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    1. Triángulo rojo señalando hacia arribaArtículo cientifico #COVIDー19

      Triángulo rojo señalando hacia arribaEstilo APA

      Triángulo rojo señalando hacia arribaLi, R., Pei, S., Chen, B., Song, Y., Zhang, T., Yang, W., & Shaman, J. (2020). Substantial undocumented infection facilitates the rapid dissemination of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). Science, eabb3221.

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    1. Battle of Flanders

      The Battle of Flanders ( French : Bataille des Flandres ) is the name of several battles fought in Flanders (a region in northern France and Belgium ) during the First World War . First Battle of Flanders (19 October – 22 November 1914) - The First Battle of Ypres - a battle fought during the Race to the Sea .

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    1. A sidebar annotating the web, like SideWiki should have been.

      Social bookmarking, tagging, annotating and note sharing of the web in public or private groups, or just for yourself.

      source and other projects at https://github.com/hypothesis - opensource (but alas, not copyleft)

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