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  1. May 2016
    1. 1) They will come back [from battle] with God's blessings 2) They were not harmed 3) And God was satisfied with them.8

      Reasoning for sacrificing themselves. Even if this is not the biggest of the reasons, it is of greater value to them.

    2. "God is more dear than all of His cre-ation."

      They believe they are sacrificing themselves for a greater purpose. The author is reminding them and helping them to convince themselves of this.

    3. In the name of God, the most merciful, the most compassionate .... In the name of God, of myself and of my family .... I pray to you God to forgive me from all my sins, to allow me to glorify you in every possible way.

      These instructions are to help the suicide bombers to understand why they are carrying out this task. To them, it is the way that they are able to show their dedication to their God, sacrificing their own life. What I don't understand is why the suicide bombers have to also take the lives of others in order to show this dedication?

  2. Jan 2014
    1. Acknowledge to them the effort (or personal sacrifice) that they made in doing the above.

      Recognize and voice that you see what they've given up.