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  1. Feb 2024
    1. If one had to deal with the drain of such critique for every answer, perhaps site usage would go down. People have lives to lead and the OP is apparently already happy. IMO, it is time to move on.
    2. n the end, this site is about helping community. All the associated answers and comments are available for a visitor to peruse and consider. It is decidedly less valuable to the community when all answers are identical.
  2. Jan 2024
    1. Greek plays are not just about entertainment; they are invitations to the audience to discuss political events.

      Greek plays are either tragedies or comedies. There is a much deeper meaning to them than just entertaining the public. Keeping this in mind when reading the stories gives them a much deeper meaning.(https://www.worldhistory.org/Greek_Theatre/) To know the full extent of what they were really meant for is important to the readers. For this specific play, the meaning behind the story is that the men in charge are operating from an excessively limited perspective as they ignore their partners' informed advice. This is a huge political controversy to this day. Women are very overlooked in society especially considering how far back this is dated. Back when this play was written women were given tasks like cooking and cleaning and had little to no rights so this was a good political example of how they were treated and overlooked.

  3. Oct 2023
    1. ¿Cuán

      Suena raro partir con "cuan", mejor decir "Qué tan necesario"?

  4. Aug 2023
  5. Jun 2023
    1. we present a novel evidence extraction architecture called ATT-MRC

      A new evidence extraction architecture called ATT-MRC improves the recognition of evidence entities in judgement documents by treating it as a question-answer problem, resulting in better performance than existing methods.

    1. We also compare the answer retrieval performance of a RoBERTa Base classifier against a traditional machine learning model in the legal domain

      Transformer models like RoBERTa outperform traditional machine learning models in legal question answering tasks, achieving significant improvements in performance metrics such as F1-score and Mean Reciprocal Rank.

    1. 1- Why does Srila Prabhupada say that Gita is theistic Science? Generally we think Science and Religion are exclusive.

      2- What is the meaning of Veda? Who wrote the Vedas? What do the Vedas comprise of? How many total verses are there in total in the Vedas?

      3- What is the easiest way to surpass the Study of all Vedas?

      4- What is the specific standard of the Gita?

      5- Why did Krishna speak the Gita?

      6- Why was Dhritarashtra fearful of Kurusketra?

      7- How was Sanjaya able to see the War in Kurukeshtra while sitting far away in Hastinapur?

      8- Using Paddy field example, explain the significance of the word Dharma Kshetre.

  6. Apr 2023
  7. Mar 2023
  8. Jan 2023
  9. Nov 2022
    1. All statements must end with a semicolon, ; Keywords and other code elements are case-sensitive

      What is Examples of syntax in C ?

    1. despite that scare, there’s no public record that prosecutors moved forward with felony kidnapping and menacing charges against Aldrich, or that police or relatives tried to trigger Colorado’s “red flag” law

      I think many are wondering if it's because the suspect was the grandson of a politician, "Assemblyman Randy Voepel, longtime mayor of Santee".


      Gov is usually very understanding and looks the other way when it comes to policing the friends and family of its own "officials".

    2. suspect evaded Colorado’s red flag gun law

      If you read lower in the article you'll see that the headline is a blatant lie.

      The Gov failed to prosecute a violent person, so AP spins it as if this guy "evaded" (which is an action).

      One can't evade a law that is never applied against them.

  10. Sep 2022
    1. In the article, "The New Normative: Queer Politics in The Outs," author John Sherman, a freelance writer from Brooklyn, implores reader's to give credit to show's casually- revolutionary representation of queer characters. Sherman indicates to reader's that this is a rarely great representation for its time (2012) because it gives gay characters a non-stereotypical story line. It allows it's characters to be people who just happen to be gay. In just the pilot episode, it's not hard to see this truth. With the first four queer male characters being introduced, they all have different characteristics, priorities, and dynamics with eachother that don't center around their gayness. This gives a depth to the queer character being represented without relying on the fact that their gay to do so. I think that the positive reaction to this show bodes very well for the style of queer representation being presented and will hopefully inspire more writing and content making of this kind which non-chalently gives a voice gay to story lines in a relatable- human way instead of a stereotypical and tokenising way.

      I believe that Shitt's Creek also does this fairly well. Although I've only seen a couple episodes myself- I saw the character of David as a complete person and story line not defined by his gayness or partner choices although it is an obvious part of his identity.

  11. Aug 2022
  12. Jul 2022
    1. UKperspectives

      Meaning...based in UK literature? UK theorists and authors?



    1. class shapes the aspirations, decisions andmigration destinations of sexual minorities.

      ...and whether they're able to achieve those aspirations?



    1. AsianAmerican LGBQ persons with higher adherence to Asianvalues (e.g., collectivism and valuing family traditions) tendto have lower internalized homophobia,

      Why? Difference in value of culture in Asian-Americans compared to Chinese LGBTQ+ people?

    2. non-affirmingreligions is associated with higher internalized homophobia

      What are some affirming religions?

    3. religionis an important predictor of internalized homophobia.

      Any religion or certain religions?

    4. social learning theory

      Could be useful to add...how int'l LGBTQ+ students learn/absorb social/environmental (society, family, school) perceptions about their identity?

    5. Internalized homophobia is described as LGB individuals’direction of negative social attitude regarding sexual orienta-tion toward the self

      Definition - need to breakdown, what does "social attitude" mean?

    6. perceived public stigma and internalized homophobia

      Participants felt more public stigma and internalized homophobia when they experienced high authoritarian filial piety than high reciprocal filial piety?

    7. Reciprocal filial piety was negatively asso-ciated with internalized homophobia.

      Reciprocal filial piety...with perceived public stigma?

    8. nternalized homophobia

      Is there a catch-all term for internalized homophobia, biphobia, transphobia? Need to look into the latter two

    9. reciprocal and authoritarian

      What are the differences between the two?



  13. Jun 2022
    1. more supportive schoolenvironments for LGBTQ students were associated with fewer depressivesymptoms and fewer suicidality

      School environment on its own...but what about school environment compared to home environment? More time spent at school, so maybe its possible that a supportive school environment and non-supportive home environment would be enough to positively impact depression and suicidality rates?

    2. The findings revealed that mostChinese schools were not inclusive for LGBTQ students.Despite the lack of support of very few LGBTQ-specific schoolpolicy, teacher training, and curriculum reported by students,the majority of LGBTQ youth felt safe living and learning atschool.

      Chinese schools are not LGBTQ+ inclusive, but most students feel comfortable at school, why?



    1. Social boundaries are institutionalized forms of group differ-ence, such as citizenship

      Add social boundary to the glossary list?

    2. These groups portray the movement as a Westerncultural threat, stressing the need to defend their country from aWestern conspiracy to “destroy” Serbia

      LGBTQ+ community positioned as an outgroup and outside/external threat, Western cultural imperialism..is this also a view in historically colonized countries as well?



    1. what it means to “live at the crux ofstructural inequality based on intersections”

      Also includes a focus on individual experiences when impacted by structural and institutionalized inequality?

    2. Student Development Task and Lifestyle Inventory to ex-plore gender (biological sex) differences in students’ degree of development.

      Need to look up - what is this inventory?



    1. Goltz (2014) found that LGBTQ+ emerging adults from the millennial generationdid not find the LGBTQ+ community to be an important element in their sexual or genderidentity

      Age could be a factor in perceptions on identity development in relation to the students' level of engagement and access to the LGBTQ+ community. Could maybe influence motivations for going abroad (seeking out LGBTQ+-affirming communities, spaces, and countries may not be a huge priority, if at all?)?

    2. expressing that by avoiding the LGBTQ+ community they were also avoidingexperiences of harassment or alienation from other members of the community

      Wondering if there's any influence on intersections of minority identities and increase or decrease of reports of isolation within the community?



    1. My teacher thought I was gay or something so he had told my parents.

      Possibility of educators disclosing identities of students without consent? Something tied to educational policy in that country? Or cultural influence? Where to capture something like this in the research?

    2. reveal the psychological meaning ofparticipants’ coming out experiences


    3. Glossary of Terms

      Add to journal -- should we have a glossary of terms? Is the need for this dependent on interview responses and questions?



    1. Helping LGBT international students establish a social network is impor-tant to maintaining their psychological well-being

      For international LGBTQ+ students with (strong) social networks, did they rely on those networks when they returned home? Did those networks impact their experiences upon returning home?

    2. Reviewing coping skills or strategies that clients learned from ther-apy sessions focused on managing family conflicts, managing their identitiesin LGBT unwelcoming environments, and demonstrating such skills in emer-gency situations are necessary before termination.

      Pre-departure preparation needed for LGBTQ+ students...how many students are actually receiving this preparation?

    3. International students in general may not know what counseling servicesmeans, and some may believe it is a form of “mind control”

      Wondering where this idea came from and which countries create that kind of opinion?

    4. Many LGBT international students do not go through the process ofsexual identity development in their home countries because they have beenexposed to homophobia there

      Considerations - How can this factor into LGBTQ+ student experiences when they go home? Is their development halted/stalled or does it continue?

    5. they feelmore isolated and marginalized by their social network

      Social network in home country or in host country? Both?

    6. When using counselingservices, international students report a high dropout rate more often thandomestic students because of their negative view of seeking professionalhelp and a lack of understanding in using counseling services

      Considerations -- which countries are these students coming from and what is their home country's view on mental health and seeking mental health services (ex. counseling)?



  14. May 2022
  15. Apr 2022
  16. Jan 2022
    1. Skip the Slip

      要幫 campaign 取名就要讓名字容易記得。slip 就是一小張東西,slip of paper,skip 當然就是跳過,選擇不要拿,合起來又 rhyme: skip the slip。nicely done.

  17. Dec 2021
  18. Sep 2021
    1. paradigmatic

      typical answer to something

    2. elucidatory

      give a clarifying expression

    3. Pragmatic

      to deal with something in a practical non-theoretical way.

    4. elucidation.

      another word for clarification

  19. Aug 2021
    1. Question and Answer Website Development: Functionality and Best PracticesTimur YilmazTech JournalistMarketplaceProduct GuideHomeBlogEntrepreneurshipQuestion and Answer Website Development: Functionality and Best PracticesAug 25, 202117 min readSocial media is a jumping-off point for many people to get informed. Yet, on such platforms, users are more likely to voice opinions rather than share knowledge. That's when the websites to ask questions become a good help. For example, Quora's monthly active user base grew from 200 million to 300 million in 2018 alone. In 2021, the 6.6 million downloads of the Reddit app represented a 128% increase over the previous year. What is a selling point for this kind of platform and how to build one? How do they remain beneficial in a years-long run? How Q&A websites managed to survive social network dominance? Read on to find out.

      Social media is a jumping-off point for many people to get informed. Yet, on such platforms, users are more likely to voice opinions rather than share knowledge.

      That's when the websites to ask questions become a good help. For example, Quora's monthly active user base grew from 200 million to 300 million in 2018 alone. In 2021, the 6.6 million downloads of the Reddit app represented a 128% increase over the previous year.

      What is a selling point for this kind of platform and how to build one? How do they remain beneficial in a years-long run? How Q&A websites managed to survive social network dominance? Read on to find out.

  20. Jun 2021
    1. scattering length

      s-wave scattering wavelength? in QM ??

    2. +⎛⎝⎜⎞⎠⎟Emgx22d.322

      Why no potential energY???

    3. order parameter of the condensate within a mean-field approximation

      what is order parameter??

      number that is zero below transition temperature and non zero above transition temperature



  21. Apr 2021
    1. op irrigation and drainage, multiple outdoor decks and terraces spanning more than 2,000 square feet, and a pool with a spa, according to the listing with Benjamin Illulian of Keller Williams. More: Jeff Bezos Drops $16 Million on Another Manhattan Pad to Create a ‘Vertical’ Dream Home Interior space is divided into four bedrooms, four bathrooms, formal living and dining rooms and an eat-in kitchen. The property is equipped with smart home appliances, and comes with 50 feet of curb frontage. Plus, it’s just steps away from popular shops and restaurants, the listing said. Mr. Illulian, who listed the property for $5.195 million in December 2019, didn’t respond to a request for comment. From: Penta Art Museums Given Leeway in Funding Mr. Legend, 41, a singer and music producer, and Ms. Teigen, 34, a model and TV personality, could not immediately be reached for comment. The couple recently purchased a Manhattan apartment—their second in the same building. Marshall Peck of Douglas Elliman, who represented the buyers in the deal, declined to comment.   if (!window.WEBUI_NEWSLETTERCARDS) { window.WEBUI_NEWSLETTERCARDS = []; } window.WEBUI_NEWSLETTERCARDS.push({ articleId: 'MG0000214176', state: {"data":{},"id":"mg/newsletterCard","context":{"newsletterId":"801","newsletter":{"_id":"5ec24a31d782d55d025c60ae","node_type":"newsletter","edition":"mansionglobal","section":"newsletters","id":"801","label":"Week in Review","description":"Shares the stories you may have missed from the world of luxury real estate","index":2,"previewURL":"","imageURL":"","addURL":"","addLabel":"","subOnly":false,"orderAlphabetic":"","options":"","disableSignup":false},"isLoggedIn":false,"hasFullNewsletterAccess":false,"hasFreeNewsletterAccess":false,"region":"na,us","editionId":"mansionglobal","returnLink":"https://www.mansionglobal.com"},"package":{"accessedContext":[],"nodes":{"0":{"component":{"id":"275181c7-8620-4df3-a008-d0cd9937db22","acceptsTypes":{},"isConditional":false,"$context":{},"decorators":["MGTheme"]},"children":["webUINewsletterCard-0.0"],"treeOrder":1,"name":"0","hierarchy":"0"},"webUINewsletterCard-0.0":{"component":{"content":{},"options":{"productId":200,"captchaSiteKey":"6LcmI7sUAAAAAF-vTKb3JIwIzz2CXCx8hJW0Ukis","origin":"articles_app","returnLink":"https://www.mansionglobal.com","editionId":"mansionglobal","content":{"data":{}}},"decorators":["MGTheme"],"id":"c7081dd6-0394-e7b2-1124-a02c2970agdf","acceptsTypes":{"newsletter_config_data":true},"isConditional":false,"$context":{"./content/newsletter":{"key":[".","content","newsletter"],"value":["#","newsletter"]},"./options/region":{"key":[".","options","region"],"value":["#","region"]},"./options/newsletterId":{"key":[".","options","newsletterId"],"value":["#","newsletterId"]},"./options/userEmail":{"key":[".","options","userEmail"],"value":["#","userEmail"]},"./options/loggedIn":{"key":[".","options","loggedIn"],"value":["#","isLoggedIn"]},"./options/hasFullNewsletterAccess":{"key":[".","options","hasFullNewsletterAccess"],"value":["#","hasFullNewsletterAccess"]},"./options/hasFreeNewsletterAccess":{"key":[".","options","hasFreeNewsletterAccess"],"value":["#","hasFreeNewsletterAccess"]},"./options/content/data/list":{"key":[".","options","content","data","list"],"value":["#","newsletter"]}}},"name":"webUINewsletterCard-0.0","treeOrder":2,"hierarchy":"0"}},"root":"0","states":{"nodes":[],"data":[],"hierarchy":{},"dedupeGroups":{},"components":{"code___decoratedComponent___275181c7-8620-4df3-a008-d0cd9937db22___MGTheme":{"id":"275181c7-8620-4df3-a008-d0cd9937db22","decorators":["MGTheme"]},"code___decoratedComponent___c7081dd6-0394-e7b2-1124-a02c2970agdf___MGTheme":{"id":"c7081dd6-0394-e7b2-1124-a02c2970agdf","decorators":["MGTheme"]}}},"refreshInterval":null},"currentState":{"data":[],"nodes":{},"hierarchy":{},"dedupeGroups":{},"components":{"code___decoratedComponent___275181c7-8620-4df3-a008-d0cd9937db22___MGTheme":{"id":"275181c7-8620-4df3-a008-d0cd9937db22","decorators":["MGTheme"]},"code___decoratedComponent___c7081dd6-0394-e7b2-1124-a02c2970agdf___MGTheme":{"id":"c7081dd6-0394-e7b2-1124-a02c2970agdf","decorators":["MGTheme"]}}}} }); Newsletter Sign-up Week in Review Shares the stories you may have missed from the world of luxury real estate PREVIEWSUBSCRIBE window.INITIAL_PROPS_NEWSLETTER_BOTTOM_COL = {} NEW LISTINGS SINGLE FAMILY HOME LOS ANGELES


  22. Feb 2021
    1. <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>tantek</span> in #meta 2021-02-21 (<time class='dt-published'>02/22/2021 08:49:58</time>)</cite></small>

  23. Jan 2021
  24. Oct 2020
    1. He says that he sees the combination of long form pieces and Q&A as a new level of support. “We used to have level one, which was sending a ticket to the help desk, and it was something we could easily resolve for you. Level two was a more complex problem that maybe required an engineer or specialist from a certain team to figure out. I look at this new system as a level zero.” Before sending us a ticket, folks can search Teams. If they find a question that solves the problem, great. If they need more details, they can follow links to in-depth articles or collections that bring together Q&A and article with the same tags.“
    2. In an effort to rethink how documentation works, we recently introduced Articles, longer-form prose that can sit side by side with shorter Q&A.
  25. Jul 2020
  26. Jun 2020
  27. May 2020
  28. Apr 2020
    1. Meteor showers are celestial events in which several shooting stars appear to originate from a single point in the sky—what astronomers call the radiant. These showers are the result of the Earth passing through cosmic debris left behind by comets, and in some rare cases, asteroids.
  29. Dec 2019
  30. Oct 2019
    1. more negative

      shouldn't this be more positive? (the CI is 0,043; 0,302) And the unstandardized regression coefficient is 0,172.

    2. 0.12 to 0.34 point

      Waarom noem je hier twee keer de Confidence interval en niet een keer de ongestandaardiseerde regressiecoefficient (van 0,23)?

    1. BY status3 exposure3

      Does this sequence matter? The assignment doesn't really say what is the moderator en what the predictor?


      Maakt deze volgorde uit in de syntax? (bij mij staat er eerst descriptive en dan homogeneity)

    1. Squaring, summing, and averaging the solid red arrows (within-groups differences) yields the within-groups variance

      Can you explain this? Or can you give an example?

    1. (Standard) normal distribution one or two means > 100 t distribution one or two means each group > 30

      What is the difference between these two? When does your sample have to contain >100 people (because when you test 2 means you have 2 groups and do a t-test right, so each group has to be over 30 so a minimum of 60?)

    1. 6.3.2 Data generating process

      In test exam 1 there is a question about this, but I didn't understand it and reading this did not make it any clearer.. Are there other ways to grasp this?


      Hoe krijg ik dit in mijn syntax erbij? Zodat je niet die hele tabel Candy weight krijgt? En is dit belangrijk voor in het tentamen?

    1. We have learned that larger samples have smaller standard errors (Section 3.3.1). Smaller standard errors yield larger test statistic values and larger test statistics have smaller p values. In other words, a test on a larger sample is more often statistically significant.

      Why do larger samples have smaller standard errors?

    1. Wouter de Nooy

      Question regarding bonus point. It says the following in the syllabus: "Students earning less than half of all points receive a fraction of the full bonus point that corresponds to the proportion of all points awarded.". How exactly is that calculated?

  31. Sep 2019
    1. 無負擔


      1. M: no
      2. wiki: no
      3. special meaning from context (直覺): yes

      Q: 不太確定是 3-1 還是 3-2

    2. 一點都不素食
      1. M: no
      2. wiki: no
      3. special meaning from context (直覺): yes
  32. Jun 2019
    1. ownload the data set candies.sav and use SPSS to apply a Fisher-exact test to the association between candy colour and candy stickiness

      Wat is het verschil tussen een Fishers exact test en een Chi-kwadraat test?

    1. Download the data set candies.sav and use SPSS to bootstrap the t test on average weight of yellow and red candies (the example above). The test is available in the Analyze>Compare Means menu.

      Wanneer gebruik je one sampled t test, independent t-test en paired sampled t-test? (wat is het verschil tussen deze)

  33. May 2019
    1. Paduans

      Paduans is a Venetian Italian city that was founded by the Trojan price Antenor in 1185 B.C after the destruction of Troy. Antenor who was the founder of the city was said to be a tradior of the Trojans and he delivered Palladio who was the tailsmans of troy to Odysseus and Diomedes and in exchange he recieved salvation for himself and his family. Today Paduans in known to be one of the most beautiful cities in Veneto.

    2. Florentine

      Florentine represents the political scene of Italy at the time and the physiology that ended up getting Dante exiled. Dante considered the Florentine politics to be mischievous, which is why he put a character that represented this in The Inferno. After being exiled, along with many others, Dante considered the results of the politics to be a sin.

  34. Mar 2019
  35. Feb 2019
    1. one's moral values will rise to the corresponding level.

      This reminds me of the "Q" question, the assumption that just exposure to literature will inculcate an upstanding character: the banner model for humanities education.

  36. Jan 2019
    1. Question

      My initial response to this title was to assume Muckelbauer's question was the same as Lanham's (the 'Q' question). Instead, he's tackling the "what is rhetoric?" question.

  37. May 2018
    1. Ironically, DWYL reinforces exploitation even within the so-called lovable professions where off-the-clock, underpaid, or unpaid labor is the new norm:

      Doing what you love, isolates and degrades other workforces and elevates others and more so, the ones of higher economic class. One should be paid fair dues as per their work and have good working conditions. She wants people to realize that they deserve goods jobs and they should never settle for less in the name of doing what they love.

    2. limits

      The article argues different theories regarding doing what is right, with the bigger question being is it wrong for people to strive to be able to do what they love. But, at the same time, what is the limit of people seeking what they love without overstepping the boundaries?

  38. Jan 2018
    1. The tokens, khipus, and the types of calculations represented on the tablets seem to indicate that mathematics did not arise as an aesthetic intellectual pastime, but was an integral part of the application of technology to the economy. Subsequently,the Greek philosophers of the fourth to first centuries B.C.separated mathematics from technology and integrated it with logic, a process that culminated with Euclid's hypothetico-deductive system of geometry

      This is an important difference, and perhaps a significant evolution in civilization. What is the significance in the difference between practical and theoretical intellectual activity?

  39. Oct 2017
    1. 9.7 Controlling for Covariates


      Could you go through how to work with these type of models (covariate) how do they differ/ also in SPSS?

    1. 8.1 The Regression Equation


      Could you go through the equation, where do the values come from, how to work with it, maybe an example question? Thanks!

  40. Mar 2017
    1. since the 19th century it has been interpreted as sayings, which sparked numerous theories about a lost "Sayings Gospel", now called Q, resembling the Gospel of Thomas

      This seems to be the origin of the Q hypothesis!

  41. Feb 2017
  42. Dec 2015
  43. Sep 2015
    1. to prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world, for the truth of which we pledge a faith yet unsullied by falsehood.

      The Declaration of Independence impacted the United States in more ways than one, Jefferson makes clear when he states "to prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid world;" he is referring to the reign of the King of Great Britain who has brought injuries and tyranny over the states. He wants his people to realize the corruption and wrongdoings that the king has caused. Jefferson is essentially saying that people should be uncorrupt in this new world and man should strive to preserve the pureness of this country keeping it from falsehood and injustice. It sparked my attention when I came across a newspaper titled "The North Briton" written by J. Wilkes and others which contained very similar diction and ideals of society during that time period. Wilkes is criticizing King George III for his speech in favor of the Treaty of Paris ending the Seven Year’s War; he states “Articles 15 is for having corrupted the sacred fountain of truth and put falsehoods into the mouth of Majesty, in several speeches made in parliament.” Wilkes is trying to uncover the king’s corruption and bring to light that he is lying to his people which ties closely to Jefferson’s actions and morals of being uncorrupt. Most people carried similar beliefs in the United States during the 18th century, it is very possible that the Wilkes could have been from Jefferson's era carrying the same ideals and values as him due to similar style of writing, choice of diction, and beliefs.

    1. let facts be submitted to a candid world, for the truth of which we pledge a faith yet unsullied by falsehood.

      The Declaration of Independence impacted the United States in more ways than one, Jefferson makes clear that essentially people should be uncorrupt in this new world and man should strive to preserve the pureness of this country and keep from falsehood and lies. It sparked my attention when I came across a monthly chronologer titled "The Gentleman's and London magazine" that contained very similar diction and ideals of society during that time period. It is noticed that humans are habitual creatures and mimic their peers within their society creating a universal diction within that community. Most people carried similar beliefs in the United States during the 18th century since most citizens were of Christian faith it is very possible that the writers of the "Gentleman's and London Magazine" could have been from Jefferson's era having the same ideals and values as him due to similar style of writing and choice of diction.