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  1. Oct 2020
  2. www.kickstarter.com www.kickstarter.com
    1. Gavin McGruddy of MyAutoma has uploaded a great browser-based demo of the Cascadia Solo Mode, so that you can try it out for yourself

      someone other than publisher developing adaptation of a game

  3. Sep 2020
    1. Each player's portfolio will no doubt have overlaps with another player and navigating these conflicting and shared interests is half the fun!
  4. Jun 2020
  5. May 2020
  6. Apr 2020
    1. This game comes with 12 sealed packages. Whoever loses in this ONE vs. MANY game gets to open one of the sealed packages. Inside will be new components, new abilities, and new rules that will help that side in future games
  7. Feb 2020
    1. The European map has the same rules as the USA map, but the differences in geography create a different feel and strategy. There are fewer connections on the European map (70 lines for 39 countries vs 89 lines for 41 states). However, it is easier to get from one side of the map to the other on the Europe side. The max distance between any two countries is 6, vs a max distance of 10 on the USA map. So on Europe, it is easier to zigzag around the whole board, but harder to wiggle around in close quarters.
  8. Dec 2019
    1. In a nutshell, the King's Keys deck started as an experiment to see what card games would be like if you rebuilt playing cards from the ground up. Instead of using ranks and suits, each card has a number (from one to four), one of four items, and one of four colors. The result is what I call a 4x4x4 deck where 64 playing cards each have a unique combination of these three parts.
  9. www.kickstarter.com www.kickstarter.com
    1. when you choose your character, you choose to be aboveboard or underhanded. That is brilliant! ... It creates a much more wide-open and inviting experience.

  10. Nov 2019
    1. Since games typically have perfect information, the outcome of the game is completely driven by the actions of the players.
  11. Oct 2019
  12. newclasses.nyu.edu newclasses.nyu.edu
    1. romourJaintlatteroflaatfallyouwillinfarthatI.th1nkitbest,&desirennberemovadfromthisstationonaccountatSomeprejudicesagainatme,here,inthemindsofacmeoftheBnhnd.-I.stillthinkthegem

      Ely wants to leave Fond du Lac because some of the Board has prejudices against him being there

    2. derallthesecircumstances,thequestionisseriouslypre—sentedtoourmindswhetherweareSpendingourstrengthtothebestedVentageinsinencingtheKingdomofchri

      Ayer is questioning whether or not the Board is wise to continue operating at Fond du Lac

    3. FormorethanayearpastIhavethoughtthatthefundsoftheBoardweremisappliedinsupportingamissionatthisplaceAf—tersomemonthsresidencehereIamfullysatisfiedofthefact.myreasonsImayprobablystateinasubsequentlette

      Ayer basically says that the Board is wasting their money at Fond du Lac

    4. journeyshewishestheBoardto

      Cooke wants the Board to pay for her travels back into "society" - I'm not sure she mentioned this in previous letters to Greene

    5. orthpresentembarrassedstateofthetreasury,whichislittle,ifatallrelievedfromtepressurefeltlastsummer,wouldnotwarranttheCommitteeinsendingoutayadditionalmissionaries,unlessthecallinProvidencewasverypec

      the Board won't send out anymore missionaries until they get their financial situation in check

    6. YourrequestrelativetovisitingNewEnglandwaslaidbeforetheCommittee,andtheyassentedtoyourproposal.ShouldyoucometoNewHaMpshire,weshallexpectyouofcoursetovisitBoston,asweshallwishtoconferwithyouonsometopicscogéntedwiththemissio

      Greene and the Board let Boutwell vacation in New England

    7. itwillbebest,probably,foryoutousethatforpayingallyourexpensesonyourway,tillitisexpanded,andpostponere-'oeivinganyonaccountoftheBoard,tillyouactuallynee

      Greene advises Sproat to use his own money until he runs out, and only then to use the Board's money

    8. argeafamilyoughttobesupportedhereunderthepresentembarrassmentsoftheBoard.IftheembarrassmenteoftheBoardarelikelytobesogreatfromthewantoffunds,thattheeemissionsmustbecometoocircumscribedintheirexpen

      Hall tells the Board that if they are broke enough to be embarrassed, to not send more help

    9. SHalltoDavidGreene,LaPointe

      Hall apologizes to Greene for sending Sproat to look for help because the Board is so broke

    10. erhapstheywillnotjustifytheexponceI'havc’imrggdymade.IsometimestremolowhenIthinkofitbutnruamiiihavc‘errcdyouwillpardontheerror&be-lievemestil

      Seymour is worried he spent more of the Board's money than he should have

    11. Idonotwish,norshouldIbCyanymeansfeelwillingtotakesuchastep,unlesstheindicationsofProvidenceshouldseemclearlytorenderitadvisable

      Cooke really wants to quit from all connection with the Board

    12. IhOpayouhavebeforethistimereceivedtheManuscriptofLuke'sGospelwhichIsentlastfall.IftheBoardseefittoprintit,Ihopegreatcarewillbetakentomakeitascorrectasposs

      Hall sent a manuscript to the Board

    1. theboom39mg:garnish:nre»withsomefemaleassistantEgg]tolaboras.dom1o££o{gig}Helploouéfami

      The Wheeler family has been at La Pointe for a year and a half and asks the Board for a female assistant



    1. sMrAgm&~E§.amebénhgoneitismyautyfornhe.presenttoabidebytheatuiifEufhowlongyourcommitteewillhhink1tem-pediennformene:emalniftheSiouxtreatyisnon’ranifleé&theprospectsofwar‘contlnuo,fsubmittoyourself&the

      Boutwell also leaves it up to Greene and the Board to decide if he should stay

    2. fourlaboursdonotaccomplishennughtamakeitanobjecttomaintainushere.itisforyoutoredallusfromthefiel

      Hall again leaves it up to the Board and Greene to decide if they are doing good enough work to stay at the Mission

    3. hepe,atthistime,Ishallnotbedisappointedbynotreceivinglettersfromy

      Still no word from the Board

    1. WeshouldthereforebeundertheneEcelesityoftravellingattheexpenseoftheBoard,unlessindi—viéueismightbenisposodtogiveussomethingforthispurp

      Hall wants to spend the whole winter in the NE states with his family at the expense of the Board



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  13. Sep 2019
    1. avidGreenetoJohnSymour,Boston,9Octob

      the Board releases Seymour, but suggests that he not study divinity

    2. DavidGreenetoDelia

      Okay so it appears that Greene says the Board doesn't recommend that Cooke return to La Pointe, but that if she wants to still, they might let her?

    3. Iwouldsubmitthequestionofmylongercontinuanceundertheirdirection,tothedecisionofaccordancewithmywishe

      Delia Cooke does not want to terminate her connection with the Board

    4. sireyourconnectionwiththeBoardtobeformallyathis,youwillpleaseinformmeofit,andyour1eCommitte

      Delia Cooke might be completely done with the Board and assisting at the Missions

  14. Aug 2019
  15. Jul 2019
    1. 12 Tenets of Board Game Design for Stonemaier Games

      These tenets seem to fall from the Meta-Game (experience) idea discussed in board game design books.

  16. Jun 2019
    1. noboardingschoolsrunattheBoard'sexpense

      Board shouldn't pay for schools

    2. benentstheywouldderivefromhavingschoolsandinreceivingthegospel,andtoldthemtheadvantagesoftheircultivatingtheirland.TheysaidthatwhatIhadtoldthemwasalltrue,andverygood.

      objectives: schools, gospel, land cultivation

    3. WithregardtoourprospectsforimmediatelybenentingtheIndians,Ihardlyknowwhattosay.

      sent by the Board to educate them and build a school

  17. Nov 2018
    1. He and other SHM officials have pushed hospitalists for the past few years to formalize their HIT duties by seeing if they would qualify to take the exam for board certification in medical informatics, which was created in 2013 by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). Between certification of that skill set and working more with technology vendors and others to improve HIT, Dr. Rogers sees HM being able to help reform much of the current technology woes in just a few years.
  18. Aug 2018
    1. The sideboard is stylish and dramatic, but it is also quite appropriate for use in a dining room

      digital "side"-demands asks for side storage

  19. Apr 2017
    1. Dr. Ken Adam
      Dr. Kenneth Adam, who worked on the Environment Protection board during the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry, spent the majority of his career working as a professional engineer with numerous engineering companies and private consulting firms. Some of his experiences included working for Templeton Engineering (for additional information, see the annotation for Carson Templeton), I.D. Engineering, Sentar Consultants, and Earth Tech Canada. In addition to working in industry, Dr. Ken Adam had a highly successful career in academia. He was an associate professor at the University of Manitoba working in the Department of Civil Engineering from 1972 to 1976. Dr. Ken Adam specialized in the construction of winter roads, specifically in the Canadian North. Due to his expertise, he was able to publish several articles on the construction of winter roads. The topics of his papers included the environmental impact of snow and ice roads, the development of improved snow blowers and pavers, and much more. His journal article entitled “Snow and Ice Roads: Ability to Support Traffic and Effects on Vegetation” was published in March of 1977 in the Arctic journal Volume 30 Number 1 (Adam and Hernandez 1977). He had another journal article published in the Journal (Water Pollution Control Federation) Volume 46 Number 12 entitled “Hydraulic Analysis of Winnipeg Sump Inlets” in December of 1974 (Adam and Brandson 1974). These are just two of many articles Dr. Ken Adam has published. These papers were researched and published for the government and private business. His clients included the Department of External Affairs, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, the Izok project, the Environment Protection Board, and others. Currently, Dr. Ken Adam resides in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Elves 2009). 


      Adam, Kenneth M., and Normal B. Brandson. "Hydraulic Analysis of Winnipeg Sump Inlets." Water Environment Federation, 1974: 2755-2763.

      Adam, Kenneth, and Helios Hernandez. "Snow and Ice Roads: Ability to Support Traffic and Effects on Vegetation." Arctic, 1977: 13-27.

      Elves, Daniel. Libraries of the University of Manitoba. January 2009. https://umanitoba.ca/libraries/units/archives/collections/complete_holdings/ead/html/Adam.shtml#tag_bioghist (accessed April 9, 2017).

    2. Carson Templeton
      Carson H. Templeton was born in Wainwright, Alberta. He earned a diploma studying Mining Engineering at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Calgary, Alberta. He worked at the Madsen Red Lake Mine in Northwest Ontario as an Assistant Assayer, Boat Boy, and Post Office Manager. He attended the University of Alberta to continue his studies of Mining Engineering and graduated with a Bachelor of Science. During World War II, Templeton worked on the Canol Pipeline Project. He then helped construct airports alongside the Alaska Highway for military use. In 1948, Templeton was appointed Assistant Chief Engineer of the Fraser Valley Dyking Board. In 1950, Templeton was appointed Chief Engineer of the Greater Winnipeg Dyking Board. In 1955, Templeton founded a consulting engineering firm which he named the Templeton Engineering Company. Before the Unicity Amalgamation of Winnipeg in 1972, his company worked as the City Engineer for several small cities in Canada. His company performed engineering estimates for the Royal Commission on Flood Cost-Benefits. These calculations led to the construction of the Winnipeg Floodway. Additionally, Carson Templeton’s consulting engineering firm conducted research that supported the writing of “Snow and Ice Roads: Ability to Support Traffic and Effects on Vegetation” by Kenneth Adam and Helios Hernandez (Adam and Hernandez 1977). In 1966, his company merged with Montreal Engineering and Shawinigan Engineering to form Teshmont Consultants Ltd. Teshmont Consultants Ltd. has completed over 50 percent of the world’s high-voltage, direct current projects. Templeton served as the Chairman of the Alaska Highway Pipeline Panel and Chairman of the Environmental Protection Board during the 1970s. As the Chairman of the Environmental Protection Board, Templeton orchestrated the hearing process for the Environmental Impact Assessments for the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (Winnipeg Free Press 2004). 


      Adam, Kenneth, and Helios Hernandez. "Snow and Ice Roads: Ability to Support Traffic and Effects on Vegetation." Arctic, 1977: 13-27.

      Winnipeg Free Press. Carson Templeton OC. October 10, 2004. http://passages.winnipegfreepress.com/passage-details/id-89334/Carson_Templeton_#/ (accessed April 8, 2017).

  20. Mar 2017
    1. university president public years center research million national latimes san executive major project board humanities

      The word humanities appears in this third-largest topic of the model. It is an institutional topic, with words about organizations, officers, governing structures, development and resources.

    1. digital technologies offer learners greater opportunities to be more actively involved in the learning experience.

      research opps.

  21. Feb 2017
  22. Jan 2017
    1. ace of the mass anti-Japanese hysteria of the day, critics maligned Governor Carr bitterly as a "Jap lover," even within his own state. (9) A loss in his 1942 bid for a U.S. Senate seat rang the death knell for Carr's promising political future on the national stage. Thereafter, even the name of this man of principle has been mostly obliterated from the memory of both the general populace and the political circuit.

      after his attempt to stand up for Japanese-Americans he people started thinking of him as a bitterly "Jap Lover" which faded to a loss for US senate and the thought became very unpopular.

    2. "one cannot test the degree of a man's affection for his fellows or his country by the birthplace of his grandfather!" He declared that "I am dedicated to the proposition that the Constitution must operate and function in time of war just as it does in time of peace," and insisted that "if we do not protect and preserve the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for all men today, it will not serve as a protection for any man six months from now." (8)

      Quote from Ralph Carr and crucial info

    3. Carr was elected the governor of Colorado in 1939 and served two terms through 1943.

      when Carr was serving his term as a governor from 1939-1943

  23. Jun 2016
    1. “Does segregation of children in public schools solely on the basis of race, even though the physical facilities and other ‘tangible’ factors may be equal, deprive the children of the minority group of equal educational opportunities? We believe that it does.” The ruling made clear that because this nation was founded on a racial caste system, black children would never become equals as long as they were separated from white children.

      And I know that my giving up on integration basically denies the truth of this. When I say that we need to give the African-American and Latino students the best counter-education we can give them, I am accepting that they will always be separate and unequal. I don't accept that, but what can I do about it? This is inspiring: http://www.integratenyc4me.com/

  24. Oct 2013
    1. After posting bail, he reportedly checked in to an alcohol treatment facility, where he said he remained for five weeks.

      Presumably this specific report is stated this way because Mr. Carrillo is the ONLY source of information about his "treatment" whereabouts. That no other person can reliably vouch that he was, in fact, in treatment, might warrant acknowledging that this is an unverified statement.