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  1. Last 7 days
    1. One way to look at it is that corporations are never your friend. They love talking about building communities and ecosystems, but eventually they need to monetize user-generated content and change licensing to make your content their property. When their policies and promises change overnight 180° all you get "we are sorry you feel that way", "our hopes and prayers" and "that was a deliberate business decision we had to make with a heavy heart". And then they laugh all the way to the bank.
  2. Mar 2024
    1. Its a powerful software, Adobe is a Horrid company though, and they make everything subscription base, Buy out and monopolize software sweets whenever they can, Generally they are the absolute worst. I recommend learning how to use blender painting or the open source software ARMORPAINT as soon as its available so you don't have to support this scumwater company.In the mean time its the only thing that is widely supported, The united states just needs better consumer protection laws. it all comes down to america's horrid consumer protection laws that make companies like this possible.