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    1. The matter of the moon’s origin may seem like it should be settled science. We’ve examined it through telescopes, orbited it with a suite of spacecraft, scooped up its rocks and explored its surface in person.

      Very cool development!

    1. Astronomers have intercepted a mysterious and ancient radio signal that's traveled from the farthest reaches of the cosmos — for an astonishing eight billion years, more than half the lifespan of the universe — before finally reaching the Earth.


    1. It matters what matters we use to think othermatters with; it matters what stories we tell to tell other stories with;it matters what knots knot knots, what thoughts think thoughts, whatdescriptions describe descriptions, what ties tie ties. It matters whatstories make worlds, what worlds make stories

      tool-patterns determine what patterns can be found with them. the union of the codomains of every tool-pattern we are applying is all we can find at any given point in time.

  3. Sep 2023
    1. Sweden Poised to Miss the Long-Term Climate Target It Pioneered
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      • title:Sweden Poised to Miss the Long-Term Climate Target It Pioneered
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        • for an indyweb test on mapping thought vectors in idea space
        • various perspectives on this thread
      • for: superorganism, multi-level superorganism, collective intelligence, individual-collective gestalt, Michael Levin,

      • title: Cell Intelligence in Physiological and Morphological Spaces

      • author: Michael Levin
      • date 2022
      • comment
        • This is a talk on collective intelligence in unconventional spaces
    1. Winnicott also had a strikingly different notion of the agent of psychological change.
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      • paraphrase
      • comparison: Winnicott, Freud

        • Winnicott had a strikingly different notion of the agent of psychological change than Freud.

          • Winnicott
            • His psychotherapeutic model was developmental, one that sees.
              • the therapeutic relationship and
              • the original parent-child relationship(s)
            • as analogous.
            • Thus, just as he saw the development of the child as being fundamentally tied
              • to the immediate, visceral relationship with the mother in the experiential unit.
          • psychotherapeutic change was all about the relationship between - client and - therapist.

            • This was later conceptualised as a shift
              • from a ‘one-person’ psychology
              • to a ‘two-person’ psychology.
          • Freud

            • Freud was focused on rational interventions from the outside
            • This gave way in Winnicott to a co-creative journey occurring in the area in between,
          • which was much more about who one was and what one did, than what one thought or said.
            • In his book Playing and Reality (1971),
          • Winnicott called the location of this experience ‘transitional space’,
            • alluding to its dynamic, insubstantial quality,
            • but also to its nature as a place of becoming.
          • It is, he said, a place we both
            • create and that
            • creates us
          • a paradox that we must accept and not try to resolve
          • where unformulated possibility replaces
            • fixed identities, and
            • experience is necessarily co-constructed.
      • comment

        • Winnicott's transitional space is like
          • the Tibetan concept of the Bardo
          • the biological concept of evolution
    1. the pressure exercised bydiscourses that highlight the social dimension of assessment is very strong and pervasive,making it difficult for more exhortative or developmental policies on assessment (Ball et al.,2012) to survive in the polyphonic discursive space of the school. PA3, a policy authority whohas worked as a school teacher, also sees schools as spaces where contradictory discourses onassessment circulate in a paradigm conflict, where the current structure of schools does notfacilitate reform processes either:
    2. Mikhail Bakhtin observes discursive spaces as being in permanent contestation, andutterances as processes of ideological positioning of the self in a historical and cultural context.

      From Bakhtinian perspective, discursive space are always in permanent contestation in which utterances is a processes of ideological positioning of the self throughout sociohistorical context.

  4. Aug 2023
    1. Indigenous cultures can "see" dark constellations (example: the Australian emu in the sky) which are defined empty spaces which are explicitly visible.

      Using this concept, one could think of or use blank index cards in a zettelkasten or even the empty (negative) spaces between cards as "dark ideas" (potential ideas which need to be thought of and filled in).

      Link to: https://hypothes.is/a/FlqusEN1Ee6XEr_9StPUlA

    1. when we step into uncertainty, our bodies respond physiologically and mentally.
      • for: transition, uncertainty, uncertainty - neuroscience, ingroup, outgroup, letting go, lifetime student
      • paraphrase
        • Uncertainty brings
          • immune system deterioration
          • brain cells wither and even die
          • creativity and intelligence decrease
        • We often go from fear to anger because fear is a state of certainty.
        • We become morally judgmental, an extreme version of oneself.
          • conservatives become ultra-conservative
          • liberals become ultra liberal.
        • because we retreat to a place of safety and familiarity.
        • The problem is that the world changes.
        • Since we have to adapt or die, if we want to shift from A to B,
          • the first step is not B.
          • the first step is to go from A to not A
            • to let go of our biases and assumptions;
            • to step into the very place that our brain evolved to avoid;
            • to step into the place of the unknown.
            • to step into a liminal space
      • comment
        • Uncertainty is uncomfortable
        • and can drive us into our familiar, accepted, insular ingroup
        • In other words, lead to greater social polarization.
        • Adaptation requires us to step into the unknown.
        • Big changes in our lives therefore require us to go
          • from the familiar and comfortable space,
          • to the unfamiliar and uncomfortable
            • movement away from our comfort zone, as is happening as the polycrisis we face gains traction.
  5. Jul 2023
    1. Instead of dumping the humidity outdoors, why not have an option to condense it to a water holding tank, thus offsetting the need to purchase water? This sounds like it might even be able to distill water, which would further save money for those who need distilled water for apnea devices and other uses.

    1. In a first, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) may have glimpsed a rare type of star that astronomers aren’t even sure exists.


  6. Jun 2023
    1. this process could take a quadrillion years — that's a million billion years — while our entire universe is only an estimated 13.8 billion years young.

      Don't wait up!

    1. But it’s uncommon to spot a circumbinary system, where an exoplanet orbits two stars. And seeing two stars with more than one exoplanet in their vicinity is exceedingly rare.


    1. we can see true safe spaces for what they are: a place for marginalized communities to be free of “discrimination, criticism, harassment or any other emotional or physical harm

      This is a more inclusive definition that concerns marginalized communities.

    2. A definition of the term "Safe Space". This definition is an interpretation of a student.

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    1. The retreat wasn’t the actual event; it just gave me a minute to realize the event that’s been going on this whole time. I had the space to step far enough way

      Taking space key, not filling every moment; power of ritual and ceremony to grant us those spaces we otherwise might not claim for ourselves

    1. the cultural evolution of creative new societies requires more elbow-room than a single planet can provide. Creative new societies need room to take risks and make mistakes, far enough away to be effectively isolated from their neighbors. Life must spread far afield to continue the processes of genetic drift and diversification of species that drove evolution in the past. The restless wandering that pulled our species out of Africa to explore the Earth will continue to pull us beyond the Earth, as far as our technology can reach.

      !- expansion into outer space : natural consequence of evolution itself to continue genetic drift

      !- comment : Dyson Extrapolates that expansion into outer space is a logical next step for evolution

    1. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2023/01/18/1139783203/what-makes-songs-swing-physicists-unravel-jazz-mystery

      Spaces in both language, text, and music help to create the texture of what is being communicated (and/or not).

      Link to Edward Tufte's latest book in section entitled "Spacing enhances complex meaning, encourages slow, thoughtful reading":

      <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>KevinMarks</span> in #meta 2023-01-19 (<time class='dt-published'>01/19/2023 11:32:19</time>)</cite></small>

      Link to Indigenous astronomy example of negative spaces (like the Great Emu)

    1. Expansion is led by focus. By taking time to edit, carve up, and refactor our notes, we put focus on ideas. This starts the Great Wheel of Positive Feedback. All hail to the Great Wheel of Positive Feedback.

      How can we better thing of card indexes as positive feedback mechanisms? Will describes it as the "Great Wheel of Positive Feedback" which reminds me a bit of flywheels for storing energy for later use.

  10. Dec 2022
    1. Commentators have compared Bachelard's views to those of the philosopher Martin Heidegger.

      Related to Heidegger

    2. The Poetics of Space (French: La Poétique de l'Espace) is a 1958 book about architecture by the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard

      what is The Poetics of Space

    1. InSight has also been useful because it has a camera attached, allowing it to take some very nice photos of the surface of Mars.

      Very cool.

  11. Nov 2022
    1. It's supposed to be a safe space

      Safe spaces are only safe when you make them safe by repelling attackers.

      Waving a magic wand and declaring a place safe doesn't make it so. We see it over and over and people keep pretending harder.

    1. Against all odds, NASA's Mars lander has, somehow, continued truckin' along — but its inevitable death seems to finally be at hand.


    1. He has a warehouse of notecards with ideas and stories and quotes and facts and bits of research, which get pulled and pieced together then proofread and revised and trimmed and inspected and packaged and then shipped.

      While the ancients thought of the commonplace as a storehouse of value or a treasury, modern knowledge workers and content creators might analogize it to a factory where one stores up ideas in a warehouse space where they can be easily accessed, put into a production line where those ideas can be assembled, revised, proofread, and then package and distributed to consumers (readers).


  12. Oct 2022
    1. As with Twitter, and indeed the web in general, we all see a different subset of  the conversation. We each have our own public that we see and address. These publics are semi-overlapping - they are connected, but adjacent. This is not Habermas’s public sphere, but de Certeau's distinction of place and space. The place is the structure provided, the space the life given it by the paths we take through it and our interactions.

      de Certeau, theologist turned cultural philosopher because of 1968. NL Wikipedia spreekt v Europese en Amerikaanse Certeau, de eerste de theoloog, de tweede als de theoreticus van het alternatieve discours. https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_de_Certeau vs https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_de_Certeau Veel werk lijkt pas na zijn dood in het Engels vertaald te zijn, vooral ook jaren 90/00, op tijd voor vergelijking met internettools. Kernwerk in het Engels is 1984 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Practice_of_Everyday_Life lijkt het. Is dat de bron van het place/space onderscheid

    1. Preceding anyspecific historiographical method, the Zettelkasten provides the space inwhich potential constellations between these things can appear concretely,a space to play with connections as they have been formed by historic pre-decessors or might be formed in the present.

      relationship with zettelkasten in the history of historical methods?

  13. Sep 2022
    1. That hypothetical "interoperable Facebook" is the subject of a new white paper and narrated slideshow I've just launched with EFF, called "How to Ditch Facebook Without Losing Friends."

      "How to Ditch Facebook Without Losing Friends"

      New effort by [[Cory Doctorow]] and EFF.

    1. • Daily writing prevents writer’s block.• Daily writing demystifies the writing process.• Daily writing keeps your research always at the top of your mind.• Daily writing generates new ideas.• Daily writing stimulates creativity• Daily writing adds up incrementally.• Daily writing helps you figure out what you want to say.

      What specifically does she define "writing" to be? What exactly is she writing, and how much? What does her process look like?

      One might also consider the idea of active reading and writing notes. I may not "write" daily in the way she means, but my note writing, is cumulative and beneficial in the ways she describes in her list. I might further posit that the amount of work/effort it takes me to do my writing is far more fruitful and productive than her writing.

      When I say writing, I mean focused note taking (either excerpting, rephrasing, or original small ideas which can be stitched together later). I don't think this is her same definition.

      I'm curious how her process of writing generates new ideas and creativity specifically?

      One might analogize the idea of active reading with a pen in hand as a sort of Einsteinian space-time. Many view reading and writing as to separate and distinct practices. What if they're melded together the way Einstein reconceptualized the space time continuum? The writing advice provided by those who write about commonplace books, zettelkasten, and general note taking combines an active reading practice with a focused writing practice that moves one toward not only more output, but higher quality output without the deleterious effects seen in other methods.

  14. Aug 2022
    1. "Facebook is fundamentally an advertising machine"—it hasn't been about bringing people closer together in a long time (if that was ever its real mission). And as a better advertising machine comes along—TikTok—Facebook is forced to redesign its user interaction to be more addictive just to stand still. Will a a more human-scale social network...or series of social networks...replace it?

    1. This new image is gorgeous, no doubt. Its beauty is also functional, because it can help answer modern questions about how galaxies morph over time. About 25 percent of all galaxies are currently merging with others, and even more are probably gravitationally interacting, according to the Harvard and Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.


  15. Jul 2022
    1. NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has produced the deepest and sharpest infrared image of the distant universe to date. Known as Webb’s First Deep Field, this image of galaxy cluster SMACS 0723 is overflowing with detail.

      So cool!

    1. if we've looked at the synthetic a priori of time he also addresses the synthetic a priori of 00:15:46 space and one very interesting distinction he draws is between animals who have semi-circular canals in their heads somewhere and animals which don't now we do fishes do 00:15:58 limpets don't for an animal with semicircular canals the word this the nature of space is to have right left up down forward backwards it's to be suspended or the 00:16:11 head to move through a volumetric space that we is so familiar with us we think of that as space as simply existing an animal not so endowed with no 00:16:24 semicircular canals encounters space in an entirely different way and he discusses how space arises for something like a limpet or a paramecium so he has taken the synthetic a prioris 00:16:36 of time and space and reconsidered them in a manner appropriate to the 1920s and 30s paying keen attention to the structures and processes of the body 00:16:48 this is work that we still need to do

      Uexkull also studies how animals synthetic apriori sense of space differ between species. Humans and other animals have semi-circular canals in the ear and this helps then determine forward/backwards, up/down and left/right of volumetric space. Limpets and paramecium do not have such a semi-circular canal and therefore do not sense "3 dimensional space" the way that we do.

    1. For the past seven years, some scientists have observed certain gravitational anomalies in this mysterious region and have theorized that there must be an undiscovered world, dubbed Planet Nine, lurking at the outer edges of our galactic backyard.

      It would be so exciting to find it!

  16. May 2022
    1. Our goal: to encourage neighbors to conduct more mindful conversations. What if we can be proactive and intervene before the conversations spark more abusive responses? Oftentimes unkind comments beget more unkind comments. 90% of abusive comments appear in a thread with another abusive comment, and 50% of abusive comments appear in a thread with 13+ other abusive comments.* By preventing some of these comments before they happen, we can avoid the resulting negative feedback loops.

      Proactive Approach to Handling Abusive Comments

      Interesting that they took a more nuanced approach to this problem. Something more heavy-handed would have added a time delay or limit on the number of comments by a particular user. Instead, they chose to model the conversations and have the app offer pop-ups based on that. Another alternative would be something like [[social credit score]].

    1. So we've gone from worrying about government censoring the net, to worrying about platform censoring the net, to now in some cases, worrying about platforms not doing enough to censor the net, this is not how we should be running a digital public sphere. 

      Progression of Concerns about the Private Social Space

      The private social spaces don't make themselves available to research analysis, so we have this vague feeling that something is wrong with only empirical evidence that we can't really test.

    1. We're not currently seeing a debate about "free speech". What we're actually witnessing is just a debate about who controls the norms of a social network, and who gets free promotion from that network.

      Private Social Space

      The First Amendment ("free speech") guides what speech the government can control. The social networks are private companies, so the control is over who gets to say what in that private, social space. Is there an analog about who gets to say what in a bar...is it the bar owner? (The bar being an example of another public, social space.)

  17. Apr 2022
    1. It will, here again, find amplematerial in the short circuits of Duchamp’s antiart objects: “Metaphor ‘taken atthe letter’: a geometry book suspended by a thread (‘geometry in space’),” not tomention “the ‘Paris air’ ampule.” 10



    1. Beyond academic interests, the latter idea of responsible co-creation has severe economic consequences, in particular on a limited planetary scale where the ecological and social costs of production and consumption have reached their critical limits and cannot be outsourced, or passed on, anymore. The educational lesson states that solving global and regional problems, especially those created by single-minded interest groups, can only be addressed successfully by higher-qualified, multi-disciplinary  teams capable of managing the complexity of issues at hand.

      This is salient and needs to be embedded into any universal framework that sells to address the many complex and global challenges that now face humanity. Creating an effective BVC space that supports high efficacy collaboration is critical for rapid Cosmolocal transition.

    2. Honoring the theorists mentioned before, we may call these new learning scaffolds Bronfenbrenner-Chalmers-Vygotsky (BCV) spaces: Virtual spaces transcend physical spaces by extending the perspectives of social actors. The purpose of these spaces is to widen their options for scientific investigation, social networking, negotiation and co-creation.

      In a sense, this can remind us of just how incredible and ubiquitous our natural self/other framework is. Our phenomenological reality is tacitly a constantly fluid and morphing combination of sensations via the constantly expanding and contracting sensory bubble, and associated cognitive construction off the imputed symbolic reality of the other space that falls outside immediate sensation.

  18. Mar 2022
    1. A major advance in user interfaces that supports creative exploration would the capacity to go back in time, to review and manipulate the history of actions taken during an entire session. Users will be able to see all the steps in designing an engine and change an early design decision. They will be able to extract sections of the history to replay them or to convert into permanent macros that can be applied in similar situations. Extracting and replaying sections of history is a form of direct man ipulation programming. It enables users to explore every alternative in a decision-making situation, and then chose the one with the most favorable outcomes.

      While being able to view the history of a problem space from the perspective of a creation process is interesting, in reverse, it is also an interesting way to view a potential learning experience.

      I can't help but think about the branching tree networks of knowledge in some math texts providing potential alternate paths through the text to allow learners to go from novice to expert in areas in which they're interested. We need more user interfaces like this.

    2. Powerful tools can support creativity: Innovation can be facilitated by powerful tools that supply templates and support exploratory processes such as brainstorming (offering links to related concepts), state-space expl oration (trying out all permutations), idea combining (systematic pairings), rapid prototyping, and simulation modeling.

      State-space exploration and idea combining (systematic pairings) are just modern reimaginings of ideas going back to Raymond Llull and possibly earlier.

    1. The Inca are most often remembered not for what they had but for what they didn’t have: the wheel, iron, a written language.

      A solid example of how western cultures dismiss non-literate cultures.

  19. Feb 2022
    1. First, there is the life insurance rationale. Although the chance of a planet-wide calamity extinguishing our species is low, it is not zero.

      Notably Steven Hawking (and others) warned about this year ago already. Not to take away from Musk's achievements, but he's not the first to recognise and work on this problem.


    1. When asteroid 2020 XL5 was first discovered, astronomer Toni Santana-Ros thought it might have a strange orbit, one that kept it just in front of Earth — what astronomers call a “Trojan asteroid” for the way they sneak behind or in front of a planet.

      Never heard of this before!

  20. Jan 2022
    1. They are taking the vaccine wars KINETIC: Covid concentration camps ACTIVATED in America, unvaxxed will be kidnapped at gunpoint by left-wing “health officers” with arrest power

      S: Mike Adams from NatrualNews P: To warn the public about supposed "Covid concentration camps" A: NaturalNews readers, typically right-wing anti-vaxxers C:January 10, 2022, COVID-19 pandemic E: Washington's WAC 246-100 bill

    1. Textbooks vs. Tablets

      SPACE CAT:

      Speaker: Rocco Pecoraro

      Purpose: Explain why textbooks are better than tablets

      Audience: School staff, students

      Context: Written in 2015. Ipad Mini 4 came out that year. In 2015, a poll stated that 78 percent of elementary school students say that they regularly use a tablet.

      Exigence: He school started using tablets. Schools started increasing the use of technology that year. He loves and appreciates textbooks.

  21. Dec 2021
    1. As it seeks answers about the cosmos and what they mean for Earth’s origins, NASA on Friday announced a slew of discoveries about Jupiter. And scientists brought home an interstellar tune from the road.

      So gorgeous!

  22. Nov 2021
  23. Oct 2021
    1. Regenerative Ventures

      Out of the Trimtab Space Camp course with the Buckminster Fuller Institute in which we were exploring world building with Tony Patrick, Langdon Roberts, Jeremy Lubman, Elsie Iwase, and I gathered to think about how we could become involved in regenerative ventures. This was our initiative, in which we met weekly to think about how we manifest who we are as a more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. The thought was that architecture grows out of values, principles, and intention.

    1. Shiva exposes the 1%’s model of philanthrocapitalism, which is about deploying unaccountable money to bypass democratic structures, derail diversity, and impose totalitarian ideas based on One Science, One Agriculture, and One History.

      The same topic is covered by Anand Giridharadas in Winners Take All and by Amy Westervelt in her podcast Drilled exploring the history of public relations.

      We had the privilege of interacting with Vandana Shiva in the Trimtab Space Camp course, focused on regenerative agriculture, offered by the Buckminster Fuller Institute.

      Vandana Shiva, a world-renowned environmental thinker, activist, feminist, philosopher of science, writer, and science policy advocate, is the founder of Navdanya Research Foundation for Science, Technology, and Ecology in India and President of Navdanya International.

      The recipient of many awards, including the Right Livelihood Award, (the ‘Alternative Nobel Prize’) and the Sydney Peace Prize, she has been named among the top five “Most Important People in Asia” by AsiaWeek.

      She is a prolific writer and author of numerous books and serves on the board of the International Forum on Globalization, and a member of the executive committee of the World Future Council.

    1. Sallie McFague

      The World as God’s Body

      I was watching a video in a Trimtab Space Camp on regenerative agriculture featuring Vandana Shiva. She said, “It all begins with food, because food is the currency of life.”

      I connected this thought to Sallie McFague, who writes in The World as God’s Body about embodiment and incarnation.

      Jesus’ eating stories and practices suggest that physical needs are basic and must be met — food is not a metaphor here but should be taken literally. All creatures deserve what is basic to bodily health. But food also serves as a metaphor of fulfillment at the deepest level of our longings and desires. The Church picked up and developed the second metaphorical emphasis, making eating imagery the ground of its vision of spiritual fulfillment, especially in the eucharist. But just as the tradition focused on the second birth (redemption), often neglecting the first (creation), so also it spiritualized hunger as the longing of the soul for God, conveniently forgetting the source of the metaphor in basic bodily needs. But the aspects of Jesus’ ministry on which we have focused — the parables, healings, and eating stories — do not forget this dimension; in fact, Jesus’ activities and message, according to this interpretation, are embarrassingly bodily. The parables focus on oppression that people feel due to their concrete, cultural setting, as servants rather than masters, poor rather than rich, Gentile rather than Jew; the healing stories are concerned with the bodily pain that some endure; the eating stories have to do with physical hunger and the humiliation of exclusion. None of these is primarily spiritual, though each assumes the psychosomatic unity of human nature and can serve as a symbol of eschatological fulfillment — the overcoming of all hierarchies, the health and harmony of the cosmos and all its creatures, the satiety of the deepest groaning and longings of creation.

      (The Meaning of Life in the World Religions, page 296)

  24. Sep 2021
    1. Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday announced that Terran Orbital will invest $300 million in Florida’s Space Coast by bringing its commercial spacecraft and constellation facility -- and 2,000 new jobs -- to Space Florida on Merritt Island.

      This is a micro starlight company which is also into the idea of the swarm.

    1. four building blocks and 14 signals for improving and inspiring the design of better digital public spaces
  25. Aug 2021
    1. 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Specifically, the letter “vav” is ...vav meaning in englishvav hebrewvav hebrew pronunciationvav hebrew symbolvav vav vavvav meaning kpopPeople also search forThe broken vav- vav k'tia - Mordechai Pinchas Sofer S"TaMhttps://www.sofer.co.uk › broken-vavhttps://www.sofer.co.uk › broken-vavThe broken vav- vav k'tia · 1. It is a small vav (though this is not mentioned as one of the small letters and would be referred to as z'ira (small) and not k' ...vav meaning in englishvav hebrewvav hebrew pronunciationvav hebrew symbolvav vav vavvav meaning kpopPeople also search forA Broken Whole - The Jerusalem Posthttps://www.jpost.com › ... › Life's Little Lessonshttps://www.jpost.com › ... › Life's Little LessonsJul 9, 2017 — Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin explained that Pinchas' covenant was offered with or without a vav. With a vav it was a covenant of peace, without a ...vav meaning in englishvav hebrewvav hebrew pronunciationvav hebrew symbolvav vav vavvav meaning kpopPeople also search for(function(){var uer=false;var eid='fld_26';(function(){ var a=uer,b=Date.now();if(google.timers&&google.timers.load.t){var c=window.innerHeight||document.documentElement.clientHeight,d=0;if(eid){var e=document.getElementById(eid);e&&(d=Math.floor(e.getBoundingClientRect().top+window.pageYOffset))}for(var f=d>=c,g=document.getElementsByTagName("img"),h=0,k=void 0;k=g[h++];)google.c.setup(k,!1,d);a&&f&&google.c.ubr(!1,b,d)};}).call(this);})();.ULSxyf{margin-bottom:44px}.hlcw0c{margin-bottom:44px}.g-blk{position:relative}.kp-blk a{text-decoration:none}.kp-blk .match-mod-horizontal-padding,.kp-blk .wDYxhc:not(.NFQFxe){padding-left:16px;padding-right:16px;}.kp-blk.c2xzTb .match-mod-horizontal-padding,.kp-blk.c2xzTb .wDYxhc:not(.NFQFxe){padding-left:0;padding-right:0}.kp-blk{box-shadow:none;background:#fff;border:1px 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300ms}.eA0Zlc{vertical-align:top;display:inline-block;margin:0;position:relative}.eA0Zlc:focus-within{outline:-webkit-focus-ring-color auto 1px}.JX86yc{display:inline-block}.eA0Zlc:not(.JX86yc){overflow:hidden}g-inner-card.xIfh4d{margin-right:2px;position:relative;border-radius:0;border:none;}div.eA0Zlc:first-child g-inner-card.xIfh4d,div.eA0Zlc:first-child g-inner-card.xIfh4d video{-webkit-border-top-left-radius:8px;-webkit-border-bottom-left-radius:8px}div.eA0Zlc:last-of-type g-inner-card.xIfh4d,div.eA0Zlc:last-of-type g-inner-card.xIfh4d video{-webkit-border-top-right-radius:8px;-webkit-border-bottom-right-radius:8px}.ifM9O .GMCzAd,.cUnQKe .GMCzAd{border-radius:8px;margin:16px}g-inner-card{background-color:#fff;border-radius:2px;display:block;overflow:hidden}.cv2VAd{border:1px solid 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Therefore, the broken vav could ...vav meaning in englishvav hebrewvav hebrew pronunciationvav hebrew symbolvav vav vavvav meaning kpopPeople also search forThe Letter Vav - Hebrew for Christianshttps://www.hebrew4christians.com › Aleph-Bet › vavhttps://www.hebrew4christians.com › Aleph-Bet › vavHow so? Well, since Vav represents the number of Man, the broken Vav represents a man that is broken. In this particular pasuk (verse), the man ...You've visited this page 5 times. Last visit: 6/2/21vav meaning in englishvav hebrewvav hebrew pronunciationvav hebrew symbolvav vav vavvav meaning kpopPeople also search for

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      A Peace of the Broken Vav | Neveh Shalom

      https://nevehshalom.org › a-peace-of-the-broken-vav


      Jul 14, 2017 --- The word "shalom" שלום in our parashah (see the phrase "briti shalom"-- "My covenant of Peace") is fractured. Specifically, the letter "vav" is ...


      The broken vav- vav k'tia - Mordechai Pinchas Sofer S"TaM

      https://www.sofer.co.uk › broken-vav


      The broken vav- vav k'tia - 1. It is a small vav (though this is not mentioned as one of the small letters and would be referred to as z'ira (small) and not k' ...


      A Broken Whole - The Jerusalem Post

      https://www.jpost.com › ... › Life's Little Lessons


      Jul 9, 2017 --- Rabbi Shlomo Yosef Zevin explained that Pinchas' covenant was offered with or without a vav. With a vav it was a covenant of peace, without a ...


      The broken 'vav' | Torah | clevelandjewishnews.com

      https://www.clevelandjewishnews.com › religious_life › th...


      Jul 27, 2016 --- Alternatively, the word "shalom" written without the vav is "shalem," which means wholeness or perfection. Therefore, the broken vav could ...


      The Letter Vav - Hebrew for Christians

      https://www.hebrew4christians.com › Aleph-Bet › vav


      How so? Well, since Vav represents the number of Man, the broken Vav represents a man that is broken. In this particular pasuk (verse), the man ...

      You've visited this page 5 times. Last visit: 6/2/21

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    1. Hilbert spaces


      "The mathematical concept of a Hilbert space, named after David Hilbert, generalizes the notion of Euclidean space. It extends the methods of vector algebra and calculus from the two-dimensional Euclidean plane and three-dimensional space to spaces with any finite or infinite number of dimensions. A Hilbert space is a vector space equipped with an inner product, an operation that allows lengths and angles to be defined. Furthermore, Hilbert spaces are complete, which means that there are enough limits in the space to allow the techniques of calculus to be used."

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    1. Dependencies are hoisted, meaning they get installed in the root node_modules folder. This is done for performance reasons: if a dependency is shared by multiple packages, it gets saved only once in the root.
    1. Giving peers permission to engage in dialogue about race and holding a lofty expectation that they will stay engaged in these conversations throughout the semester or year is the first of the four agreements for courageous conversation. While initially, some participants may be eager to enter into these conversations, our experience indicates that the more personal and thus risky these topics get, the more difficult it is for participants to stay committed and engaged." Singleton and Hays

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    1. How to wrap long word (text without spaces) in html table’s cell? This is very, very easy! We must add only a CSS proprty to table cell “td” tag – “word-break: break-all;” then all column’s widths become as intended. 
    1. The downside is the installation files are bigger than the traditional Debian package manager (DEB) files. They also use more hard drive real estate. With snaps, every application that needs a particular resource installs its own copy. This isn’t the most efficient use of hard drive space. Although hard drives are getting bigger and cheaper, traditionalists still balk at the extravagance of each application running in its own mini-container. Launching applications is slower, too.
    1. Storage is not an issue, I’ve explained why it’s not. There could and should be improvements on that area, but this is not a relevant issue.
    2. Disk space is an issue. Resource usage is an issue. Those new packages nowadays need huge amount of storage to finally do the exact same thing as their older and lighter deb counterpart. Whatever the price of storage, it’s the opposite of a progress, it’s not optimal at all.