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    1. fantasy maps

      This looks interesting




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    1. Value-free language and the possibility of a self-contained discipline make possible both modern sci-ence and that mapping of humanistic inquiry onto a scientific model which has created modern social science as well.

      And yet, any mapping of humanistic inquiry onto a scientific model would lead to the creation of incomplete maps, of certain lies. One of those lies? If you can't use the scientific method to come to know something, then that something isn't knowledge/true/truth/fact.

    1. You can display Geocoding API results on a Google Map, or without a map. If you want to display Geocoding API results on a map, then these results must be displayed on a Google Map. It is prohibited to use Geocoding API data on a map that is not a Google map.

      L'output impone una scelta tecnologica, quindi non sono opendata

  9. Aug 2018
    1. En este sentido, esperaba contribuir a la realización de un ideal de trabajo pluridisciplinario en el cual, retomando los términos de Braudel, el mapa, «instrumento de investigación, indispensable a toda ciencia humana», constituye «la ocasión de una convergencia, de una colaboración entre especialistas» (Braudel, 1958). P.351

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    1. This is an interesting demo of several kind of maps available with openstreetmap and LefatLet library

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    1. Pictured above: The same area and zoom in 2010 and 2016. Notice how many fewer labels are on the 2016 map.

      A similar thing happens with streets and roads within London: often main streets don't display their name until you've zoomed in way past it's useful.

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    1. "How many film versions of Treasure Island have been made?"

      My screencst version of Treasure Island: "The Maps of Treasure Island"


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    1. an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps

      Mapy do mojej historyApp

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    1. Useful introduction to how source maps work. The code for Mozilla's source map library is very readable and an easy way to test this in practice.

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