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  1. Mar 2021
    1. Or is this a call for mainstream operating systems and applications to get creative (read, nice tiling or splitting by default)?What if all browsers suported single page split view? So that the left side was your regular view, half width, and the right side was the continuation of the same page, where the left side ended.
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    1. Virginia Held has argued that

      A more fun formulation would be: "Virginia Held held the view that..."

  5. Jan 2019
    1. Gerrit van de Linde was enig kind.

      Erg droog. Ik had De Boterham en de Goudzoeker gelezen en vroeg mij af: is dit biografisch? Totaal niet, dus.

  6. Jan 2018
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  8. Nov 2017
    1. This took place on March 10, 1977, at the home of actor Jack Nicholson in the Mulholland area of Los Angeles.

      Could this be why Kubrick casted Nicholson for The Shining? See Rob Ager's analysis of sexual abuse themes in The Shining.

  9. Oct 2017
    1. This is a book that was “translated” by Samuel Liddel MacGregor Mathers to English from German.

      As far as I know, the manuscript Mathers used was a French one, which was a translation from German (the original language of the book).

    1. Sethos became the hero of an influential fantasy novel, Life of Sethos, Taken from Private Memoirs of the Ancient Egyptians, published in 1731 by the French Abbé Jean Terrasson.

      That would make this the first fantasy novel by a long run, way before George MacDonald. Is this a correct classification?

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  12. wiki.freedos.org wiki.freedos.org
    1. FDAPM power management: APM info/control/suspend/poweroff, ACPI throttle, HLT energy saving
    1. The biggest difference between CPUs now and CPUs then is the difference in power consumption between idle/sleep and full power - e.g. a 66MHz 486 consumes <5W at full power (and not much difference when halted) vs. ~5W at idle and close to 100W for a recent Haswell i7.
    1. Remember, PIMS were a hot market prior to Windows 3.0 - but most products were never ported to Windows because there wasn't enough revenue being made. This was because users would buy the hype, buy the product but weren't commited enough to get past the learning curve and dedicate time to maintaining data in it. So, most PIMs just became shelf-ware. And it wasn't because they weren't powerful or didn't have good interfaces - they did (as Grandview and Agenda easily demonstrate).
    1. If you find a disproportionately huge number of fossils of one species, spread all over the world, this could serve as inconclusive evidence of an intelligent species, as the only other species that has done this is man.

      This data actually makes the case for the counterargument: the fact that we haven't found fossils of one species spread all over the world, shows that we are the first to build a technological civilization.

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  14. Jun 2017
    1. Just before the war commences, Arjuna asks Krishna to drive him out between the massed armies, and at the sight of those opposing him, he suffers an existential collapse and declares he will not fight.

      The reason being that he finds a great number of relatives in the opposing army, who he would presumably kill, which he sees as immoral.

    1. It lies in the nature of the case that the spirit that is to exist as pure spirit must be an otherworldly one, for, since I am not it, it follows that it can only be outside me; since in any case a human being is not fully comprehended in the concept "spirit," it follows that the pure spirit, the spirit as such, can only be outside of men, beyond the human world,—not earthly, but heavenly.

      This seems like circular reasoning. His argument is:

      1. A human being is not fully comprehended in the concept "spirit".
      2. I am a human being.
      3. Therefore, I am not spirit.

      But point 2 is only a axiom. Those who contradict Stirner's view typically do not equate themselves with humans. See Descartes's mind-body duality: it's thinkable that one is alive while the body isn't (afterlife), and that fact unto itself demonstrates a difference between the body and the mind, regardless of whether or not there actually is an afterlife. Descartes saw himself as consciousness, not as the material body that affects that consciousness. It's the same in Samkhya philosophy: the body is something one is not to identify with. Simplify because one seems equal to the body in an everyday state of awareness, does not mean he can assume this.

  15. May 2017
    1. I’m trying an interesting experiment in which I read Dumas’s D’Artagnan romances and Brust’s Khaavren romances alternating, back and forth one after another. I kind of stalled out because The Viscount of Bragelonne is pretty boring. Hopefully Brust’s counterpart of it is more interesting.

      Very interesting, I did not know Brust's novels are connected to Dumas.

    1. The reason we don’t know Dutch literature over here, according to Zwagerman, is because they barely know it themselves. The Dutch language has been in such constant flux over the past few centuries, he writes, that “many great works of 17th- and 18th- and 19th-century Dutch literature have to be translated into modern Dutch to make them accessible to the average reader”. Laurence Sterne? Jane Austen? Charlotte Brontë ? Imagine them all lost to us!
    1. The source material (mostly Malory's Le Morte D Arthur) is treated in a very syncretist kind of way, merging many characters, events and elements. This arguably allows the movie to display many more Arthurian motifs than would have been possible to show in a two-hour movie by staying truer to the original story, all while cleverly avoiding the Compressed Adaptation effect.

      This seems like an interesting option for people who are adapting a book into a film themselves.

    1. Hence, wishing to impart that (knowledge of the Self) for favouring the whole world, Lord Vasudeva, making Arjuna the medium, said, ‘You grieve for those who are not to be grieved for,’ etc. As to that some (opponents) [According to A.G. the opponent is the Vrttikara who, in the opinion of A. Mahadeva Sastri, is none other than Bodhayana referred to in Sankaracarya’s commentary on B.S. 1.1.11-19.-Tr.] say: Certainly, Liberation cannot be attained merely from continuance in the knowledge of the Self which is preceded by renunciation of all duties and is independent of any other factor.

      It looks like Adi Shankara sees the Bhagavad Gita as an allegory for a battle between philosophical principles.

    1. To game theorists, many situations can be modeled in a similar way to the classic Prisoner’s Dilemma including issues of nuclear deterrence, environmental pollution, corporate advertising campaigns and even romantic dates.

      See The Tragedy of the Commons.

    2. Rationally (i.e., from the point of view of the numbers involved), we can assume that both will want to minimize their sentences. Herein lies the rub - if both avoid confessing, they will serve 2 years each – a total of 4 years between them. If they both happen to confess, they each serve 5 years each, or 10 years between them. However they both face a tantalizing option: if A confesses while his partner doesn’t confess, A can get away in 6 months leaving B to languish for 10 years (and the same is true for B): this would result in a collective total of 10.5 years served. For the game, the optimal solution is assumed to be the lowest total years served, which would be both refusing to confess and each therefore serving 2 years each. The probable outcome of the dilemma though is that both will confess in the desire to get off in 6 months, but therefore they will end up serving 10 years in total. This is seen to be non-rational or sub-optimal for both prisoners as the total years served is not the best collective solution.

      This argument seems flawed. Normative egoism concerns itself with individuals, not with collectives. Therefore, one ought to look at both individuals separately and conclude in both cases that defecting is the best option. The fact that both individuals cooperating would have been better for both of them, is irrelevant, because there is no guarantee, at the time of making the decision, that the other person will cooperate.

  16. Apr 2017
    1. The matter of providence teaches about (points to) intent, will and choice, and whoever acts an action without them, his actions will be called random, till even if he comes to act a necessary natural action over which he has no intent (volition), it might be that if it were possible to do without it he would be happy in this and he would never act (perform) it.

      I.e. whoever does not take intent, will and choice into account, will neglect to do things they ought to do. That is my understanding.

    1. The screenshot seems like a troll. There are no such things as "die cis scum" quilt, as far as I know. I heavily doubt there are agencies that target SJWs.

    1. you may shave your head bald

      This line is in contradiction with Sikh practice, yet it is in their scripture.

  17. Mar 2017
    1. Bedankt! Hier heb ik ontzettend veel aan gehad, je hebt me echt uit de brand geholpen zeg. Ik had nooit geweten dat je er een telefoon nodig voor moest hebben! En ik maar de 5 keer de cijfers intoetsen op m’n magnetron.
    1. Richard King also points to disjunction between "mystical experience" and social justice:[44] The privatisation of mysticism - that is, the increasing tendency to locate the mystical in the psychological realm of personal experiences - serves to exclude it from political issues such as social justice. Mysticism thus comes to be seen as a personal matter of cultivating inner states of tranquility and equanimity, which, rather than serving to transform the world, reconcile the individual to the status quo by alleviating anxiety and stress.[44]

      Very interesting and challenging observation. It seems to me that the capability to draw the attention away from the environment is at least a prerequisite for lasting mental equanimity, because the environment does not conform to the individual's will. But, ironically, this very equanimity reduces the need for social justice.

    1. These things are believable to those who believe

      Circular statements FTW.

    2. since the 19th century it has been interpreted as sayings, which sparked numerous theories about a lost "Sayings Gospel", now called Q, resembling the Gospel of Thomas

      This seems to be the origin of the Q hypothesis!

    1. the only non-fading fountain pen inks are carbon-based inks (not for me as high maintenance, having to flush out the pen after a few days of not using it) and Noodler’s Eternal and Bulletproof inks

      Do want.

      Although one should be warned that Noodler's Q-E'ternity shows more spreading / feathering. See here.

    1. This ink is part of the Bernanke line of quick-drying, smear-resistant inks. The line is a spoof of Ben Bernanke, former chairman of the Federal Reserve who greatly expanded the US money supply to combat deflation during the financial crisis of the late 2000s. The ink represents the Fed's need for a quick-drying ink to print a lot of money quickly.


    1. (albeit gods to be rejected)

      This fact makes it so that my hypothesis above still isn't excluded.

    2. In comparison with Vedic usage

      This is an interesting subject. If Zoroastrianism is characterized by a rejection of the devás of Indic religions, then there's an interesting parallel with Judaism's rejection of Mesopotamian gods beside Yahweh. It's as if they made an effort to distinguish themselves from their cultural heritage through intolerance.

      Another parallel would be that Judaism eventually became the dominant religion in Babylon, while Zoroastrianism became the dominant religion of the Persian world. One could ask themselves if there's a correlation between religious intolerance and cultural success. Although, admittedly, chance has been a big factor in Judaism's success, so this may well be mere speculation.

    1. I’m getting an error “Session is invalid”, what does that mean? At the moment, Hypothesis requires your browser to accept 3rd-party cookies. If you use a privacy extension or privacy settings that disallow cookies, you may get an invalid session message. We are planning to re-work the way authentication in the client works in future to alleviate the need for 3rd-party cookies.

      This did not work for me. My workaround is to use a custom bookmarklet that loads http://via.hypothes.is/[CURRENT URL].

      You can use this yourself by creating a new bookmark with the following as location:


    1. List of 8 Shakta Upanishads

      Please note that the Muktikā anthology excludes a couple of important Shakta upanishads. See here.

  18. Feb 2017
    1. In fact, some media scholars argue that commonplace books and zibaldones were precursors to the Internet, which is similarly scrappy and mixed-up, rich in influences and perfectly willing to zig-zag between genres.

      A precursor to hypertext!

  19. Jan 2017
    1. No, I will not release this on F-Droid. I actually looked into it and ended up wasting quite a bit of time jumping through the hoops of their submission process before realizing it was blocked by a conflict of interest. It's not for lack of trying.Pale Moon may meet the requirements of Open Source distribution through it, but F-Droid doesn't meet the requirements of proper developer control over my own product to distribute through them. F-Droid is simply not for Pale Moon since:I cannot sign my own packages (all developers there have to allow F-Droid to sign their software and publish it with F-Droid's signature)I cannot control the build environment used to build the binaries (they build the program on their server)I cannot test the binaries before releaseIf there is a problem with the binaries (either by accident or on purpose), it will immediately reflect on me while it would be F-Droid's fault. This puts F-Droid in a position of power over software developers that I am not comfortable with (nor should any other app developer be).They don't accept pre-built APKs (with the single exception of MozCo's builds of Mozilla Firefox, because, well, I guess they are in some sort of agreement there - who knows why they have this one very notable exception...).F-Droid operators are also not happy about the prerequisites for building Pale Moon since it has a lot of dependencies and is very complex to build. I can't go and redesign the build requirements just to satisfy their needs for building on their side (which I don't want to begin with)At least some of the operators there seem to think MPL or FOSS = Public Domain... They are explicitly forbidden to build Pale Moon with official name and branding from source, as a result.More details in the pull request discussion: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/merge_requests/260
    1. but go straight on, following thy own nature and the common nature; and the way of both is one.

      Very much in line with Thelema.

  20. Dec 2016
    1. I find this an unlikely story. The secret camera appears to be a crucial part of it, so that they could actually prove these facts, but no footage is provided. I'm unable to find the footage anywhere.

  21. Nov 2016
    1. and what shall be the sign

      This line is from the Gospel of Mark.

    2. and the giver of Life

      This line is from the Chaldean Oracles.

  22. Oct 2016
      • 5:48 Expert Political Judgment

        • Discusses the concept of Integrative Complexity
          • People with a lot of integrative complexity are more capable of reasoning about complex issues, distinguishing between facts and opinions, and seeing the world clearly as it is.
            • People who lack this quality tend to think in terms of black-and-white, and to have an arrogant and antagonistic attitude.
            • Fame is inversely correlated with integrative complexity
      • 11:29 The Big Sort by Bill Bishop

        • There is an ongoing trend, especially on the Internet, but also geographically, for people to cluster based on their own worldview, while they become less and less open to different ideas.
          • The content filtering mechanisms of Tumblr and other social media websites, where you can simply unfollow whoever you disagree with, are the reason why this phenomenon is so prevalent on the Internet.
      • 14:20 Pan's Labyrinth
        • Moral parable with "think for yourself; don't just blindly obey" as its message.
    1. Books mentioned throughout this comment thread. Add your suggestions! - de Mesquita and Smith's The Dictator's Handbook - Machiavelli's The Prince - Sun Tzu's the Art of War - Saul Alinski's Rules for Radicals - David Nickle's Eutopia - Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel (as per a previous CGPGrey video) - Erica Chenoweth's Why civil resistance works