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  1. Jul 2024
    1. It seems ludicrous to imagine that these vitalresources incapable of further expansionwould become essentially free of charge.

      for - question - transition - from capitalism to a form of socialism?

      question - capitalism to a form of socialism? - To say it seems ludicrous is an opinion that makes sense from a traditional capitalists perspective - From a socialist perspective, it seems feasible - Nothing is free of charge, however, even in socialism, there is always some price an individual must pay, it's more about the incentive structure that differentiates the two - capitalism - polarized towards self-centric perspective - socialism -balanced self-and-other perspective

      adjacency - between - capitalism - socialism - differing perspective on self/other worldview - adjacency relationship - While capitalism relies on a self-centric perspective, socialism relies on a more balanced self/other perspective

    1. for - transition - renewable energy - won't work - because - the price is wrong! - Brett Christopher - green energy - the price is wrong - transition - alternative to capitalism - book - The Price is Wrong: Why Capitalism won't Save the Planet - Brett Christopher

      summary - This book provides rationale for why capitalism won't scale renewable energy, but a public sector government approach might - What about the alternative of community-owned or cooperative-owned energy infrastructure? A pipe dream? - Is renewable energy just not profitable and therefore has to be subsidized? - Perhaps it could be seen as a stopgap to buy us time until fusion, deep geothermal or other viable, scalable options become widespread?

      from - Planet Critical podcast - 6th Mass Extinction - interview with paleontologist Peter Brennan - https://hyp.is/3ss3Vj9vEe-iDX-3vRVlFw/docdrop.org/video/cP8FXbPrEiI/

    1. most of the great religions in the world have been attempts to to restrain or reform uh human nature or at least uh channel our worst impulses into something 01:10:48 more productive or higher something loftier um and in this this is exactly what we need here it's something that will create a form of altruism which doesn't only extend to people we see around us now but extends 01:11:00 to the future generations

      for - rapid whole system change - need for something that will create a new form of altruism - Ronald Wright - transition - requires an experience of re-awakening transition - need for a new religion? Deep Humanity?

      comment 10 July 2024 - Deep Humanity is our attempt at this. It is not a religion, however. It is humanity, but in the deepest sense, so it is accessible to anyone in our species. Our tagline has been - Rekindling wonder in an age of crisis - However, this morning an adjacency occurred:

      adjacency - between - familiarity - wonder - adjacency relationship - Familiarity hides wonder - Richard Dawkins said: - There is an anaesthetic of familiarity, - a sedative of ordinariness - which dulls the senses and hides the wonder of existence. - For those of us not gifted in poetry, - it is at least worth while from time to time - making an effort to shake off the anaesthetic. - What is the best way of countering the sluggish habitutation brought about by our gradual crawl from babyhood? - We can't actually fly to another planet. - But we can recapture that sense of having just tumbled out to life on a new world - by looking at our own world in unfamiliar ways. - That is, when a type of experience becomes familiar through repeated sensory episodes, - we lose the feeling of wonder we had when we initially experienced it - It's much like visiting a place for the very first time. We are struck with a sense of wonder because everything is unpredictable, in a safe way. We have no idea what's around the next corner. It's a surprise. - However, once we live there, and have traced that route hundreds of times, we have transformed that first magical experience into mundane experience. - So it is with everything that makes us human, with all the foundational things about reality that we learned from the moment we were born. - They have all become jaded. We've forgotten the awe of those first experiences in this reality: - our first experience of our basic senses - our first breath of air, instead of amniotic fluid - our first integration of multiple sensory experiences into a cohesive whole - the birth of objectification - the very first application of objectification to form the object we called mOTHER - the Most significant OTHER - our first encounter with the integration of multiple sensory stimuli associated with each object we construct - our first encounter with auditory human, speech symbols - our first experience with object continuity - how objects still exist even if they disappear from view momentarily - do we remember freaking out when mOTHER disappeared from view momentarily? - our first ability to communicate with mOTHER through speech symbols - our first encounter with ability to control our bodies through our own volition - our first encounter with gravity, the pull towards the ground - our first encounter with a large bright sphere suspended in the sky - our first encounter with perspective, how objects change size in our field of view as they get nearer or farer - etc... - What's missing now, is that we have repeated all these experiences so many times, that the feeling of awe no longer emerges with life - To generate awe, the repertoire of existing experiences is insufficient - now we have to create NEW experiences, we have to create novelty - Mortality Salience can help jolt us out of this fixation on novelty, and remind us of the sacred that is already here all the time - For, what happens at the time of death? All the constructions we have taken for granted in life disappear all at once, or perhaps some before others - Hence, we begin to re-experience them as relative, as constructions, and not absolutes - All living organisms have their own unique umwelt - These umwelts are all expressions of the sacred, sensing itself in different ways

      • What is required is a kind of awakening, or re-awakening
      • When religions do their job, it gives us a framework to engage in a shared sense of the sacred, of wonder in the mundane
      • In a sense, Deep Humanity is identifying that most vital commonality in all religions and seeing all their diverse intersectionalities in simply being deeply human
      • We awakened once, when we were born into the world
        • then we fell asleep through the dream of familiarity
      • Now, we have to collectively re-awaken to the wonder we all experienced in that initial awakening experience as newborns
    2. in the case of the new world the the the maize plant the wild maize plant had a little cob on it that was only about one centimeter long

      for - corn - thousands of years to breed from 1 cm cob to present size - transition - stone age to agriculture - importance of women

    3. when you've killed off all the big game and you're sort of running around hunting rabbits and small birds and you're starting to think this 00:11:49 really isn't good enough and probably in those those hunting societies is usually the women and children who do the gathering and they were probably uh producing 00:12:02 a bigger and bigger percentage of the food supply from their activities

      for - progress - transition from stone age hunter gatherers to agriculture - role of women and children

    1. The age cohort projected to make the earliest transition to majority-minority is the one that includes workers age 25 to 34. These are today’s 18- to 27-year-olds and for them, the projected transition year is 2021.

      for - stats - 25 to 34 year old people of color is earliest U.S. working class cohort to transition in the year 2021.

  2. Jun 2024
    1. Résumé de la vidéo [00:00:13][^1^][1] - [00:49:10][^2^][2]:

      Cette vidéo aborde la liaison école-collège, en mettant l'accent sur la continuité pédagogique et les défis associés à la transition des élèves du primaire au secondaire. Elle souligne l'importance des instances institutionnelles, telles que le Conseil école-collège et le conseil de cycle 3, dans la définition des actions pour assurer une transition fluide. Les intervenants discutent des obstacles rencontrés par les élèves et les enseignants, ainsi que des outils et des parcours éducatifs qui soutiennent la continuité.

      Points forts: + [00:01:18][^3^][3] Continuité école-collège * Importance de la loi de refondation de l'école de 2013 * Rôle du Conseil école-collège et du conseil de cycle 3 * Objectif de lisser la transition CM2-6e + [00:07:01][^4^][4] Défis pour les élèves et enseignants * Adaptation des élèves à un nouvel environnement * Différences culturelles et disciplinaires pour les enseignants * Nécessité d'une coopération accrue entre les enseignants + [00:09:01][^5^][5] Outils et parcours éducatifs * Le livret scolaire comme outil de suivi * Parcours artistique, citoyen et de santé pour la cohérence de formation * Importance de la traçabilité des apprentissages + [00:26:03][^6^][6] Actions et projets interdegrés * Projets communs entre le primaire et le secondaire * Visites organisées et journées d'immersion pour les élèves de CM2 * Pactes enseignants pour la continuité des parcours éducatifs

      Résumé de la vidéo [00:27:00][^1^][1] - [00:51:11][^2^][2]:

      La vidéo aborde la liaison école-collège, en mettant l'accent sur la continuité pédagogique et les défis associés à la transition des élèves du CM2 à la 6e. Elle souligne l'importance de la coopération entre les enseignants et les instances éducatives pour faciliter cette transition.

      Points forts: + [00:27:00][^3^][3] La liaison école-collège * Discussion sur la création d'un poste de CPE interdegré * Objectif de sécuriser les parcours des élèves et de travailler sur les compétences psychosociales * Importance de maintenir une relation avec les familles pour soutenir l'éducation + [00:32:26][^4^][4] Pilotage pédagogique * Mise en place de laboratoires de mathématiques pour la formation initiale et continue * Labellisation des laboratoires pour reconnaître leur capacité pédagogique * Focus sur les transitions école-collège et collège-lycée + [00:43:21][^5^][5] Pratiques coopératives * Nécessité d'enseignement explicite et de pratiques coopératives * Réflexion sur l'ingénierie de formation et l'intégration des visites croisées * Coanimation de séances par les enseignants pour renforcer la cohérence pédagogique + [00:50:03][^6^][6] Rapport de l'IGEN * Analyse des contraintes juridiques et organisationnelles * Identification des leviers pour une continuité école-collège efficace * Appel à une professionnalité spécifique pour soutenir l'apprentissage des élèves

    1. Have you noticed the plateauing (or the taper off) of fossil fuels

      for - key insight - fossil fuels tapering off

      key insight - fossil fuels tapering off - Take a look at the first chart above. Have you noticed the plateauing (or the taper off) of fossil fuels: - first coal, then - oil, and as of late: - natural gas?

  3. May 2024
    1. considered two scenarios –> one with the current average electricity carbon footprint in France and th

      questions here

    1. Governments and companies need to spend an extra $34 trillion on the clean energy transition between now and 2050 to reach net-zero emissions, according to BloombergNEF.

      Die Kosten der Energiewende liegen deutlich höher als bisher angenommen.

    1. Die amerikanische Behörde zur energieregulation Regulierung hat die Bestimmung für Stromnetze radikal reformiert um die Produktion erneuerbarer Energien zu fördern. Unter anderem müssen Netzbetreiber für den voraussichtlichen Bedarf in 20 Jahren planen. Einer neu einen neuen Bericht zufolge werden 50% der positiven Effekte des Inflation reduction Act für die Senkung der Emissionen verloren gehen wenn die amerikanischen Stromnetze nicht grundsätzlich gründlich überholt werden. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/05/13/climate/electric-grid-overhaul-ferc.html?region=BELOW_MAIN_CONTENT&block=storyline_flex_guide_recirc&name=styln-climate&variant=show&pgtype=Article

    1. Ausführliche Berichte thematisieren die großen Hindernisse, die in Frankreich für die just transition zu einem nachhaltigen Leben bestehen. Die Klimakrise wird in allen Schichten als Bedrohung wahrgenommen, aber in den ärmeren Gruppen sieht man viel weniger Handlungsmöglichkeiten. https://www.liberation.fr/idees-et-debats/fin-du-monde-ou-fin-de-mois-quels-sont-les-freins-a-la-conversion-ecologique-des-classes-populaires-20231118_72LRGBQFONDVFJJY26JU5X2JQY/

      Bericht des Wirtschafts-, Sozial- und Umweltrates: https://www.lecese.fr/sites/default/files/pdf/Avis/2023/2023_24_RAEF.pdf

      Bericht des Wirtschaftsinstituts für das Klima: https://www.i4ce.org/publication/transition-est-elle-accessible-a-tous-les-menages-climat/

    1. Đie New York Times berichtet über die Folgen des gerade abgeschlossenen Deals zur Schuldenobergrenze für die Dekarbonisierung. Vieles spricht dafür, dass zwar der Bau der Bau der neuen Mountain Valley Pipeline für Erdgas beschleunigt wird Investitionen in die Netzinfrastruktur, die entscheidend dafür sind, ob die Energiewende in den USA gelingt, aber weiter aufgeschoben werden können.


  4. Apr 2024
    1. for - deep geothermal - Quaise Energy - Paul Woskov - adjacency - deep geothermal - gyrotron - microwave energy - drilling - use oil & gas industry drilling expertise - rehabilitate old mines

      summary - see adjacency statement below

      adjacency - between - deep geothermal - gyrotron - microwave energy - drilling - use oil & gas industry drilling expertise - rehabilitate old mines - adjacency statement - gyrotrons pulse high energy microwave energy in nuclear fusion experiments - Woskov thought of applying to vaporing rocks - Quaise was incorporated to explore the possiblity of using gyrotrons to drill up to 20 miles down to tap into the earths heat energy to heat water and drive steam turbines in existing coal-fired and gas power plants - oil and gas industry drilling expertise can be repurposed for this job - as well as all the abandoned resource wells around the globe - Such heat can provide a stable 24/7 base load energy for most of humanity's energy needs.

      implications for energy transition - This is a viable option for replacing the dirty fossil fuel system - It has the scale and engineering timelines to be feasible - It is a supply side change but can affect our demand side strategy - The strategy that may become the most palatable is one of a "temporary energy diet"

    1. what it means to be human and about our relationship with the wider community of life.

      for - Deep Humanity - individual / collective gestalt - Ernest Becker - Anthropological birth of the psychic self - timebound - symbolic - organizing principle for sensations and perceptions - Progress and Freedom - self / other duality

    1. A transition in T f \ T is faulty, and a computation is faulty if it
    2. A transition s → s′ ∈ T is correct, and a computation of correct transitionsis correct.
    3. Atransition system T S = (S, s0, T, T f ) consists of a set of states S, an initialstate s0 ∈ S, a set of (correct) transitions T ⊆ S2 and a set of faulty transitionsT f ⊆ S2. If T f = ∅ then it may be omitted
    4. the transitions over S are all pairs (s, s′) ∈ S2, also written s → s′.
  5. Mar 2024
    1. science has transformed our understanding of time.
      • It’s not an exaggeration to say that
        • science has transformed our understanding of time.
      • But as well in conjunction with this
        • it has transformed- the concept of who we are.
      • From biology we have learned that
        • there is no such thing as race,
        • we are all fundamentally one species
          • (with contributions from a few other sister species, Denisovans and Neanderthals).
      • And from physics we can say that
        • we are literally the space dust of the cosmos
          • experiencing itself in human form.

      for - language - primacy of - symbolosphere - adjacency - language - science - multi-scale competency architecture - Michael Levin - complexity - social superorganism - major evolutionary transition - worldviews - scientific vs religious - Michael Levin - multi-scale competency architecture

      adjacency - between - deep time - multi-scale competency architecture - Michael Levin - social superorganism - complexity - major evolutionary transition - complexity - adjacency statement - Deep time narrative has potential for unifying polarised worldviews - but citing purely scientific evidence risks excluding and alienating large percentage of people who have a predominantly religious worldview - Language, the symbolosphere is the foundation that has made discourse in both religion and science possible - Due to its fundamental role, starting with language could be even more unifying than beginning with science, - as there are large cultural groups that - do not prioritize the scientific worldview and narrative, but - prefer a religious one.<br /> - Having said that, multi-scale competency architecture, - a concept introduced by Michael Levin - encapsulates the deep time approach in each human being, - which withing Deep Humanity praxis we call "human INTERbeCOMing" to represent our fundamental nature as a process, not a static entity - Each human INTERbeCOMing encapsulates deep time, and is - an embodiment of multiple stages of major evolutionary transitions in deep time - both an individual and multiple collectives - what we can in Deep Humanity praxis the individual / collective gestalt

  6. Feb 2024
    1. Interview mit dem Blackrock-Portfoliomanager Evy Hambro zu den Folgen der Energiewende für die Rohstoff-Märkte und einzige ihrer geopolitischen Implikationen. Grundaussagen: Durch erneuerbare Energien wird die Wirtschaft rohstoffintensiver und die Rohstoffpreise steigen. Auch der Bergbau ist bisher CO2-intensiv. Das Festhalten an Wachstum führt zu Investitionen in Kerneenergie und Uran-Bergbau. China beherrscht vor allem die Mitte der Lieferkette für wichtige Rohstoffe. https://www.handelsblatt.com/finanzen/maerkte/devisen-rohstoffe/blackrock-experte-energiewende-koennte-mineralienpreise-in-die-hoehe-treiben/100013162.html

    1. Bericht über die Präsentation der energiestrategie des Burgenlands: Das Burgenland soll bis 2030 klimaneutral werden. Ein zentrales Tätigkeitsfeld der Energie Burgenland ist dabei die Vergrößerung der Speicherkapazität, bei der man auf unterschiedliche Lösungen, unter anderem auch auf Elektroautos als Energiespeicher, setzt. Für großspeicher möchte man die Organic-Solid-Flow-Technologie verwenden. https://www.derstandard.de/story/3000000205472/300-mwh-energiespeicher-sollen-das-burgenland-energieunabhaengig-machen

    1. other cultures do not think this and that suggests that our sense of self is largely culturally constructed

      for - quote - Sarah Stein Lubrano - quote - self as cultural construction in WEIRD culture - sense of self

      quote - (immediately below)

      • It's just a weird fascination of our weird culture that
        • we think the self is there and
        • it's the best and most likely explanation for human behavior
      • Other people in other cultures do not think this
      • and that suggests that our sense of self is largely culturally constructed

      discussion - sense of self is complex. See the work of - Michael Levin and - https://jonudell.info/h/facet/?max=100&expanded=true&user=stopresetgo&exactTagSearch=true&any=michael+levin - Major Evolutionary Transition in Individuality - https://jonudell.info/h/facet/?max=100&expanded=true&user=stopresetgo&exactTagSearch=true&any=major+evolutionary+transition+in+individuality

  7. Jan 2024
    1. The current silver economy stands at

      for - silver economy - stats - silver economy

      stats - silver economy - 2024 - 7 trillion yuan ($982 billion USD) - 6 % GDP - 2035 - 30 trillion yuan ($4.2 trillion USD) - 10% GDP

      question - silver economy - climate change impacts? transition impacts?

    1. for - multi scale competency architecture - Michael Levin - evolutionary biology - rapid whole system change - adjacency - multi scale competency architecture - rapid whole system change - stop reset go - Deep Humanity - Indyweb - Indranet - major evolutionary transition in individuality - MET - superorganism - cumulative cultural evolution of individuality

      adjacency - between - multi scale competency architecture - rapid whole system change - progress trap - stop reset go - Deep Humanity - Indyweb - Indranet - major evolutionary transition in individuality - MET - superorganism - cumulative cultural evolution of individuality - adjacency statement - The idea of multi scale competency architecture can be extended to apply to the cultural level. - in the context of humanity's current existential poly /meta/ perma crisis, - rapid whole system change - (a cultural behavioural paradigm shift) - is required within a few short years - to avoid the worst impacts of - catastrophic, - anthropogenic - climate change, which is entangled with a host of other earth system boundary violations including - biodiversity loss - fresh water scarcity - - the driver of evolution through major evolutionary transitions in individuality has given rise to the level of cultural superorganisms that include all previous levels - progress and its intended consequences of progress traps play a major role in determining the future evolutionary trajectory of our and many other species - our species is faced with a few choice permutations in this regard: - individually regulate behaviour aligned with a future within earth system boundaries - collectively regulate behaviour aligned with a future within earth system boundaries - pursue sluggish green growth / carbon transition that is effectively tinkering at the margins of rapid whole system change - BAU - currently, there doesn't appear to be any feasible permutation of any of the above choices - There is insufficient worldview alignment to create the unity at scale for report whole system change - individual incumbent state and corporate actors still cling too tightly to the old, destructive regime, - creating friction that keeps the actual rate of change below the required - Stop Reset Go, couched within the Deep Humanity praxis and operationalized through the Indyweb / Indranet individual / collective open learning system provides a multi-dimensional tool for a deep educational paradigm shift that can accelerate both individual and collective upregulation of system change

    1. Das Handelsblatt hat be McKinsey eine Studie zu den Kosten der Energiewende in Deutschland in Auftrag gegeben. Danach ließen sich u.a. die Kosten bis 2035 um 100 Milliarden Euro reduzieren, wenn weniger auf Solar- und Windenergie und den dazu nötigen Ausbau der Stromnetze gesetzt würde und mehr auf Gaskraftwerke, die dann auf Wasserstoff umgerüstet werden können. Der Artikel berichtet nicht über Konsequenzen für die CO<sub>2</sub>-Bilanz. https://www.handelsblatt.com/politik/deutschland/milliarden-ersparnis-sind-die-ausgaben-fuer-die-energiewende-zu-hoch/100002547.html

    1. Der Ausbau der Windenergie in Deutschland hat sich unter der Ampelkoalition beschleunigt. Es werden aber im Augenblick nur etwa halt so viele Anlagen gebaut, wie es nach den Plänen der Bundesregierung nötig wäre. In den südlichen Bundesländern ist der Ausbau viel zu langsam. Genehmigungsverfahren z.B. für den Transport dauern zu lange. https://taz.de/Ausbau-der-Windenergie/!5983011/

    1. for - social transition - rapid whole system change - cosmolocal - cosmo-local - anywheres - everywheres - commons - Michel Bauwens - P2P Foundation - somewheres - meme - glocalization - meme - cosmos-localization

      summary - A good article introducing cosmo-localism as a logical vasilation of failed markets and states, swinging the pendulum back to the commons as a necessary precursor to rapid whole system change

    1. Die Preise für erneuerbare Energien liegen inzwischen weltweit nahezu überall deutlich unter denenbfür fossile Energie. Allerdings sind die Profite bei fossilen Energien wesentlich höher. David Wallace-Wells analysiert diese Situation ausgehend von Brett Christophers' im Februar erscheinenden neuen Buch und von aktuellen Zahlen über die Profite der Öl- und Gasfirmen und die fossilen Subventionen.Nötig sind staatliche Interventionen und vor allem der Verzicht auf fossile Subventionen. https://www.nytimes.com/2024/01/10/opinion/profits-green-energy.html

    1. Laut Agora Energiewende ist der CO2-Ausstoß in Deutschland 2023 um 73 Millionen Tonnen auf insgesamt 673 Millionen Tonnen gesunken, den niedrigsten Stand seit den 50er Jahren. Allerdings gehen nur 15% dieses Rückgangs auf dauerhafte Einsparungen zurück. Der Ausbau der Solarenergie entspricht den Zielen der Bundesregierung und der EU, der Ausbau der Windenergie bleibt weiterhin dahinter zurück. Gebäude und Verkehr imitieren weiterhin deutlich mehr, als sie es laut bisherigem Klimaschutzgesetz dürfen. https://taz.de/Studie-zu-CO-Emissionen/!5983584/

      Studie: https://www.agora-energiewende.de/publikationen/die-energiewende-in-deutschland-stand-der-dinge-2023

    1. I have compiled a list of database sources for global information about energy so you can save time.

      List of database sources for global information about energy

  8. Dec 2023
    1. “an integral and important part in the success of sustainability transitions”

      for: transition - important role of emotions

      • comment
        • agreed! (thumbs up emoticon)
      • for: transition - emotional pain of, degrowth - emotional pain of, Kristina Bogner

      • title: Coping with transition pain: An emotions perspective on phase-outs in sustainability transitions

      • author
        • Kristina Bogner
        • Barbara Kump
        • Mayte Beekman
        • Julia Wittmayer
      • date


        • introduce the idea of transition pain in transition-in-the-making
        • explain how emotions in transitions are
          • process-dependent,
          • culturally and socially embedded and
          • political
        • suggest a 'coping with transition pain' perspective for more integrated engagements with phase-outs
      • ABSTRACT

        • With this perspective paper, we aim to raise awareness of and offer starting points for studying the role of emotions and associated behavioural responses to losses in relation to phase-outs.
        • We start from a psychological perspective and explain how
          • losses due to phasing out dominant
            • practices,
            • structures, and
            • cultures
          • may threaten core psychological needs and lead to - what we introduce as - ‘transition pain’.
        • We borrow insights from the psychological coping literature to explain that different forms of transition pain may elicit characteristic coping responses (e.g.
          • opposition,
          • escape,
          • negotiation),
        • shaping
          • individual meaning-making and
          • behaviour
        • in ongoing sustainability transitions.
        • We then expand this psychological lens and present three additional perspectives, namely, that transition pain is
          • (1) dynamic and process-dependent,
          • (2) collectively shared and socially conditioned, and
          • (3) political.
        • We discuss how a ‘coping with transition pain’ lens can contribute to a better understanding of
          • individual and collective meaning-making,
          • behaviour and agency in transitions as well as
          • a more emotion-sensitive governance of phase-outs.
      • SUMMARY

        • It's good to have knowledge about the emotional aspects of transition as these challenging emotions constitute obstacles to transition.
        • It is really a letting go process. High density fossil fuels has created a high energy lifestyle that we have become use to. When we no longer have access to high energy density fossil fuels, our life has to change quite radically.
        • We are like a spoiled child that must now contend with the loss of what we took for granted. The politics of libertariansim is based on protecting our right to a high energy density lifestyle.
        • We need to now how to deal with this loss, as it is very profound
    1. Renewable Energy Communities as Modes of Collective Prosumership: A Multi-Disciplinary Assessment

      Shubhra Chaudhry. Articles 2022. Hanze + Frauenhofer Institut. Renewable Energy Communities as Modes of Collective Prosumership

    1. Whatever one thinks of Sultan Al Jaber, one statement he’s made repeatedly makes perfect sense: “We cannot unplug the world from the current energy system before we build a new energy system.” The focus, then, has to shift.
      • for: quote - Sultan Al Jabber, quote - energy replacement instead of phase out, key point - focus on energy transition instead of just fossil fuel phase out

      • quote

        • Whatever one thinks of Sultan Al Jaber, one statement he’s made repeatedly makes perfect sense: “We cannot unplug the world from the current energy system before we build a new energy system.”
        • The focus, then, has to shift.
          • Instead of focusing on dismantling the incumbent system,
          • we need to focus on accelerating the deployment of the new system that will replace it
      • author: Nafeez Ahmed
      • date : Dec 6, 2023

      • key point

        • we must focus on the energy shift instead of just the phase out or down of the old energy system
    1. normal crisis in the system for most people is degrowth like 00:22:22 most people's living standards don't rise that's so it's it's divorced from the experience that that most people have in in in the UK you know where we're where we're speaking from wages at 00:22:36 the same level they were in 2005 rents aren't bills aren't your groceries aren't but your pay is so um you know most people have been experiencing 00:22:49 degrowth that's the comms reason why it's bad
      • for: degrowth - criticism - bad communication, suggestion - growth and degrowth simultaneously

      • suggestion

        • evolution / transition / transformation are better terms as it indicates something is dying at the same time diverging is being born
        • it is highly misleading to think one dimensionally as there are many things that have to degrow and many things that have to grow simultaneously
          • degrowth of carbon emissions, which implies pragmatically in the short time scale noe available a significant degrowth of fossil fuels
        • growth of a new energy system to replace much of it
        • degrowth of unnecessary and harmful consumption accompanied
          • growth of holistic network of root level wellbeing activities and the low carbon infrastructure to support it
      • for: Deep Humanity - business transition, DH - business transition

      • summary

        • fear of the old system dying, and therefore of death in general is something top executives are dealing with, and not very well.
        • Deep Humanity mortality salience BEing journeys are a valuable tool to help with the transition of business and industry
    1. In the past seven years alone I’ve given more than 500 talks and interviews about regeneration, and I sense the same fear again and again in most leaders. A fear of fully embracing a regenerative transition because it means they need to let go of most of what they have been taught is good business and leadership. They need to surrender to a landscape that doesn’t have a fixed toolbox, process-plans, checklists and business models and it scares the shit out of most executives.
      • for: transition - business world - fear, DH - business application, Deep Humanity - Business application
    1. SoNeC opens up a viable approach for real citizen participation with a potentially major impact toaddress the needs of the people in a certain neighbourhood facing the ever increasing climate andcurrent democratic crisis.
    2. SoNeC is a framework for citizen participation.
      • for: transition - at local level, community owned production cooperatives

      • comment

        • SONECs can provide the vehicle for rapid whole system change and transition at the local level
        • From SONEC neighborhood parliaments, a community can become more independent and production can be relocaized in the form of community owned cooperatives for:
          • energy
          • water
          • food
          • transportation
          • health
          • manufacturing
    1. Here are the 10 courses to complete that cover major aspects of the energy industry -

      Educational resources from universities about the Energy Transition

    1. The Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA) is an international alliance of governments and stakeholders working together to facilitate the managed phase-out of oil and gas production.
    1. It's time for a redesign. Solar panels and wind turbine blades ending up in landfill are flaws in product and business model design.

      We need to talk about renewables - Part 2: Using a circular economy approach to redesign renewable energy infrastructure

    1. Watch along as lead author Heymi Bahar & I launch IEA’s Renewables 2022 report and discuss the key findings ⬇️

      Video of key findings of IEA Renewables 2022 Report

    1. 6 key insights into accelerating the energy transition <img src="https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg" srcset="https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_big_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 1600w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_large_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 800w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_medium_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 485w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_small_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 350w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_tiny_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.jpg 97w" webp_srcset="https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_big_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 1600w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_large_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 800w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_medium_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 485w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_small_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 350w, https://assets.weforum.org/article/image/responsive_tiny_webp_o1s9nmmQY2-K5Io_3NYU5bfvGIvioGJ1d87kY3BkXgc.webp 97w" sizes="100vw" html="{:loading=&gt;&quot;eager&quot;, :class=&gt;&quot;&quot;, :alt=&gt;&quot;wind turbines energy transition&quot;, :style=&gt;&quot;width: 100.0%; margin-left: -0.0%; margin-top: -11.64%;&quot;}" use_picture="true">

      World Economic Forum - 6 key insights into accelerating the energy transition

      1. The energy transition is not keeping pace with the growing urgency for change.

      2. Lack of access to an affordable energy supply has emerged as a threat to a just energy transition.

      3. Energy diversity - and security - are in short supply.

      4. Regulatory frameworks need to be strengthened to meet the moment

      5. Demanding change increasingly means changing demand

      6. Industrial-strength decarbonization requires industrial-strength collaborations

    1. "There's so much pressure and emphasis on getting the Green Revolution happening that it's almost by any means necessary without that pause of 'well it is green, but is it as green as it should be?"

      We need to talk about renewables - Part 1: Why renewable energy infrastructure needs to be built using a circular economy approach

  9. Nov 2023
    1. Energy transitions can happen without the engagement of the oil and gas industry, but the journey to net zero will be more costly and difficult to navigate if they are not on board.
      • for: energy transition without willing participation from the fossil fuel industry

      • question

        • What data does the IEA base this claim on?
    1. if you look at somewhere like the UK 75% of all our flights are made by just 15% of the population and we know who that 15% are you know they're not the average person or the poor person so we're not talking about 00:12:49 someone who flies occasionally away on holiday we're talking about people who fly really regularly they have their second homes they have their big mansions they have their large cars and this particular group all of those 00:13:02 things will have to change
      • for: elites - lifestyle change, great simplification, worldview transition -materially-excessive and wonder-poor to materially- sufficient and wonder-rich, awakening wonder, Deep Humanity, BEing journeys

      • comment

      • possible way to have more than one home
      • a group can co-create and mutually invest in a regenerative timeshare
        • an example is to co-invest in a regenerative local community economy based around a regerative agroforestry system which has community owned and supported agriculture with year round Regenerative work and sustainable accommodations
        • Deep Humanity BEing journeys can play a role to re-awaken wonder
    1. Roger Hardy erklärt in diesem Artikel über die von ihm in Großbritannien gegründete Organisation Round our Way, dass Arbeiterklassen-Communities von der globalen Erhitzung und ihren Folgen besonders stark betroffen sind und das auch wissen. Nur eine Klimabewegung für "ordinary people" könne das Fundament für einen gesellschaftlichen Konsens über Klimaschutz herstellen. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/commentisfree/2023/nov/21/working-class-people-climate-crisis-policy

    1. we don't have anybody in Canada 00:51:56 who's serious about how would you help a whole society that doesn't even understand the depth to which it is modern come to terms of the fact it has no future as a modern culture 00:52:10 and how would you help them understand that in a way that doesn't terrify them and see that as an adventure so we could replace the Alberta Advantage which is about low taxes and money in your pocket 00:52:22 to the Alberta Adventure week Alberta could be earn a reputation at least it could I mean we do have enough Mavericks and things we have the possibility of 00:52:34 earning a global reputation of becoming the most extraordinary place in the world that is taking this work seriously
      • for: perspective shift - modernity to "neo-indigenous"

      • question

        • how do you transform fear of the perceived great loss of modernity to the gains of neo-indigenous civilization?
        • we would have to feature the many potential benefits of doing this
        • it can't be just a big loss, but the pros must outweigh the cons
    1. here is the human 00:50:39 journey the big arrows indicate the way that it in fact developed in history the small errors indicate that of the seven point seven billion of us on the planet people are moving in every direction 00:50:52 from each of those phases and some in each of those phases want to hang on to those phases are not move that's what those great black circles are the little black circles our people who want to 00:51:04 just hang on to what they've got and not move but others are on the move and what's more they're on the move in every possible direction
      • for: cultural evolution - diverse movements, cultural transition - diverse movements

      • summary

        • Bill Reese and Rubin Nelson believe that the dynamic / relational quadrant of indigenous culture is the most viable futures
    2. we've got to leave the bottom left-hand corner and that only gives you three other spaces to go to and I've already noted that one of those spaces may be a place that has a certain utility short-run 00:50:27 but don't try to build your culture there because you can't do it it's a place that you want to be in for a while but then you wanna leave so it really only gives you two places
      • for: major cultural paradigms, modernity - leaving, cultural transition, cultural evolution, MET, Major Evolutionary Transition, kiey insight - 4 major cultural paradigms

      • comment

      • key insight: 4 major cultural paradigms

        • This matrix doesn't quite capture what Ruben is proposing because he later talks about neo-indigenous, which means taking elements of modernity but within an overall indigenous framework, so a hybrid
        • It would be worth exploring implications for an evolutionary framework of Major Evolutionary Transitions (MET)
    1. Der Critical Raw Materials Actt wird von Industrie-Lobbies benutzt, um Einschränkungen beim Zugang zu Rohmaterialien abzubauen, und zwar auch dann, wenn es nicht um die Energieversorgung geht. IT-, Rüstungs- und Raumfahrtindustrie versuchen von der Krisensituation bei den neuen Energien zu profitieren. Die Libéation berichtet über einen neuen Report von Lobbying-Warchdogs. Die Liste der kritischen Rohmaterialien wurde bereits von 15 auf 34 Stoffe erweitert. https://www.liberation.fr/international/europe/ue-le-critical-raw-materials-act-un-open-bar-pour-lindustrie-miniere-20231112_HZUR6376QJCZVBM5IGIUR6V2QE/

    1. Die englische Regierung hat in der letzten Oktoberwoche 27 Lizenzen zur Öl- und Gasförderung in der Nordsee vergeben. George Monbiot konfrontiert diese Entscheidung mit aktuellen Erkenntnissen zum sechsten Massenaussterben und dem drohenden Zusammenbruch lebensunterstützender Systeme des Planeten https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2023/oct/31/flickering-earth-systems-warning-act-now-rishi-sunak-north-sea

    1. In einem Brief wollen mehr als 100 britische Energieunternehmen Premierminister Rishi Sunak warnen von der aktuellen Dekarbonisierungspolitik abzugehen. Gerade erst hat ein Gutachten gezeigt, mit welchen Gefahren die zu große Abhängigkeit Großbritanniens von gaslieferungen verbunden ist. Für das net sirocil sind diesen Bericht zufolge 327 Milliarden Pfund Investitionen nötig Punkt bisher haben sich die Regierung aber nur zu gut 22,5 Milliarden Pfund verpflichtet. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/jul/16/top-uk-energy-firms-to-warn-rishi-sunak-dont-back-off-green-agenda

      Net Zero-Bericht von Chris Skidmore: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/review-of-net-zero

      Report des Office for Budget Stability: https://obr.uk/frs/fiscal-risks-and-sustainability-july-2023/#:~:text=In%20this%2C%20our%20second%20FRS,on%20the%20UK's%20public%20debt.

    1. Ein Kommentar in der New York Times weist daraufhin, dass einer der Hauptgründe für das für die geringe Nutzung erneuerbarer Energien die veralteten stromübertragungsnetze sind. In den USA scheitert ihre Erneuerung an den Kosten bzw der mangelnden Bereitschaft, für Sie die Allgemeinheit aufkommen zu lassen Punkt der Artikel erwähnt ähnliche Probleme in Deutschland wo Strom von windkraftwerken im Norden mangelsleitungen nicht nach Süddeutschland transportiert werden kann

    1. I'm tempted to say you can look at uh broadscale social organization uh or like Network Dynamics as an even larger portion of that light 00:32:43 cone but it doesn't seem to have the same continuity well I don't you mean uh it doesn't uh like first person continuity like it doesn't like you think it doesn't it isn't like anything to be 00:32:55 that social AG agent right and and we we both are I think sympathetic to pan psychism so saying even if we only have conscious access to what it's like to be 00:33:08 us at this higher level like it's there's it's possible that there's something that it's like to be a cell but I'm not sure it's possible that there's something that there's something it's like to be say a country
      • for: social superorganism - vs human multicellular being, social superorganism, Homni, major evolutionary transition, MET, MET in Individuality, Indyweb, Indranet, Indyweb/Indranet, CCE cumulative cultural evolution, symmathesy, Gyuri Lajos, individual/collective gestalt, interwingled sensemaking, Deep Humanity, DH, meta crisis, meaning crisis, polycrisis

      • comment

        • True, there is no physical cohesion that binds human beings together into a larger organism, but there is another dimension - informational cohesion.
        • This informational cohesion expresses itself in cumulative cultural evolution. Even this very discussion they are having is an example of that
        • The social superorganism is therefore composed of an informational body and not a physical one and one can think of its major mentations as collective, consensual ideas such as popular memes, movements, governmental or business actions and policies
        • I slept on this and this morning, realized how salient Adam's question was to my own work
          • The comments here build and expand upon what I thought yesterday (my original annotations)
          • The main connections to my own sense-making work are:
            • Within our specific human species, the deep entanglement between self and other (the terminology that our Deep Humanity praxis terms the "individual / collective gestalt")
            • The Deep Humanity / SRG claim that the concurrent meaning / meta / poly crisis may be an evolutionary test foreshadowing the next possible Major Evolutionary Transition in Individuality.<