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    1. All this land is populated by people who cover themselves such that only their eyes can be seen; they live in tents and ride in camels. There are animals named lemp [orice] whose skin can be used to make good leather shields.

      While there were many ways to travel throughout history depending on the environment/terrain camels were commonly used to travel in the East hemisphere. The reason for the use of camels is their resiliency and low maintenance. Camels were used to aid in trade as well a general travel.

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    1. I think that all in all we will lose about $1000 in nonrefundable stuff

      This may turn out to be an underestimate.

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      no Ojibwe camping near Fond du Lac still

    2. journeyshewishestheBoardto

      Cooke wants the Board to pay for her travels back into "society" - I'm not sure she mentioned this in previous letters to Greene

    3. owever,ifhecancomewithoutexpensetotheBoard,canbekeptunderyoureye,andcangobackwithoutbeingheldupmuchforashow,Ithinkweshallnotobjecttohis

      But as long as the Chief of Leech Lake is Boutwell's problem, Greene is fine with him traveling with him

    4. YourrequestrelativetovisitingNewEnglandwaslaidbeforetheCommittee,andtheyassentedtoyourproposal.ShouldyoucometoNewHaMpshire,weshallexpectyouofcoursetovisitBoston,asweshallwishtoconferwithyouonsometopicscogéntedwiththemissio

      Greene and the Board let Boutwell vacation in New England

    5. itwillbebest,probably,foryoutousethatforpayingallyourexpensesonyourway,tillitisexpanded,andpostponere-'oeivinganyonaccountoftheBoard,tillyouactuallynee

      Greene advises Sproat to use his own money until he runs out, and only then to use the Board's money

    6. mbarkedwithMr.Aitkinf1:SandyLake,toaccompanyhimtoSaintPeter'stoattendtheTreaty.LeftmydearfamilyatFondduLacwithBr

      Boutwell and Aitkin travel to Sandy Lake for a treaty

    7. TheypassedaresolutionwhiletogetheratPokegomsthatonmyvisittotheStatesImakeitaspecialobjecttohiresor4piousyoungmenforthetermoz3.4or5yearstolaborforareasonablecompensationatthevariousstationsinthatregi

      Seymour left to Connecticut and Ohio, was ill, and also looked for 3 - 4 pious people to work at the missions

    8. IfeartheeepoorIndianawillnotverymuchlongerbe-leftundisturbedinpossessionoftheircountry.Whatwedofortheirsalvation,inhumen.probabilltymustbedoneso

      Ayer can see the influx of White people and understands that soon no land with belong to the Natives

    1. WearrivedatFondulacaboutnoon.

      The travel party arrives at Fond du Lac on the 3rd day of travel

    2. WeexpecttostartonourtourtoFondulaciftheweatherbefairsoIhavetospendtheremainderoftheweekinpreparingour“wapon"——awordmeaning,inthiscountry,provisionforajourne

      Traveling to Fond du Lac



  9. Sep 2019
    1. OneoftheseyoungmenspentthewinteratFondduLacwithMrEly

      one travelling Native spent winter with Mr. Ely at Fond du Lac while travelling to Lac Courtiraille



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    1. 836Jan.4MydearhusbandleftthismorningincompanywithanIn-dianboy,(Kucgetash)forLapoin

      1/4/1836: Mr. Ely leaves for La Pointe with Kuogetash (Native boy)



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    1. persontravelling[sic]inthisregion,isobligedtosubmittomanyinconveniences

      travel is difficult: this passage narrates what a family must do to have some comfort on long distance travels

    2. persontravelling[sic]inthisregion,isobligedtosubmittomanyinconveniences.

      travel is difficult in the region: this passage narrates the things each family does to have some level of comfort on long trips



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    1. Necessary Items In Cosmetic BagsMakeup toner could be a necessary item in your cosmetic bags. It is mild and moist enough to keep your skin moist when going out. A sunscreen lotion is also a necessary item in your cosmetic bags. The most effective way to prevent your skin from aging is to keep your face moist and use sunscreen lotion to prevent UVA rays. Lipstick is also a necessary item in your cosmetic bags. It helps to moisturize your lips and enhance your natural lip color by wearing its gorgeous color. Apart from the necessary items in your cosmetic bags, you may need a portable and compact size cosmetic bag in your carry-on luggage. 

      A list of Necessary Items In Cosmetic Bags

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    1. How Mobile Apps Development Revolutionizes Travel and Tourism Industry?

      Today the Travel and Tourism Industry is one of the growing industries. With the fast development of mobile apps, now travel companies started investing in mobile apps to improve productivity as well as sharpness in this highly competitive era.

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    1. Fly enough, and you learn to go brain-dead when you have to. It’s sort of like time travel. One minute you’re bending to unlace your shoes, and the next thing you know you’re paying fourteen dollars for a fruit cup, wondering, How did I get here?

      he he. True. Except the shoe part.

  17. Oct 2018
    1. I've been more or less a nomad since 2008, and was one of the very first to really travel in a minimalist (one small backpack) way. I'm sure others came before me (and my friend Todd), but none I'm aware of who were writing about it.

      first nomad, yeah!

  18. Sep 2018
    1. Historic ambiance and attentive service combine with high-quality food and beer at the original, award-winning Great Dane Pub. Featuring three bars, an outdoor beer garden, flat-screen TVs, billiards, shuffleboard, darts, and more than 14 beers brewed on-site.

      Sunday brunch + shuffleboard??

    1. Bassett Street Brunch Club is your downtown Madison restaurant destination for all-day, all-night brunch plus comfort food classics. Our menu features fun and familiar Mod-American cuisine revved up with a little style and sophistication. Besides brunch food, we serve up yummy appetizers and sandwiches, fresh salads and creative dinner entrees. We open our doors bright and early each day.

      Sunday brunch

    1. Enjoy a view of Lake Monona and the downtown skyline with friends and family all around and a cold drink in your hand. Join us at the Biergarten for good feelings of gemütlichkeit—a unique German word describing friendliness and good cheer.   Bring your own picnic or enjoy our local Nürnburg-style bratwursts, giant pretzels, and fresh, squeaky cheese curds. Play some yard games or just enjoy the view. Share in this unique park experience that brings Madisonians and visitors together in a lively and family-friendly atmosphere.

      Biergarten with view of skyline + cheese cards!

    1. commute

      Assessment and implementation of protective measures for long commutes particularly those linked to long hours of work to avoid safety risks

    2. travel

      Improve information for LDLC workers about travel; assess the existing gaps to protect workers during their work related travel and develop or improve the tools for their protection

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    1. Yesterday’s Delta Boeing 717 flight DL1943 from Detroit to Atlanta became a 22 minute trip from Detroit to Detroit when there was a bird discovered flying around the cockpit. And it wasn’t the first time a bird flew around the cockpit that day on that plane.

      What the heck?

  22. Jul 2017
    1. I have often wondered about where you are on a mileage run if you never “really” enter a country as well as pre-clearance countries i.e. that you re-enter the USA before you get to the USA. If you have ~10 minutes today I think you will enjoy the clip as much a I did.

      This is a fascinating video!

    2. I think almost all of us who travel a ton live in absolute fear of one thing – losing you passport.

      This is one of my biggest fears...

  23. Jun 2017
    1. However, Virgin Atlantic has slowly been undoing these access limits. Today it was announced that Delta SkyMiles Diamond and Platinum Medallion members flying in economy or premium economy on Delta or Virgin Atlantic out of Heathrow will once again have Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse access.

      Finally, yay! No. 1 Lounge was horrible!

  24. May 2017
    1. “I see this desire to escape to these landscapes, to do something real, because more than ever everyone is buried in their phones,” says photographer Corey Arnold (@arni_coraldo), who shot the October 2016 cover story for National Geographic magazine. “But where do they get the inspiration to travel? Instagram.”
    2. Puffed, gray-tinged clouds roll over Odda, Norway, reflected in the quiet azure waters of Lake Ringedalsvatnet. More than 2,000 feet above, a hiker is perched atop Trolltunga, a cliff that juts out of the mountain. There’s not another soul in sight—at least, that’s what Instagram might have you believing. What photos of this iconic vista don’t reveal is the long line of hikers weaving around the rocky terrain each morning, all waiting for their chance to capture their version of the Instagram-famous shot. Between 2009 and 2014, visitors to Trolltunga increased from 500 to 40,000 in what many consider a wave of social media-fueled tourism.
    3. “I think a lot about social media’s role in tourism. Now you can almost curate your whole experience based on the images you see online, and it’s an unnatural approach to travel. It makes me wonder what happened to exploration.”

      Why WoW was so great, it's because it was born before the age of ubiquitous internet, of reviewer/walkthrougher/streamer and Youtuber.

  25. Apr 2017
    1. teamed up with the BBC, Jane Goodall and Sesame Street to offer 50 “Voyager” stories, each of which offers an interactive exploration of a new part of the world.

      This could be cool!

    1. “The current measures are not an acceptable long-term solution to whatever threat they are trying to mitigate. Even in the short term it is difficult to understand their effectiveness. And the commercial distortions they create are severe,” said IATA director general Alexandre de Juniac.

      Hard to understand what any of this achieves...

  26. Mar 2017
    1. “It blew my mind,” recalled Giacobbe. He hadn’t called Alitalia directly in years. He was accustomed to almost always relying on Skyscanner for the best deal.

      Always try the airline directly.

    1. But for the many tourists who visit Madidi National Park, the crown jewel of Bolivia’s protected rainforests, an excursion into its depths is not so much a danger but an exhilarating prospect.

      Exploring the Amazon is not for amateurs!

  27. Feb 2017
    1. Delta’s announcement of free meals in economy class could set off a new round of in-flight service competition on lucrative transcontinental routes.

      Very cool.

    1. The organization noted that the President’s order “had a significant disproportionate effect on international travel,” which accounts for 12.7 percent of U.S. business travel.

      Always wondered about this figure.

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    1. "It's intriguing that you've got general relativity predicting these paradoxes, but then you consider them in quantum mechanical terms and the paradoxes go away," says University of Queensland physicist Tim Ralph. "It makes you wonder whether this is important in terms of formulating a theory that unifies general relativity with quantum mechanics."
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    1. Time Travelling Without Worries But here's the best part - knowing the true nature of history, we can combo it with another cool feature of Vim - persistent undo - to be able to travel in time there and back without fear of losing anything! In other words, if you do: mkdir -p ~/.vim/undodir and then add: set undofile set undodir=~/.vim/undodir to your ~/.vimrc, you get a file-backed infinite undo. And even if you undo like a madman and then edit something, you will not lose your way back to where you’ve been. Which is pretty much a developer’s (or anyone’s, really) text-editing nirvana. Enhance you calm and enjoy a bit saner coding.
    1. Save Work On Focus Lost This feature works best in combo with infinite undo. The idea here is that everytime you leave your Vim window, all your open files are automatically saved. I find this to be extremely helpful, for example when I’m working on a laptop and continuously run unit tests in terminal. My laptop is 13'' so I prefer to run Vim full screen and with this feature, I don’t have to explicitly save my source code file; I just cmd+tab to the terminal, Vim saves the file for me and my unit tests watcher re-runs the suite. If you save unwanted changes by accident you can easily remedy that with undo. To turn autosaving on, add: :au FocusLost * silent! wa to your .vimrc. The silent! flag prevents Vim from complaining when you have open unititled buffers (see this article for details).
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