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    1. A highly interesting article where a well-known company prefers blood money to allowing employees to talk about politics. This is capitalism at its core: all profit, no empathy.

    2. GitLab, a San Francisco-based provider of hosted git software, recently changed its company handbook to declare it won't ban potential customers on "moral/value grounds," and that employees should not discuss politics at work.
    3. If you can see how people might respond to IBM, infamous for providing technology that helped the Nazis in World War II, saying, "Who has time to look into the source of this hard German currency?" you can imagine how GitLab's policy amendment has been received.
  2. Sep 2019
    1. The Fed offered $30 billion of reserves maturing Oct. 8, receiving $62 billion in bids from banks offering collateral in the form of Treasury and mortgage securities. Banks bid for $32 billion more than the amount offered by the Fed. In a second offering, the Fed added $75 billion in overnight reserves, with banks bidding for $80.2 billion, or $5.2 billion more than was available.
  3. Aug 2019
    1. Earning a living online is no more a new thing. We know popular influencers and celebrities who make money on Twitch & other platforms on the World Wide Web. Twitch streamers nowadays make a living from paid subscriptions, bits, influencer marketing and donations. People make money on Twitch in various ways thus it has become a reliable platform for a lot of fans and gamers. 

      Earning a living online is no more a new thing. We know popular influencers and celebrities who make money on Twitch & other platforms on the World Wide Web.

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    1. Не пытайся обменивать свое время на деньги. Меняй его на фан, профессиональный рост и самореализацию. Прямая конвертация труда в деньги обычно происходит по не самому выгодному курсу. Гораздо эффективнее вкладывать эти часы в обучение тому чего ты раньше делать не умел, и в будущем продавать уже эти умения по сильно большему ценнику.
  6. Apr 2019
    1. whole-length portrait of a stately gentleman

      A whole-length portrait of Sir Denham would have been a luxury and a very large expense. The price of a portrait increased with the portion of the person to be depicted, thus a half-height, a three-quarter, and a full length portrait were each incrementally more expensive.

      Read more about portraiture in Regency England here

    2. original thirty thousand pounds

      Thirty thousand pounds is equivalent to over one million pounds in today's currency.


  7. Mar 2019
    1. Now, iPhone sales are finally leveling off, and at $1,000-plus, they’re pushing the limits of what people are willing to pay.


  8. Jan 2019
  9. Oct 2018
    1. two mites.

      Mites or also known as Greek Lepta. The smallest coin of value in Rome.

  10. Apr 2018
    1. sovereign governments create currency through keystrokes

      I'll have to read the other article, but I'll note that a great deal of money creation--even before the advent of cryptocurrencies--has long been in private, not public, hands. Extending credit or making loans creates money. This is basic macroeconomics.

  11. Nov 2017
    1. $99-a-year Prime membership, syncing the online and offline benefits of the program in unprecedented ways.

      This is important I think

  12. Oct 2017
    1. conspicuous
    2. Most people were employed in manufacturing or the retail trade, largely in the areas of food, clothing, and construction, in which the bulk of demand was concentrated

      Most people were employed in manufacturing or the retail trade, largely in the areas of food, clothing, and

      construction, in which the bulk of demand was concentrated

  13. Mar 2017
    1. Cold calling, no product to see, contract sent in the post as soon as they said 'Yes' at the appropriate moment.

      Meaning. Capitalism. Money.

    2. There was a grey dial phone, a scruffy copy of the yellow pages, a script in small print on one plastic covered piece of scruffy A4. "If you sell two ads in this magazine for civil servants, in the next two days, you have a job." "Small basic salary, the rest commission."




    3. He cared for nothing about my story.


    4. Expertise in jigsaw puzzling didn't pay well. 

      recognition credit engagement

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    1. SMART boards changed the way teachers and students interacted in the classroom by moving lessons away from the dusty chalkboards that dominated education for decades.
    2. Capterra notes that an average school spends an average of $30,000 to $50,000 per year just on paper, but reusable tech would completely eliminate that cost.
    1. And back home, everyone has an image of easy money to be made in New York. You want to go back with money. Otherwise your community thinks you're a loser

      double lifestyle

    2. Everyone is depending on me

      money runs his life so stay stable

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      Earn money with your music simply selling your tracks on MIXUPLOAD Upload WAV files to participate in wordlwide music catalogue & get more opportunities

  16. Sep 2016
    1. One way to study for-profit colleges as organizations is to study for whom the organization is most efficiently organized.
  17. Jul 2016
    1. Học phí cho khóa học: 500.000 VNĐ/học viên.

      may quá k phải đóng thế mà k mail BTC ngay cuối cùng chỉ được trả sau lời nói gió bay, thầy nói rồi thầy quên

    1. Most of them are in debt once they get out of college because they do not have time to work and make money since they are spending 40+ hours a week doing their sport. I think that the best thing to do to solve this situation is to pay the athletes based on the revenue that they personally bring in themselves.

      In this paragraph they talking about how college players should get paid since they don't have any time to work or make money.

      This is important so that these college players can get payed.

      This connect to me because I will like to play college soccer and hopefully get payed for it.

  18. Jun 2016
    1. Is there anyone here? I still have not received the product

      From Uncharted Play:

      Jessica became a co-Founder and Executive Director for KDDC, a 30 megawatt hydropower dam in Nigeria—one of the first to be privatized in the country.

  19. unchartedplay.com unchartedplay.com
    1. co-Founder and Executive Director for KDDC, a 30 megawatt hydropower dam in Nigeria—one of the first to be privatized in the country
  20. May 2016
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    1. And should his old mother now perhaps work for money, a woman who suffered from asthma, for whom wandering through the apartment even now was a great strain and who spent every second day on the sofa by the open window labouring for breath?

      Mrs. Samsa is truly a fighter--after all, she was forced to work in order to provide for her family so that they could remain in a decent economic standing, saw her own son turn into an insect, and battled with severe catatonia to a point in which she could hardly speak at all. Despite all of this, she is still seen as the weakest, most lifeless character with the least development in the novella. Why, you ask? Good question. A woman who “suffered from asthma,” having a great deal of strain on her body and constantly “labouring for breath,” should obviously not pick up the load of a healthy young boy who is able to do double her workload. Is this asthma, this condition that is seen as a physical weakness, a metaphor for her breathlessness in attempting to keep the fabric of her family together and everything running smoothly? Her dedication and practically unwavering love for Gregor, seen when she walks into the room in which Gregor lives with her daughter and helps to tidy up the room (although she did not overtly say “I still love you, even though you’re vermin”), shows her pure spirit and good intentions when it comes to being a mother and a human being. Thus, perhaps the money she worked hard to get symbolizes the power of love and the means to which a desperate family member would go to fix a problem they see sitting, or in Gregor’s case, crawling, right in front of them. However, in the same measure, this income, a way to “solve” all of the supposed problems that are brought about by deviations in the span of society, is material and serves as the vessel through which masked corruption flows through sweet pure water that seems spotless on the surface.

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    1. fifty guineas

      This would be the equivalent to roughly $2,000 today ("Currency Converter").

    2. fifty thousand pounds

      This would be the equivalent to roughly $2,000,000 today (“Currency Converter”).

  23. Mar 2016
    1. I'm talking about optimizing the economy for the velocity of money rather than for the conversion of money into capital. It's going from a growth model to a flow model. Why are we, for instance, taxing capital gains at almost nothing but taxing dividends and earnings so high? That's a tax policy that is meant to favor the extraction of capital and to punish the exchange of things.
  24. Feb 2016
    1. 3,068 adults in August 2014, found that 72 percent of Americans reported feeling stressed about money at least some of the time during the past month. Twenty-two percent said that they experienced extreme stress about money during the past month (an 8, 9 or 10 on a 10-point scale, where 1 is “little or no stress” and 10 is “a great deal of stress”). For the majority of Americans (64 percent), money is a somewhat or very significant source of stress, but especially for parents and younger adults (77 percent of parents, 75 percent of millennials [18 to 35 years old] and 76 percent of Gen Xers [36 to 49 years old]).

      Along the lines of the first paragraph except putting some percentages into it. Almost three quarters of Americans (out of a 3,000 person survey) feels some kind of "extreme stress about money" each month, the majority coming from parents, adults and young adults (18-35). I'll incorporate this into my paper by using statistics to show how money is a huge reason for stress in adults.

    2. WASHINGTON — While aspects of the U.S. economy have improved, money continues to be a top cause of stress for Americans, according to the new Stress in America™: Paying With Our Health survey released today by the American Psychological Association. According to the survey, parents, younger generations and those living in lower-income households report higher levels of stress than Americans overall, especially when it comes to stress about money.

      Money is one of the tops causes of stress for Americans, especially for adults and younger generations with lower-income. This would be interesting to research more into because I believe adults have more to stress about when it comes to money (taxes, necessities, etc.)

  25. Dec 2015
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    1. Normative understandings of infra-structure usually are organized around theways in which materiality is a platformupon which social differences are created,recognized and sustained

      Materiality causes differentiation in social classes.. the want of materialistic objects and those who have the ability (money) to get them will be higher. Can money buy happiness?

  27. Sep 2015
    1. Central bank deposits are a special kind of money generally used only by banks and governments and therefore not generally regarded as part d the money supply in the hands of the public.
    2. the need for a currency gold reserve was to-day largely psychological so far as domestic currency was concerned?
    3. the volume of purchasing power to be issued through the banking system was not necessarily to be limited by the supplies of gold
    4. f we eliminated that from our Bank of Canada Act, the gold provision of 25 per cent. as against Bank of Canada note issues, it would not affect the monetary policy or the monetary situation in Canada at all? Mr. TOWERS: It should not; no
    6. PAPER CURRENCY TO PURCHASE GOLD. Q. Now, as a matter of fact to-day our gold is purchased by the Bank of Canada with notes which it issues .... not redeemable in gold ..... in effect using printing press money .... to purchase gold? Mr. TOWERS: That is the practice all over the world
    1. Those earning more than €1m in pay and bonuses fell from 3,530 in 2012 to 3,178 in 2013.

      aw, bless.

  28. Aug 2015
    1. 77 cents of every dollar spent on textbooks go to publishers. Of those 77 cents, the publishing company makes about 18 cents in pure profit, while spending 15 cents on marketing, and roughly 32 percent to cover costs (paper, printing, employee salaries, etc). At the same time, the author - the person who dedicated hundreds of hours of research to write the book – only gets about 12 cents on the dollar on average.
  29. Apr 2015
    1. Which world currency is currently experiencing among the most dramatic deflationary spirals anyone has ever seen? Bitcoin itself, the ‘existential threat to the liberal nation state’. 32 Any sane person putting their life’s savings into Bitcoin among all world cur - rencies right now is as foolish as a Dutch person buying tulip bulbs. That is because the problems with currencies actually aren’t formal, or mechanical, or algorithmic, despite what Bitcoin propagandists desperately want us to believe. They are social and political problems that can only be solved by political mechanisms. T



  30. Oct 2013
    1. Custom, however, is the surest preceptor in speaking, and we must use phraseology, like money, which has the public stamp.

      Money metaphor. We use our language like currency and must be able to exchange and understand.