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    1. I would really argue there hasn't been a better time to make music and there hasn't been a better time to consume and listen to music

      for - question - Is music worse because entry level is lower? - Musicians response - Bernth's response

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    1. quite frankly a lot of artists and 00:21:16 producers are probably using it just for that they come up with something inspiration they go they make something new

      for - Generative AI music - producers and artists using for inspiration

      comment I would agree with this. Especially since the AI music currently sounds lo-fi

    2. what if a band decides to take one of the udio generated songs and re-record it entirely will they own the full copy rate to that very new recording now if I 00:21:03 was udio the answer probably be like no you made that thing using our platform

      for - AI music issues - rerecording an AI music generated song - copyright question

    3. the AI created Music learned from got inspiration from the hit songs and came up with a great new hit song for you and then kind of you 00:13:21 know what we'll call those those artifacts or the little similarities here and there might get picked up by Content ID on YouTube

      for - AI music - youtube content ID algorithms can identify it

    4. here's a way to do direct to 00:16:46 Consumer sell and can make some money and don't just be like so worried about being on the music platform streaming and now you're diluted because the AI

      for - new music sales model - direct to consumer - helps mitigate AI music

    5. now there's going to be even more AI music pouring 00:09:04 into platforms which saturated Market in an already oversaturated Market

      for - progress trap - AI music - oversaturated market

    6. these conversations are having daily people are scrambling trying to like we're trying to keep up 00:07:32 with AI in real time scrambling to find out what we're going to do think about all the different businesses that are affected from this

      for - AI Disruption - Realtime - music industry is scrambling

    7. Google deep mind they're coming up their new Google AI sound boox that and it is making Loops from prompts and they have wav Jean

      for - AI music - Google Deep Mind - Google AI Soundbox - Wycliff Jean endorsing

    8. backstory of udio like I didn't know that willim IM and United Masters were like investors in udio

      for - AI music - Udio - investors - Will.I.Am - United Masters

    9. Spotify rolled out its discovery mode

      for - example - music platforms bleeding producers - Spotify - discovery mode

    10. deluding the general royalty pool

      for - progress trap - AI music - dilution of general royalty pool - due to large volume

    11. the volume of how much music is being created over 800,000 00:01:56 tracks a day are being created using udio

      for - stats - AI music platform Udio - tracks created per day - over 800000

    12. terms of service which is the contract that you sign when you get on their platform does say that you can monetize what you make so meaning you can put into distribution 00:00:41 the music that you make

      for - AI music - Udio - terms of service - users can sell the music made on Udio

    1. for - progress trap - AI music - critique - Folia Sound Studio - to - P2P Foundation - Michel Bauwens - Commons Transition Plan - Netarchical Capitalism - Predatory Capitalism

      to - P2P Foundation - Michel Bauwens - Commons Transition Plan - Netarchical Capitalism - Predatory Capitalism https://hyp.is/o-Hp-DCAEe-8IYef613YKg/wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Commons_Transition_Plan

    2. I think that Noam chsky said exactly a year ago in New York Times around a year ago that generative AI is not any 00:18:37 intelligence it's just a plagiarism software that learned stealing human uh work transform it and sell it as much as possible as cheap as possible

      for - AI music theft - citation - Noam Chomsky - quote - Noam Chomsky - AI as plagiarism on a grand scale

      to - P2P Foundation - commons transition plan - Michel Bauwens - netarchical capitalism - predatory capitalism - https://wiki.p2pfoundation.net/Commons_Transition_Plan#Solving_the_value_crisis_through_a_social_knowledge_economy

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    1. 07:30 At the root of cybernetics and Chris his research lies the question of communication. This combines his interests of mnemonics, orality, cybernetics, et al. (literacy, indigenous people)

      08:12 Even music and dance can be used to transmit information from one generation to the other.

    1. theworksprescribed in earlier years were much easier and written as lead sheets rather than detailed notations for both hands, which gave the performers the opportunity to rely more on their improvisational and arrangement skills rather than their reading skills to successfullyinterpret the works.
    2. Articulation specifications such as the staccatomarkings in Ballad for Thomas(Example 2.2.2) and sempre legato in Two Studies for Piano(Example 2.2.3). •Scale patterns in the left hand in Example 2.2.1 bar 30 and Example 2.2.3 bar 2-4 in Two Studies for Piano. •The similarity of sudden change in time signature, which can be found throughoutAfrican Funk for Felix, Ballad for Thomas and Lutoslawski’s Two Studies forPiano.
    3. Reddy use Western art music notation devices similar to those used by Lutoslawski in Two Studies for Piano no.1(Example 2.2.3):•There are detailed dynamic markings in both Ballad for Thomas and Lutoslawski’s Two Studies for Piano, although African Funk for Felix does not have any dynamic markings. It is important to note that Reddy states in the preface to Ballad for Thomasthat the dynamic markings are a mere suggestion (Reddy 2005c).•The use of Italian expressions, for example crescendoin Ballad for Thomas (Example 2.2.2) and sempre legatoin Two Studies for Piano(Example 2.2.3).
    1. Surendran recorded two solo CDs in Johannesburg, Ready, Steady, Go! (1994) and Rough’n Reddy (1996), wonderfully illustrate his  crossover style, one of the conventions of which (as with playing Chopin) is maintaining a steady beat in the left hand “while the right hand moves rhapsodically, and with possibilities of rubato, above it” (‘Composer’s Note’).
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    1. for - podcast channel, youtube channel - Andrew Huberman - neuroscience - theme - science-based tools for everyday life - interview with - music producer Rick Ruben - podcast title - How to access your creativity

      summary - Although Rick Ruben's field is music production, he shares his perspective on creativity

    1. for - search - Google - dance controller music - https://www.google.com/search?q=dance+controlled+music+via+digital+music+synthesizers&sca_esv=d08583a7fccca1f9&sxsrf=ACQVn0_xbjv4UO4LDtraXxWBqXFSmk4mXA%3A1714004585223&ei=aaIpZr6XDfeSxc8PuOGkwAk&oq=dance+controlled+music+via+digital+music+synthesizers&gs_lp=EhNtb2JpbGUtZ3dzLXdpei1zZXJwIjVkYW5jZSBjb250cm9sbGVkIG11c2ljIHZpYSBkaWdpdGFsIG11c2ljIHN5bnRoZXNpemVyczIIECEYoAEYwwRImIYBUJQXWPRwcAR4AZABAJgB2QOgAZ4PqgEFMy00LjG4AQPIAQD4AQGYAgmgApcQwgIKEAAYsAMY1gQYR8ICCBAAGIAEGKIEwgIKECEYoAEYwwQYCpgDAIgGAZAGCJIHBzQuMy00LjGgB6UO&sclient=mobile-gws-wiz-serp#ip=1

      search results returned and explored - .New Interfaces for Musical Expression https://www.nime.org › nim...PDF - Towards the Concept of “Digital Dance and Music Instrument” by J Tragtenberg · Cited by 11 — ABSTRACT. This paper discusses the creation of instruments in which music is intentionally generated by dance. We introduce the. - https://viahtml.hypothes.is/proxy/https://www.nime.org/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://www.nime.org/proceedings/2019/nime2019_paper018.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiu2JrmjtyFAxVVMlkFHQ7lClA4ChAWegQICBAB&usg=AOvVaw0wVrH8px0_May--FiZOk6X - dead link - Arm Tracks: All-Body-Controlled Ableton Live, with Kinect, Brings ... - Jul 12, 2012 — This is achieved with a 3D sensor (Kinect) able to map the joints of a human body, then tracking their movements which are translated to musical - dead link - University of California, Irvine https://music.arts.uci.edu › S...PDF Gestural Control of Music using the Vicon Motion Capture System by F Bevilacqua · Cited by 9 — Music control from 3D motion capture of dance ... electronic music triggered by dancer gestures, ... The use of the Vicon motion capture - dead link - https://music.arts.uci.edu/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://music.arts.uci.edu/dobrian/motioncapture/SoundControl_MotionCapture.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiu2JrmjtyFAxVVMlkFHQ7lClA4ChAWegQIBBAB&usg=AOvVaw0OnQTekJ_Ev3scqkCOV079l

    1. there are universal similarities and effects of music and sound on individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds

      key finding - body responses to music are universal

      for - BEing journey

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    1. Spirit Break Out

      The post is a cover of the gospel song "Spirit Break Out" by William McDowell, with the author discussing the message of the song and the importance of being vulnerable and trusting in god for guidance and support.

    2. Spirit Break Out
      • Who: The author, @vickoly, is the one showcasing their creativity by singing a cover of a gospel song by William McDowell titled "Spirit Breakout."
      • What: The post is a cover of the song "Spirit Breakout" by William McDowell. The author explains their love and admiration for the song, particularly its lyrics and message. They also mention the importance of being vulnerable to their maker and trusting in God for guidance and support.
      • Why: The author wants to showcase their talent and creativity, as well as share the message of the song with others.
      • When: The post was made on a Sunday, which is a designated day for showcasing creativity in the hive learner community.
      • How: The author sings a cover of the song and shares it with the readers. They also provide a link to the song lyrics on Genius and credit the design of the thumbnails to Canva.
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    1. Welcome to MusicBrainz!MusicBrainz is an open music encyclopedia that collects music metadata and makes it available to the public.MusicBrainz aims to be:

      MusicBrainz Database

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    1. When Jimmy Buffett has an idea for a song — sometimes just a phrase — he writes it down on any available scrap of paper and stuffs it into an old sea chest. When he’s ready to write some new music, he sits down and pulls out all those scribbles, which I imagine must be torn off bar napkins and beer coasters, and sorts through them, one by one. He says many of his most popular songs marinated in his sea chest before emerging as lyrics.

      Source for this?

      Sounds very similar to Eminem's "stacking ammo".

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    1. ArtistWorks provides world-class instruction for the most popular string and band instruments through self-paced video lessons from professional musicians.

      Under "Extras" in the Libby app: https://libbyapp.com

    1. It is said these two songs spring from the same tune - but with different lyrics applied in the American west... Separated by hundreds of years and the Atlantic Ocean, I alternate the verses of the two songs here, showing the similarity..
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    1. 1:18:00 goosebumps, using media as inspiration and self-discovery, using as visualisation

      1:20:00 Goggins listening to one song for 17 hours “going to distance”

    1. Passengers must have an iPhone with iOS 17 or later, but don’t need to have an Apple Music subscription.

      Well, now I've confirmed the most crucial answer I needed answering about iOS 17...

      ...now just to figure out how I'm going to make this happen.

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    1. For largely financial reasons, the intensity of bookings is increasing (the number of artists scheduled to perform per year, per season, etc.) and the bookings themselves are growing more and more extensive (the kilometres/miles travelled by artists continue to rise with fewer and fewer performance dates in each region)
      • for: music industry - touring economics, concert booking arms race, unsustainable booking
        • the intensity of bookings ( number of artists scheduled to perform per year or per season) is increasing
        • the average booking is becoming more geographically widespread ( more kilometers travelled per artist) with fewer performance dates per region
        • increase in artistic fees and technical requirements force organizers to attract more audiences who come from further away, creating a concert booking arms race
    2. artists are complicit in
      • for: carbon emissions of the 1%, carbon inequality, carbon emissions - artists, high carbon lifestyle
      • comment
        • top tier entertainers are conditioned to a high carbon lifestyle. This is a challenge to overcome.
        • example given
          • DJ who flew to perform in four different EU cities in the same evening!
    3. Most renowned artists and the trades and professions around them (producers, broadcasters, booking agents, distributors, internet platforms…) are today dependent on hyper-intensive energy-consuming models.
      • for: carbon footprint - music industry, carbon footprint - concerts, carbon footprint - touring
      • paraphrase
        • Most renowned artists and the trades and professions around them
          • producers,
          • broadcasters,
          • booking agents,
          • distributors, internet platforms
          • studios
          • equipment and service providers
        • are today dependent on hyper-intensive energy-consuming models.
        • Music or showbusiness artists, for example, depend more and more on touring and festivals.
        • Namely because with a remuneration of 0,0034 dollars per listened music track,
          • only 1% of music artists receive a minimum wage through streaming and
          • because, in the meantime, sales in the physical media market (CD, vinyl) have collapsed,
            • and streaming has not made up for loss of value.
        • Unsurprisingly, the artists who are most successful at making a living receive the quasi-totality of their revenue from the tours they do via concerts or festivals
          • (which incur high travel carbon footprint)
        • And those have a tendency to increase at an unchecked rate.
        • To attract the largest crowd possible, these artists demand
          • more and more top billings
          • with equally
            • increasing fees and
            • technical requirements.
        • example
          • Coldplay travels with no less than 2 kits of 32 articulated lorries on the road (for their “ecological” tour),
          • Rammstein accounts for
            • almost 100 articulated lorries
            • 7 cargo planes for their tours and
            • burns no less than 1000 litres of heating oil for their pyrotechnical effects at each concert (something the group proudly displays on social media).
      • noteworthy
        • due to loss of product sales, touring and concerts is the only way musicians can make money, and that comes at high carbon emission cost