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  1. Oct 2022
    1. Invariably, early expressions of sub- or alternative cultures are the most fertile sampling grounds

      Sometimes art and ideas can be considered as less than what already is accepted, as a result of things becoming more simplified and easier, resulting these neglected or irrelevant ideas one day becoming crucial to the future.

    2. Commercial culture depends on the theft of intellectual property for its livelihood.

      This was a great statement because it sparks curiosity in how the world around us is greatly influenced by the past and this which can result in what can be considered "Theft" and copyright infringement when considering how simple it has become to succeed commercially.

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  5. May 2022
    1. the death of Gerri Santoro, a woman who died seeking an illegal abortion in Connecticut, ignited a renewed fervor among those seeking to legalize abortion. Santoro’s death, along with many other reported deaths and injuries also sparked the founding of underground networks such as The Jane Collective to offer abortion services to those seeking to end pregnancies.
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    1. Open to the public since 1965, the Derinkuyu underground city, along with nearby Kaymaklı, is a well-known tourist attraction in the region. While only 8 of the 18 levels are viewable, it’s an incredible opportunity to see man’s ability to adapt to their circumstances.

      Would love to go see this!

  11. Mar 2017
  12. Aug 2016
    1. , as just another feature of modernist space

      Unlike the Victorians, Pike argues, Modernists, such as Hitchcock, flatten space: the under and above grounds differ little.

    2. This is especially striking in that his suspense films are in fact almost uniformly structured such that false appearances give way to hidden truth uncovered by physical movement-a structure that has consistently lent itself to being visualized according to the movement of a descent and return emblematized in the modern city by the underground railway. And yet, time and again,

      Setting up why it's surprising Hitchcock so rarely used the Underground in his films.