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  1. Nov 2019
    1. Much like the configuration layer, we need to specify a name for this transformation. This will help other modules negotiate their priority over the injector in relation to yours.
  2. Sep 2019
  3. Jul 2019
    1. NGSS is a more deliberate coming together of educational members who were given the task to make equity and diversity issues prominent in framing the standards

      big step forward, diversity exists! This view shows a step up (backwards/deeper?) of a level in ones awareness-system. Public acknowledgement is a first step...

  4. Oct 2018
    1. FrancesodiGiorgioMartini’schurchplans(circa1490),showthatforearlymodernarchitects,buildingscouldmimicthehumanbodyinaveryloosefit-muchlike howarobeorabathtubismadeexpresslyforbodiesbutisnotthereforeshapedlikeabody.


      This is such a strange way to look at architecture. I can understand that it tries to relate the body, but the plan does not really make sense in this translation. And for that matter, the translation seems too literal as well. Essentially, the plans break the church down to separating people into the head, legs, body, and arm. The head, seems to be a some-what resolved idea on this hierarchy, however the rest of the intention seems half though out. What does it mean to be in the arm of the church? What does it mean to be in the bowels of the church? It just seems strange to think that if someone were to walk down the plan of the church, they would start at the legs, motion up to the waist, through the torso, and end up at the head. It feels wrong and under-developed.

  5. Sep 2018
    1. Page 32:

      “…since man has been made out of the same mould from the earliest times known to us…the whole machine is there, the structure, the nervous system, the arterial system…”

      On one hand, I can understand that he is trying to group our bodies through our evolved systems that make up our bodies. However, this only relates to a percentage of people. Even when born, people are born without pieces of this “system” that he proposes. And it’s not because they are defective systems, it’s because they contain less “pieces”. I do not accept that we were all built with the same mould. If we were, there wouldn’t be issues to solve, and architecture would have already been formulaic. If people were all similar, the places that we live in would more or less be similar too.

  6. Apr 2017
  7. May 2015
    1. A path is not composed of positions. It is nondeeomposable: a dynamic unity, That comil/ulty of movement is of an order of reality other than the measurable, divisible space it can be con­ firmed as having crossed.

      Again...another instance in which identity/position is subordinated to movement and emergence. Placing the position before the movement result in logical aporias, but forgoing identity/position is to acknowledge movement.