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    1. Candido, D. S., Claro, I. M., Jesus, J. G. de, Souza, W. M., Moreira, F. R. R., Dellicour, S., Mellan, T. A., Plessis, L. du, Pereira, R. H. M., Sales, F. C. S., Manuli, E. R., Thézé, J., Almeida, L., Menezes, M. T., Voloch, C. M., Fumagalli, M. J., Coletti, T. M., Silva, C. A. M. da, Ramundo, M. S., … Faria, N. R. (2020). Evolution and epidemic spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Brazil. Science. https://doi.org/10.1126/science.abd2161

    1. Chattanooga most likely. My company is doing 85% base salary with no adjustment to RSUs. Tennessee is a great place to save money due to 1) no state income tax, 2) no capital gains taxes, and 3) low cost of living. I estimate I’ll be able to save ~$100k more per year than I currently am in the Bay Area. Plus Chattanooga is known for having some of the fastest internet in the country, rolled out by the city a few years ago. Signal Mountain has great schools for when my kids are older, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s a naturally beautiful place

      Chattanooga - great place for a remote work

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    1. Davis, J. T., Chinazzi, M., Perra, N., Mu, K., Piontti, A. P. y, Ajelli, M., Dean, N. E., Gioannini, C., Litvinova, M., Merler, S., Rossi, L., Sun, K., Xiong, X., Halloran, M. E., Longini, I. M., Viboud, C., & Vespignani, A. (2020). Estimating the establishment of local transmission and the cryptic phase of the COVID-19 pandemic in the USA. MedRxiv, 2020.07.06.20140285. https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.07.06.20140285

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    1. All this land is populated by people who cover themselves such that only their eyes can be seen; they live in tents and ride in camels. There are animals named lemp [orice] whose skin can be used to make good leather shields.

      While there were many ways to travel throughout history depending on the environment/terrain camels were commonly used to travel in the East hemisphere. The reason for the use of camels is their resiliency and low maintenance. Camels were used to aid in trade as well a general travel.

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    1. I think that all in all we will lose about $1000 in nonrefundable stuff

      This may turn out to be an underestimate.

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      no Ojibwe camping near Fond du Lac still

    2. journeyshewishestheBoardto

      Cooke wants the Board to pay for her travels back into "society" - I'm not sure she mentioned this in previous letters to Greene

    3. owever,ifhecancomewithoutexpensetotheBoard,canbekeptunderyoureye,andcangobackwithoutbeingheldupmuchforashow,Ithinkweshallnotobjecttohis

      But as long as the Chief of Leech Lake is Boutwell's problem, Greene is fine with him traveling with him

    4. YourrequestrelativetovisitingNewEnglandwaslaidbeforetheCommittee,andtheyassentedtoyourproposal.ShouldyoucometoNewHaMpshire,weshallexpectyouofcoursetovisitBoston,asweshallwishtoconferwithyouonsometopicscogéntedwiththemissio

      Greene and the Board let Boutwell vacation in New England

    5. itwillbebest,probably,foryoutousethatforpayingallyourexpensesonyourway,tillitisexpanded,andpostponere-'oeivinganyonaccountoftheBoard,tillyouactuallynee

      Greene advises Sproat to use his own money until he runs out, and only then to use the Board's money

    6. mbarkedwithMr.Aitkinf1:SandyLake,toaccompanyhimtoSaintPeter'stoattendtheTreaty.LeftmydearfamilyatFondduLacwithBr

      Boutwell and Aitkin travel to Sandy Lake for a treaty

    7. TheypassedaresolutionwhiletogetheratPokegomsthatonmyvisittotheStatesImakeitaspecialobjecttohiresor4piousyoungmenforthetermoz3.4or5yearstolaborforareasonablecompensationatthevariousstationsinthatregi

      Seymour left to Connecticut and Ohio, was ill, and also looked for 3 - 4 pious people to work at the missions

    8. IfeartheeepoorIndianawillnotverymuchlongerbe-leftundisturbedinpossessionoftheircountry.Whatwedofortheirsalvation,inhumen.probabilltymustbedoneso

      Ayer can see the influx of White people and understands that soon no land with belong to the Natives

    1. WearrivedatFondulacaboutnoon.

      The travel party arrives at Fond du Lac on the 3rd day of travel

    2. WeexpecttostartonourtourtoFondulaciftheweatherbefairsoIhavetospendtheremainderoftheweekinpreparingour“wapon"——awordmeaning,inthiscountry,provisionforajourne

      Traveling to Fond du Lac



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