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    1. toilettes et points d’eau dont la crise sanitaire a révélé les faiblesses que nous avions signalées à de nombreuses reprises
    2. traitement de l’air pour améliorer sa qualité
    3. Le plan de relance étant une occasion exceptionnelle d’engager une rénovation des constructions scolaires sur des bases conformes au développement durable
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    1. Firefox add-on technology is modernizing

      Note: Starting in Firefox 57, which will be released in November 2017, only add-ons built with this new technology will work in Firefox. These are indicated by the “Compatible with Firefox 57+” label on addons.mozilla.org (AMO). Add-ons built with the old technology are labeled “Legacy” on the about:addons tab. If an add-on does not have the "Compatible with 57+" label, or has the "Legacy" label, the developer may be in the process of transitioning to the new technology. You may find developer contact information on the right side of the add-on listing on AMO.