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  1. Jun 2023
  2. May 2023
    1. People will move back to cities and densely populated areas. In-person events will become preferable.

      Ppl never stopped moving into cities. Cities are an efficient form human organisation. [[De stad als efficientie 20200811085014]]

      In person events have always been preferable because we're human. Living further away with online access has mitigated that, but not undone it.

  3. Apr 2023
  4. Feb 2023
  5. Aug 2022
    1. I like the way this article talks about the project while also interweaving more general insights that apply to the overall topic of what goes into making a market that people will want to use. You get insight about the topic while also having a tangible example to show how it can be done anchor the ideas to a realistic proposal.

  6. Jan 2021
    1. Over the last decade, degrowth has offered a concrete alternative to eco-modernization, projecting a society emancipated from the environmentally destructive imperative of competition and consumption. Urban development is the motor of economic growth; cities are therefore prime sites of intervention for degrowth activists. Nevertheless, the planning processes that drive urban development have yet to be questioned from a degrowth perspective.
  7. Jul 2020
  8. May 2020
    1. urban farming feeding millions when there is little other choice
    2. Modern cities weren’t designed to cope with life during a pandemic, and this upside-down way of living has turned them into “a disorganised array of disconnected bedrooms and studios”
  9. Feb 2017
  10. Apr 2016
    1. It feels like a carefully crafted downtown, full of many different things but where building codes have enforced a standardization of design.

      I love love love this geographic analogy: Facebook Stream as New Urbanism.