? His power seems to work against him!

    2. Demand me nothing. What you know, you know.From this time forth I never will speak word.

      His last rebellion, his final influence over the situation -- knowing nothing. And its ironic because he was the source of all knowledge and information that sparked all the events, and now that everything is done, he is still. There is no more movement, even if they would like there to be some. In this way he is really like Shakespeare, having the power to cause and inhibit action through knowledge -- the greed of which is Othello's fatal flaw.

  3. Mar 2024
    1. he authoredthe Fundamental Constitutions of Carolina (1669), which granted that“every Freeman in Carolina shall have ABSOLUTE POWER ANDAUTHORITY over his Negro Slaves.”

      we often conveniently ignore Locke on slavery...

    2. These efforts were magnified as a result of promotional skillsdemonstrated by such organizations as the Colonial Dames, who worked toelevate the Mayflower Pilgrims and Winthrop’s Puritans into some of theforemost figures in our national memory.

      What parallelisms were there between the Colonial Dames, Daughters of the American Revolution, or Lost Cause societies that fundraised for Civil War statues in the post-Civil War and 19-teens to promote white power in the American south?

      Did the structures and existence inform later efforts?

    1. ake all the money thou canst. If sanctimonyand a frail vow betwixt an erring barbarian andsupersubtle Venetian be not too hard for my wits and allthe tribe of hell, thou shalt enjoy her.

      Showing that he believes his wills make him the God of the world, that he has ultimate power over the chessboard just through intention alone -- and that is the work of the devil, the rejection of emotion's sway on decision making, and pure reason

    1. I have the opposite of low hums, I hear incredibly high-pitched sounds. This video contains one of those frequencies. CRT monitors and other tube TVs are incredibly loud to me even if the volume is off.

      same here, tinnitus at 16 KHz. i guess this comes primarily from the power grid, because when i measure my body skin voltage versus power ground, via microphone port of a smartphone and spectrogram app, then i see the noise around 16 KHz. i guess the source are power electronics connected to the power grid, especially IGBT transistors which have a working frequency around 16 KHz. i spent 2000 euros on EMF shielding for my bedroom (YShield HNV80), but that can only shield high frequencies like 2.4 GHz wifi, but not the low frequencies from the power grid - 50 Hz to 16 KHz. i started hearing this after a LSD trip... expanding ones consciousness in a bad setting is a bad idea

  4. Feb 2024
    1. Die EU-Kommission hat sich bei der Festlegung der Emissionsziele fur 2040 an den Empfehlungen ihres wissenschaftlichen Rats orientiert, aber an der Untergrenze von 90% Reduktion. Sie nennt kein Ausstiegsdatum für fossile Energien. Lutz Weischer von Germanwatch kritisiert, dass sie damit auf die Signalwirkung eines ehrgeizigeren Ziels verzichtet. https://taz.de/Experte-ueber-EU-Klimaziele/!5987458/

    1. Oh, compliance moats are definitely real – think of the calls for AI companies to license their training data. AI companies can easily do this – they'll just buy training data from giant media companies – the very same companies that hope to use models to replace creative workers with algorithms. Create a new copyright over training data won't eliminate AI – it'll just confine AI to the largest, best capitalized companies, who will gladly provide tools to corporations hoping to fire their workforces: https://pluralistic.net/2023/02/09/ai-monkeys-paw/#bullied-schoolkids

      Concentration of power.

    1. Wir sind längst keine Bürger in Machiavellis florentinischem Stadtstaat mehr; Fürstenherrschaft und Willkür sind Demokratie und Rechtsstaatlichkeit gewichen.

      genau das ist der fundamentale denkfehler

      "wir sind besser als die dummen menschen vor 500 jahren"

      genau das ist der unterschied zwischen idealismus und realismus

      realismus akzeptiert naturkonstanten wie feudalismus, "geld regiert die welt", "sieger schreiben geschichte", ...

      nur idioten fallen rein auf "soft power", also auf eine diktatur im schafpelz, auf eine demokratie-simluation, auf eine pseudo-demokratie... dumm und glücklich, auch das ist eine naturkonstante, so dumme menschen wird es immer geben

  5. Jan 2024
    1. Eine neue, grundlegende Studie zu Klima-Reparationen ergibt, dass die größten Fosssilkonzerne jählich mindestens 209 Milliarden Dollar als Reparationen an von ihnen besonders geschädigte Communities zahlen müssen. Dabei sind Schäden wie der Verlust von Menschenleben und Zerstörung der Biodiversität nicht einberechnet. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/may/19/fossil-fuel-firms-owe-climate-reparations-of-209bn-a-year-says-study

      Studie: Time to pay the piper: Fossil fuel companies’ reparations for climate damages https://www.cell.com/one-earth/fulltext/S2590-3322(23)00198-7

    1. for whitehead persuasion is so much more um um important for the evolution of human beings than coercion

      for - adjacency - persuasion instead of coercion - China - power

      adjacency - persuasion instead of coercion - Whitehead - China - power - Whitehead believed power is most effective when it employs persuasion instead of coercion - If the Chinese government adopts more of the spirit of Whitehead, it can only mean better collaboration between states

    1. Der Ausbau der Windenergie in Deutschland hat sich unter der Ampelkoalition beschleunigt. Es werden aber im Augenblick nur etwa halt so viele Anlagen gebaut, wie es nach den Plänen der Bundesregierung nötig wäre. In den südlichen Bundesländern ist der Ausbau viel zu langsam. Genehmigungsverfahren z.B. für den Transport dauern zu lange. https://taz.de/Ausbau-der-Windenergie/!5983011/

      • for: collaborative commons, rapid whole system change - governance, 3rd party, TPF, power2thepeople political power, criminal power

      -SUMMARY - A good article that - briefly traced the roots of the the major categories of power in modernity: - government - business - NGOs - and provides an argument for the emergence of a 4th power - the collaborative commons - it provide a model for the collaborative commons and a system diagram showing the various parts - I've critique I raise it that since it could only emerge within the technological mileau of the internet, it cannot be based upon an archaic, corporate and centralized power be structure. Even cryptocurrency is still centralized and there is generally a single point of failure. - When more important than decentralisation however, is that the current web id not people-centered and intertwingled with interpersonal - a necessary condition for a collaborative commons is their what we call a "flipped" web. - The indyweb and Indranet are being designed as an open function opens learning ecosystem for humanity at the level of trust networks - inter-operating with other larger systems, it can pay a role in creating the flipped web which can provide the human communication media for a collaborative commons

      • comment

        • There night also be a bother 4th category of power not me- criminal mentioned - criminal power
      • epiphany: new slogan

        • power2thepeople has a double meaning
          • political power
          • physical power
        • since modern society runs on physical power, we need the people too control it rather than serving a small group of financial elites
  6. Dec 2023
      • for: climate crisis - multiple dimensions, polycrisis - multiple dimensions, climate crisis - good references, polycrisis - good references, polycrisis - comprehensive map, power to the people, climate change - politics, climate crisis - politics

      • comment / summary

        • The content on this website may be what some call "doomers" that support a narrative of unavoidable catastrophe and civilization collapse
        • The author does an excellent job of drawing together many scientifically validated research papers and news media stories on various crisis and integrates them together to support his narrative.
        • As the author states, it is still incomplete but it is comprehensive and detailed enough to use as a starting foundation to build a complex polycrisis map upon. becaues it shows the complexities of the interwoven nexus of problems we face and the massive network of feedbacks between them that makes solving any one of them alone in isolation an impossibility
        • The Cascade Institute focuses on social tipping points, complexity and polycrisis. We could synthesis a number of tools to map out and reveal effective mitigation strategies including:
          • Cascade Institute tools
          • Social tipping point tools
          • SRG mapping tool along with Indyweb / Indranet
          • Culture hacking tools
          • SIMPOL strategy
          • Downscaled Earth System Boundary tools
          • SRG Deep Humanity BEing journey tools
          • James Hansen's recommendation that the biggest leverage point is new form of governance
            • We need to rapidly emerge a new global third political party that does not take money from special interest groups
          • Progressive International comes to the same conclusion as James Hansen, that the key leverage point for rapid whole system change is radically new governance that puts power back to the hands of the people - power to the people
          • SONEC's
          • Indyweb's people-centered, interpersonal methodology is a perfect match for SONEC circle-within-circles fractal structure
            • mention to @Gyuri
            • I've seen this circle-within-circle fractal, holonic group idea with Tim's software as well as Roberto's
        • Feebate from local governance groups (from another Doomer site - Arctic Emergency)
        • What the author's narrative shows is
          • how precarious our situation is
          • how many trends are getting far worse in the immediate future
          • how we are already undercapacitated to deal with existing crisis so how will we deal with new ones that are exponentially worse?
          • all these crisis will impact our supply chains. Why are these important? Our reliance on technology is dangerous and makes us very vulnerable
          • Think of your laptop, cellphone or other electronic device that relies on a vast, complex and globally operational internet. Imagine that tidal surges wipes out the globally critical data centers located in New York. Or imagine electronic factories in China and Taiwan are wiped out due to extreme weather. How will you get or fix a broken piece of electronic equipment? We rely on each millions of specialized jobs all working smoothly in order for our laptop to continue working and communicating with each other.
      • epiphany

      • recommendation for new Indyweb / Indranet tools
        • independent time and date stamp tool for every online, virtual sentence we write so we recognize in a long composition when we inserted a new idea
        • ability to trace rapid trains of thought to reveal how new insights emerge from within our consciousness
      • While writing this, I just recalled that we should have a way to time and date stamp every single virtual online action, like in this annotation because recall happens so nonlinearly and we won't have a hope to trace and trailmark without it. Hypothesis doesn't have time and date stamps of every sentence available to the user. So we don't know what nonlinear memory recall led to a specific sentence in an annotation. We need some independent Indyweb / Indranet tool that will do this universally. Trains of thoughts are so fragile we can forget the quick cascades very easily.
    1. I think that we should be putting a high priority on developing the Next Generation nuclear 01:45:54 power uh but it's uh it's uh it's going to be a a tough job and as long as the as the special 01:46:05 interests are controlling our government uh we're not going to solve it
    1. we need to find things and issues and events that people care about that brings together the big social blocks that we have so 00:53:07 people as workers people as women people as disabled people as racialized and so on and so forth uh to into having a a united front and then when there has 00:53:21 that United f it needs to have a radical Democratic element extremely radical Democratic element as in this is not just we're changing some of the people that are at the top of the 00:53:34 state we have to go into democratize the state
      • for: appropriate cliches - united we stand, appropriate cliches - power to the people

      • suggestion

      • cliches
        • we need modernize old cliches
          • united we stand, divided we fall
          • power to the people - energy cooperative
          • water to the people - water cooperative
          • food to the people - food cooperative
          • knowledge to the people - media and education cooperative
        • Stop Reset Go and Indyweb / Indranet can converge media from across the web via mindplex of trans-disciplinary social annotations
    2. how do we organize a green de Democratic Revolutio
      • for: question - how do we organise a green democratic revolution when power is so entrenched?

      • question

        • how do we organise a green democratic revolution when power is so entrenched?
    3. let's go back to focusing on like these forces that exist to undermine 00:46:38 popular power um and maintain the the the ruling class
      • for,: question - maintaining ruling elites

      • question

        • how do the elites maintain the tiling class in their favour and undermine popular power,?
  7. Nov 2023
    1. many who joined the industry did so precisely because they thought that their work would be useful.
    1. Here's the email I just sent Jeff:


      Please add my name - David Blue - as a participant in the boycott of Feedback Assistant.

      I don't want to take too much of your time right now, but after spending the past two years or so becoming truly familiar with Apple, Inc.'s negligence (my girlfriend is a third grade teacher... our district paid full retail price for each of the 15,000+ iPads assigned to elementary school children, none of which came with a power supply,) the experience of reading your statement of purpose was a tremendous, full-body release lol.

      We don't know each other, but I am so proud of and excited for you... Some of the people I admire most are those who've been filing exceptionally/diligently documented favors regularly for who knows how many years only to be met with literally nothing most of the time.

      This organization cannot be allowed to continue to cost so many people what it does. If it's practical/of any benefit, feel free to put my name on any future declarations critical of Apple, Inc.'s behavior. I hope we get to have a conversation some time.

      Thank you so much.

    2. they've made Apple the most profitable company in the world.

      So, so incredibly glad to see this acknowledged, here. It's something I try to repeat literally every time Apple, Inc. comes up in conversation (though I usually say in the history of the world lol,) as much to remind myself.

      I have been kicked out of public group chats for doing so - public group chats full of beautiful, clever, original, and heroically prolific volunteers who will have spent obtuse fractions of their lives in service to this organization by their ends.

    1. Malm, Andreas. How to Blow Up a Pipeline. Verso Books, 2021. https://www.versobooks.com/products/2649-how-to-blow-up-a-pipeline.

      Aram Zucker-Scharff indicated that this was one of his favorite books on the climate crisis and has interesting consequences for both individual and group action. He said it might make an interesting pairing with Palo Alto (@Malcolm2023).

      It came up as we were talking about the ideas of climate crisis in the overlap of The Monkey Wrench Gang.

      Might also be interesting with respect to @Hoffer2002 [1951].

    1. For an example of an unintended consequence, let’s say the result of your optimization project is spare capacity at a cloud provider. Then that capacity is then offered on the spot market, which lowers the spot price, and someone uses those instances for a CPU intensive workload like crypto or AI training, which they only run when the cost is very low. The end result is that capacity could end up using more power than when your were leaving it idle, and the net consequence is an increase in carbon emissions for that cloud region.

      This is because capacity, utilisation and power used are related, but different concepts.

      Your capacity, which you share back to the pool is then avaiable to someone else, who ends up buying it to use for a task that has a higher average utilisation, resulting in more power being used in absolute terms, even if less is attributed to you.

      This also raises the question - who is responsible - the customer for making the capacity available, for the cloud provider who accepts this workload?

      The cloud providers get to set the terms of service for using their platform.

  8. Oct 2023
    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20231019053547/https://www.careful.industries/a-thousand-cassandras

      "Despite being written 18 months ago, it lays out many of the patterns and behaviours that have led to industry capture of "AI Safety"", co-author Rachel Coldicutt ( et Anna Williams, and Mallory Knodel for Open Society Foundations. )

      For Open Society Foundations by 'careful industries' which is a research/consultancy, founded 2019, all UK based. Subscribed 2 authors on M, and blog.

      A Thousand Cassandras in Zotero.

    1. Power dissipation due to OUTPUT slewing during FET turn ON in the recirculation path is given by:PSW3 [W] = (0.5 x VD x IL x VD / SRrise x fPWM) + (0.5 x VD x IL x VD / SRfall x fPWM), where, (4)i. fPWM = PWM switching frequency [Hz]ii. VD = FET body diode forward bias voltage [V]iii. IL = Load current [A]iv. SRrise = Output voltage slew rate during rise [V/sec]v. SRfall = Output voltage slew rate during fall [V/sec]This dissipation is typically not considered as it is quite insignificant.
    2. Power dissipation due to the dead times between switching FETs is given by:PSW2 [W] = (VD x IL x tDEADrisex fPWM) + (VD x IL x tDEADfallx fPWM), where, (3)i. fPWM = PWM switching frequency [Hz]ii. VD = FET body diode forward bias voltage [V]iii. IL = Load current [A]iv. tDEADrise = dead time during rise [sec]v. tDEADfall = dead time during fall [sec]Dead times are necessary to mitigate any risk of current shoot through between the switching powerFETs. Integrated FET drivers often have a feedback based self timed FET switching sequence to ensurethe smallest possible dead times while avoiding any shoot through current.
    3. Power dissipation from conduction loss of each FET due to its on-resistance is given by:PRON [W] = RON × IL2, where, (1)a. RON = FET on-resistance [ohm]b. IL = Load current [A]

      power dissipation from conduction loss

    4. Power dissipation due to output slewing during rising and falling edges is given by:PSW1 [W] = (0.5 x VM x IL x VM / SRrise x fPWM) + (0.5 x VM x IL x VM / SRfall x fPWM), where, (2)i. fPWM = PWM switching frequency [Hz]ii. VM = Supply voltage to the driver [V]iii. IL = Load current [A]iv. SRrise = Output voltage slew rate during rise [V/sec]v. SRfall = Output voltage slew rate during fall [V/sec]Output slewing rate is a balance between EM (Electro magnetic) performance and device powerdissipation.

      power dissipation due to output slewing

  9. Sep 2023
  10. Aug 2023
    1. I’m going to start with the U.S.; technology in the U.S. is caught up in American late-stage (or financialized) capitalism where profitability isn’t the goal; perpetual return on investment is. Given this, the tools that we’re seeing developed by corporations reinforce capitalist agendas.
      • for: corporate power, technology - capitalism, capitalism - exploitation, Danah Boyd, progress trap
      • paraphrase
      • quote
        • technology in the U.S. is caught up in American late-stage (or financialized) capitalism
          • where profitability isn’t the goal;
          • perpetual return on investment is.
        • Given this, the tools that we’re seeing developed by corporations
        • reinforce capitalist agendas.
        • Innovation will require pushing past this capitalist infrastructure to achieve the social benefits and civic innovation that will work in the United States.
        • China is a whole other ball of wax.
        • If you want to go there, follow up with me. But pay attention to Taobao centers.
        • We haven’t hit peak awful yet.
        • I have every confidence that social and civic innovation can be beneficial in the long run
          • with a caveat that I think that climate change dynamics might ruin all of that
        • but no matter what, I don’t think we’re going to see significant positive change by 2030.
        • I think things are going to get much worse before they start to get better.
        • I should also note that I don’t think that many players have taken responsibility for what’s unfolding. -Yes, tech companies are starting to see that things might be a problem,
          • but that’s only on the surface. -News media does not at all acknowledge its role in amplifying discord,
          • or its financialized dynamics.
        • The major financiers of this economy don’t take any responsibility for what’s unfolding. Etc.
      • author: Dana Boyd
        • principal researcher, Microsoft Research
        • founder, Data & Society
    1. The fourth step is to Apply the Reflection. Adjust behavior based on reflection. We improve not for validation, we improve for ourselves (stoic philosophy)

      Document the journey in for example a journal. Make a comparison between what would be done in the past and what will be done in the future.

      Data collection. Measurement.

      Marginal Gains. It's sort of a daily continous Kolb's cycle but in a more lightweight form. I can already see the power in this. Absolute gem.

      Could also be overwhelming if applied to a lot. therefore, use the power law and focus on what is essential to life change. (thanks Dr. Benjamin Hardy.)

    1. why does it in a sense if we think of money as a voting tool why is it that a billionaire has a 00:32:31 billion times more power to decide what society should be like than i do
      • for: voting, power - money, money - voting, inequality, voting - money, equity, voting power - rich
      • paraphrase
      • question
        • if we think of money as a voting tool
          • why does a billionaire have a billion times more power to decide what society should be like than i do?
    1. Ricklefs and Wikelski 2002)]. In this context, Pianka (1970) argued that, “…natural selection will usually act to maximize the amounts of matter and energy gathered per unit time.” Brown et al. (1993) likewise offered an energetic definition in which fitness is “reproductive power, or the rate of conversion of energy into offspring.” This reproductive power was taken to be a function of both the rate of assimilation of energy from the environment and the rate of conversion of energy to offspring (but see (Kozlowski 1996)).
      • for: energy offspring, natural selection energy
      • paraphrase
        • Pianka (1970) argued that, “…natural selection will usually act to maximize the amounts of matter and energy gathered per unit time.”
        • Brown et al. (1993) likewise offered an energetic definition in which fitness is “reproductive power, or the rate of conversion of energy into offspring.”
        • This reproductive power was taken to be a function of both
          • the rate of assimilation of energy from the environment and
          • the rate of conversion of energy to offspring (but see (Kozlowski 1996)).
    2. To Gowdy and Krall, the ultra-social nature of human groups allowed for a shift in the primary level of selection from the individual level to the group level. Thus, “With the transition to agriculture the group as an adaptive unit comes to constitute a wholly different gestalt driven by the imperative to produce surplus
      • for: ecological collapse, overshoot, progress trap, progress trap - cultural evolution, ultra-sociality, Lotka's maximum power
      • paraphrase
        • to Gowdy and Krall, the ultra-social nature of human groups allowed for a shift in the primary level of selection
          • from the individual level
          • to the group level.
        • Thus, “With the transition to agriculture the group as an adaptive unit comes to constitute a wholly different gestalt
          • driven by the imperative to produce surplus
  11. Jul 2023
    1. Civil society is the sector where the power of We thePeople ultimately and properly resides.
      • for: collective action, bottom-up, bottom-up movement, M2W, individual/collective
      • Civil society is the sector where the power of We the People ultimately and properly resides.
      • Consequently, in the fully functioning Ecological Civilization,
        • government and business sectors must be
        • creations of and
        • accountable to
        • a civil society of people who embrace
          • the rights and
          • responsibilities
        • of their citizenship at all system levels from - the local to - the global.
      • We can be citizens of only one locality.
        • But we are all citizens of Earth—and the many levels in between.
      • This must be acknowledged by any truly democratic system of self-governance.
    1. first, building your own search engine thus starts with a surprisingly philosophical question: what makes a webpage good?

      Going forward, I would (and have) strongly make the case against rethinking this assumption...

    1. Winston Churchill had a secret 01:47:06 that the Germans didn't know during the middle of the war. The secret was this. They had cracked the Nazi enigma codes.
      • example
        • difficult choices for people in power
          • Winston Churchill breaks Enigma code
          • Knowledge that an Australian ship was going to be torpedoed by the Nazis but Churchill could not prevent it
          • He made the choice to allow hundreds of sailors die to save millions of people who would have died had the Nazis found out that the Enigma code was broken
    2. And so when we have this simplistic view of power, we're missing the story. What you really need is a system that attracts the right kind of people 01:18:20 so that the diplomats who are clean and nice and rule-following end up in power. Then you need a system that gives them all the right incentives to follow the rules once they get there. And then if you do have people who break the rules, there needs to be consequences. So the study from UN diplomats and their parking behavior actually, I think, illuminates a huge amount of very interesting dynamics around power,
      • how to create a system that mitigates abuse, based on the UN diplomat parking example
        • create a system that attracts the right kind of people so that the people who are clean and nice and rule-following end up in power.
        • Give them all the right incentives to follow the rules once they get there.
        • If you do have people who break the rules, there needs to be consequences.
    3. if we want to end up with a world that is shaped by the best of us, rather than very often the worst of us, we have to think carefully, we have to engineer a system.
      • key insight
      • quote
        • if we want to end up with a world that is shaped by the best of us, rather than very often the worst of us,
          • we have to think carefully, we have to engineer a system.
          • think of the worst person for the job position you are hiring for
          • design the system to
            • screen that person out
            • if they do manage to get in, have oversight that can eliminate them from the post
            • have a system in place that looks upwards to the top position to scrutinize them and hold them accountable
    4. the problem is that we've engineered a society in which power itself is costly to everyone, and that means that the only people who think it's worth paying the cost are those who are power-hungry.
      • key insight
        • we've engineered a society in which power itself is costly to everyone
        • cost
          • it's invasive, your life will be scritinized, your family may pay a price, and may be destroyed
            • for the power-hungry, they can often accept the cost
            • for most ordinary people, that cost is too high
    5. power-hungry literally means someone who wants power. Someone who wants power 00:11:34 is going to seek power more than everybody else. As a result of that, we have a real problem on our hands. How do we stop this, right? So there's a few answers.
      • problem
        • power hungry people intentionally seek out power more than anyone else.
        • this creates a real problem.
        • the more power a position has, the more likely power-hungry people will be attracted
      • solution
        • make systems of power more attractive for ordinary and decent people
    6. when we design systems in an intelligent way, we can screen out 00:11:09 and topple the Martin McFifes of this world.
      • key strategy
        • design system to screen out power hungry people
    7. some systems of power have absolutely no barriers,
      • key finding
        • some systems of power have absolutely no barriers
      • comment
        • when there are no barriers, then power seekers will have opportunity to actualize power
    8. What are your four main arguments about power?
      • four main arguments about power
          1. worse people get power, corruptible people seek power
          1. power makes people worse, power corrupts
        • 3 we are drawn to the wrong kinds of leaders for all the wrong reasons
        • 4 we can design systems to make better people end up in power
    9. Lord Acton
      • quote
        • power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely
      • Author
        • Lord Acton
      • Context
        • Lord Acton coined the term to whiitewash the brutality o Spanish Inquisition
    10. Corruptible: Who Gets Power and How it Changes Us
      • Source
        • Big Think interview
      • Book Title
        • Corruptible: Who Gets Power and How it Changes Us
      • Book Author
        • Brian Klaas
    1. I can think of little more reductive, repugnant, reckless, or racist crusades as a model figure than indoctrinating your child with an inherent distaste for their own culture, and nothing more deeply alarming to hear from the mouth of someone born in the 21st century than shit like “Queen was better than any rapper will ever be,” or “real musicianship will die forever with Eric Clapton.” It’s unfair and unnatural: imagine if your high school classmates had consistently turned up their scrunched nose at the living whole of rock & roll, declaring Scott Joplin to be the last musician they could stand.
    1. For any action, habit, and belief you have, ask yourself: "Does this help toward my goals and future self or not?", if the answer is no, it is a distraction and part of the 80% you need to let go in order to reach 10X

      Your future self and 10X (or 100X) vision and goals serve as a massive filter for action and belief.

      Note: You should not 10X everything! Just 3 priorities.

    2. Counterintuitively, the 10X mindset and goal setting is not about goals. It is about identifying the essential PROCESSES that lead to significant progress.

    3. What is the game you want to play? What is the game you could play? What is a game you could go all in on and succeed at and be really good at?

      This defines your pathways and strategies within your 20%

      The path can change and adjust over time.

    4. To achieve goals, raise the floor, FOCUS on removing bottlenecks. Also create constraints by Schwerpunkt (primary objective), contrary to common wisdom, constraint actually gives freedom, it prevents analysis paralysis.

  12. Jun 2023
    1. Something to introduce into your yearly review is to reflect on the period and find out what your 10x cycles were.

      A 10x mindset is defined by letting go of the 80% that isn't useful, and focusing on the 20% that is essential while building 80% new skills or standards that benefit your purpose. A lot of true progress requires sacrifice (stripping down that which is not beneficial or essential).

      Related to what Mihaly Csikszentmihaliy, author of Flow, calls the Ulterior purpose, where the purpose serves as a big filter to focus on what actually matters. Antonin Sertillanges gives a similar account in The Intellectual Life

      The solid maxim: Big change requires great sacrifice.""

      Likely, identifying the essential 20% (and the 80% to learn) requires a lot of introspection and reflection. Something that will help significantly is Kolb's.

    1. One) Successful men realize that the most important decision in their life is the woman they choose, because outside of work, this is what they'll be spending most time on. The woman must understand the man's grand ambition, and support them with it. (Cf. Flow & The Intellectual Life as well). Women should be chosen on personality, not looks. Looks fade (attraction as well), personality "stays".

      Two) Everyone deserves an opinion but not everyone deserves a say. Charlie Munger sums this up right: "I don't ever allow myself to have [express] an opinion about anything that I don't know the opponent side's argument better than they do." Or Marcus Aurelius, who says: "The opinion of ten thousand men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject." In short: Only state your opinion when you can back it up!; knowledge and experience. The same goes for judging opinion (and advice) from others.

      Three) Successful people buy assets when the money is enough. Assets > Luxury. (See also: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki). Only buy glamor and other "interests" once your assets are there to secure your financial success.

      Four) Be pragmatic. Do what's practical, not what is "sexy". Notice inefficiencies and solve them. The entrepreneurial mindset.

      Five) The morning sets the tone for the rest of the days. Time is subjective, waking up early doesn't matter as much as waking up later. It depends on the person. Someone who wakes up at 10am can be as successful as someone who wakes up at 6am. Instead, what defines success, is a highly effective morning routine.

      Six) The less you talk, the more you listen. Talking less means less mistakes. In addition, the less you talk, the more people will listen when you do speak. It puts extra weight on your message. Listening means analysis and learning.

      Seven) Pick the right opportunity at the right time. Pick the right vehicle. Do the right things in the right order! The advice "don't do what someone says, do what they do" is bullshit, as you can't do what someone is able to do after ten years of experience.

      Eight) Discipline > Motivation. Motivation, like Dr. Sung says, fluctuates and is multifactorial dependent... When you are lead by motivation you will not be as productive. Don't rely on chance. Rely on what is stable.

      Nine) Once a good career has been made, buy A1 assets and hold on to them to secure a financially successful future.

      Ten) Just because you won, you are not a winner. Being a winner is a continuous process, it means always learning and reflecting as well as introspecting. Don't overvalue individual wins but do celebrate them when appropriate.

      Eleven) Build good relationships with the banks early on. At times you need loans to fund certain ventures, when having a good relation with them, this will be significantly easier. Understand finance as early as possible. Read finance books.

      Twelve) Keep the circle small. Acquintances can be many, but real close relationships should be kept small. Choose your friends wisely. "You become the average of the five people you spend most time with." Privacy is important. Only tell the most deep secrets to the Inner Circle, to avoid overcomplication.

      Thirteen) Assume that everything is your fault. Responsibility. It leads to learning. It requires reflection and introspection. It leads to Dr. Benjamin Hardy's statement: "Nothing happens to you, everything happens for you."

      Fourteen) Work like new money, but act like your old money. Combine the hunger of the new with the wisdom of the old.

      Fifteen) Assume that you can't change the world, but slightly influence it. It prevents disappointments and gives a right mindset. Do everything (that has your ambition) with an insane drive. Aim to hit the stars. To become the best of the best.

      Sixteen) Private victories lead to public victories. The solid maxim is the following: "The bigger the public victory, the more private victories went into it." Work in private. Social media doesn't need to known the struggle. Let your results talk for you. This is also why you should never compare yourself to others, but rather to your own past self.

      Seventeen) After extreme experience, the most complicated task will look elegant and effortless. Unconscious competence.

    1. Das neueste Kohlekraftwerk in Bangladesch musste kurz nach seiner Eröffnung bereits zweimal stillgelegt werden, weil Bangladesch nicht über die Devisenreserven verfügte, um die nötige Kohle aus Indonesien zu importieren. Die New York Times stellt ausgehend von diesem Beispiel die zunehmenden wirtschaftlichen Schwierigkeiten wegen der Kosten der Köhleenergie dar. Im Augenblick ist China das einzige größere asiatische Land, das massiv Kohlekraftwerke ausbaut. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/06/18/climate/coal-electricity-bangladesh.html

    1. These two terminals are connected together, forming a common return pathfor load current, as shown in Fig. 2.32. The connection between the negative and thepositive terminals of the supplies results in a common or floating return. The floatingcommon may be connected to the earth ground terminal of a supply, if a particularcircuit requests this. Generally, it will neither help nor hinder circuit performance.

      This shows the proper way to hookup two DC power supplies and how to incorporate them along with grounding them

  13. May 2023
    1. Dave Pollard writes about types of silence and its cultural role in different situations. Prompted by a K-cafe by David Gurteen. Great to see such old network connections still going strong.

      Book mentioned [[The Great Unheard at Work by Mark Cole and John Higgins]] something for the antilib re power assymmetries?

    1. To measure the periodic activity, we would like to describe these peaks, without our measures of these peaks being influenced by co-occurring aperiodic activity.

      Otherwise the aperiodic components could mislead the results

    1. Power allows people to act freely, power leading to approach motivation

      "Most contemporary psychological scientists define approach motivation as the impulse to go toward positive stimuli, where stimuli are external goal objects (Lang & Bradley, 2008)."

    2. Hierarchies in the correlated forms of power (resources) and status (prestige) are constants thatorganize human societies. This article reviews relevant social psychological literature andidentifies several converging results concerning power and status. Whether rank is chronicallypossessed or temporarily embodied, higher ranks create psychological distance from others, allowagency by the higher ranked, and exact deference from the lower ranked. Beliefs that status entailscompetence are essentially universal. Interpersonal interactions create warmth-competencecompensatory tradeoffs. Along with societal structures (enduring inequality), these tradeoffsreinforce status-competence beliefs. Race, class, and gender further illustrate these dynamics.Although status systems are resilient, they can shift, and understanding those change processes isan important direction for future research, as global demographic changes disrupt existinghierarchies.


    1. When I questioned an FCC spokesperson about the accuracy the agency's warning by pointing out that I wasn’t aware of any security experts saying juice jacking is a real threat, they asked if I had spoken to every cyber expert.


  14. Apr 2023
    1. As you're watching someone stream, you can leave comments, which the Broadcaster (in Periscope parlance) can see and respond to. This, Beykpour says, is the app’s real secret sauce. "The magic moment of Periscope is not when you see video for the first time," he says. "Because you’ve experienced that before, whether it’s YouTube or another live broadcasting tool. The magic moment for Periscope is when you as viewer say something and you end up influencing the broadcast."

      Even since I highlighted this, some years ago, the actual tragedy of the Periscope story got so much worse...

      (Including Bekypour reap Periscope for parts to build Twitter Spaces and then forget for some 10 straight days after the public commitment date to actually put it out of its misery.)

  15. Mar 2023
    1. Mentioned this to someone who moved to Bushwick and kept saying "I wish more of Brooklyn was like this" with a rebuttal saying "this is why the people who made it attractive to you aren't here anymore" and got the "it's not my problem" shit. https://twitter.com/hollley/status/1641149981678530560. I think that's where being a "transplant" into a different place becomes violent - your presence IMMEDIATELY disrupts the environments you're in (and because of that, you have an obligation to minimize it as much as possible).
    1. Apple Acknowledges OpenStreetMap

      The fact that Apple Maps would not/could not exist without OpenStreetMap, and yet Apple, Inc. has not spoken that organization's name aloud once.

      When I can get people to just hear me out on that fact, they are almost always astonished and activated.

      So, that's why I'm annotating here. Howdy, Timbo!

    2. Unless specifically identified as such, Apple Maps' use of any third party trademarks does not indicate any relationship, sponsorship, or endorsement between Apple Maps and the owners of such trademarks.

      Fuck you, mayne.

    1. This will not be the last terrifying scientific report on climate change. But the only path out of the dull repetitiveness of increasingly dire headlines is a politics that acknowledges that science and truth won’t automatically lead to change. The struggle for the planet is a struggle for political power.

      or more directly, people power.

    1. OpenAI has not detailed in any concrete way who exactly will get to define what it means for A.I. to ‘‘benefit humanity as a whole.’’

      Who get's to make decisions?

    1. Just transformations challenge power politics, which are often based on vested interests, cost-effectiveness and cost-recovery principles. Addressing deforestation through forest policy may not be adequate to counter agricultural policies that promote land use change to ensure more production and higher gross domestic product (GDP). Carbon markets may be captured by entrepreneurs seeking profit and may not be equitable or effective and can allow pollution to continue. In ‘allocating policy responsibilities’, it is important to not only understand and challenge dominant discourses on increasing GDP at all costs, but also ensure that solutions do not reproduce, redistribute or increase injustices.

      -Summary - Justice arguments transcend the normative status quo arguments that are usually based purely on GDP alone. - Carbon markets / Carbon offsets also need to be challenged as they can often be unjust and wealth concentrating through capitalist entrepreneurship that merely increases injustice.

  16. Feb 2023
    1. state’s responsibility to protect the safety of its citizens so policing falls to the states and the federal government cannot suspend habeas corpus (protection from unlawful imprisonment)

      One of the States Power

    2. Tenth Amendment

      Is clarity between the relationship of the Constitution and the Federal Government. That if the ("paperwork") Constitution doesn't specify it the power to be delegated by the Federal Govt, that power belongs to the state and/or the people. This comes in handy when there are concurrent powers(powers shared between the state and federal govt, the tenth amendment with come into play to divide the specifics.Limiting the powers of the Fed Govt.

    1. What is Image Masking? Image masking is a technique used in photo editing to isolate or remove specific parts of an image. This is often done by creating a mask, which is a grayscale image that defines which parts of the original image should be visible and which should be hidden. With image masking, you can selectively hide or reveal parts of an image, making it an essential tool for photo editing. It allows you to remove backgrounds, change colors, and multiple composite images together to create a single image.

      Unveiling The Power Of Image Masking In Photoshop: A Comprehensive Guide See more on https://vectorwiz.com/image-masking/

    1. Kawakatsu et al. (1) make an important ad-vance in the quest for this kind of understanding, pro-viding a general model for how subtle differences inindividual-level decision-making can lead to hard-to-miss consequences for society as a whole.Their work (1) reveals two distinct regimes—oneegalitarian, one hierarchical—that emerge fromshifts in individual-level judgment. These lead to sta-tistical methods that researchers can use to reverseengineer observed hierarchies, and understand howsignaling systems work when prestige and power arein play.

      M. Kawakatsu, P. S. Chodrow, N. Eikmeier, D. B. Larremore, Emergence of hierarchy in networked endorsement dynamics. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 118, e2015188118 (2021)

      This may be of interest to Jerry Michalski et al.

  17. Jan 2023
    1. 3.1 Guest Lecture: Lauren Klein » Q&A on "What is Feminist Data Science?"<br /> https://www.complexityexplorer.org/courses/162-foundations-applications-of-humanities-analytics/segments/15631


      Theories of Power

      Patricia Hill Collins' matrix of domination - no hierarchy, thus the matrix format

      What are other broad theories of power? are there schools?

      Relationship to Mary Parker Follett's work?

      Bright, Liam Kofi, Daniel Malinsky, and Morgan Thompson. “Causally Interpreting Intersectionality Theory.” Philosophy of Science 83, no. 1 (January 2016): 60–81. https://doi.org/10.1086/684173.

      about Bayesian modeling for intersectionality

      Where is Foucault in all this? Klein may have references, as I've not got the context.

      How do words index action? —Laura Klein

      The power to shape discourse and choose words - relationship to soft power - linguistic memes

      Color Conventions Project

      20:15 Word embeddings as a method within her research

      General result (outside of the proximal research) discussed: women are more likely to change language... references for this?

      [[academic research skills]]: It's important to be aware of the current discussions within one's field. (LK)

      36:36 quantitative imperialism is not the goal of humanities analytics, lived experiences are incredibly important as well. (DK)

    1. https://www.complexityexplorer.org/courses/162-foundations-applications-of-humanities-analytics/segments/15630


      Seven Principles of Data Feminism

      • Examine power
      • Challenge power
      • Rethink binaries and hierarchies
      • Elevate emotion an embodiment
      • Embrace pluralism
      • Consider context
      • Make labor visible

      Abolitionist movement

      There are some interesting analogies to be drawn between the abolitionist movement in the 1800s and modern day movements like abolition of police and racial justice, etc.

      Topic modeling - What would topic modeling look like for corpuses of commonplace books? Over time?

      wrt article: Soni, Sandeep, Lauren F. Klein, and Jacob Eisenstein. “Abolitionist Networks: Modeling Language Change in Nineteenth-Century Activist Newspapers.” Journal of Cultural Analytics 6, no. 1 (January 18, 2021). https://doi.org/10.22148/001c.18841. - Brings to mind the difference in power and invisible labor between literate societies and oral societies. It's easier to erase oral cultures with the overwhelm available to literate cultures because the former are harder to see.

      How to find unbiased datasets to study these?

      aspirational abolitionism driven by African Americans in the 1800s over and above (basic) abolitionism

    1. one reason the Golden Age of Piracy remains the stuff oflegend is that pirates of that age were so skilled at manipulatinglegends; they deployed wonder-stories—whether of terrifyingviolence or inspiring ideals—as something very much like weaponsof war, even if the war in question was the desperate and ultimatelydoomed struggle of a motley band of outlaws against the entireemerging structure of world authority at the time.
    1. 个人学习可能取决于他人行为的主张突出了将学习环境视为一个涉及多个互动参与者的系统的重要性
    1. It is not by erecting fences between power and right that governance can be steered toward justice, but by entangling power within solidarity, care, and other modes of right relationship.

      !- strengthen governance : by entangling power with care, rights and solidarity

    1. surveillance capitalism represents an unprecedented concentration of knowledge and the power that accrues to such knowledge. They know everything about us, but we know little about them. They predict our futures, but for the sake of others’ gain. Their knowledge extends far beyond the compilation of the information we gave them. It’s the knowledge that they have produced from that information that constitutes their competitive advantage, and they will never give that up. These knowledge asymmetries introduce wholly new axes of social inequality and injustice.

      !- surveillance capitalism : key insight - knowledge assymetry between corporations and government bodies vs individuals

    1. we we can know that the 00:26:37 illusion the mueller liar illusion is an illusion we can draw it ourselves a hundred times but knowing that doesn't make it go away and that's because that illusion is perceptual not conceptual it's a we're 00:26:51 absolutely wired to see things that way and it may well be that we are wired or badly wired um to see ourselves as selves instead of as persons

      !- knowing that its an illusion : doesn't itself prevent us from falling under its spell

  18. Nov 2022
    1. indirectly maintain and explicitly reject and reshape existing norm

      Hier geht es um die Definition der Normen auf deren Basis das zweite Cluster das erst legitimiert oder in Frage stellt.

    2. the image is of a legitimizing collaborator, the Enabler cluster, w

      Diese Macht legitimiert aber die einschränkende Macht des ersten Clusters.

    3. boundaries decreed by the powers of the Davos cluste

      Die Grenzen setzende Macht des ersten Clusters bestimmt den Raum für die instrumentelle Macht des zweiten Clusters.

    4. deep-seated and largely unchallenged forms of power.

      Deep seeted and largely unchallenged forms of power: entspricht dem Davos-Cluster. Die neun Linsen entsprechen verschiedenen Formen der Macht.

    1. The problem when the asset is people is that people are intensely complicated, and trying to regulate how people behave is historically a miserable experience, especially when that authority is vested in a single powerful individual.
    1. federated mastodon is neat. that “ericajoy”can exist on any server is going to be a problem, especially around impersonation. a third party “verification” player will be necessary if mastodon gains broad traction.

      Poster implies that a benefit of globally centralised structures like Twitter, FB and LinkedIn is verification. I think impersonation is rife there, and will be less on Mastodon. Apart from basic measures (rel-me verification against your website, use your own domain for an instance), there are similar to T/FB/LinkedIn ways to verify someone outside the platform itself, where people check it's you through a channel they already know it's you. Above all the potential benefit of impersonation does not exist on M: no immediate global audience, no amplification of messages through self-feeding loops of engagement. Your reach is limited to your own follow(er)s mostly, and they won't fall for an impersonation, as you're already there among them. The power assymmetry inherent in T/FB's algo's doesn't exist on M. So impersonating would cost the impersonator way more, and become unsustainable to them.

  19. Oct 2022
    1. She used to stand at the top of the steps and I used to stand at the bottom

      the quote can be symbolic to power, as the lady is at the top of the steps she has more power, it makes the man look weaker compared to her. this is interesting due to the reality being the exact opposite. where the women is at the bottom of the economic and the man at the top.

    1. All these types have a right to do as theyplease or as they must; they have no right to impose in then a m e of science such narrow limits on others.



  20. Sep 2022
    1. Unemployed workers are much more likelyto fall into poverty in countries like the United States, Canada, and Japan,compared with countries such as the Netherlands and Iceland.

      Is part of this effect compounded by America's history of the Protestant work ethic (see Max Weber)?

      Do the wealthy/powerful benefit by this structure of penalizing the unemployed this way? Is there a direct benefit to them? Or perhaps the penalty creates a general downward pressure on overall wages and thus provides an indirect benefit to those in power?

      What are the underlying reasons we tax the unemployed this way?

    1. Running this simulation over many time steps, Lilian Weng of OSoMe found that as agents' attention became increasingly limited, the propagation of memes came to reflect the power-law distribution of actual social media: the probability that a meme would be shared a given number of times was roughly an inverse power of that number. For example, the likelihood of a meme being shared three times was approximately nine times less than that of its being shared once.
    1. Pollin: Neither negative emissions technologies nor nuclear power can likely contribute significantly to building an alternative global clean energy infrastructure. Indeed, it is more likely that they will create still more severe problems. Let’s start with nuclear.

      Notes on some problems with continuing to use nuclear power instead of switching to clean power.

    2. Renewable energy critics argue that wind and solar are not reliable sources because of their variability. Others argue that wind farms encroach on pristine environment and destroy a country’s natural habitat, as is the case with the installation of thousands of wind turbines on scores of Greek islands in the Aegean Sea. How would you respond to such concerns, and are there ways around them?
    1. McConnell said it’s up to the Republican candidates in various Senate battleground races to explain how they view the hot-button issue.   (function () { try { var event = new CustomEvent( "nsDfpSlotRendered", { detail: { id: 'acm-ad-tag-mr2_ab-mr2_ab' } } ); window.dispatchEvent(event); } catch (err) {} })(); “I think every Republican senator running this year in these contested races has an answer as to how they feel about the issue and it may be different in different states. So I leave it up to our candidates who are quite capable of handling this issue to determine for them what their response is,” he said.

      Context: Lindsey Graham had just proposed a bill for a nationwide abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

      McConnell's position seems to be one that choice about abolition is an option, but one which is reserved for white men of power over others. This is painful because that choice is being left to people without any of the information and nuance about specific circumstances versus the pregnant women themselves potentially in consultation with their doctors who have broad specific training and experience in the topics and issues at hand. Why are these leaders attempting to make decisions based on possibilities rather than realities, particularly when they've not properly studied or are generally aware of any of the realities?

      If this is McConnell's true position, then why not punt the decision and choices down to the people directly impacted? And isn't this a long running tenet of the Republican Party to allow greater individual freedoms? Isn't their broad philosophy: individual > state government > national government? (At least with respect to internal, domestic matters; in international matters the opposite relationships seem to dominate.)

      tl;dr:<br /> Mitch McConnell believes in choice, just not in your choice.

      Here's the actual audio from a similar NPR story:<br /> https://ondemand.npr.org/anon.npr-mp3/npr/me/2022/09/20220914_me_gop_sen_lindsey_graham_introduces_15-week_abortion_ban_in_the_senate.mp3#t=206

      McConnell is also practicing the Republican party game of "do as I say and not as I do" on Graham directly. He's practicing this sort of hypocrisy because as leadership, he's desperately worried that this move will decimate the Republican Party in the midterm elections.

      There's also another reading of McConnell's statement. Viewed as a statement from leadership, there's a form of omerta or silent threat being communicated here to the general Republican Party membership: you better fall in line on the party line here because otherwise we run the risk of losing power. He's saying he's leaving it up to them individually, but in reality, as the owner of the purse strings, he's not.

      Thesis:<br /> The broadest distinction between American political parties right now seems to be that the Republican Party wants to practice fascistic forms of "power over" while the Democratic Party wants to practice more democratic forms of "power with".

    1. in south australia we've got the hornsdale power reserve which is a 00:32:43 100 megawatt capacity this is one that elon musk very famously uh put in so this is what the european union is now using as the standard to talk about you know it's 00:32:56 been done in australia we can do it here so in the global system we would need 15 million 635 and 478 such stations across the planet 00:33:08 in the power grid system just for that four week buffer so and that is actually about 30 times capacity uh compared to the entire global

      !- for : global capacity renewable energy storage - this is not realistic

    1. Taking carbon steel as an example, as shown in Picture 1, using a 1000w fiber laser cutting machine, for carbon steel materials thickness below 10mm, when the thickness of carbon steel is less than 2mm, the cutting speed per minute can be up to 8 meters. When the thickness is 6mm, the cutting speed is about 1.6 meters per minute, and when the thickness of the carbon steel is 10 mm, the cutting speed is about 0.6 to 0.7 meters per minute.

      Taking carbon steel as an example, as shown in Picture 1, using a 1000w fiber laser cutting machine, for carbon steel materials thickness below 10mm, when the thickness of carbon steel is less than 2mm, the cutting speed per minute can be up to 8 meters. When the thickness is 6mm, the cutting speed is about 1.6 meters per minute, and when the thickness of the carbon steel is 10 mm, the cutting speed is about 0.6 to 0.7 meters per minute.

      • Taking carbon steel as an example, as shown in Picture 1, using a 1000w fiber laser cutting machine, for carbon steel materials thickness below 10mm, when the thickness of carbon steel is less than 2mm, the cutting speed per minute can be up to 8 meters. When the thickness is 6mm, the cutting speed is about 1.6 meters per minute, and when the thickness of the carbon steel is 10 mm, the cutting speed is about 0.6 to 0.7 meters per minute.

      It can be seen that when the thickness of carbon steel material is less than 2mm, customers who attach great importance to cutting speed can consider using 2000W fiber laser cutting machine, but the 2000W machine is much higher than 1000W in equipment price and operating cost. When the carbon steel material is larger than 2mm, the 2000W machine is not much faster than the 1000W cutting speed. Therefore, the 1000W fiber laser cutting machine is more cost-effective than the 2000W fiber laser cutting machine.

      The cutting speed can directly reflect the efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine. For cutting different materials with different thickness, the cutting speed will also change greatly. The thicker the thickness, the slower the speed!

  21. Aug 2022