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  1. Aug 2019
    1. more than 400% above the federal poverty level,83% of employees are offered employment-basedinsurance.5In households with a family income levelbetween 100% and 250% of the federal povertylevel, only 38% are offered employment-basedinsurance.5
    2. A reduction in health careexpenditures by only 10% would free $330 billion eachyear to meet other public and private needs

      Major decrease if health care was reduced.

  2. Feb 2018
  3. May 2017
    1. A cross disciplinary study of link decay and the effectiveness of mitigation techniques

      Tried to add to Mendeley, but it kept pulling up an article with a similar subject, but it was not the same article.

    1. A 2013 study in BMC Bioinformatics looked at the lifespan of links in the scientific literature — a place where link persistence is crucial to public knowledge. The scholars, Jason Hennessey and Steven Xijin Ge of South Dakota State University, analyzed nearly 15,000 links in abstracts from Thomson Reuters’ Web of Science citation index. They found that the median lifespan of Web pages was 9.3 years, and just 62% were archived. Even the websites of major corporations that should know better — including Adobe, IBM, and Intel — can be littered with broken links.

      Link rot statistic

  4. Nov 2016
    1. 什么是统计量的size和power?          size是指size of the test,就是置信水平(1 - 阿尔法)里面的那个“阿尔法”,又称“检验水平”。 power是指power of test statistic,是统计量的“统计检验力”。 在有限样本时,即使当N和T分别小于50和2时,该检验统计量仍然拥有合理的size, 特别当T大于等于10时,该检验拥有良好的power.——这句话怎样理解? "合理的size就是能够满足合理的置信水平条件,也就是犯I类错误的概率很低。良好的power是指犯II类错误的概率很低,也就是H0为假时拒绝H0的概率很高。"


    1. lthough rarely as sophisticated as Ithaca’s efforts, such review of social media information is quite common: a 2015 Kaplan Test Prep Survey of 397 admissions officers found that 40 percent of admissions officers visit applicants’ social media profiles, often to verify information presented on their applications

      Interesting statistic

  5. Sep 2016
    1. College coaches are receiving multi-million dollar salaries in this modern NCAA system. University of Texas Head Football Coach Mack Brown’s salary totals over $5 million. In comparison, scholarships for the entire Texas football team total just over $3 million.
    2. The three weeks of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, known as “March Madness,” generate over $770 million in TV rights deals alone.
    3. College football and basketball generate more than the National Basketball Association, a total of more than $6 billion yearly.
  6. Jul 2016
    1. However, high-Impact-Factor journals (JIF ≥ 28) only account for 11% of papers that have an RCR of 3 or above.
    2. , influential publications can be found in virtually all journals

      That's a good statistic to have when fighting the JIF

  7. Jun 2016
    1. n the years between 1974 and 2014, the fre-quency of the words “innovative,” ”groundbreaking,” and “novel” in PubMed ab-stracts increased by 2500% or mor


    2. ewly hired biologists now have almost twice asmany publications as they did ten years ago (22 in 2013 vs. 12.5 in 2005).

      Interesting statistic pointing to the "hypercompetitiveness" of science.

  8. Feb 2016
    1. However, preprints in biology have not achieved a critical mass for takeoff. Last year, for example, bioRxiv received 888 preprints compared with 97,517 for arXiv, even though many more papers are published in the life sciences.

      Sobering statistic. Whatever solutions we propose for biomedicine, they generally are not adopted.

    2. Over the past 30 y, the US scientific workforce (e.g., postdoctoral fellows and graduate students) has increased by almost threefold (5, 6), fueled, in part, by the doubling of the NIH budget between 1998 and 2003.

      biomedical workforce participation

  9. Dec 2015