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    1. Why should this conversation be separate from other conversations about the work to be done? Design is one consideration alongside frontend and backend considerations, which often all intersect and require the same participants. Shifting this discussion to a separate work item can result in disjointed conversations and difficulty finding where a decision was made.
    1. These can then be used to develop a definition that states the essence of the living thing—what makes it what it is and thus cannot be altered; the essence is, of course, immutable.
    2. The Aristotelian method dominated classification until the 19th century. His scheme was, in effect, that the classification of a living thing by its nature—i.e., what it really is, as against superficial resemblances—requires the examination of many specimens, the discarding of variable characters (since they must be accidental, not essential), and the establishment of constant characters.
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    1. Devising a prompt (AKA a question) is the key to ChatGPT. I am still uncertain what a good question is in AI's "mind". It might be something "way strange" and "un-questionly".

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    1. Baby Playmat and Gym Buying Guide

      Babies like being amused, and they frequently learn new skills while playing. Playmats and gyms not only keep little ones entertained, but they can also aid in their growth.

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    1. Org-roam’s Design Principle


    2. Appendix D Variable Index
    3. Appendix C Function Index
    4. mathpix.el uses Mathpix’s API to convert clips into latex equations:


    5. Org-roam provides journaling capabilities akin to Org-journal with org-roam-dailies.
    6. Org-roam provides basic graphing capabilities to explore interconnections between notes, in org-roam-graph. This is done by performing SQL queries and generating images using Graphviz. The graph can also be navigated: see Roam Protocol.
    7. If foo is a function, foo is called with the current node as its argument. Else if org-roam-node-foo is a function, foo is called with the current node as its argument. The org-roam-node- prefix defines many of Org-roam’s node accessors such as org-roam-node-title and org-roam-node-level. Else look up org-roam-capture--info for foo. This is an internal variable that is set before the capture process begins. If none of the above applies, read a string using completing-read. Org-roam also provides the ${foo=default_val} syntax, where if a default value is provided, will be the initial value for the foo key during minibuffer completion.

      Click here to get a handle on the behavior of the expansions in multiple context.

    8. Org-roam’s templates are specified by org-roam-capture-templates
    9. Org-roam capture templates are incompatible with org-capture templates.
    10. Org-roam provides extensions for capturing content from external applications such as the browser, via org-protocol.

      This simplifies things, won't have to use develop using the dbus spec initially.

    11. Emacs has support for creating and editing encrypted gpg files, and Org-roam need not provide additional tooling.

      Cool, and with capture templates, I can probably get sophisticated if I need to. Question is, how essential is it to encrypt everything??

    12. Completions for Org-roam are provided via completion-at-point. Org-roam currently provides completions in two scenarios: When within an Org bracket link Anywhere

      What exactly is this???

      Going to have to come back to this at a later time and figure out what a "completion" is, although it's probably functions as expected.

    13. Org-roam caches most of the standard Org properties. The full list now includes: outline level todo state priority scheduled deadline tags
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    1. indifference to human drivers

      Our week 8 module on Web 2.0 and the gig economy discussed this in more depth, and Barron alludes to this dynamic elsewhere in the article when describing both the typical user of an app like seamless and the typical profile of the gig economy worker who actually delivers their food - I appreciate the critiques of app design and user infantilization he is making here, but the article could have also discussed in more depth how these design choices help these companies to obfuscate and divert attention from the way they impact people besides the consumer. There is a whole class people whose primary interaction with these apps is on the back end- as struggling small business owners dependent on positive yelp reviews, delivery people, and rideshare drivers - maybe that is outside the purview of this article, but it would have been nice to see this angle explored a bit more.

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    1. there are 13 regional Public Health Networks(RPHNs), that plan, trainfor, and respondto public health emergencies based on CDC’s 15 Preparedness Capabilities

      Where are these based?

    2. there are 13 regional Public Health Networks(RPHNs), that plan, trainfor, and respondto public health emergencies based on CDC’s 15 Preparedness Capabilities

      Where are these based?

    3. October 30, 2020

      Has this been updated?

    4. October 30, 2020

      Has this been updated?

    1. Interpret at least 5 significant “events” which best demonstrate this change.
    2. Compare and contrast the conditions and consciousness of the following relative to the WASP male “winners”
    3. List and interpret the most significant issues found in the document itself and place each in a valid and revealing historical context.
    4. Is it appropriate to define the European people occupying British North America as “American” prior to 1763?
    5. Is it appropriate to define the European people occupying British North America as “American” prior to 1763?
    6. Between the first days of the European Invasion of North America and the ratification of the constitution there were both winners and losers here. List, in rank order, the most significant groups of winners and losers. What factors best explain the relative conditions of the groups on your lists? Connect causes and consequences to each. Were these outcomes inevitable? If so, why?

      Subject = American Conquest EQ = Who won and lost and why? Activities:

    1. Terrifying in its bleakness, Elegy is a record dedicated to its portrayal of loneliness, telling a story with firm roots in tension contextualised by the title’s disheartening implications.

      A dedicated sponge in the blank countenance of empty space and flat time, I'd say.

    1. reimbursements which do not exceed ex-penses actually incurred and which do not rep-resent a gain or benefit to the household
    2. all loans other than educational loans onwhich repayment is deferred
    3. all educational loans on which paymentis deferred, grants, scholarships, fellowships,veterans’ educational benefits, and the like
    4. any income in the certification periodwhich is received too infrequently or irregu-larly to be reasonably anticipated, but not inexcess of $30 in a quarte
    5. any gain or benefit which is not in theform of money payable directly to a household
    6. Household income for purposes of the supple-mental nutrition assistance program shall in-clude all income from whatever source exclud-ing only—

      This explains what income you can exclude when calculating your eligibility.

    7. the household’s income (after the exclu-sions and deductions provided for in sub-sections (d) and (e) of this section) exceeds thepoverty line,
    8. ahousehold shall be ineligible to participate inthe supplemental nutrition assistance programif—

      This is how you determine if you are eligible for SNAP.

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    1. Von Gaudecker. H. M., Holler. R., Janys. L., Siflinger. B., Zimpelmann. C. (2020). Labour Supply in the Early Stages of the COVID-19 Pandemic: Empirical Evidence on Hours, Home Office, and Expectations. Institute of labor economics. Retrieved from: https://covid-19.iza.org/publications/dp13158/

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    1. Here are the top 7 essential oils which you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your weight loss regime and achieve faster results:

      Here are the top 7 essential oils which you can use to enhance the effectiveness of your weight loss regime and achieve faster results:

  30. Dec 2019
    1. 7 Best Services that are Essential for Your Startup Growth Get link Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email Other Apps December 12, 2019 As an entrepreneur, the primary focus of your startup is to grow big and increase brand awareness. For any startup, the initial stages are the most challenging one. Many businesses fail because they cannot withstand this stage. If you want to increase your business growth then you need to do business strategy and planning. Initially, you need help from other businesses for certain services that you cannot do on your own. Here is the list of 7 services that you need for growing your startup. Market Membership In order to increase country growth Government promote businesses and commerce. Financial System is the backbone of a country. Therefore, the Government establishes promotion council for every niche market. These promotion councils have one primary objective and that is to promote businesses and create big market share globally. Some of the benefits that you can experience by subscribing to these council memberships are an increase in business growth, new leads, marketing, discounted promotional booths in trade fares and much more. Office Space Services In order to run your office you need to have an office. The best option that you can have is to rent out a building. But an even better option is Co-working space. Here, many other startups and businesses share the office space and amenities required by any businesses. The rates are decided on per seat bases which are very nominal. IT services- Website, Graphic Design & technical support For any business, being online is now very essential. This is the digital age, where every business is turning online. In order to meet this digital need you need to have some IT support. There are a lot of services that come under this department like website designing, logo design services, etc. For website services, it is best to use word press, as it powers 23% of all websites in the world. This platform is an open source platform and very easy to use. For an affordable solution to your graphic needs like logo design, you can use a good logo designcontest website that provides affordable services. There are a lot of IT services that you might need. So, researching about them on Google will be very helpful. Marketing Services Marketing your businesses is very important part of any business. What’s the purpose of any business if they cannot find you? You can use multiple marketing streams to get customers, but the best marketing channel that every business is using is Digital Marketing. Other marketing methods used by businesses are merchandise marketing using tools like t shirt design online. Accounting Services Hiring an accountant can be very costly. So, the best option is to outsource this service. You can choose any local accountant for this job. Customer Relationship Management As the name suggests, it is another part of business that cannot be overlooked. Establishing a good relationship with your customer is essential for your business to grow. These third party services help you in engaging your customers more. Human Resource Services As a startup you need to hire people to make your job easy and fast. This can be done using effective Human Resource services. HR services can handle the hiring process which saves you time and money. Investing Investment is an essential need for your business. If you cannot find a good investor then your fund can get easily exhausted fast. To run a business in this competitive world you need to have an investor who not only provides you funds but, also helps you in mentoring. The best resource to find investors is using services like Gust.

      This guide will help you in finding the necessary services that your startups needs. These services helps your businesses to grow faster.

  31. Sep 2018
    1. 400 Fortune 500 CEOs. They found that 75% of long-term college and career success depends upon developing soft skills.

      Unclear methodology but even if the numbers are off, it's clear that leaders at our biggest companies value these skills that, right now, are not reliably communicated as a part of learner narratives.

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    1. Some good men, and even of respectable information, consider the learned sciences as useless acquirements; some think that they do not better the condition of men; and others that education like private & individual concerns, should be left to private & individual effort

      In this quote, there is this all or nothing mentality; many of the founders seem to take different stances. The question: is the teaching and education of "learned sciences" beneficial? Universities in the 21st century seem to promote goals aimed at developing deeper thinkers, people with a desire and curiosity to continue learning, even after college. The fact that there was such a debate over whether "learned sciences" were an important factor of the UVA curriculum is shocking to me since the University seems to be so centered around creating "informed citizens" nowadays. I have a hard time understanding how learned sciences are useless since I believe they do "better the conditions of men." Learned sciences promote engagement throughout all disciplines and create better students and sharper thinkers as they have stronger abilities to collaborate with others. I think they included this statement to avoid criticism; they decided to ultimately leave the decision of whether or not to include learned sciences to the “private and individual effort,” exhibiting that this decision would be less contested if left to the specific individuals (i.e. professors and students). This surprised me to read because it’s easy to see how much values have changed to bring us to today’s version of the University of Virginia. From my “Doing Fieldwork” engagement, it is easy to see how much other people influence our own perceptions and ideas, so I think that Learned Sciences are an essential part of a college education.

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