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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Many of the deceptive practices mentioned below, have each become larger than any Fortune 500 Business.
      • Human Trafficking
      • Sex Trafficking
      • Drug Trade
      • Blood Diamond Trade
      • Counterfeit Products
      • Abusive Religious Belief Systems

      These are all "MONSTERS" that exist because they haven't been checked. Kinda like radio active waste from a useful energy source. If we don't bring regulation into the system, the system will self-sabotage in order to self-regulate.

      I disagree that these companies purposely prey on people. They passively prey on people by not regulating their practices and thereby leaving room for these loopholes to exist!

  2. Sep 2020
  3. Jan 2020
    1. noBounds or Measures can be prescrib’d to their Desires

      Their insatiable requests are sure to leave them dissatisfied.

  4. Oct 2015
    1. a more insidious and cancerous progression took hold through municipal fiscal discipline, property speculation and the sorting of land-use according to the rate of return for its ‘highest and best use’.

      greed seems to be an apparent theme throughout the development of urbanized areas and "economic growth"... are we really improving if our economy is only getting "better" because we're borrowing the money to make it do that

  5. Sep 2013
    1. neglected all the good things which this study affords, and became nothing more than professors of meddlesomeness and greed