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  1. Dec 2023
    1. Actions and Action Groups have a new visibility toggle to allow hiding individual actions or entire groups from search results in the action list and command palette.

      Just a heads up:

      If you're as dependent on Action Search as I am, the fact that all Action Groups are apparently hidden by default from search after this update(?) might scare the living heck out of you as it did myself lol.

  2. Nov 2023
    1. Change: Complete re-write of code handling keyboard frames and avoidance. This addresses a few nagging issues with improper display around the on-screen keyboard on iPad, in particular. Fix: Keyboard layout issues in share extension on iPad.

      I do believe this might be the culprit for all the problems I've had with suddenly/inconsistently unresponsive keyboard shortcuts recently...

  3. Jun 2022
    1. [[permalink]] A URL which can be used as a bookmark to open Drafts and select the current draft. The deprecated [[draft_open_url]] returns this same value, but permalink is preferred.

      Whoo! I have... A lot of actions to update.

  4. May 2022
    1. You could also start a new email with the contents of this file, by making x-success use the mailto: scheme with something like working-copy://x-callback-url/read/?repo=my%20repo&path=README.md&x-success=mailto%3A%3Fbody%3D If you need to debug your callbacks, setting x-success=mailto%3A%3Fbody%3D

      Holy god in fuck...

  5. Jul 2021
    1. Welcome to Flancia! It is both a place and a draft.

      I love the idea of a web document or digital garden always being considered a draft.