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    1. good-looking

      She refers to him as not handsome! Henry Golding as Mr Elliot is one of the few gifts of Persuasion 2022 (tried to attach a picture but it didn't work)

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    1. poetical descriptions extant of autumn

      In the 1970s miniseries (which huge hair) one of the Musgrove sisters asks Anne for an appropriate poem on this walk. In the 2022 adaptation Mary snipes at Anne when she tries to recite telling her she doesn't like poetry or it makes her sick (can anyone find the quote?)

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    1. Now they were as strangers; nay, worse than strangers, for they could never become acquainted

      This line was treated poorly in the new adaptation (Persuasion 2022 Netflix) veering between calling them exes and friends. The point of this line is that they cannot be friends, they are keeping a distance from each other

  6. Jul 2022
    1. Die Wagner-Privatarmee sorgt dafür, dass mehr Migranten aus Libyen nach Italien kommen und damit die Wahlchancen der Rechten vergrößern.. Der Artikel geht aber auch auf die Öl-Interessen in Libyen ein, wo sich die Bürgerkriegs Parteien zum ersten Mal annähern und die Produktion steigern.

    1. In 90 und damit in fast allen französischen Departements herrscht Wassermangel, sodass der Wasserverbrauch mehr oder weniger stark von den Präfekten reguliert wird. Die Trockenheit begünstigt nicht nur Waldbrände. Sie verringert die Erträge der Landwirtschaft, und erschwert zunehmend auch die Binnenschifffahrt.

    1. The trends part of Voyant was interesting as it correlates with the arch of the story. “Pooh” is used fairly consistently throughout the story as he is the protagonist, while “Piglet” has a peak towards the middle as he is more of a side character. The use of “Christopher” also peaks more at the end as the front half of the story mostly focuses on his toys in their own world. Through Voyant, it is difficult to gain any real understanding of the actual plot of the book, but the “links” section of the program gives a clear arch of who the main characters are.

      I did the same book but I didn't see this correlation in the trends part. This is so interesting! It also shows that if you don't know the plot very well, you can miss out some analyses. I did see 'Pooh' used frequently throughout the segments of the book, but I did not realize how the side characters have a frequency increasing throughout the second half of the book.

    1. Where the 12 Tones of London is dedicated to capturing the characteristic sound of daily life in London, the Murder Map and Separados are meant to point out anomalies or hidden things – to show people things that they did not know existed in those places. The 12 Tones also integrated geographic data and demographic information of residents to divide London into clusters. This type of data is amenable to mapping, as is the real-time data about events tied to geographical points such as the murder map. 

      This is a very good point that I did not consider for the Murder Map. What both the Murder Map and The 12 Tones of London map do is integrate geographic data and demographic information and point out certain locations. In Murder Map, the locations are murder spots, and in 12 Tones of London, they are the most typical member in each cluster of council ward.

    1. Best to show specific locations (such as addresses) with customized colored markers for categories, plus text and images in popup windows.

      These maps are the most common map types that I have seen. These are used in tourist maps, college building maps, museum maps, and such. I have also used this kind of map using the Google My Map to relay information about Japanese American incarceration on the west coast, pointing out specific locations with text, website info, color, to show the development of Japanese towns.

    1. How have students’ attitudes and language toward women in different eras relating to gender discrimination changed and evolved at LACOL colleges? How do their public attitudes compare to their private ones?

      Yes this is a great question! I once read from the Amherst student newspaper that after Amherst became co-ed, there were a lot of sexual harassment issues. Especially, I remember a male student stating that because women now reside next door, they can't freely roam around bars and clubs. It would also be interesting to look at how student opinion changes, since there would be turning points not only in society but also in college that change their perspectives. For example, a sexual harassment incident at Amherst college changed the entire student body's perspective on reporting procedures and related administration.

    1. How are our individual communities responding to the different challenges posed by rising global temperatures and human-caused climate change? Is there a strategy to the response that can be inferred from maps? How are our smaller colleges  responding to these changing circumstances versus larger state schools?  What are the kinds of initiatives that are gaining momentum in communities? 

      These are exciting research questions and relevant to our campus lives. I'm wondering whether there would be a clear distinction between college initiatives versus small-scale or student-led initiatives. College initiatives can be mostly large-scale, funded by alumni/investors, and can involve architectural, and engineering elements more than student-led initiatives. Also sometimes, the college's response to climate change can be vastly different from that of individual students/communities. It would be interesting to understand how this group categorizes the community efforts and also look at state schools for comparison!

    1. One must be able to add one's own private links to and from public information. One must also be able to annotate links, as well as nodes, privately.

      Annotations were part of the earliest vision of the World Wide Web

    1. Rethinking digital pedagogy in this way not only allows students and instructors with varied access to electronic technologies to explore new kinds of assignments, but it also creates useful linkages between thinking about the materiality of print artifacts and that of digital texts.

      The hands-on approach in terms of being able to look at a text in terms of digitalized media, I believe that Fyfe's proposition of an assignment to use physical items instead of the digital to enact certain parts of the brain that allowed for the discovery of patterns through data visualization. I believe that it is truly best to be rethinking the type of pedagogy in learning. In terms of textual analysis, the interactions with the physical objects could allow for a deeper understanding of what the text entails since that physical connection with a piece creates a more thorough understanding of it. Personally, I cannot write my notes online because of this interactions with the mind and body. I feel as if I am able to connect deeper with tangible objects rather than digital objects, but I have always adapted to the digital.

    2. Readers analyze and understand aspects of a text’s bibliographic and visual signification through paratextual, somatic, material, and institutional encounters with the text, long before reading a word. Readers analyze a text’s linguistic codes of syntax and semantics through a variety of cultural, disciplinary, and subjective frameworks and filters.

      From a novice's perspective, I always thought text analysis was using critical thinking skills and being able to understand and transliterate the hidden meanings or the author's intention. I didn't know there were so many different ways to look at the text. I did understand that material and institutional encounters with the text can be analyzed. But paratext and somatic encounters were new for me. Paratext, meaning the materials surrounding the main text, and somatic encounters with the text, I still have no clue. But it seems that text analysis has more than just writing and reading with the eye, especially noticing patterns, selecting or excluding certain parts, and relating the text to a larger social background.

    1. As shown from the video, the dataset currently was based on hand written dataset decades ago, later transcribed into a printed version and then the digital version. Each stage can induce errors due to the misunderstanding of the previous era’s researchers’ works. The next topic that I would wish to address would be the problem of archival silence.

      I like the fact that you referred to the video to address the unintentional/erroneous biases or misunderstandings of the previous researchers' works. It is interesting that in humanities and in archival work, many people and successive researchers/archivists contribute to the big data to make it smart data. That's why as you mentioned, we need to understand how transcribing from handwritten to digital versions can include some mistakes.

  7. Jun 2022
    1. On a higher level, digital data are usually represented and processed in data structures that can be linear (for example arrays and matrices, like lists and tables in a data sheet), hierarchical (with a tree-like structure in which items have parent-child or sibling relations with each other, as in an XML file) or multi-relational (with each data item being a node in an interconnected network of nodes, as in graph-based databases).[5] Some additional distinctions are important. For instance, there is structured and unstructured data as well as semi-structured data. Structured data is typically held in a database in which all key/value pairs have identifiers and clear relations and which follow an explicit data model. Plain text is a typical example of unstructured data, in which the boundaries of individual items, the relations between items, and the meaning of items, are mostly implicit. Data held in XML files is an example of semi-structured data, which can be more or less strictly constrained by the absence or presence of a more or less precise schema. Another important distinction is between data and metadata. Here, the term “data” refers to the part of a file or dataset which contains the actual representation of an object of inquiry, while the term “metadata” refers to data about that data: metadata explicitly describes selected aspects of a dataset, such as the time of its creation, or the way it was collected, or what entity external to the dataset it is supposed to represent. Independently of its type, any dataset relevant to research represents specific aspects of the object of scrutiny, be it in the natural sciences, the social sciences, or the humanities. Data is not the object of study itself, but “stands in” for it in some way. Also, data is always a partial representation of the object of study. In some cases, however, it is our only window into the object of study. Still, this “disadvantage” of partial representation is small compared to the the fact that digital data can be transformed, analyzed, and acted upon computationally.

      I'm actually surprised to see that the concept of data in humanities is similar with that in the marketing field. From this summer's internship, I have learned about search engine optimization, which prioritizes data as a door to understanding the language of search engines. To optimize nontext components of webpages, the structured data and metadata are used in coding to mark up relevant content and increase search engine visibility. Especially using extensible markup code(XML) or structured data helps identify specific types of content. For me, it is clear that data, whether it be in humanities or digital marketing, can be used for the visibility of particular objects.

    1. For example, we are told nothing of the author of the journal: was a student or professor? Or someone not affiliated with Swarthmore College? Why did they write the journal in the first place and why for only a year? Was it one person writing the journal or multiple people? And what served as the deciding factors for what counted as a homophobic event and what didn’t?

      I liked the introduction starting with defining what archival work is, then moving on to the metadata that can unpack information of archives. It also brings up curiosity that there is no author information about the journal because, for most academic journals, the publication affiliated stakeholders or collaborators are always noted. A valid point also from the blog post is that since it dated from 1986 to 1987, there might not have been a clearly defined medical term and specifications for homosexuality, homophobia, and related people's subcultures.

    1. Klein - The Image of Absence- Archival Silence, Data Visualization, and James Hemings.pdf

      P 663. This striking instantiation of archival silence illuminates the concerns that course through the archive of the antebellum United States. (I added annotations on the title since I could not annotate directly on the text) Comment: The digital humanities that shed light on archives show that not only documents have power inherently that leaves a legacy of the privileged, but also in the making of archives, the act of revisiting the documents, such as the moments of fact creation, fact assembly, fact retrieval, and retrospective significance may be a silencing one. Especially here, the featured antebellum archives show distinctive dynamics of gender, social hierarchy, and social vocabulary that scholars may not notice the archival silences.

  8. May 2022
    1. When chatting with my father about the proton research he summed it up nicely, that two possible responses to hearing that how we measure something seems to change its nature, throwing the reliability of empirical testing into question, are: “Science has been disproved!” or “Great!  Another thing to figure out using the Scientific Method!” The latter reaction is everyday to those who are versed in and comfortable with the fact that science is not a set of doctrines but a process of discovery, hypothesis, disproof and replacement.  Yet the former reaction, “X is wrong therefore the system which yielded X is wrong!” is, in fact, the historical norm.
  9. Apr 2022
    1. So the bottom line of the IPCC’s first look at individual action is this: By reexamining the way we live, move around, and eat, the world has the potential to slash up to 70 percent of end-use emissions by 2050. Change is even possible in the very short term. And while hard data and peer-reviewed science show individual actions do matter, ultimately, the world has to think beyond the individual carbon footprint in addressing the climate crisis, including thinking about how individuals can bring about structural change.

      This is exactly what SRG has been advocating for in its bottom-up, rapid whole system change approach.

    1. Top 20 Web Development Tools To Build A Web Application

      Websites have become a must-have for any company looking to expand. It is the quickest way to attract new customers and persuade them to buy your products or services.

      However, developing web apps and websites can be a huge pain at times.

      As a result, we've compiled a list of some of the best web development tools for 2021 that you can use. These tools will help you in every way possible to make web development https://sloboda-studio.com/hire-ruby-on-rails-developers/ faster and easier.

      As a custom web development firm, we use many of these tools on a regular basis in our projects. One of these tools will assist you in selecting the right colors for your website, handling data requests, or providing an environment for sharing and collaborating with other developers.

    1. How to Use Real Estate Marketing Automation to Boost Sales in 2022 | Sloboda Studio

      As of 2022, there are more than 2 million realtors in the United States, not all using real estate marketing automation. Craig Eaton, owner of Eaton Realty, believed that real estate companies could keep up with trends without automating real estate marketing. But as the number of competitors increased, Craig had a constant flow of customers. After integrating real estate marketing automation, Eaton Realty processed over 500 leads in the first month. This required full-time work from multiple agents, which may have had a minor impact. This was one of the best examples of how real estate marketing automation can save business costs and have a positive impact on the process.

    1. The International Booker Prize has announced its list of books for 2022. The International Booker Prize is awarded to one book that has been translated into English and published in Ireland and the United Kingdom. This prize aims to encourage the publishing and reading of more international works. The prize is 50,000 pounds and it is divided between the translator and the winning author. The winner will be announced on May 26th in London. In this article, we are going to read about shortlisted books for International Booker Prize 2022.
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    1. so if i have to summarize quickly as to what are the reasons that led to the 00:17:31 decline of silicon economy they are massive external debt then rapidly depleting foreign exchange reserves because of heavy imports then decline in tourism due to the pandemic after that high level corruption in the government 00:17:43 and banning of chemical fertilizers which hampered agricultural production

      5-point Summary of SriLankan Economic crisis 2022

    1. FAIRE FACE AUX HARCÈLEMENTS L’enfant est une proie facile mais il peut aussi devenir un prédateur pour les siens. Longtemps passé sous silence, certainement amplifié par la violence de la société et par les nouveaux moyens de communication qu’elle met à la disposition des plus jeunes, le harcèlement sort de l’ombre. - Comment protéger nos enfants, à la fois du danger d’être harcelé mais aussi de celui d’être harceleur ? - Jusqu’à quel point faut-il protéger l’enfant de la violence du monde qui l’entoure ? - Quels sont les moyens de s’en sortir ?

    1. LA SEXUALITÉ DE NOS ENFANTS La sexualité, en particulier celle de nos enfants, reste un tabou difficile à surmonter. Entre pudeur et embarras, entre trop de silence et respect de l’intimité, il est parfois difficile de briser la glace entre les générations et de déterminer la juste distance qu’il faudrait adopter. Pourtant le rapport des enfants à la sexualité semble changer rapidement. L’accès à la pornographie, la modification des habitudes et des pratiques, l’évolution des mœurs et l’omniprésence des réseaux sociaux bouleversent les codes.

    1. Ce programme nommé « I can word it too », disponible en hébreu et arabe, a été spécialement créé pour cette étude. Il reproduit les activités quotidiennes (jouer à des jeux, prendre les repas, faire sa toilette…) et demande à l’enfant ce à quoi il veut jouer, en lui présentant un choix de jeux sur l’écran

      ==>il s’agirait d’une déclinaison sur écran des outils et méthodes de communication améliorée et alternative (CAA), comme le PECS ou le Makaton. déjà existants, IDEOPICTO ou le langage conceptuel SACCADE

    2. L’imitation et l’influence du jeu interactif sont bien mises en évidence dans une étude de Orit Hetzroni et Juman Tannous, de la Faculté des Sciences de l’éducation de l’Université de Haifa (Israël)

      ==>l’échantillon de l’étude est est extrêmement limité, l’étude n’est pas répliqué et elle ne permet pas de retirer de résultats concluants

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    1. During transcription, a strand of mRNA is made that is complementary to a strand of DNA

      Right after an RNA copy of a strand of DNA it becomes a messenger RNA, mRNA.

    2. Transcription takes place in the cytoplasm in prokaryotes and in nucleus in eukaryotes.

      Transcription takes place in: - cytoplasm for prokaryotes - nucleus for eukaryotes

  12. Jan 2022
    1. whereas less is known about the racial and ethnic match among unlisted providers and the children in their care, some studies have shown similar trends

      This is one thing we want to examine.

    2. Analysis of data from the 2012 and 2019 NSECE, which are primary sources of nationally representative information about HBCC providers

      This is a key focus for our lab for Spring 2022

    1. Here comes 2022, and as usual, we have prepared for you the list of the top UI/UX design trends to follow. Design in the coming year is about taking care of users, their uniqueness, and avoiding the “perfect picture”. Therefore, real-life photos, live artistic illustrations, and asymmetry are gaining more popularity. And by the way, did you know that according to Pantone, the color of 2022 is violet (Very Peri)? Let’s now explore the leading UI/UX design trends of 2022 in detail and see how popular brands successfully implement them.
    1. upcoming Union Budget for 2022-23 should maintain an accommodative fiscal stance in order to support the sustainability of the economic growth process and also for financing human development

      R? accommodative fiscal stance

    1. No instinct for cruelty, like some.

      referring to husband?

    2. .

      is ribbon a symbol of same-sex attraction?

    3. We do not discuss the specific fears of raising a girl-child.

      consistent with themes of women's safety/privacy/independence

    4. I desperately want to know what state of need has sent her to disrobe before us

      ironic that she is sexually liberated in her own life but judges the model

    5. My son touches my ribbon, but never in a way that makes me afraid

      males =/= danger to ribbon (necessarily)

    6. No ribbon. A boy. I begin to weep

      relationship between the ribbon and girls

    7. As it turns out, being right was the third, and worst, mistake.


    8. sexual encounters only happening in public spaces

    9. (If you read this story out loud, the sounds of the clearing can be best reproduced by taking a deep breath and holding it for a long moment. Then release the air all at once, permitting your chest to collapse like a block tower knocked to the ground. Do this again, and again, shortening the time between the held breath and the release.)

      big emphasis on the oral telling of the story and that it is correctly read

    10. – No.

      why can't he touch it?

    11. ribbon

      ribbon as a symbol/motif

    1. “Life is just a circle of destruction,” she adds, shaking her head.


    2. I’ve always been a little in love with my best friend.

      is main character part of lgbt community

    3. We have stopped seeing each other as people, as fellow travelers on this dying earth; we just see a gig or an economy.


    4. possible theme of ignoring societal norms = allows unorthodox good things to happen

    5. ***Marco Polo***

      these little headings indicate are important

    1. L’automutilation digitale a été révélée en 2013 suite au suicide de la jeune Hannah Smith, initialement imputé à un cyberharcèlement dont elle aurait été victime.

      Ce type de violence semble plus récent et moins connu du grand public.

    2. Les mêmes conclusions émanent des travaux de Sigolène Couchot-Schiex et Benjamin Moignard (2016) 

      Le fait qu'une deuxième étude confirme les données précédemment présentées renforcent la pertinence et la fiabilité de la thèse.

    3. Une enquête nationale de victimation en milieu scolaire – réalisée par la Direction de l’évaluation, de la prospective et de la performance (DEPP) en 2013

      Cette source qui permet de préciser le propos est à conservé afin de pouvoir pousser la réflexion et potentiellement identifié d'autres données ou biais.

    4. des insultes qui sont parfois envoyées par salves et qui relèvent du flaming, du roasting (voir ci-dessous) et de l’automutilation digitale, notamment chez les plus jeunes.

      Ici l'auteur précise dès l'introduction le périmètre de son analyse et le type de cyberviolence qui sera discuté. Il pourrait être interessant de chercher dans la littérature si d'autres formes ont été relevées.

    5. Cyberviolence verbale : comment lutter contre ses différentes facettes

      A la lecture du titre, nous comprenons qu'il existe plusieurs formes de cyberviolence verbale. Nous pouvons déjà supposé qu'il existe différents moyens de lutte également.

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    1. 10 Best SaaS Startups in 2022 for Your InspirationDmitryCEOStartupSaaSHomeBlogEntrepreneurship10 Best SaaS Startups in 2022 for Your InspirationPublishedJul 29, 2020UpdatedNov 5, 202111 min readToday, the SaaS industry is gaining momentum. According to research, 80% of businesses already use at least one SaaS application. Hence, building a SaaS company is currently a skyrocketing business idea. To help you find inspiration and launch the best SaaS startup ever, in this article you will find 10 great examples of SaaS startups you can learn from. All of them produce valuable and fast-growing products for now. Likewise, Growthlist and AngelList marked them as promising SaaS startups of 2021-2022. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at them.

      Today, the SaaS industry is gaining momentum. According to research, 80% of businesses already use at least one SaaS application. Hence, building a SaaS company is currently a skyrocketing business idea.

      To help you find inspiration and launch the best SaaS startup ever, in this article you will find 10 great examples of SaaS startups you can learn from. All of them produce valuable and fast-growing products for now. Likewise, Growthlist and AngelList marked them as promising SaaS startups of 2021-2022.

      Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at them.

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    1. CitiNewsroom. (2021, July 15). The AstraZeneca Africa Director, Barbara Nel, has disclosed that a total of 1.6 billion fully funded COVID-19 vaccines would be made available for COVAX dependent countries later this year through to 2022. | Watch the full interview with @benkoku here: Https://t.co/kw3BKzMclU https://t.co/6gQ1DZMnB6 [Tweet]. @Citi973. https://twitter.com/Citi973/status/1415697599236018181

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