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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Convincing people that all of this is important enough to download a new app—let alone granting it access to all your contacts and entire Gmail inbox—may take some work. I was granted access to Sunshine Contacts and found that it works well, but is about as interesting as flipping through the White Pages. I downloaded it, spent some time familiarizing myself, and then never opened it again.

      We really need to get back to a place where we can allow software to just be good instead of interesting, as much as I understand this sentiment myself.

    1. I’m going to take further queue from Casey Newton’s about page format and list a few important assumptions of mine about consumer technology in bullet form

      These are in the earliest draft stage and I would very much like to hear any thoughts you might have about them, ideally in reply to this Twitter thread.

    2. About

      This document is significantly outdated and an updated rewrite is currently in progress.

    1. subscription requirement
    2. If I were allowed a singular compulsion to impress upon its developers, I’d make them put out a public call for new art. I’m all but dying to see what the community would come up with.

      Well WHADDYA know!! Version 6.1 was released today… With some new icons!

    1. sl

      Another set of "custom" Siri Shortcuts I've found extremely useful:

      I have two-action Shortcuts set for each of my public Apple Music playlists that simply add the currently-playing track at the end.

      Ex: For my Skids Playlist, I have a Shortcut entitled "skids," and whenever a track comes on I'd like to add to it, I call Type-to-Siri and type "skids," which does so instantly.

    2. disparage Spotify as one of the most destructive cultural forces of our time
  2. Mar 2021
    1. feel like I'm learning the guitar all over again

      CJ, I decided your beautiful blog was a perfect chance to try out Writeas .epub export on the old Kindle my mom gave me, last year, and I've been making my way through your old posts (extremely casually, which has definitely been a refreshing quit smoking aid.)

      I just wanted to say "hey that sounds familiar!" hehe. Things come full circle, eh?

    1. What if Twitter killed Lists

      I just heard a podcast episode from Twitter, Inc., itself, in which the Twitter-employed host explicitly advocates for Lists use!

    2. demonstrate

      I’ve continued to discover new features in Tweetbot for the first time, believe it or not. See this Tweet.

    3. Page Note Test Not quite sure why I haven't tried Page Notes yet but...

    4. See this post's corresponding GitHub Issue for related media, aggregated links, and other minutia.

      It didn't occur to me until just this moment that GitHub might also make for the ideal commenting integration. And the... second-most ideal annotation integration, naturally.

      Basically, leave comments there!

    1. culchie

      God bless for exposing me to this term for the first time.

  3. Dec 2020
    1. only good for playing half an hour of stupid video games before it needs a charge.

      After having actually played some of those games (well, games in the same genre,) this also sounds stupid.

    2. Face ID is much too peculiar.

      Now that I have experienced it in the Big Boy, top-of-the-line, flagship handset, after two and a half years of refinement (I assume,) everything I said about Face ID in this review sounds stupid. Entirely unnecessary, at best.

  4. bilge.world bilge.world
    1. You will like those projects!

      This is a test annotation! Because apparently Hypothes.is is breaking my fucking posts!!!

    1. playlistification

      Just to be clear, I stole this word from the Liz Pelly report hyperlinked in the next sentence.

    1. I was able to create a Shortcut

      While this shortcut no longer exists, you can find all of the shortcuts I've collected in the years since in this GitHub Repository.

    1. Bandcamp’s CEO and founders’ public attaché Ethan Diamond is as good as they come


      I've just come across a recent interview with Ethan Diamond in which so many of the questions which prompted me to write this essay are addressed. (The link includes my annotations.)

    2. “More than 99 percent of audio streaming is of the top 10 percent most-streamed tracks [on Spotify.] Which means less than 1 percent of streams account for all other music.”
    1. Well, deciding what to work on next, that has always felt like the easiest part of the job because it’s whatever benefits artists the most. Because the way Bandcamp makes money is if artists make a lot more money, so that’s what we try to spend every day doing.

      In contrast with Spotify's CEO:

      “Music is everything we do all day, all night, and that clarity is the difference between the average and the really, really good.”

      Source: Spotify’s $30 billion playlist for global domination by Robert Safian

    2. I like the idea that Bandcamp hangs out in the background and just makes all of this stuff work, and also, hopefully, helps the artist promote themselves, and it’s not about “Bandcamp, Bandcamp, Bandcamp.”. 

      And this is why I felt so compelled - obligated, even - to write my big Bandcamp essay.

    3. how come Bandcamp doesn’t get mentioned in all these press articles about music services? Are those related questions?

      Oh my god, this. I have been asking myself this question with increasing intensity for years, now.

    1. Discord isn't an enterprise company, nor has it come forward with plans to become one in the future. But we included it on the list because it has become one of the most innovative consumer chat companies, and many of these innovations will likely be co-opted by enterprise platforms.

      lmao, Protocol, I got one up on you.

    1. This blog is integrated with Hypothes.is.

      I realize the side panel is quite intrusive - especially when viewing the site on mobile. I promise I will either find a way to refine the experience or turn auto-open back off before 1-27-2021.

    1. In the right hour, the woodland springtime metamorphic processes of the neighboring Lake Geneva suburb’s in-betweens were in a paused state – the toads again hushed; the crickets tired, and the human populace, too. In the right hour, the fickle wind and the social owls were the only sound, and nothing moved but the sparse, light-footed doe in careful segments with her fawn.

      Distinctly the best sentence I've ever written.

    1. Evernote is a pale shadow of its former self.

      Idk about that... If anything, Evernote's problem is that it's virtually the same as it always has been. Their recent redesign is worth examination, though.

  5. Nov 2020
    1. The open API made it possible for third-party developers to create applications that work within Facebook itself.

      An interesting contrast to Facebook, today.

    2. Regardless, there’s universal agreement on one thing: Facebook promotes both honesty and openness. It seems people really enjoy being themselves, and throwing that openness out there for all to see.

      Not so sure we all agree on this, universally...

    1. They are often cited as the first website to feature banner ads.

      If, indeed, Wired invented the banner ad, it is also worth mentioning that wired.com was one of the last websites to be rendered completely unusable by them (when it was still running on the old CMS. idk about now.)

      I love @LaurenGoode and find her insight very worthwhile even in this format, but I really wish the platform on which it now resides (Wired's CMS) wasn't *completely* and *entirely* broken. Chorus should've been a package deal. https://t.co/OweeG30jR6

      — ※ David Blue ※ (@NeoYokel) July 13, 2019
      <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

    2. The first Wired website, therefore, has a unique distinction of being an unofficial, amateur project led by two people from a different country uploading copyrighted content they didn’t own to a site that lacked any of the panache, glitz, or unconventional charm that had made Wired famous.

      Not sure how to feel about this...

      Now that I have read the story this way, I'm wondering...

      Might one say that Wired only went online as early as it did because of their ban from Singapore?

    1. What I'm starting to realize is that I don't seem to be building a “digital garden” with Obsidian. What I'm building seems more of a personal wiki, a personal knowledge-base, a second brain.

      Very insightful and eerily in parallel to my own thoughts regarding my attempt at Digital Gardening with Notion.

    1. he was looking for help transforming his massively popular but unprofitable website into a legitimate business.

      If only the motherfucker had just conceded control of the damned thing to people with experience and focused on... Whatever he's actually good at.

    1. Even the current desktop version of iTunes maintains support for streaming “audio files over the internet,” though a glance at Apple’s dated support page for the process suggests it hasn’t crossed anybody’s mind for at least half of that history.

      Considering that Apple is now the most valuable company in the history of the world, the current state of the desktop iTunes client is absolutely unacceptable.

    2. “We worked out of the public library for the first four years of the company's existence,” he admits.

      I still can't believe this. (That Bandcamp as a company worked out of a public library.)

    1. I’m sure any integration between MSOffice and Git is an utter pain in the ass, but I’d still appreciate any suggestions you may have in that regard.

      I found "Using Microsoft Word with git" from 2014.

      There's also Word Diff as explained in this blog post.

  6. Apr 2020
    1. Why not have blogs take better advantage of the ways we already interact?

      I think it's largely because blogging has been left behind as a social tool of the early web. I think the average web user perceives blogging in a sort of negative light as an old technology, but I think we're about to have (or perhaps already are having) a second blogging renaissance in reaction to the pitfalls of microblogging.