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  1. May 2024
    1. the whole world is affected by it opium ferret from Afghan Fields produces nearly all of the heroines sold in Europe how will prices be impacted

      for - question - how will the Taliban's successful destruction of the poppy industry affect drug supplies in Europe?

      to - youtube - Vice - The new fentanyl killing drug users in Europe - https://hyp.is/MDez0BYcEe-rq0sJ-I6FRg/docdrop.org/video/JqqfI-bIvnI/

  2. Apr 2024
    1. Die EU hat nicht erreicht, dass Mittel aus dem Inflation Reduction Act auch zur Subventionierung des Kaufs von aus der EU gelieferten privaten E-Autos verwendet werden. Bei der Entscheidung der USA, die in der EU-Wirtschaft vielfach als protektionistisch bewertet wird, spielt die Herkunft von Mineralien eine große Rolle. Die Verhandlungen über das Critical Minerals Agreement (CMA) führten nicht zu einer Einigung. Der Handelsblatt-Artikel stellt den komplexen Hintergrund ausführlich dar und berichtet auch über weitere Verhandlungen.


  3. Mar 2024
  4. Jan 2024
    1. Die OPEC geht davon aus, dass sich die Nachfrage nach Öl in diesem Jahr um 2,25 Millionen Barrel pro Tag erhöhen wird. Für das kommende Jahr erwartet die OPEC eine Steigerung um 1,85 Millionen Barrel am Tag. Die Prognosen der OPEC liegen deutlich höher als die der IEA. Die USA haben in der zweiten Januarwoche mit mit 13,3 Millionen Barrel pro Tag einen neuen Rekord in der Ölproduktion aufgestellt. https://www.reuters.com/business/energy/oil-prices-edge-higher-opec-demand-estimate-while-cold-hits-us-output-2024-01-18/

  5. Dec 2023
    1. Wegen anhaltendem Wassermangel können im Augenblick nur hab so viele Schiffe den Panama durchqueren wie normalerweise Punkt für die Schleusen des Kanals werden große Mengen Süßwasser benötigt. Die niederschlagsmuster verändern sich deutlich. Es ist aber noch nicht abzusehen, wie die zukünftige Entwicklung aussehen wird. Ein Beispiel für das unkartierte Gelände, in das die globale Erhitzung geführt hat. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2023/dec/22/changing-climate-casts-a-shadow-over-the-future-of-the-panama-canal-and-global-trade

  6. Oct 2023
    1. imagine a world of unenclosable carriers in which consumers are empowered to reinvent incentive structures that encourage the existence of the nutrition they actually want
      • for: question - unencloseable carriers

      • question: unencloseable carriers

        • what can they do for food supply system?
        • they can allow consumers to invent an incentive structure based on healthy nutritious food
    2. JustOne Organics Living Economy System (JOOLES)
      • for: regenerative food - certification, JOOLES, JustOne Organics Living Economy System, Holochain - food supply chain certification
    3. supply-chain transparency and consumer information works best — and really only works at scale — in the case of carrier unenclosability.
      • for: food supply chain transparency - unecloseable carrier
    1. economist Milton Friedman, and especially in hisideas on education. Back in 1955 Friedman had turned his attention to educationand written The Role of Government in Education. Education intrigued himbecause of its strange and, for the market model, rather irritating position in themarketplace. It didn’t quite fit into a neat demand-and-supply framework withchoice at the centre.
  7. Aug 2023
  8. Jul 2023
    1. most people don't realize how vulnerable we are I mean for example the the food supply in the average city in the United States if it's not daily 00:01:44 renewed would run out in about three days there's not much of a buffer there
      • food supply chain vulnerability
      • most US cities would run out of food in 3 days if there was a major food supply chain disruption
  9. Jun 2023
    1. These two terminals are connected together, forming a common return pathfor load current, as shown in Fig. 2.32. The connection between the negative and thepositive terminals of the supplies results in a common or floating return. The floatingcommon may be connected to the earth ground terminal of a supply, if a particularcircuit requests this. Generally, it will neither help nor hinder circuit performance.

      This shows the proper way to hookup two DC power supplies and how to incorporate them along with grounding them

  10. May 2023
    1. the Carthusian monks decided in 2019 to limit Chartreuse production to 1.6 million bottles per year, citing the environmental impacts of production, and the monks' desire to focus on solitude and prayer.[10] The combination of fixed production and increased demand has resulted in shortages of Chartreuse across the world.

      In 2019, Carthusian monks went back to their values and decided to scale back their production of Chartreuse.

  11. Mar 2023
    1. We have a finite pool of good will with which we can advocate for the implementation of new security technologies. If we spend all that good will on irritating attackers, then by the time we’re ready to actually implement a solution, developers are not going to be interested.
  12. Jan 2023
    1. Ziemkiewicz has a picture in his office of himself and Senator Joe Manchin, who has expressed support of his program. “Recycling provides a tremendous opportunity to avoid outsourcing the raw supply of critical minerals we need while creating new economic opportunities right here at home,” Manchin said, at a congressional hearing in the spring. Ziemkiewicz keeps his politics to himself. In the past, he has called himself “a Trotskyite,” but he believes that the success of his past three decades of work, reclaiming thousands of miles of rivers and streams in Appalachia, is based on sharing knowledge across a wide array of communities

      Wow, he got Manchin on board?

  13. Dec 2022
  14. Aug 2022
    1. Jay Patel. (2021, December 12). Well captured by @snolen. Even as vaccine supply becomes more reliable, the uptake challenge across Africa is partly down to “vaccine indifference” rather than hesitancy––there are far more pressing problems across the region. [Tweet]. @PatelJay. https://twitter.com/Patel_Jay_/status/1470028858682400772

    1. visibility in the supply chain remains one of the biggest challenges. As outlets are small, contributing low volume, hardware and software costs are major stumbling blocks. African companies are increasingly assessing mid-tech solutions and identifying the “appropriate technology” for their operation
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  19. notesfromasmallpress.substack.com notesfromasmallpress.substack.com
    1. If booksellers like to blame publishers for books not being available, publishers like to blame printers for being backed up. Who do printers blame? The paper mill, of course.

      The problem with capitalism is that in times of fecundity things can seem to magically work so incredibly well because so much of the system is hidden, yet when problems arise so much becomes much more obvious.

      Unseen during fecundity is the amount of waste and damage done to our environments and places we live. Unseen are the interconnections and the reliances we make on our environment and each other.

      There is certainly a longer essay hiding in this idea.

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    1. blockchain-based system

      I see the point that blockchain helps make provenance tracing possible, but will need more details of how blockchain technology is leveraged here. Otherwise, I still feel stuck by questions like "Why it has to be blockchain?" and "Can't other technologies serve the same function?".

    1. I particularly enjoyed the California water commons, with its quiet nod to Elinor Ostrom’s original post-graduate research on emergent cooperation between county water-boards.

      A quiet nod here in it's own right. Now I want to dig into Elinor Ostrom's research and work.

  28. Apr 2021
  29. Mar 2021
    1. Gita Gopinath. (2021, March 26). Here is a snapshot of the largest producers of vaccines. Much more supply is in the pipeline but all countries will need to share. It is essential to vaccinate the most vulnerable in the world now for the benefit of everyone. The pandemic is not over until it is over everywhere https://t.co/udBMkw6Pnl [Tweet]. @GitaGopinath. https://twitter.com/GitaGopinath/status/1375557532224225282

    1. ♿🏳️‍🌈💙Jack Monroe (they/she). ‘I’m Getting Individual Permission from Everyone Sending Me Pics of Their Food Boxes in My DMs to Repost Them Here but without Identifying Information Because I Try to Be Responsible with This Large Platform and There Are ~children~ Involved Here. Disclaimer Done, Now Get Angry.’ Tweet. @BootstrapCook (blog), 12 January 2021. https://twitter.com/BootstrapCook/status/1348917929132367872.

    2. ♿🏳️‍🌈💙Jack Monroe (they/she). ‘I’m Getting Individual Permission from Everyone Sending Me Pics of Their Food Boxes in My DMs to Repost Them Here but without Identifying Information Because I Try to Be Responsible with This Large Platform and There Are ~children~ Involved Here. Disclaimer Done, Now Get Angry.’ Tweet. @BootstrapCook (blog), 12 January 2021. https://twitter.com/BootstrapCook/status/1348917929132367872.

  30. Feb 2021
    1. 21st Century Economics (USA)

      Economic Theory of a Market Economy, Characteristics, Pros, and Cons

      Americans and the World believe or want to believe that the United States is built upon a Market Economy.

      Historical context validates a classic Market Economy theory as directed by our Founding Fathers and Constitution. We clearly do not have a pure Market Economy today (2021).

      • To Big to Fail - (Bailouts)
      • Farm Subsidies
      • Political Influence (money, lobbying, tenure)
      • Government Agencies
      • Military/Industrial Complex
      • Federal Reserve (Central Banking)
      • Social Security
      • Medicare
      • Other

      Most Americans lump (through education) the concept of economics and government together, into 3 basic categories; Capitalism, Socialism and Communism.

      The U.S. is a Capitalist Nation with a corresponding market economy.

      Is this statement Fact or Hypothesis ?

      Can we still rely on textbook economic models in the 21st Century?

  31. Jan 2021
    1. Negative people run their life engine on the fuel supply of fake praises & false promises and thrive. A positive person can drive them off & out by just cutting down this supply chain pipeline.
  32. Nov 2020
    1. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2020, the interconnectedness of our global business supply chains has made the world more vulnerable to societal and economic disruption from local infectious-disease outbreaks.
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    1. Rojas, F. L., Jiang, X., Montenovo, L., Simon, K. I., Weinberg, B. A., & Wing, C. (2020). Is the Cure Worse than the Problem Itself? Immediate Labor Market Effects of COVID-19 Case Rates and School Closures in the U.S. (Working Paper No. 27127; Working Paper Series). National Bureau of Economic Research. https://doi.org/10.3386/w27127