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    1. you're then talking about 15 to 25 cuts and Emissions a year on year for 00:33:27 developed countries which sounds impossible um but if we started earlier it would have been much simpler to do um but the equity part I think gives us real scope there because within our countries there are huge differences in 00:33:40 in our emissions um if we wanted to live on Paris we're going to need to reconsider what does growth mean what's progress what is development we have to ask these sorts of questions about our society and we don't have a long time to answer them

      !- key point : developed countries faced with 15 to 25 percent annual decarbonization - unheard of, but we left it too late with our decades of procastination, and we are still procastinating in the same way!

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    1. Trousers should shiver on the shoe but not break. —Arnold Bennett’s tailor

      A gentleman: superficially perhaps, a man who never looks as if he’d just had his hair cut.

      No gentleman can be without three copies of a book; one for show (and this he will probably keep at his country house), another for use, and a third at the service of his friends. —Richard Heber

      Some great examples from Geoffrey Madan's notebooks

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    1. All of this also has to be weighed against the additional money Walmart will get from the tax cuts. According to what a senior fellow at the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy told the New York Times, Walmart could easily save $2.2 billion a year from the tax cuts. The company says that the wage increases and bonuses would run $700 million.

      2200000000 - 700000000 = 1500000000 tax bonus after wage increases and bonuses