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      I would feel a little bit sad, but at the same time, this is a pattern I've seen happen over and over again. And especially with these big ideas about computing and self-expression and things like that [...] people start with these huge, huge ideas, but I think that they are so different--the diff is so much between where society is now and what some of these people are thinking about--that the most that can be absorbed at one time is like one unit--one meme--from that whole big vision. So, we're just gonna take like one small step at a time, and [...] you kind of just have to accept that, you know, that's success.

  3. Jan 2022
    1. But Google also uses optical character recognition to produce a second version, for its search engine to use, and this double process has some quirks. In a scriptorium lit by the sun, a scribe could mistakenly transcribe a “u” as an “n,” or vice versa. Curiously, the computer makes the same mistake. If you enter qualitas—an important term in medieval philosophy—into Google Book Search, you’ll find almost two thousand appearances. But if you enter “qnalitas” you’ll be rewarded with more than five hundred references that you wouldn’t necessarily have found.

      I wonder how much Captcha technology may have helped to remedy this in the intervening years?

  4. Nov 2020
    1. transcriptionalleve

      This is the process of a complementary mRNA copy of a single gene on the DNA that is created in the nucleus. The mRNA is smaller than the DNA so it can carry the genetic code into the ribosome and into the cytoplasm that enables the protein creation.

  5. Oct 2020
    1. Centre national de la fonction publique territoriale1MOOC «Les clés de la laïcité –Le rôle des collectivités territoriales

      L'espace administratif -Les bâtiments et emplacements publics vidéo

    1. someday, NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud will enable real-time transcription and translation for videoconferencing

      ... and that will be also the day when most of the simultaneous interpreters will go out of business https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Simultaneous_interpretation

  6. Sep 2020
    1. Xun Kuang

      Hsun Tzu's name comes in a variety of forms because of different Chinese dialects and English transcription systems.

  7. May 2019
    1. Une reconnaissance d’autant plus difficile s’il s’agit, comme souvent pour un brouillon, d’une écriture manuscrite de mauvaise qualité

      Les logiciels de reconnaissance d'écriture manuscrite sont désormais beaucoup plus performants. Voir en particulier le logiciel Transkribus ( http://read.transkribus.eu ), que nous avons testé avec l'écriture de Foucault, particulièrement difficile à lire (voir le compte rendu des tests : https://jdmdh.episciences.org/5218).

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    1. repeat expansion at IIL1 leads to increased accumulation of 24-nt siRNAs in a temperature-dependent manner that correlates with the iil phenotype. We show that DCL3 and other components of the RNA-dependent DNA methylation (RdDM) pathway are essential for this siRNA-directed epigenetic gene silencing
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    1. ♂ [Dienstag] d[en]. 27ten [December 1763] Waren 42 Kinder in der Schule; es war schönes Wetter; die Soldaten gingen heute mit den von Bauren [Bauern] gepreßten Wagen nach Philadelphia. Rancke retournirte nach Earlingtown[;] die Elis. Franckin nahm Abschied aus der Schule. Ihre Mutter braucht sie zu Hause. Zwischen 2 u[nd]. 3 Uhr Nachmittags kamen 60 oder mehr Mann alle zu Pferde die freie Straße aufs Court-house zugeritten, stellten ihre Pferde hin u[nd]. wieder ein, u[nd]. gingen sodann auf die Prison zu u[nd]. forcirten die Thür wo die Manour-Land Indianer waren u[nd]. ermordeten alle; es waren ihrer 14. Nach-......