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  1. Apr 2023
    1. and passes the DaubertgatekeepingExpert testimony on parental alienation “aided the court by providing a counterintuitiveexplanation as to the dynamics...present in [the] situation.”Expert testimony met the threshold level of reliability ~ DaubertstandardSupreme Judicial Court of Maine(Bergin v Bergin, __ A.3d __ (2019)) (2019 WL 3788326
    2. The phenomenon of PA is “well known”...-“Thephenomenaofparentalalienationarewellrecognizedinternationallyand,s a d l y,arefrequentlyallegedorencounteredincustodyandvisitationlitigation....Thespecificterm‘parentalalienation’doesnotyetappearasa psychiatricdiagnosisintheofficialclassificationoftheAmericanPsychiatricAssociation,althoughitsfeaturescommonlymaybesubsumedunderoneormoreotherdiagnosticcategories...”McClainv. McClain, 539S. W.3d 170,182(2017)(CourtofAppealsofTennessee
    1. Similarly, you must give up the assumption that there are privileged places, notes of special and knowledge-ensuring quality. Each note is just an element that gets its value from being a part of a network of references and cross-references in the system. A note that is not connected to this network will get lost in the Zettelkasten, and will be forgotten by the Zettelkasten.

      This section is almost exactly the same as Umberto Eco's description of a slip box practice:

      No piece of information is superior to any other. Power lies in having them all on file and then finding the connections. There are always connections; you have only to want to find them. -- Umberto Eco. Foucault's Pendulum

      See: https://hypothes.is/a/jqug2tNlEeyg2JfEczmepw

      Interestingly, these structures map reasonably well onto Paul Baran's work from 1964: Paul Baran's graphs for Centralized, Decentralized, and Distributed systems

      The subject heading based filing system looks and functions a lot like a centralized system where the center (on a per topic basis) is the subject heading or topical category and the notes related to that section are filed within it. Luhmann's zettelkasten has the feel of a mixture of the decentralized and distributed graphs, but each sub-portion has its own topology. The index is decentralized in nature, while the bibliographical section/notes are all somewhat centralized in form.

      Cross reference:<br /> Baran, Paul. “On Distributed Communications: I. Introduction to Distributed Communications Networks.” Research Memoranda. Santa Monica, California: RAND Corporation, August 1964. https://doi.org/10.7249/RM3420.

  2. Mar 2023
    1. ```abnf object-position = <position>

      <position> = [ left | center | right ] || [ top | center | bottom ] | [ left | center | right | <length-percentage> ] [ top | center | bottom | <length-percentage> ]? | [ [ left | right ] <length-percentage> ] && [ [ top | bottom ] <length-percentage> ]

      <length-percentage> = <length> | <percentage> ```

  3. Mar 2022
    1. In the Warlpiri Aboriginal language of Central Australia, you do notdescribe positions of things with yourself as the focal reference point.Rather, your position is defined within the world around you. InWarlpiri, my computer is south of me, my cat is sleeping west of meand the door is east of me. It requires you to always know thecardinal directions (north, south, east and west), no matter yourorientation. Any one person is not the centre of the world, they arepart of it.

      Western cultures describe people's position in the world with them as the center, while Indigenous cultures, like those of the Warlpiri Aboriginal language of Central Australia, embed the person as part of the world and describe their position with respect to it using the cardinal directions.

  4. Nov 2021
    1. Prof. Gavin Yamey MD MPH. (2021, October 30). “Circulation of COVID-19 in childhood could therefore periodically boost immunity in adults through exposure” When I say childhood vax ALSO benefits adults, folx say “you can’t use benefits to adults in your argument!” JCVI uses benefits to adults of letting kids get infected 👀 [Tweet]. @GYamey. https://twitter.com/GYamey/status/1454433823085715461

  5. May 2021
    1. Negative values are mostly unsupported in html email. So is CSS position. For webmail at least, this is so that your email doesn't render outside of the desired window. Imagine Gmail with your CSS or email affecting the interface - they've limited the CSS you can use specifically to prevent this.
  6. Feb 2021
    1. Allocation des moyensen fonction de l’indicede position social (IPS)Dans un souci de justice et d’équité tous les établissements de l’académie voient leur dotation allouée en fonction des besoins. Les critères pris en compte répondent à trois principes :la progressivité des moyens en fonction du contexte de l’établissement, la transparence et l’adaptabilité. Ils permettent une prise d’initiative des établissements pour lutter contre les difficultés scolaires.Ce modèle permet de s’affranchir des labellisations (éducation prioritaire, politique de la Ville, violence, sensible...).
  7. Dec 2020
  8. Nov 2020
    1. If you were to have 2 buttons placed side by side, on which side should the primary button sit?
    2. Option A shows the primary button on the left. The argument here is that it is probably what the user wants to see first, so show it first.
  9. Oct 2020
    1. Ebbinghaus had also documented the serial position effect, which describes how the position of an item affects recall. The two main concepts in the serial position effect are recency and primacy. The recency effect describes the increased recall of the most recent information because it is still in the short-term memory. The primacy effect causes better memory of the first items in a list due to increased rehearsal and commitment to long-term memory.
  10. Sep 2020
    1. If you want this control then wrap them in a DOM node that the parent controls. If you want to pass in values then use props and if you want to pass in values from higher up the tree, the new style RFC may be able to help.
  11. Nov 2019
    1. Much like the configuration layer, we need to specify a name for this transformation. This will help other modules negotiate their priority over the injector in relation to yours.
  12. Sep 2019
  13. Jul 2019
    1. NGSS is a more deliberate coming together of educational members who were given the task to make equity and diversity issues prominent in framing the standards

      big step forward, diversity exists! This view shows a step up (backwards/deeper?) of a level in ones awareness-system. Public acknowledgement is a first step...

  14. Oct 2018
    1. FrancesodiGiorgioMartini’schurchplans(circa1490),showthatforearlymodernarchitects,buildingscouldmimicthehumanbodyinaveryloosefit-muchlike howarobeorabathtubismadeexpresslyforbodiesbutisnotthereforeshapedlikeabody.


      This is such a strange way to look at architecture. I can understand that it tries to relate the body, but the plan does not really make sense in this translation. And for that matter, the translation seems too literal as well. Essentially, the plans break the church down to separating people into the head, legs, body, and arm. The head, seems to be a some-what resolved idea on this hierarchy, however the rest of the intention seems half though out. What does it mean to be in the arm of the church? What does it mean to be in the bowels of the church? It just seems strange to think that if someone were to walk down the plan of the church, they would start at the legs, motion up to the waist, through the torso, and end up at the head. It feels wrong and under-developed.

  15. Sep 2018
    1. Page 32:

      “…since man has been made out of the same mould from the earliest times known to us…the whole machine is there, the structure, the nervous system, the arterial system…”

      On one hand, I can understand that he is trying to group our bodies through our evolved systems that make up our bodies. However, this only relates to a percentage of people. Even when born, people are born without pieces of this “system” that he proposes. And it’s not because they are defective systems, it’s because they contain less “pieces”. I do not accept that we were all built with the same mould. If we were, there wouldn’t be issues to solve, and architecture would have already been formulaic. If people were all similar, the places that we live in would more or less be similar too.

  16. Apr 2017
  17. May 2015
    1. A path is not composed of positions. It is nondeeomposable: a dynamic unity, That comil/ulty of movement is of an order of reality other than the measurable, divisible space it can be con­ firmed as having crossed.

      Again...another instance in which identity/position is subordinated to movement and emergence. Placing the position before the movement result in logical aporias, but forgoing identity/position is to acknowledge movement.