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    1. Und dann kamen die Nazis!

      Es ist zutiefst bedauerlich, dass diese Sichtweise in der Geschichte so untergegangen zu sein scheint!

  4. Dec 2019
    1. Langdon is of the opinion that these dreams are recounted to Enkidu by a woman with whom Enkidu cohabits for six days and seven nights and who weans Enkidu from association with animals. This, however, cannot be correct. The scene between Enkidu and the woman must have been recounted in detail in the first tablet, as in the Assyrian version,30 whereas here in the second tablet we have the continuation of the tale with Gilgamesh recounting his dreams directly to his mother. The story then continues with the description of the coming of Enkidu, conducted by the woman to the outskirts of Erech, where food is given him. The main feature of the incident is the conversion of Enkidu to civilized life. Enkidu, who hitherto had gone about naked, is clothed by the woman. Instead of sucking milk and drinking from a trough like an animal, food and strong drink are placed before him, and he is taught how to eat and drink in human fashion. In human fashion he also becomes drunk, and his “spree” is naïvely described: “His heart became

      This gives insight into Langdons logic and reasoning resonating in his translation.

  5. Nov 2019
    1. This document was shared in the context of the OLC Accelerate Live Online International Summit in 2019, where Maren Deepwell presented on “Open for whom?“.

    1. Wchodziło długo, prawdziwie odurzony byłem po godzinie. Stan, w którym się znalazłem można określić jednym słowem, ale pisanym koniecznie z wielkiej litery: Spokój. Wielki Spokój, jakby nic złego nigdy się nie działo, jakby moje wnętrze było boską harmonią, idealnie zestrojoną z zachwycającym światem wokół. Myślałem i mówiłem bardzo trzeźwo: być może tak trzeźwo, jak nigdy: wyzbyty bowiem byłem z najmniejszych śladów niepewności, wstydu, nerwów, kompleksów... Było tak, jakbym znalazł w umyśle właściwe drzwiczki, tej najwygodniejszy pokój i rozłożył się w nim, delektując się (w nienarcystyczny sposób) sobą, swoim byciem i byciem, które mnie otaczało: świata, przedmiotów, światła, ludzi, Krzyśka, Andrzeja. Wszystko było dobre, a jeśli nie było - nie było godne uwagi. Zdumiewała mnie refleksja nad idiotyzmem wielkiej części moich codziennych zmartwień, wszystkich tych mniejszych i większych narcyzmów, skupienia na naskórku rzeczywistości. Andrzej w międzyczasie znalazł się w bardzo podobnym stanie, tylko, że połączonym z OEVami (opened eyes' visuals), do tego mówił dużo, gestykulując i intonując jak dziecko: "Przecież to wszystko takie proste...! Takie proste! A ludzie się przejmują!".

      Mystical experience description detected.

    1. From this page:

      AUPresses thinks more readers should be aware of the work they’re doing. That’s why during the organization’s annual University Press Week, it launched a reading list it’s calling READ. THINK. ACT., a list of 75 peer-reviewed books designed to help non-academic readers understand the world and work to make it a better place.

  6. Oct 2019
    1. Cuando miremos la cara al soldado digámosle ¿usted no es igual que yo?,

      Llamado a "desotrar" al otro.

    2. El despertar no tiene que morir nunca más! hasta que volvamos a ser seres humanos

      Es un llamado al humanismo.

    3. “salgamos a las calles, hagamos líopor una sociedad justa, fraterna y compasiva”

      El fin es la justicia, fraternidad y compasión.

    4. Es el grito que recorre desde Yemen, el pueblo kurdo hasta la Araucanía, metiéndose hastalas entrañas amazónicasindígenas. Ellos que nos enseñan que todos somos responsables de la casa común, hijos de la tierra, del agua y del sol, que protegen su entorno y que se deben a su gracia. Danos la sabiduría de SalomónSeñor, para escuchar a los últimos de nuestra sociedad, a las víctimas de la sociedad de mercado, responsables también de la destrucción de la casa común.

      Los que pagan el pato.

    5. agarraría a todos los acordeonistas y guitarristas e invitaría a bailar a la gente,

      El arte como forma de resistencia

    6. de misas convencionales

      Es entrar en piloto automático en la profesión: no responder a las necesidades de una comunidad, sino hacer "lo que se debe hacer" independientemente si sirve o no.

    7. ¿Qué les pasa a los pastores de Chile?

      De hecho parece que en todas las profesiones hay un silencio generalizado. ¿Por qué?

    8. hasta que no se convierta aJesucristo.

      El escritor es católico.

    9. los pacos

      ¿Los Pacos?

    10. ¡El despertar no tiene que morir nunca más!

      Sobre la situación en Chile en Octubre de 2019

  7. Sep 2019
    1. Impact of staffing cap

      The impact of staffing caps has been highlighted by numerous commentators and almost certainly plays a significant role in putting pressure on the planning workforce.

    2. Staffing cap recommendation

      That government review NDIA data to determine if there are staffing issues limiting the number of planners relative to the demand for plans. If this is the case, we argue that government should relax staffing caps.

    1. Recommendation to lift staffing cap

      The NDIA to lift the staffing cap to employ more NDIA planners and ensure NDIA planners are always used for participants with complex disabilities and/or lives. Where a LAC is the NDIA representative in a planning meeting, these LACs need to ensure they are trained and encouraged to work towards understanding individual needs and goals as opposed > to pre-empting needs based on disability type and therefore misrepresenting the actual needs of the participant.

    1. Estimated economic benefit of data linkage

      the potential value from linking Census data to administrative data sets is only beginning to be realised and holds immense potential.(In other work for the Population Health Research Network, Lateral Economics concluded that data linkage generated over $16 for every dollar invested).

    2. Cost reduction suggestion

      there may be ways to reduce costs associated with the development of Census-equivalent statistics, including relying less on the general public to answer questions every five years

    3. Economic benefit of the Census.

      Our estimates suggest the benefits of running the Census easily outweigh its costs in the order of$6 of economic value for each $1 it costs. On this reckoning, the cost of the Census would have to rise to six times its current cost –to around $3 billion every five years –before it startedto become cost ineffective

    1. Epic Games announced about the tournament in June 2018 with plans of holding weekly tournaments starting later in 2018. However, there was a slight change in the format & timeline and, thus, the qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup started in the month of April 2019. Players with top points in the qualifier rounds were invited for the finals that was held on July 2019 in New York. The total prize money for the tournament was $30 Million and the winner or winning team took home $3 Million, roughly 21 crores in INR.

      The world might be going gaga over PUBG but Epic Games owned battle royal game Fortnite is still holding on to the badge of being the most popular esports game in its category. This battle royale game has been generating billions of dollars for the gaming company with an audience/players spanning across different age groups and geographies.

    1. We need to make a big impression on parents, amazethem, convince them that what we are doing is some-thing extremely important for their children and forthem, that we are producing and working with chil-dren to understand their intelligence and their intelli-gences.

      Documentation is a great tool for communicating with parents what, how, and why there children are engaging with potentially risky and controversial materials or actions. If we can display the children as responsible learners, with teachers who are attentive and supportive, parents may be more open to the unconventional aspects of play and exploration.

    2. This statement highlights the importance of intentional "scaffolding" and allowing children to be uncomfortable and in a state of dissonance when discovering something new or taking on a challenge.

    3. This theory within you pushes you to behave incertain ways; it orients you as you talk to the child,listen to the child, observe the child

      It has been interesting to observe how my image of the child has changed through my knowledge of ECE and how quick I am to notice other people's view of children when in public based on how their interact with or make presumptions about children, whether verbal or non-verbal. How would a societal shift to viewing children as competent and capable change the way they are treated on a daily basis by both family and members of the community?

  8. Aug 2019
    1. "1supposeyou'llsaythesunnotonlyprovideswhatisseenwiththepowerofbeingseen,butalsowithgeneration,growth,andnourish-mentalthoughititselfisn'tgeneration."

      I found this passage very interesting. In my interpretation, the sun is being compared to growth and power. If the sun is at the same time illuminating the truth, I get the idea that a hidden meaning is sharing truth is what we can use to grow and nourish our ideas and our way of thinking.

  9. Jul 2019
    1. In each case the country that was left on its own has always seemed to pay a price, by being stretched militarily and diplomatically.

      Yeah, but the relative power structures of each country at the point of isolation really was and remains so very different.

      Moreover, the economic, technological and military solutions are without a doubt the best.

  10. Jun 2019
    1. Online LIVE Streaming of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: List of Streaming Platforms along with countries. 1) hotstar: Owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, a subsidiary of Star India, Hotstar is amongst the leading OTT platforms in India having content in different languages and genre. Star Sports is the official broadcaster of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in India. Viewers can enjoy uninterrupted match visuals from ground zero on hotstar app or on hotstar.com. Viewers can avail premium plans for Rs999/ year or Rs299/ month to enjoy uninterrupted match experience. The OTT platform owned by Star India has currently disabled watching cricket matches or web series for free. The subscription plans also allow viewers to watch all seasons of the popular web series, Game of Thrones.

      The biggest extravaganza of cricket, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has finally arrived. Starting 30th May 2019, nine of the best cricketing nations along with the hosts England will fight it out for the coveted trophy.

  11. May 2019
    1. But Jonah rose up to flee to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord. So he went down to Joppa, found a ship which was going to Tarshish, paid the fare and went down into it to go with them to Tarshish from the presence of the Lord.

      This is more than just a travel log. Here Jonah is saying no to God. He is refusing God’s plan for him. He is actually rejecting a direct request from the creator because of his own interests. Maybe he is afraid to prophesy repentance because his life could be at risk. There may be smooth sailing at first, but the wrath of God eventually catches up with him.

    1. Textpresso

      Perform simple keyword searches or more advanced searches to answer specific biological questions. Search results are presented within the context of the full text for rapid assessment of relevancy.

  12. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov
    1. PubTator

      Instrumento online que facilita la curaduía manual de la literatura con algunas herramientas de text-mining avanzado.

  13. Apr 2019
    1. vocabulary notes

      interpreting plot

      • title
      • subtitle
      • climax
      • denouement
      • exposition
      • frame narrative
      • in media res


      • introduction
      • main body
      • denouement
      • conclusion

      literaty terms

      • first person narrative
      • second person narrative
      • third person narrative
      • irony
      • satire
      • epithet
      • personification
  14. Mar 2019
    1. The New Small Business ideas, yes this is the main reason, before starting to work out on your best small business idea, you need to make sure that it is powerful and unique enough.

      The New Small Business ideas, yes this is the main reason, before starting to work out on your best small business idea, you need to make sure that it is powerful and unique enough.

    1. Turing award

      The ACM A.M. Turing Award is an annual prize given by the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to an individual selected for contributions "of lasting and major technical importance to the computer field"

    1. This bill would, commencing with the 2022–23 fiscal year and through and including the 2051–52 fiscal year, also require cities and counties to be certified in the prior fiscal year by the Department of Housing and Community Development, as described above, in order to remain eligible for an apportionment of these funds. For each city and county that is not in compliance with this requirement, the bill would require the Controller to withhold the apportionment of funds that would otherwise be apportioned and distributed to the city or county for the fiscal year and deposit those funds in a separate escrow account for each city or county that is not in compliance. The bill would require the Controller to distribute the funds in the escrow account to the applicable city or county after the city or county is certified to be in compliance and meets other specified requirements. The bill would make other technical and conforming changes.

      Same as the other bill. Again, transpo $ should be used to help make the goal. Not be punitive, but helpful.

    1. The bill would require a van-accessible parking space served by electric vehicle service equipment and a van-accessible parking space intended as a future electric vehicle charging space to be counted as at least 2 standard automobile parking spaces for the purpose of complying with any applicable minimum parking requirements established by a local jurisdiction.

      Heck why not 3 spaces? I'm of the opinion that there should be no parking requirements.

    1. Introduced by Assembly Member Grayson


    2. to be apportioned by the Controller to cities and counties pursuant to a specified formula if those cities and counties are eligible to receive an apportionment pursuant to the local streets and roads program, and if those cities and counties have been certified by the Department of Housing and Community Development to have met their very low income housing goals or low-income housing goals

      Shouldn't it be that they get the funding if it will help them meet their goals? (If even that).

    3. local streets and roads program. Before receiving an apportionment of funds under the local streets and roads program from the Controller in a fiscal year, existing law requires an eligible city or county to submit to the California Transportation Commission a list of projects proposed to be funded with these funds. Existing law requires the commission to report to the Controller the cities and counties that have submitted a list of projects and requires the Controller, upon receipt of the report, to apportion funds to eligible cities and counties included in the report, as specified.

      All LSR fund projects go to CTC?

    4. The Planning and Zoning Law requires a planning agency, after a legislative body has adopted all or part of a general plan, to provide an annual report to the legislative body, the Office of Planning and Research, and the Department of Housing and Community Development on the status of the general plan and progress in meeting the community’s share of regional housing needs. Existing law requires a planning agency to include in its annual report specified information, known as a production report, regarding units of net new housing, including rental housing and for-sale housing that have been issued a completed entitlement, building permit, or certificate of occupancy.

      Are there any CURRENT goals for cities/counties? What is the current "stick".

    1. The bill would require a qualified taxpayer, in order to be eligible for the credit, to obtain 2 certifications from the appropriate jurisdiction with authority for local building code enforcement: one prior to seismic retrofit construction that certifies that the building is an at-risk property, and a second subsequent to construction that certifies that the completed construction is seismic retrofit construction, as defined, and specifies a dollar amount of qualified costs.

      Cities often don't have staff that with this ability. Why not just make it a PE, similar to what appraisers do?

    1. junior accessory dwelling units

      Definitiion of jADU in law?

    2. This bill would provide that, if a local agency imposes an owner-occupancy restriction, the monitoring for compliance shall not be more frequent than annually and be based on specified published documents. The bill would describe owner-occupant for purposes of that requirement.

      Seems like an odd requirement - not more than yearly?

    3. This bill would instead require a local agency to ministerially approve or deny a permit application for the creation of an accessory dwelling unit permit within 60 days of receipt.

      120 doesn't seem onerous to a submitter.

    1. vocabulary notes

      interpreting plot

      • title
      • subtitle
      • climax
      • denouement
      • exposition
      • frame narrative
      • in media res


      • introduction
      • main body
      • denouement
      • conclusion

      literaty terms

      • first person narrative
      • second person narrative
      • third person narrative
      • irony
      • satire
      • epithet
      • personification
    2. She felt out of place.

      Ей было не по себе.

    3. for starters orders

      сигналов стартеров

    4. Of course, we've had our ups and downs

      Конечно, у нас бывало то лучше, то хуже

    5. processed kind


    6. Jean put the ruler down on the conveyor belt.

      Джин положила линейку на конвейер. (Прим.: В западных супермаркетах для экономии времени несколько покупателей выгружают продук­ты на конвейер одновременно. Для того, чтобы кассир видела, где граница, покупатели кладут пластиковую линейку яркого цвета между своими и чужими покупками.)

    7. Think of all the oriental foods you can get into

      Как по­думаешь, каких только ни бывает восточных продуктов

    8. her individual yoghurt seemed to say it all

      казалось, что её единственная упаковка йогурта говорит сама за себя.

    9. a gross offish fingers

      оптовая закупка рыбных па­лочек

    10. You can always tell a person by their shopping

      Всегда можно определить, что за человек перед тобой, по его покупкам

    11. when I turned up?

      когда я бы вдруг пришла?

    12. a see-through tray of tomatoes which fell casualty to the rest.

      прозрачный лоток с помидорами, придавленный другими покупками.

    13. the quick till


    14. Jean felt her patience beginning to itch.

      Джин чувствовала, что её терпение заканчивается.

    15. giving an accompaniment of nods and headshaking at the appropriate parts.

      в такт словам то кивала, то качала го­ловой.

    16. why I should have to put up with her at family occasions.

      с какой стати я должна мириться с её присутствием на се­мейных праздниках.

  15. Feb 2019
    1. student union group kind of took it over

      See the February 11, 2019 article in The Caravan about the Student Union (SU's) lunch presentation which preceded the AUC Board of Trustees (BoT) letter of support for the AUC president.

    2. the vote of no confidence

      See the February 10, 2019 article in The Caravan about the AUC University Senate's 80% vote of no confidence in the AUC president and his administration.

    1. Initiatives such as Domain of One’s Own[22]

      I wish there were more examples here that one could readily adopt. This example is specific to one institution.

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      Earn Robux.Today is a ROBUX earning website, where Roblox users can earn ROBUX for free!

    1. Disposición transitoria única. Reglas de afectación de las nuevas cuantías del salario mínimo interprofesional a las referencias contenidas en normas no estatales y relaciones privadas.

      Estas excepciones, aparecen referidas claramente para contratos de carácter privado, en ningún caso para relaciones laborales, como convenios, a diferencia de las interpretaciones interesadas que proliferan en muchas páginas de análisis económicos y de consumo habitual de empresarios o perfiles conservadores o liberales.

    2. Este real decreto entrará en vigor el día siguiente al de su publicación en el «Boletín Oficial del Estado» y surtirá efectos durante el período comprendido entre el 1 de enero y el 31 de diciembre de 2019, procediendo, en consecuencia, el abono del salario mínimo en el mismo establecido con efectos del 1 de enero de 2019
    3. para los trabajadores eventuales y temporeros y que incluye todos los conceptos retributivos, el salario mínimo de dichos empleados de hogar será de 7,04 euros por hora efectivamente trabajada.
    4. 1. Los trabajadores eventuales y temporeros cuyos servicios a una misma empresa no excedan de ciento veinte días percibirán, conjuntamente con el salario mínimo a que se refiere el artículo 1, la parte proporcional de la retribución de los domingos y festivos, así como de las dos gratificaciones extraordinarias a que, como mínimo, tiene derecho todo trabajador, correspondientes al salario de treinta días en cada una de ellas, sin que la cuantía del salario profesional pueda resultar inferior a 42,62 euros por jornada legal en la actividad.En lo que respecta a la retribución de las vacaciones de los trabajadores a que se refiere este artículo, dichos trabajadores percibirán conjuntamente con el salario mínimo interprofesional fijado en el artículo 1, la parte proporcional de este correspondiente a las vacaciones legales mínimas en los supuestos en que no existiera coincidencia entre el periodo de disfrute de las vacaciones y el tiempo de vigencia del contrato
    5. 1. La revisión del salario mínimo interprofesional establecida en este real decreto no afectará a la estructura ni a la cuantía de los salarios profesionales que viniesen percibiendo los trabajadores cuando tales salarios en su conjunto y en cómputo anual fuesen superiores a dicho salario mínimo.A tales efectos, el salario mínimo en cómputo anual que se tomará como término de comparación será el resultado de adicionar al salario mínimo fijado en el artículo 1 de este real decreto los devengos a que se refiere el artículo 2, sin que en ningún caso pueda considerarse una cuantía anual inferior a 12.600 euros
    6. El salario mínimo para cualesquiera actividades en la agricultura, en la industria y en los servicios, sin distinción de sexo ni edad de los trabajadores, queda fijado en 30 euros/día o 900 euros/mes, según que el salario esté fijado por días o por meses.En el salario mínimo se computa únicamente la retribución en dinero, sin que el salario en especie pueda, en ningún caso, dar lugar a la minoración de la cuantía íntegra en dinero de aquel.Este salario se entiende referido a la jornada legal de trabajo en cada actividad, sin incluir en el caso del salario diario la parte proporcional de los domingos y festivos. Si se realizase jornada inferior se percibirá a prorrata.
    7. En cumplimiento del mandato al Gobierno para fijar anualmente el salario mínimo interprofesional, contenido en el artículo 27.1 del texto refundido de la Ley del Estatuto de los Trabajadores aprobado por el Real Decreto Legislativo 2/2015, de 23 de octubre, se procede mediante este real decreto a establecer las cuantías que deberán regir a partir del 1 de enero de 2019, tanto para los trabajadores fijos como para los eventuales o temporeros, así como para los empleados de hogar.
  16. Jan 2019
    1. Chapter 1: THE NATURE OF SCIENCE

      Please review this article and comment /reply to at least 3 ideas that are new or which resonates with your experience.

    1. failing to recognize that my own identity was blinding me to opportunities that would allow my students’ identities to take center stage

      What are some ways I can help grad students at PSU see their blind spots?

    1. Top Web Design Trends of 2019

      2019 will be all about delivering on user experience: web design trends will prioritize compelling simple designs with asymmetrical layouts, speed, and mobile design, immersive video backgrounds, and more. And now many entrepreneurs assuming about what they might be able to do to enhance their websites. Or, just as simply, it has diverse thinking about what other Web Design Company might be up to going into the new year.

    1. Encourage students to apply their expertise to serve their community. Partner with nonprofit organizations to create opportunities for students to apply their research or marketing skills.

      Service-learning approaches - real-life application of skills gained in class to make society better.

    2. human connections facilitated by technologies can help learners engage more fully with the knowledge and ideas that shape our world.
    3. the open license would allow students (and teaching faculty) to contribute to the knowledge commons, not just consume from it, in meaningful and lasting ways.