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  1. Nov 2023
    1. Clinton and Edith Sneed Environmental Research Area

      Full name of the ERA (Environmental Research Area) of the Sneed Prairie where Austin College, led by Dr. Peter Schulze, conduct their annual research.

  2. Oct 2023
    1. I-A16 - Note de service du 26 août 2022 : Expérimentation de deux heureshebdomadaires supplémentaires d’activité physique et sportive pour les collégiens(BOEN n° 32 du 1er septembre 2022)
    1. A good college, ifit does nothing else, ought to produce competent syntopicalreaders.

      Adler and Van Doren's minimal bar of a college education is that it produce competent syntopical readers.

  3. Sep 2023
    1. Gould, Jessica. “Teachers College, Columbia U. Dissolves Program behind Literacy Curriculum Used in NYC Public Schools.” Gothamist, September 8, 2023. https://gothamist.com/news/columbia-university-dissolves-program-behind-literacy-curriculum-used-in-nyc-public-schools.

      The Teachers College of Columbia University has shut down the Lucy Calkins Units of Study literacy program.

      Missing from the story is more emphasis on not only the social costs, which they touch on, but the tremendous financial (sunk) cost to the system by not only adopting it but enriching Calkins and the institution (in a position of trust) which benefitted from having sold it.

      link to: https://hypothes.is/a/eicbpgSKEe6vc0fPdIm05w

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    1. Catalog cards were 2 by 5 inches (5 cm × 13 cm); the Harvard College size.

      Early library card catalogs used cards that were 2 x 5" cards, the Harvard College size, before the standardization of 3 x 5" index cards.

    1. Only a handful have been set up this century: University of California Merced (2005), Ave Maria University (2003) and Soka University of America (2001). Just five U.S. colleges founded in the past 50 years make it into the Times’s top 25 “Young Universities”: University of Alabama at Birmingham (founded 1969), University of Texas at Dallas (1969), George Mason (1957), University of Texas at San Antonio (1969) and Florida International (1969). Each is (or originated as) part of a state university system.

      How does he focus on the dearth of new universities, particularly in populations which have only been growing? No mention of the growing number of colleges which have gone bankrupt and disappeared? Given population growth, with appropriately commensurate funding (a political football), we should have seen a huge number of new institutions just from that.

  7. Mar 2023
    1. Elle s'est plongée dans le journal intime de sa sœur 3 168 vues 20 mars 2023 Brut Brut Validé 1,64 M d’abonnés Abonné Abonné 229 J'aime ce contenu Je n'aime pas ce contenu Partager Partager Télécharger Télécharger 3 168 vues 20 mars 2023 3 168 vues • 20 mars 2023 Elle avait 21 ans et rêvait de devenir écrivaine. Après des années de harcèlement scolaire, elle s'est suicidée, laissant derrière elle son journal intime. Ses mots, sa sœur Agathe a choisi de les publier dans un roman, son roman : Le Livre de Liane. Elle raconte son histoire.
  8. Feb 2023
    1. Programme prévisionnel des investissements relatifs auxcollèges
    2. Accueil, restauration, hébergement et entretien technique, àl’exception des missions d’encadrement et de surveillance desélèves, des bâtiments dans les établissements dont il a lacharge
    3. Construction et fonctionnement des collèges
    1. Eh bien quarante ans plus tard, en 2005, un collègue de l’inspection générale remarque la composition curieuse des classes de troisième dans un collège qu’il visite. Il interroge le chef d’établissement. Il avait raison de s’étonner. Une classe de troisième avait été constituée uniquement avec les élèves dont les parents pouvaient payer le séjour à l’étranger.
  9. Jan 2023
    1. Best B school in Kerala

      Nowadays Kerala is a promising ideal destination for MBA aspirants because the state is a location of many prestigious business schools with excellent MBA programs. Kerala is regarded as the state with the highest rate of literacy in India and as the centre of the nation's education system. Kerala's rapidly expanding economy, which accounts for roughly 4% of all economic activity in India, makes the state an ideal place to pursue an MBA. Marian Institute of Management is the top-ranked MBA school in Kerala with excellent placement rates.

      The MBA programs offered by MIM - The MBA colleges in Kerala with the greatest placement combine top-notch instruction with recruitment to prestigious businesses. Kerala is the top choice for postgraduate study among students all around India. The two-year MBA program develops professionals with entrepreneurial solid skills out of the applicants.

      MBA programs give students a thorough understanding of and training in business operations and business administration management. MBA programs are open to students from all backgrounds, including the humanities, sciences, and business. When a student is looking for jobs at reputable organizations, interpersonal qualities like leadership, problem-solving, analytical ability, goal-oriented, and strong communication may be an advantage. The best placements are at MIM, Kerala's leading MBA school.

      MIM is a part of Marian College, a reputable institution that attracts MBA candidates with its excellent climate and location in the most picturesque hilly region of the Idukki District. This location is blessed with access to global infrastructure, reasonable fees, and a high hiring rate by prestigious firms. Students choose to study at MIM from all across India and other countries as well.

      MIM has been approved by the All-India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, to admit 180 students. The college is approved by the Kerala government and affiliated with Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam. The National Board of Accreditation has granted college accreditation (NBA). Since its founding in 2009, the college has had great success placing its graduates in prestigious organizations that offer competitive salaries.

      Best B schools in Kerala, MBA admission

      For more details


    1. La Défenseure des droits recommande auxdirecteurs académiques, en concertation avecles collèges et lycées, de diffuser à chaquerentrée scolaire, via un support adapté (livretd’accueil, etc.), les informations relatives àla présence au sein de l’établissement, del’assistante sociale et de l’infirmière scolaire.Une information systématique à destinationdes parents sur l’accès à la médecine scolairedoit aussi être organisée.

      Recommandadion 12

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    1. Colleges should exist not to produce winning athletic teams; sustain multilayered administrative bureaucracies; deliver fine food, fancy gyms, and luxury housing; or even find jobs for students. They exist to educate a populace, secure the peace of our republic, seed innovation, and model virtue.
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    1. Dès l’an 2000, la CNIL avait émis un avis défavorable concernant l’installation d’un système d’authentification conditionnant l’accès à la cantine d’un collège à l’utilisation d’une base de données d’empreintes digitales
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  23. Jul 2021
    1. Anne: You were enjoying school to some extent, and soccer. Did you get in trouble at all?Juan: When I was in high school, I did get in trouble because I did get in a couple of fights, but to the extent to say that I was a trouble maker or I wasn't disciplined, or to say that I didn't care about school, no. I consider myself not a good kid because I did get in trouble, but a kid who cared for his well being as in school-wise. I wanted to graduate, I wanted to continue to college.Anne: How old are you now?Juan: Twenty four.Anne: You wanted to go off to college, but that didn't happen or did it happen?Juan: Right now I am in college.Anne: That's good.Juan: Yes. Yes.

      Time in the US, School, Working hard, getting good grades

    1. Ben: That's all I can do. But I'm still grateful I did very well and my family's not hurting. If I felt that they were hurting, I would risk it all and head back. But, they're comfortable, they're doing well. And I think, well I feel that I set a standard for them, to strive to be more, to strive because they all had, including my wife, when we married she was kind of shy and her self-esteem—not that she had low self-esteem—but she really didn't believe that much in herself. But right now, she's shining, she's doing really well, and she's holding it together for both kids at that age to still be living with her, other than my son right now in college, that he went, that's to say a lot for two parents. But for a single parent, you gotta hand it to her.


  24. Jun 2021
    1. This is what we can think of as the aspirational critique of meritocracy.

      Exploring the idea of aspirational critique of meritocracy is worthwhile.

      The fact that everyone gets up in arms in a case like the college admissions scandal of 2019, but not at other forms is intriguing.

  25. May 2021
    1. Phil Magness. (2021, April 18). Fixed version: Here’s how the Imperial College model of Neil Ferguson performed over 1 year. I used their most conservative R0 assumption, so this is actually generous to them. Https://t.co/vVJJ629jO0 [Tweet]. @PhilWMagness. https://twitter.com/PhilWMagness/status/1383870801309360135

    1. Erik Angner. (2021, February 17). One point that the pandemic has brought home to me is just how narrow people’s expertise is. I’m regularly surprised by how a celebrated professor of X can exhibit a sub-college-level understanding of Y, even when X and Y are related. /1 [Tweet]. @ErikAngner. https://twitter.com/ErikAngner/status/1362006859004141570

  26. Apr 2021
    1. ReconfigBehSci. (2021, April 19). @ToddHorowitz3 so, given that no one can know the ‘unmitigated number’ what they seem to be calculating is in difference deaths given lockdown and model prediction without lockdown and calling that the ‘overestimate’—Which seems truly bizarre [Tweet]. @SciBeh. https://twitter.com/SciBeh/status/1384147188180082692

    1. La santé perçue des collégiens La dernière enquête HBSC 2014 montre qu’en matière de santé mentale : 82% des adolescents scolarisés en collèges ont une perception positive de leur vie et se situent dans une projection positive de leur avenir. Mais ce sentiment plutôt positif de bien-être tend à se dégrader entre la 6ème et la 3ème où il passe de 81,6% à77, 1% et diminue plus fortement chez les filles que chez les garçons.
  27. Mar 2021
    1. Recommandation n° 33 : multiplier les lieux de distributions de protections menstruelles dans les collèges et les lycées, en particulier dans les lieux de vie des élèves, et expérimenter la mise en place de distributeurs dans les toilettes.
    2. 2.   Collèges, lycées, universités : lutter contre la précarité menstruelle pour garantir l’égalité des chances
    1. C'est la rentrée ! Découvrez cette journée dans la peau du CPE, ou conseiller principal d'éducation, chargé du bon déroulement de ce grand jour pour les élèves et leurs parents.

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  29. Dec 2020
  30. Nov 2020
    1. Chambourcy : exclus par le collège, réintégrés par le rectorat Des professeurs et surveillants du collège Derain se sont mis en grève ce vendredi après l’annulation de quatre exclusions définitives prononcées par le conseil de discipline de l’établissement.

  31. Oct 2020
    1. By some measures distance education students are somewhat less prepared (e.g. fewer of them attended private high schools) but still have a better chance of graduating college than students who do not take distance education courses. Put simply, at a national level, even potentially less prepared students who participated in distance education early in their college careers were more likely to attain a degree than students who had not done so.

      A followup to studies of community college students in Virginia and Washington, this national study found that students who enrolled in online classes early in their college careers were more likely to complete their degrees. This was true even though students in online classes are somewhat less prepared than those in in person classes. One difference may be that this study was published a few years after the Virginia one, and more students were enrolled in online classes by then. 9/10

    1. Accordingly, our results strongly suggest thatonlineinstructionin keyintroductorycollege-level courses, at least as currently practiced, maynot be aseffectiveasface-to-faceinstructionat2-yearcommunitycolleges.

      According to a study done across all Virginia Community Colleges, students who signed up for gatekeeper courses (basic English and Math) online did less well in those courses than did their peers who took the same classes in person. There was a higher attrition rate in the online classes as well. Students who came in with good GPAs tended to do well in online courses, but those who were struggling with academics did worse than they probably would have in person. Many statistics are included. 9/10

  32. Sep 2020
    1. Considerable research indicates that college students are bothmore likely to persist and to perform at high academic levelswhen they perceive themselves to be members of a cooperativeand supportive learning community (Kuh, 2009; Tinto, 2006;Zhao & Ku, 2004)

      For another study, being a member of a cooperative and supportive learning environment may moderate the rates for persistence and academic performance in college.

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