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  1. Jun 2024
    1. That’s no small task: In 2022, SAP spent approximately €7.2 billion in purchases from more than 13,000 suppliers worldwide, its annual report shows; 30% of that being on cloud services – more on that below.

      7.2bn - nearly 2bn is spend on cloud, all by themselves?

  2. May 2024
  3. Feb 2024
    1. Canada is the only NATO member without a plan or a timeline to reach the alliance’s target of spending two per cent of GDP on defence, according to the U.S. ambassador to NATO.

      This according to US ambassador to Canada.

  4. Jul 2023
    1. The most serious effort toward testing the appeasement strategy to avoid democratization comes from Morrison (2009), whose results show a positive relationship between grants per capita and social spending in a sample of dictatorships.
  5. Mar 2023
    1. Title: Millionaire spending incompatible with 1.5 °C ambitions Authors: - Stefan Gossling - Andreas Humpe

      • Abstract

        • Research question

          • Growing evidence suggests that the wealthiest individuals contribute disproportionally to climate change.
          • This study considers the implications of a continued growth in the number of millionaires for emissions,
            • and its impact on the depletion of the remaining carbon budget to limit global warming to 1.5 °C (about 400 Gt CO2).
          • The study presents a model that extrapolates observed growth in millionaire numbers (1990–2020)
            • and associated changes in emissions to 2050.
        • Results

          • The share of US$2020-millionaires in the world population will grow from 0.7% today to 3.3% in 2050,
            • and cause accumulated emissions of 286 Gt CO2.
          • This is equivalent to 72% of the remaining carbon budget,
            • and significantly reduces the chance of stabilizing climate change at 1.5 °C.
          • Continued growth in emissions at the top
            • makes a low-carbon transition less likely,
            • as the acceleration of energy consumption by the wealthiest
            • is likely beyond the system's capacity to decarbonize.
          • To this end, we question whether policy designs
            • such as progressive taxes targeting the high emitters
          • will be sufficient.

      // and if it is not sufficient, then what?

  6. Jun 2022
    1. Blockchains address this problem in two ways. First, they enforce a complete ordering on all transactions, which generates a tree of alternative views of history. Second, they define canon for histories, along with a fork-choice rule that selects the canonical branch from the tree of histories.

      Blockchains solve the double spending problem in two ways.

      (1) They enforce a complete ordering of all transactions, which results in a tree of possible histories. (2) They define a fork-choice rule that selects the canonical branch from the tree of all possible histories.

  7. Apr 2022
    1. Over the next month, Curry said troopers will be able to sign up to work federally funded overtime to specifically seek out and enforce distracted driving.

      This is what following the PR schedule - instead of actual data is really about. It lets them cozy up and fill their bellies with overtime from the public trough.

      American tax extortion victims should be demanding to know why Delaware County troopers are getting Federal overtime dollars to address a problem that is projected to be half as bad as last year.

  8. Mar 2022
  9. Sep 2021
  10. May 2021
    1. Recently, Apple released a seemingly innocuous software update: a new privacy feature that would explicitly ask iPhone users whether an app should be allowed to track them across the other apps and sites that they use.

      Apple privacy feature

  11. Jan 2021
  12. Oct 2020
  13. Aug 2020
    1. Lozano, R., Fullman, N., Mumford, J. E., Knight, M., Barthelemy, C. M., Abbafati, C., Abbastabar, H., Abd-Allah, F., Abdollahi, M., Abedi, A., Abolhassani, H., Abosetugn, A. E., Abreu, L. G., Abrigo, M. R. M., Haimed, A. K. A., Abushouk, A. I., Adabi, M., Adebayo, O. M., Adekanmbi, V., … Murray, C. J. L. (2020). Measuring universal health coverage based on an index of effective coverage of health services in 204 countries and territories, 1990–2019: A systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019. The Lancet, 0(0). https://doi.org/10.1016/S0140-6736(20)30750-9

  14. Jul 2020
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  16. Apr 2019
    1. This wasn’t expected, but also shouldn’t be a huge shock. Despite the US hyping Russia as a threat for decades, Russia hasn’t spent deeply on its military in years, and drawing down from Syria, they don’t have much costly overseas engagement.

      To contextualize, you can still spend a hell of a lot on development, but if you don't have costly mobilizations it can make it look like you aren't spending as much as others; in fact, you are arguably making 'smarter' investments?

  17. Oct 2016
  18. Dec 2015
    1. https://www.fbo.gov/ (Federal Business Opportunities) is the hub for all US government contracting documents, including RFPs (Requests for Proposals), RFIs (Requests for Information), and announcements of awarded contracts. This EFF page explains how this site is a good tool for journalists.