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    1. This study focuses on higher education instructors in the Global South, concentrating on those located in South America, Sub-Saharan Africa, and South and Southeast Asia. Based on a survey of 295 instructors at 28 higher education institutions (HEIs) in nine countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia; Ghana, Kenya, South Africa; India, Indonesia, Malaysia), this research seeks to establish a baseline set of data for assessing OER use in these regions while attending to how such activity is differentiated across continental areas and associated countries. This is done by examining which variables – such as gender, age, technological access, digital literacy, etc. – seem to influence OER use rates, thereby allowing us to gauge which are the most important for instructors in their respective contexts.The two research questions that drive this study are:1. What proportion of instructors in the Global South have ever used OER?2. Which variables may account for different OER usage rates between respondents in the Global South?

      Survey, assessment, data and research analysis of OER use and impact in the global south

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    1. Part of the reason is there’s a slight lag. No matter how good your internet is, no matter how fast it is, it seems we have this millisecond—maybe a few milliseconds—delay. So the communication isn’t in real time, even though it seems like it is. Our brains subconsciously pick up on the fact that things aren’t quite right. And the fact that things are out of sync and we’re accustomed to them being in sync when it’s face-to-face communication, our brains try to look for ways to overcome that lack of synchrony. After a few calls a day, it starts to become exhausting.

      Does this mean, if I'm naturally slow to react even in real life, it'll be exhausting for the interlocutor?

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    1. Tree of Life

      The 'Tree of Life' has been present throughout many cultures and religions across history. It has been known by many different names but the meaning is always a source of life or a creator. The ancient Egyptians, Christians, Myahs, and Assyrians all believed in this 'Tree of Life.'

    1. In a world where comfort is king, arduous physical activity provides a rare opportunity to practice suffering.

      This is actually a very good insight that can be applied to the spiritual life.

    1. You have everything that you need right here. I think that you are in charge of your attitude, which is the most important thing that you will ever have.

      I can only achieve what I can with what I have

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    1. 07:20 And the reason is very simple. In life, you draw energy from so many sources you don t 07:28 even realize. You get energy from your parents, because you want to make them proud, 07:33 you get energy from your friends, because you want to be the best guy to hang out with, 07:39 you get energy from your kids, because you want to provide an amazing life for them.

      Having expectations to live up to and having the confidence that you will be able to

    2. That s when I learned another very important lesson; you don t always control your own 10:29 fate.

      Not only know what you cannot change, but expect things you cannot change to happen




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    1. Your coworkers being an important part of your day-to-day experience is unsurprising, and what I’ve found increasingly true is that your current coworkers also have an outsized influence on your career long after you’ve stopped working together.

      Bangun jaringan teman kerja yang kuat, seandainya udah ga kerja ditempat tersebut, kesempatan kerja bisa datang dari mereka.

      Cari teman kerja yang bisa menjadi rival, ngepush kemampuan diri sendiri ke ambang batas.

    2. Consequently, the best roles are only accessible if you’re already financially stable, whether it’s stability from an existing role that’s you can interview from, or from savings and investments that allow you to pause between roles to rest and explore.

      Dengan keamanan keuangan, kamu bisa memberi jeda dan memilih mana yang sesuai

    3. Financial security is a prerequisite to own your pace and learning.

      Keamanan keuangan adalah sebuah keuntungan.

    4. Each year identify one or two new things–things that you’re uncomfortable with–and do them! You’ll continue growing yourself, adding more and more pieces to your toolkit.

      Ketika kamu merasa tidak nyaman, artinya kamu sedang belajar

  6. Jun 2020
    1. it’s paramount that each person — regardless of being for or against the result — individually pledges support out loud in the meeting. “Go around the room and ask each one of them to support the decision one at a time,” he says. “Commitment meetings are really important, because when you pledge to support a decision in the presence of your peers, you're much more likely to support it.

      Damn. Not gonna lie this sounds a little bit culty

    2. think of the last time you were handed a decision that someone else made but for which you had to execute and usher to success. How did that feel? I’d guess it made you feel frustrated, powerless or disengaged. We want to avoid that. That’s why the decision maker is both accountable and responsible. It’s more fulfilling and empowering.

      Plus, if you're engaged with something, it makes it no longer a chore, and more of pleasure to do the work related to it.

    3. people understand the when, and the ‘why’ of the ‘when.’”

      This is so important. I hate being told (not) to do something without knowing why I'm (not) meant to do it. Transparency is key and a lack of it can lead to a lack of motivation for me. Adding meaning to deadlines.

    4. forward-thinking companies still gravitate to consensus as the way to make decisions. It turns out that for important, difficult choices, that approach is often ineffective and impractical.

      kind of like how big FOSS projects have a BDFL for ultimate decision-making

    1. Can strongly say that this is the case for myself aswell. Another detail that wfh proponents seem to forget.

    1. There are four types among those who sit before the sages: a sponge, a funnel, a strainer and a sieve.A sponge, soaks up everything; A funnel, takes in at one end and lets out at the other; A strainer, which lets out the wine and retains the lees; A sieve, which lets out the coarse meal and retains the choice flour.
    2. There are four kinds of temperments:Easy to become angry, and easy to be appeased: his gain disappears in his loss; Hard to become angry, and hard to be appeased: his loss disappears in his gain; Hard to become angry and easy to be appeased: a pious person; Easy to become angry and hard to be appeased: a wicked person.
    3. According to the labor is the reward
    1. Snyder-Mackler, N., Burger, J. R., Gaydosh, L., Belsky, D. W., Noppert, G. A., Campos, F. A., Bartolomucci, A., Yang, Y. C., Aiello, A. E., O’Rand, A., Harris, K. M., Shively, C. A., Alberts, S. C., & Tung, J. (2020). Social determinants of health and survival in humans and other animals. Science, 368(6493). https://doi.org/10.1126/science.aax9553

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    1. (He was also hit by a car when he was eight and stabbed by a stranger in a bar fight while out with the actor Vince Vaughn in 2001. “I came close to death,” he says, casually reflecting on the latter incident. “That was probably the closest I've been, besides being hit by a bus and a car.”)