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    1. fter the forage is dry, weigh the bag and forage in grams and record the weight. Empty the forage and weigh the bag to get the net forage weight in grams. Postage scales may be adequate for weighing the forage, but the weights must be converted from ounces to grams (1 ounce = 28.3 g). Forage production in lbs./acre is determined by mul-tiplying the net forage weight (from the 10 hoops) by 10. If the forage from 10 hoop placements (10 x .96 sq. ft. = 9.6 sq. ft.) was 50 grams, total forage production would be 500 lbs. / acre.


  2. localhost:3000 localhost:3000
    1. Many landowners are interested in purchasing horses and other livestock to graze their property.


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    1. The equivalent ways in functional components using Hooks:In a state variable: useState or useReducer. Updates in state variables will cause a re-render of the component.In a ref: Equivalent to instance variables in class components. Mutating the .current property won’t cause a re-render.
  4. grazing-lands-files-dev.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com grazing-lands-files-dev.s3-website-us-west-2.amazonaws.com
    1. A preponderance of evidence approach is used todetermine which of the five departure categories areselected as best fits by the evaluator(s) for each at-tribute. This decision is based in part on where themajority of the indicators for each attribute fall underthe five categories at the top of the worksheet.

      Annotation in the app

    1. that is affected by wind-scoured (including blowout) areas 8 and/or depositional areas in the comment section on page 2 of the evaluation sheet (Appendix 9 5). Table 12 provides generic descriptors of the five departure categories in the evaluation 10 matrix for wind-scoured and


    1. The methods described in the Core Methodsvolume are part of Step 8 in implementing a moni-toring program (Figure 3). Describing the anticipat-ed data analysis and interpretation of the monitoring data will also inform the characteristics of the moni-toring program design.

      Testing the API

    1. Cow (1000 lb.) = 1.0 AUE • Horse = 1.3 AUE • yearling cattle = 0.7 AUE • sheep = 0.2 AUE • goat = 0.2 AUE

      Testing from API

    1. Wind erodes unprotected soil resulting in dust and poor air quality. Water also erodes unprotected soil and increases sediment load in watersheds and decreases water quality. Poor grazing management can adversely affect neighboring landowners.

      Testing annotation with API

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    1. canonical registers.

      The descriptor "canonical" has been very helpful for me to distinguish this data structure from others. Have had a few people think I am talking about something biblical, but it seems to stick. Helps distinguish it from data silos and align it with the other needed components of open standards and APIs.

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    1. URIs are split on characters `#+/:=?.-` into their keywords.

      split chars used for uri.parts parameter

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    1. My hope is that it will somehow bring comments on Facebook back to the blog and display them as comments here.

      Sadly, Aaron Davis is right that Facebook turned off their API access for this on August 1st, so there currently aren't any services, including Brid.gy, anywhere that allow this. Even WordPress and JetPack got cut off from posting from WordPress to Facebook, much less the larger challenge of pulling responses back.

    1. The IEX API is a set of services designed for developers and engineers. It can be used to build high-quality apps and services.
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    1. Raccomandazione 3.6g - Definire un modello di governance del dato e progettare automatismi organizzativi e tecnologici

      ogni applicativo gestionale in uso nelle Pubbliche Amministrazioni centrali e locali DEVE(!) fare uso di [API (Application Programming Interface)] (https://pianotriennale-ict.readthedocs.io/it/latest/search.html?check_keywords=yes&area=default&q=api) al fine di pubblicare, in modalità automatica, dati tematici aggiornati in tempo reale. Senza l'uso di API pubbliche (e documentate) non ci sarà mai un sistema di dati pubblici in formato aperto su cui poter fare riferimento per creare qualsiasi tipo di riuso costante ed utile alla società e per la nascita di nuove forme di economia. Senza API pubbliche continueranno ad esserci soltanto isolati esercizi di stile di qualche rara Pubblica Amministrazione (nel contesto nazionale) sensibile alla pubblicazione dei dati, soltanto perchè fortunatamente vede al suo interno del personale dirigente/dipendente sensibile culturalmente all'obbligo (non sanzionato in caso di non rispetto) della pubblicazione dei dati.

      Oggi (2018) l'uso delle API pubbliche nei software delle PA non va raccomandato, va imposto! Diversamente si continua a giocherellare come si fa per ora. Ma niente dati di qualità e su cui fare riferimento senza API pubbliche nei software della PA!

    1. 一开始数据源的上传用的是 -d @/home/centos.tar  这个选项,但是经过反复试验,这个选项TM上传文件不完整,800M的文件只能上传230M,反复查找问题也找不到,最终换成--upload-file选项,上传成功,且根据此镜像可正常启动实例
      curl -i -X PUT -H "X-Auth-Token: $token" -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" -d @/home/glance/ubuntu-12.10.qcow2 $image_url/v2/images/{image_id}/file
      curl -i -X PUT -H "X-Auth-Token: $token" -H "Content-Type: application/octet-stream" --upload-file @/home/glance/ubuntu-12.10.qcow2 $image_url/v2/images/{image_id}/file
    1. curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -X POST -d 'json data' URL
      curl -H "Content-Type:application/json" -X POST -d '{"user": "admin", "passwd":"12345678"}'
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    1. we need a legal framework to guarantee at least some access to API data, at least for some people. It is certainly nice that companies start research collaborations, but these fit of course into a sanitized view on their services. We therefore need, I think, something that is able to express the public’s legitimate interest to know “what’s going on” and access to API data is, in my view, a more promising avenue than the forms of purely technical or operational transparency that are often discussed. Fair use principles, for example concerning copyright, exist in academia because there is a belief that research that is not beholden to corporate interest performs a function in public life that is worth protecting. Can we imagine something similar with API data? A legally protected means to do research into these platforms? To find a compromise between privacy and publicness, we would have to find a way to distinguish between “disinterested” research and other applications

      on APIs, data privacy, etc.

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    1. Los proyectos listados en todas las categorías sólo se muestran en formato HTML, no hay un formato amigable para máquinas (JSON, CVS, etc) que permta descargar datos del sitio y hacerle preguntas al mismo sobre los proyectos publicados.

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    1. Today, you’re either above the API or below the API. You either tell robots what to do, or are told by robots what to do.

      This is a great way to understand human relationship to automation. See also Vonnegut's Player Piano.

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    1. ScienceDirect Search Enabled STANDARD view / Default 25 results STANDARD view / Max 200 resultsCOMPLETE view / Max 200 results 20,000
    1. retrieves the JSON data

      Step 2: Grabs the data from the URL...

    2. generates a well-formed search URL

      Step 1: Creates a URL to be looked at by another fuction/method

    3. To enhance that process, you could add the appropriate path to the output file name in this script, and write a shell script that runs this script and then commits/pushes to GitHub, and then schedule that script to run at regular intervals from your computer/server. I'm going to look into adding that functionality to this script, but it's not ready yet.
    1. # search for all annotations with the tag IndieEdTech and return them in json format. s = searchurl(tag = 'IndieEdTech') l = retrievelist(s) # print the title of each article annotated. for entry in l: e = Annotation(entry) print(e.title)

      I don't get it. Is this all I need to put into a Jupyter Notebook?

    2. given the annotation's API URL

      Is this specific to an annotation? Yes, I guess.

    1. How often have we not seen an SOA initiative slowed down by conflicts between service providers and service consumers on what constitutes a good service interface? On the one side a mobile developer just wants it to be simple for their particular app, on the other side the backend team wants everyone to use the same standardized service and data model.

      SOA: A stable interface for all consumers

      API: Particular API for particular needs

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    1. JSON API requires use of the JSON API media type (application/vnd.api+json) for exchanging data.

      means to change the Accept field and Content-Type field

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    1. The API uses machine learning models to score the perceived impact a comment might have on a conversation.


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    1. You can have a maximum of two access keys (active or inactive) at a time.

      Incredibly useful to have up to two access keys simultaneously. You can make sure a new key is working before invalidating an old key which may still be in use. I wish more API providers would follow this practice.

    1. a content API. Rather than getting the content through an HTML page, we can just get the raw HTML, which can be styled appropriately by whatever LMS CMS that we want to use.

      Fascinating. Who's the leading person on this?

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    1. Mastodon.py Documentation

      Python/API documentation for the Mastodon social networking platform.

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    1. API

      API é um conjunto de rotinas e padrões de programação para acesso a um aplicativo de software ou plataforma baseado na Web. A sigla API refere-se ao termo em inglês "Application Programming Interface" que significa em tradução para o português "Interface de Programação de Aplicativos".

      Uma API é criada quando uma empresa de software tem a intenção de que outros criadores de software desenvolvam produtos associados ao seu serviço.

      Através das APIs, os aplicativos podem se comunicar uns com os outros sem conhecimento ou intervenção dos usuários.

      Matéria completa: http://canaltech.com.br/o-que-e/software/o-que-e-api/ O conteúdo do Canaltech é protegido sob a licença Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-ND). Você pode reproduzi-lo, desde que insira créditos COM O LINK para o conteúdo original e não faça uso comercial de nossa produção.

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    1. You don't eat People Food and give your developers Dog Food. Doing that is simply robbing your long-term platform value for short-term successes. Platforms are all about long-term thinking.
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    1. APIs are building blocks of software by definitionCompared with SaaS, by nature, they are platforms that allow development on top of them.It brings back the nature of “building block” that open source has and SaaS lost.API’s businesses focus on solving “smaller” problems but hard to crackFor that reason, there are higher chances that customers will trust an API provider for their core infrastructure.“If this is the only thing those guys do, there’s high chances they will do it better than myself”.

      This idea of APIs blending the best (business models) of open source and SaaS is intriguing.

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    1. At the core of the personal API is the radical mission to put control over data (and its access) in the hands of students. This is both a pedagogical act and a creative opportunity, informing students that they can access their own information as well as create interfaces to do with that data what they please. It gives them a seat at the tables where the edtech powers sit, moving them one step closer to a status of equality rather than that of a passive consumer.
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    1. blade is a web framework for rapid development of Java applications,you can be used to develop API, Web and back-end services and other applications, a RESTful framework, it provides a simple and convenient way of development, the whole operation of the micro kernel MVC bus guide frame, initial goal is to simplify the web development, and of course the author will upgrade in the future and integrate more compact components based on blade.

      MVC backend java micro framework for API

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    1. B52700
    2. B52699
    3. B50304
    4. B50302
    5. B50298
    6. LSUMNS B52700
    7. LSUMNS B52699
    8. DHC72
    9. LSUMNS B50304
    10. LSUMNS B50302
    11. LSUMNS B50298
    12. DMT059
    13. DMT051
    14. DMT050
    15. DHC97
    16. DHC88
    17. UWBM 60227
    18. FMNH 358303
    19. FMNH 358301
    20. FMNH 357440
    21. FMNH 357435
    22. FMNH 358312
    23. DMT040
    24. DMT027
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