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    1. ReconfigBehSci {@SciBeh} (2020) sadly squares with my own impression of social media 'debate' - as someone who works on both argumentation and belief formation across social networks, this strikes me as every bit as big a problem as the spread of conspiracy. Twitter. Retrieved from: https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1308341816333340672

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    1. He had put the case (without mentioning names) to an eminent physician; and the eminent physician had smiled, had shaken his head, and had said–nothing. On these grounds, Mr. Bruff entered his protest, and left it there.

      So to say nothing is enough proof that there is no merit to this experiment? Isn't Ezra's thoughts inspired by textbooks/an intention to mimic the scientific process?

      I feel like such ignorance towards science is relevant today *cough*,*cough* people who refuse to wear face masks *cough*,*cough*

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    1. An obvious metaphysical question to raise here is the compatibility or otherwise of religion and transhumanism. In my 1990 essay that first set forth modern transhumanism as a distinct philosophy under that name, I explained how transhumanism (like humanism) can act as a philosophy of life that fulfills some of the same functions as a religion without any appeal to a higher power, a supernatural entity, to faith, and without the other core features of religions (More 1990). The central place accorded to rationalism suggests a tension between transhumanism and religion. But are they actually incompatible? Since rationalism is an approach to acquiring knowledge and says nothing about the content of knowledge, it is possible in principle for a transhumanist to hold some religious beliefs. And some do. The content of some religious beliefs is easier to reconcile with transhumanism than the content of others. Christian transhumanists, while not completely unknown, are very rare (and I know of none who are fundamentalists, and such a combination would surely indicate deep confusion). There are more Mormon transhumanists (although some of these are cultural rather than religious Mormons), perhaps because that religion allows for humans to ascend to a higher, more godlike level, rather than sharply dividing God from man. Several transhumanists describe themselves as Buddhists (presumably of the secular, philosophical type), and there seem to be few obstacles to combining transhumanism with liberal Judaism. However, the vast majority of transhumanists do not identify with any religion. A pilot study published in 2005 found that religious attitudes were negatively correlated with acceptance of transhumanist ideas. Those with strong religious views tended to regard transhumanism as competing with their beliefs (Bainbridge 2005).

      Having a strong belief system is naturally integral for humans. Religion is by far the most common, profound form of human belief systems, so it is relevant to propose the question of transhumanism and religion being incompatible. While it is possible that the basis of each religion can contribute to an individual's probability of simultaneously believing in transhumanism, having a belief system that consists of both beliefs would presumably be rather conflicting for any individual to concurrently believe in.

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    1. A popular view of rhetoric is that it is a straightforward model of how communication should work: A person can speak the truth simply by using words that refer to true things in the world. If she chooses not to use sentences filled with words that refer to true things in the world, then she is engaged in rhetoric. Rhetoric, in this view, is something you add on to sentences (such as meta-phor) that decorates and obscures communication. If I say, “The cat is on the mat,” I am using language correctly. However, if I say, “The elegant feline languishes mournfully on the expensive carpet, waiting impatiently for what he sees as his lazy servants to open a can of salmon,” then I have added rhetoric to the first sentence, or chosen rhetoric over clear communication.

      Popular view of rhetoric is - a model of communication. This is what most people think. Example of how rhetoric can obscure the meaning of an otherwise clear sentence.

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    1. Projectiles, a leading branch of the Military art Military Architecture, includes Fortification, another branch of that art

      I find the emphasis on military education to be somewhat telling about the beliefs and values of the United States during this time period. Today there is no such expectation that all young men must learn about military subjects, but in from the document it seems that there is almost an expectation that most men will eventually serve in the military. It seems that the proximity in time to the revolutionary war, and the value of independence are likely contributing factors to this belief.

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    1. Education generates habits of application, order and the love of virtue

      Virtue is something that was really important to Jefferson - especially when it came to founding the United States’ Constitution in 1787. He argued for a smaller republic and higher education in order to prevent factions within the country, so seeing this in this report does not surprise me. He strove to preserve virtue as much as possible.

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    1. To harmonize & promote the interests of agriculture, manufactures & commerce and by well informed views of political economy to give a free scope to the public industry.

      The election of 1800 marks a pivotal change in American economic policy that parallels this quote above. When Thomas Jefferson became president in 1801, America's economic policy shifted from heavily regulated (Federalists) to more laissez faire (Jeffersonians). Jefferson's objective was to promote freedom for pursuit of individual self-interest, which would stimulate economic growth. Jefferson's policy mirrored the invisible hand theory Adam Smith presented in "The Wealth of Nations." Economies operate best when self-interest is not governmentally limited. Jefferson prioritized lenience on agricultural and manufacturing regulation. However, UVa curriculum has a holistic approach, in which students will have "well informed views of political economy." This is evidence that Jefferson didn't allow for personal bias to influence the curriculum.

    2. In conformity with the principles of our constitution

      As evident from both the past and present, the University of Virginia values adherence to the Constitution. The subsequent portion of this sentence elucidates the reasoning for Thomas Jefferson's vision of the Rotunda (a library) as the epicenter of campus, rather than a Chapel. UVa's respect for the separation between church and state epitomizes one of the many successes that come from "conformity with the principles of our constitution." However, in my eyes, there are negatives to an absolute adherence to this rule. Supporting outlook of judicial activism, I believe the ideals presented in the Constitution should accomodate situational context. On August 11, when neo-nazi's stormed our campus, the principles of freedom of speech and right to assemble were abused. Cleary, this illuminates a detriment to our undying loyalty to the Constitution.

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    1. The authorities responded by citing findings from large epidemiologic studies, but much of the press coverage highlighted anecdotal accounts and human-interest stories.

      Campbell argues pretty heavily for testimony as a solid form of evidence (pages 919-20).

    2. The first step in testing claims of conspiracy is to establish precisely what is being claimed

      "Accordingly, in all tongues, perhaps without exception, the ordinary terms, which are considered as literally expressive of the latter [material subjects], are also used promiscuously to denote the former [spiritual subjects]." - Campbell

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    1. The freedom and belief that you poured into those accomplishments, it’s a source that can  be transferred into other areas, after all, that is a belief system. One that is controllable. If you can reveal that source of power, you can literally direct it into everything you need to deal with.
  22. May 2016
    1. finally how to control and utilizeyour desires so that they will always serve YOU, instead of your being a slave to them.You have within you all possibilities. For I AM there. My Idea must express, and It must expressthrough you. It will express itself perfectly --- if you but let it; if you will only still your humanmind, put aside all personal ideas, beliefs and opinions, and let if flow forth. All you need to dois to turn within to Me, and let Me direct your thinking and your desires, let Me express whateverI will, you personally accepting and doing what I desire you to do. Then will your desires cometrue, your life become one grand harmony, your world a heaven and your self one with My Self.When you have begun to realize this and have glimpsed somewhat of its inner meaning, then youwill be ready to grasp the real import of what follo

      I also need to learn how to use desire so it will serve the True Self.

      I need to go within, put aside all personal thoughts and beliefs and allow the True Self to flow, express

    2. For who is the master? -- Your body, your mind, or You, the I AM within?Then why not show You are master, by thinking the true things the I AM of you within wishesyou to think?It is only by your thinking these other things, by allowing these inharmonious thoughts to enteryour mind and by so doing giving them the power so to affect or disturb you, that they have anysuch influence over you. When you stop thinking into them this power, and turn within to Meand allow Me to direct your thinking, they will at once disappear from your consciousness, anddissolve into the nothingness from which you created them by your thinking.When you are willing to do this, then and then only are you ready to receive Truth, and, byproper conscious thinking, directed by Me, to create the true and permanent things I within wishyou to create.Then, when you can thus distinguish the true from the false, the real from the seeming, yourconscious thinking will be as potent to create all things you desire, as has been yourunconsciousness thinking in the past in creating those things you once desired but now findobnoxious

      My True Self is the real master of the mind..........

      "It is only by your thinking these other things, by allowing these inharmonious thoughts to enter your mind and by so doing giving them the power so to affect or disturb you, that they have any such influence over you." So succinct and clear.

      "When you stop thinking into them this power, and turn within to Me and allow Me to direct your thinking, they will at once disappear from your consciousness, and dissolve into the nothingness from which you created them by your thinking." Again simple clear instruction.

      When I am ready to do this, when I am ready to turn within to the True Self then I am ready to receive Truth and by Conscious thinking directed by the True Self, "create the true and permanent things I within wish you to create."

    3. For it was by your unconscious thinking, or thinking unconscious of the control your desiresexercised over your creative power, that your world and your life are now what you sometime inthe past desired them to be.

      Very clear, cause and effect.

    4. They are -- to you, for all things are to man's mortal consciousness what he thinks or believesthey are.I have likewise caused them to appear to man to be what he thinks they are. This also is to suitMy purpose, and to fulfill the law of creating.Let us see if this is not true.If you believe a thing is so, is not that thing really so -- to you?Is it not true that a thing seems real to you, like some sin or evil, so-called, some sorrow, troubleor worry, only because your thinking or believing it so makes it such? Others might see thatthing entirely differently and might think your view of it foolish. Might they not?If this is true, then your body, your personality, your character, your environment, your world,are what they appear to be to you, because you have thought them into their present statu

      It is being pointed out that if I think something and believe it, it seems true, yet to others who think differently they will not appear the same way..... and this is also a part of Divine purpose, to fulfil the law of creating...........

    5. Perhaps you cannot see this yet, and of course cannot believe it until I fully prepare your mind byconvincing your intellect of its truth.

      If I do not see and know consciously who I really am it means that my mind and body have not yet been fully prepared to receive the Truth.

  23. Apr 2016
    1. 3Now, if you are strong enough to bear it;If you can put aside all your private personal fancies, beliefs and opinions, which are but therubbish you have gathered from the dumping grounds of others;If you are strong enough to cast them all away; --Then My Word will be to you a source of endless Joy and Blessing.Be prepared to have this personality of yours doubt My Word as you read It all along the way;For its very life is threatened, and it knows it cannot live and thrive and longer dominate yourthinking, your feelings, your going and coming, as of old, -- if you take My Word into your heartand permit It there to abide.

      I need to let go of my beliefs about myself and the world that I have taken on from what has been role modelled to me through my human life....

      And to realise that the part of me that has believed other than what is Truth may be resistant to the message in this text.

      The invitation extends to taking the Word within my heart and to abide, be with it and it will become a source of joy and blessing...

  24. Jan 2016
    1. The probability that a belief is true given new evidence equals the probability that the belief is true regardless of that evidence times the probability that the evidence is true given that the belief is true divided by the probability that the evidence is true regardless of whether the belief is true. Got that?
    1. You must understand that what is happening here in our connection partakes in no way of belief, and that is a very important point. When we are connected, you are not standing back, separate and apart, observing, analyzing, and grasping intellectually what is happening. Therefore, there can be no belief associated with it. You see, what you have in the past wanted was a break to get back to the familiarity of belief—of your beliefs, of your protocols, your so-called orderly structures of dreaming. You have wanted relief from unfamiliarity, relief from having to pay attention, relief from being vital.
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    1. But I need to insure that Paul is listening with no belief that what it sounds like to somebody else is of any consequence. It is how it sounds to him, and how that sound specifically triggers and promotes his inner movement. And so I embrace you by letting you know where the focus is, here.

      Hmmm, to really listen to my own guidance no matter what!

    2. So, do not open your eyes with trepidation because of your so-called experiential and electronic knowledge that visual stimuli constitute a real threat or distraction to Centeredness. It is not true, any more than activity in the world such as happened when Chris came into the room—and even is happening at this very moment 2—is distracting to and interferes with your ability to stand at and as the Door. It only seems to when you think and come to the conclusion that it does, and then refrain from expressing the desire to Know which constitutes the giving of permission for the Knowing to occur.

      What I think I experience, if I think something will distract me from my Centre, Being, than it will only because I have believed it so. In this I would give up permission to Know..

    3. Now, you have just had “an interruption” by Chris, but you chose not to interpret it as something at odds with our conversation. You found that you were able to be present for him from your Center with relative ease, and as a result, the “interference” was very brief. If, however, it had been treated as an interference, and if you had chosen to shift your attention from Centered attentiveness to external attentiveness, with a certain degree of botheration associated with it, the event would have been prolonged and Christopher would not have felt you had been present with and for him. To be from your Center inevitably causes experience to be simple and clear and full.

      This is back to the basics of psychology, 'we feel and act according to whatever we believe', not events situations and encounters. If the interruption was believed to be an interference and attention was shifted to focus on this in 3d it would have taken away from Centredness.