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    1. const setRefs = useRef(new Map()).current; const { children } = props; return ( <div> {React.Children.map(children, child => { return React.cloneElement(child, { // v not innerRef ref: node => { console.log('imHere'); return !node ? setRefs.delete(child.key) : setRefs.set(child.key, node)

      Illustrates the importance of having unique keys when iterating over children, since that allows them to be used as unique keys in a Map.

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    1. If Jill goesahead and believes her eyes anyway, then her belief is not as well-foundedas it could be, because it is formed on the basis of an experience that lacksthe baseline amount of epistemic power that the same experience couldhave, if it weren’tinfluenced by fear. Her experience is merelydowngraded,meaning its epistemic power is reduced below the baseline

      Alternate explanation



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    1. The Piri Reis map is a world map compiled in 1513 from military intelligence by the Ottoman admiral and cartographer Piri Reis (pronounced [piɾi ɾeis]). Approximately one third of the map survives; it shows the western coasts of Europe and North Africa and the coast of Brazil with reasonable accuracy. Various Atlantic islands, including the Azores and Canary Islands, are depicted, as is the mythical island of Antillia and possibly Japan. The map's historical importance lies in its demonstration of the extent of global exploration of the New World by approximately 1510, and in its claim to have used a map of Christopher Columbus, otherwise lost, as a source. Piri also stated that he had used ten Arab sources and four Indian maps sourced from the Portuguese. More recently, the map has been the focus of claims for the pre-modern exploration of the Antarctic coast.
  7. Mar 2019
    1. they meet at their concept and terminology interface and work out little shifts in meaning and use which each can find digestible in his system, and which permit quite precise definitions in each system of the terms and concepts in the others.

      This seems to be what topic mapping and merging is about.

  8. Feb 2019
    1. Exploring the usage of the CASE software through various research and development funded initiatives, is an on‐going process with the results informing the development process of the system. Future directions in the context of CASE software design include: automatic “mind‐map” diagrams; user defined highlighting and layout preferences; user special‐interest groups; automated and peer‐reviewed scoring of annotations for display; automated abuse filtering; intelligent grouping of learners; and middleware applications to support improved integration with on‐line learning environments.
    1. See Better Before Looking Closer: Weakly Supervised Data Augmentation Network for Fine-Grained Visual Classification

      一篇来自中科院的 paper。充分利用每个样本的 attention map 在训练和测试阶段都作为有效信息送入模型来“学习”和“检验”模型,从而实现数据扩增(成对生成正反 label)和对非相关噪声特征更加鲁棒。

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  17. enst31501sp2017.courses.bucknell.edu enst31501sp2017.courses.bucknell.edu
    1. Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR)

      This map shows northern Alaska, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge region, and the 1002 area which will be explained in a later section. The ANWR spans 19.2 million acres, and the 1002 area is 1.5 million acres.

      "ANWR: Producing American Energy and Creating American Jobs." House Committee on Natural Resources. Accessed May 05, 2017. http://naturalresources.house.gov/anwr/.

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    1. Banks Island

      Banks Island is the 5th largest western Arctic island in the Northwest Territories of Canada. The island was discovered by Lieutenant Frederick Beechey on Sir William Parry’s expedition in 1820. Parry named the island after Sir Joseph Banks, who was the president of the Royal Society in England. The island was first inhabited by Europeans in 1850 by the crew of Robert McClure after their ship, the Investigator got trapped. His men inhabited the island for two months before they were discovered and rescued. The island has been inhabited for different periods of time for roughly 3000 years by the Pre-Dorset, Thule, and Copper Inuit people, but now mainly houses trappers (Marsh 2010). Banks Island is well known for its wildlife, including Arctic foxes, wolves, caribou, polar bears, and a diverse bird population (Encyclopedia Britannica 2005). A bird sanctuary is located on Banks Island to protect bird breeding grounds from physical disturbances associated with thawing permafrost (Banks Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary n.d.). Banks Island is bordered by the Beaufort Sea, Amundsen Gulf, McClure Strait, and Prince of Wales Strait, as shown on the attached map. The topography of Banks Island varies between a northern and southern plateaus and low lands in between. Many glacier lakes can be found on Banks Island due to glacier erosion (Marsh 2010). Map: Description

      Sources: “Banks Island.” Encyclopaedia Britannica. May 19, 2005. Accessed March 04, 2017. https://www.britannica.com/place/Banks-Island.

      Marsh, James H. "Banks Island." The Canadian Encyclopedia. November 30, 2010. Accessed March 04, 2017. http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/banks-island/.

      "Banks Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary (NT017)." Banks Island Migratory Bird Sanctuary (NT017). Accessed March 04, 2017. http://www.ibacanada.ca/mobile/site.jsp?siteID=NT017.

  20. Jan 2017
    1. which Nigerian states have implemented a form of sharia law (purple), which have implemented sharia law in some cases relating to family or personal law (yellow), and which use purely secular law (green).


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    1. A map without a story which engages

      I read this line and questioned it. Then I thought about the Lord of the Rings and JRR Tolkien's map of Middle Earth. Tolkien's map

      Hailey, age 10, and I are reading the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. We're on the fifth of six books in this little epic fantasy of anthropomorphized cats forever at war for territory. My daughter and I have committed this map to memory generally but we still break from the narrative to study it when we can't quite picture where the latest cat drama is taking place. At bedtime and in our leisure time we worry, we predict, we rejoice and we study these fictional cats who are forever at war for territory. Image Description

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    1. full loss function as coming from a Gaussian prior over the weight matrix WW, where instead of MLE we are performing the Maximum a posteriori (MAP) estimation. We mention these interpretations to help your intuitions, but the full details of this derivation are beyond the scope of this class.

      Can anyone provide resources where I can find this derivation? In particular, the derivation for the regularization term \(R(W)\) coming from a Gaussian prior on \(W\).