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    1. The 6 Business Objectives of SaaS

      The main business objectives of a company are to address the problems and needs of their customers with products or services that are a solution for them. The importance of technology in our daily lives means that we simply cannot ignore SaaS when it comes to running our business.

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    1. n regards to K12 and Higher Education, many of them are using immersive tech as part of the learning. However, budget is the real issue here. Many of these institutions are running on strict budgets that were planned a year ahead, so to now throw in VR/AR strategies, their budget is even more stretched.

      budget constrains

    1. upslope movement of habita-tion and agriculture should have changed the water budget

      permasalahan yang selalu terjadi, dimana perubahan tata guna lahan akan berpengaruh terhadap air tanah, akibat pengelolaan yang kurang baik

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    1. 2019, c. 29, s. 301

      Budget Implementation Act, 2019, No. 1, SC 2019, c 29, https://canlii.ca/t/5430b, s. 301, added to the "Objectives" section at s. 3(1): "(f.1) to maintain, through the establishment of fair and efficient procedures, the integrity of the Canadian immigration system;"

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    1. La Région a dépensé, en 2002, 1 136 euros par élève (1 145 en moyenne en métropole).
    2. Les dépenses de fonctionnement, telles que les chiffrent les tableaux de la DGCL, paraissent moins s’écarter des moyennes nationales : 382 euros en moyenne métropole en 2002, 200 euros pour les Yvelines, 325 pour l'Essonne, 396 pour les Hauts-de-Seine et 393 pour le Val-d'Oise

      Les Yvelines sont bien en dessous

    3. Au niveau national, la dépense d'investissement par élève d'un collège public s’élevait en 2002 à 819 euros, cette dépense variant d'un département à l'autre de 225 à 1730 euros. Dans l'académie, la dépense a été de 931 euros pour les Yvelines, de 746 pour l'Essonne, 1730 pour les Hauts-de-Seine (soit deux fois plus que la moyenne de métropole) et 646 pour le Val-d'Oise

      les hauts de seine ont particulièrement investi semble t'il

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    1. Under the Sanders proposal, for example, cost control is secured by a global budget and by imposing Medicare payment rates. Blahous, a former Medicare trustee, estimates that under the Sanders proposal, provider payments would be cut by an estimated 40 percent by usingMedicare payment rates. Using Medicare payment rates throughout the entire American health care economy would hurt patients. Already, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services projects that “nearly half of hospitals, approximately two-thirds of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), and over 8 percent of home health agencies (HHAs) would have negative total facility margins.”

      The system does not keep a balance between suppliers and consumers. Make up the economy of health care disorders.

  15. Mar 2018
    1. From 2013 to 2017 Wright State’s reserve funds went from around $130 million dollars to less than $20 million: that’s four years over budget at an average of $27.5 million per year.
    2. Dan Slilaty: The University’s Single Reason for Being

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      need details on this "GPS" project with streetlights. What is the breakup of the Rs.5 crore budgeted for this?

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      महसूल : Revenue, or Running, or O&M (Operations and Maintenance). Something periodic, like annual rent or monthly salary.

    3. R=caq zY

      भांडवली : Capital, involving one-time investment or intake; like infrastructure building; not something periodic like monthly salary.