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  1. Jun 2023
    1. In our current moment in which casual conversations in the hallway or impromptu office visits are impossible, you have to be using meeting scheduling services that allow people to select a time from your list of available times. Use calend.ly, use Acuity, use the features built into Microsoft Outlook,  and if you’re setting up a group meeting, use Doodle. But do not let this coordination unfold as a slow back-and-forth exchange of messages, as this is guaranteed to keep you in a state of constant, agitated inbox checking.
  2. Nov 2022
    1. partnerships, networking, and revenue generation such as donations, memberships, pay what you want, and crowdfunding

      I have thought long about the same issue and beyond. The triple (wiki, Hypothesis, donations) could be a working way to search for OER, form a social group processing them, and optionally support the creators.

      I imagine that as follows: a person wants to learn about X. They can head to the wiki site about X and look into its Hypothesis annotations, where relevant OER with their preferred donation method can be linked. Also, study groups interested in the respective resource or topic can list virtual or live meetups there. The date of the meetups could be listed in a format that Hypothesis could search and display on a calendar.

      Wiki is integral as it categorizes knowledge, is comprehensive, and strives to address biases. Hypothesis stitches websites together for the benefit of the site owners and the collective wisdom that emerges from the discussions. Donations support the creators so they can dedicate their time to creating high-quality resources.

      Main inspirations:

      Deschooling Society - Learning Webs

      Building the Global Knowledge Graph

      Schoolhouse calendar

  3. Oct 2022
    1. Jungius beschäftigte sich lange mit verschiedenen Kalendersystemen. In seinen Briefen kann man sehen, welche Probleme es damals bereitete, dass einige Gebiete dem Gregorianischen Kalender folgten und andere, darunter auch Hamburg, noch dem Julianischen.

      Jungius worked for a long time on various calendar systems. In his letters one can see the problems it caused at the time that some areas followed the Gregorian calendar and others, including Hamburg, still followed the Julian.

      Joachim Jungius worked on various calendar systems at a time when the Gregorian calendar was coming into use while his home city of Hamburg still followed the Julian calendar. Jungius used the Julian calendar as well, but generally only dated his notes with the month and the last two digits of the year and excluded the century.

  4. Aug 2022
    1. The two corresponding dates should be given in case ofOld Style and New Style; of French Revolutionary andGregorian calendars; of Mohammedan and Christian eras;etc. Aid in dealing with these problcms may be convenientlyobtained from John J. Bond, ZIandy book of rules and tablesfor verifying dates rhth the Christian era, 4th cd., London,1889. and other treatises on chronology.

      This looks like a fascinating reference. Are there newer ones?



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    1. I'd done that and even did a stand alone view of just that calendar without any luck. I'd even tried deleting and re-adding last night.

      I just deleted the calendar and tried it again from scratch. It seems to be working now, so perhaps it was a cache issue somewhere between the site software and Google Calendar? Maybe a glitch on the edge of having no events in the subscribed calendar and several events in there now?

  8. Jan 2021
    1. 能永久使用么,License key也是只有一年的,域名就那几个能用


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    1. When she thinks of a date she feels herself travel along the calendar to the right spot. She has a separate, hoop-shaped calendar for days of the week. Both have been part of her life for as long as she can remember.

      I never travel along, but I do see the spot and I can point to it regardless of what year it's in.

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