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  1. Jan 2022
    1. Το δίκτυο αυτό το συντηρούσε έως τώρα η ΕΥΔΑΠ, αλλά πλέον θα κληθεί να πληρώσει για τη χρήση του, συν το γεγονός ότι πρόσφατα δέχθηκε να πληρώσει 157 εκατομμύρια ευρώ στο Δημόσιο για το αδιύλιστο νερό που πήρε μέσω αυτών των αγωγών κατά τα έτη 2013-2020.

      Ετσι ξεπουλούν τα ασημικά της χώρας: με αυυθαίρετους νόμους κ λογιστικές αλχημείες φεσώνουν τις Δημόσιες Επιχειρήσεις, καταστώντας τες προβληματικές, κ ύστερα αναζητούν ιδιώτη επενδυτή, φίλο τους και Άριστο, να τις αγοράσει σε τιμή ευκαιρίας.

  2. Aug 2019
  3. May 2019
    1. el debate actual de los estudios urbanos críticos sobre la forma como el neoliberalismo ha moldeado las ciudades a favor de lógicas mercantiles, afectando los espacios colectivos que estructuran la ciudad, poniendo en evidencia tensiones urbanas referentes al control y usufructo del suelo urbano por cuenta, en este caso, de grupos con poder sociopolítico y económico.

      Es una de las problemáticas centrales que se presentan en la actualidad, guiada por los grupos de poder en beneficio propio, sin contemplación de los espacios abiertos de usos colectivos (áreas verdes); depredando el territorio, demostrando la problemática de las ciudades y su falta de espacios de interrelación, que deben ser analizadas de manera oportuna.

  4. Dec 2018
    1. The Future of the Public Mission of Universities

      A compelling tour through the financial and human impacts of various initiatives to privatize public infrastructures — including public education.

  5. May 2018
    1. Privatization of the public good that was higher education in the United States has been described by Chris Newfield as academia’s “great mistake.”
  6. Apr 2018
    1. Despite its high price, it has glaring flaws. It doesn’t seem to communicate with other software, like Moodle, the open-source learning platform that provides students with resources for their modules. There are disparities between the number of students registered on each module and the number this system says attend classes. This disempowers lecturers from properly monitoring attendance – especially that of the more elusive students.

      More privatization of HE..

  7. Dec 2017
  8. Nov 2017
    1. My blossoming hope is that we can use some of the tools and rhetoric of open to build a public response to the crisis in American public higher education. OER can help us conceive of how the public can generate the materials it needs to support its education, and can help us center access as a key component of any equitable learning environment.

      How can or will institutions better internally support public education in ways that improve access and equity VS. outsourcing personnel, services, platforms, etc. which further adds to the problematic privatization issue.

  9. May 2017
  10. Sep 2015
    1. Gov't to review bill on Peru's largest oil field, president says Published September 21, 2015EFE The Council of Ministers will review a bill approved by Congress that would allow state-owned Petroperu to operate Lot 192, the largest oil field in Peru, President Ollanta Humala said.

      "We're within the timeframe and we're going to resolve this once we have the reports and, given how delicate this matter is, it's going to be looked at by the Council of Ministers," the president said in an interview with state-owned TV Peru.

      The government opposed the approval of the bill by Congress on Sept. 4, arguing that the move would require the spending of public funds and that Canada's Pacific Stratus Energy had already received a two-year concession for Lot 192.

      Argentina's Pluspetrol operated the field from 2001 until July, but the company was the target of frequent criticism from residents, who claimed land had been polluted and the oil company failed to carry out environmental remediation work it had agreed to.

      "We have to strengthen Petroperu, but not try to destroy it. So, we have to give it the opportunity to gradually take on greater responsibilities," Humala said.

      The environmental and land claims made by Indian communities around Lot 192, located in the northern Amazonian region of Loreto, are "legitimate," the president said.

      Lot 192, located near the Peruvian-Ecuadorian border, accounts for 17 percent of Peru's oil production.

      About 11,000 barrels per day (bpd) of crude are pumped from 16 wells in Lot 192. EFE

  11. Feb 2014
    1. The limit of any property rights that can be claimed in this manner are defined in the ‘Lockean Proviso’ which states that the aforementioned process of establishing private property only operates “when there is enoug h, and as good, left in common for others” (Bogart, 1985, p. 828; Locke, 1690, Chap. V, Sect. 27).
    2. The Privatization of the Natural State Proponents also invoke Locke’s discussion of the making of private property from the natural state by the joining of one’s efforts to the natural state (Menell, 1999, p. 129). The argument goes that authors (ar tists, inventors, etc.) join their efforts to the natural state of undefined ideas, and through their efforts arrive at an intellectual work; and by that effort, they may make a legitimate claim on that intellectual work as their property (Menell, 1999, p. 129; Locke, 1690, Chap. V, Sect. 26).