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  1. Sep 2019
    1. IneversawtheseInds.halfsogivenuptoeveryspeciesofwicked-nes

      According to Boutwell, the Ojibwe at Leech Lake are spiritually and moral less than any other he has seen

    2. hatIspokeloud&plain

      Boutwell describes a conflict he had with some of the Natives in his area

    3. henextthingisrevenge

      Boutwell is put on a list of men suspected of stealing ammunition, and his cattle are killed by the Natives in the region

    4. Forbetterthanamonthmywifehardlypassedacomfortablehourinsleepbydayornight,fromapainintheear&teeth.Iwasconnnedmyselfabout20daysfromawoundinthefootbyastub&IwasobligedtoemployanInd.womantoprescribe

      sickness was prominent in the Boutwell family, with both husband and wife being afflicted by something

    5. Mywifeisquiteillwithasorethr

      Boutwell's wife is illl and so is his child

    6. tseemsthatBoutwellisdepressed,andhasindicatedsuchtotheABCFMandtohisfamilybackeas

      Boutwell is depressed

  2. Aug 2019
    1. IknowtheIndian.Iknowhimwell,forIamanIndianmyself.Hethinkslittleandspeaksmuch.Hedoesnotlookbeyondthepresent,andhehatesyourobjectinhisheart,althoughitisoneofcharityandforthebenentofhimselfandchildren.

      This is how the second chief of the Leech Lake band views Boutwell and his mission efforts

    2. AmandthezealofPaul&thefaithofAbraham

      Boutwell hired a Catholic Frenchman as a laborer, but feels that he is not a good representation of the faith, and has decided to do all laboring himself - he asks for a pious man to be sent to Leech Lake instead

    3. handedandthenrstyeardshimselfembarrassedandabletoadvancebutceneedstobere-enforced

      Boutwell has been at Leech Lake for two years, working solo, so the progress is slow and needs to be re-enforced

    4. onsecratedourdearbabeinbaptism.WecallherElizabethAntoinett

      Boutwell and Crooks baptize their daughter Elizabeth Antoinette

    5. yhouse,whenIbegantooccupyit,hadadoor,threewindows&amudchimney,butneitherchair,stool,tableorbed-stead

      Boutwell built his own house at Leech Lake

    6. heseventhdaythemessengerbroughtmeanmrmatlve[answer]&thenextdayIpackedupmyeffects,swungmypack&marched

      In order to overcome suspicions of a mistress, Boutwell marries Hester Crooks

    1. ywifeisquiteillfrominnammationinoneofhereyes,whichissoswollenthatshecannotsee.Iamphysician,nurse,house-keeper.&c.whichoccupiesallmytimeandthoughts

      When his wife is ill, Boutwell is forced to take care of the house

    2. esterCrookswasmarriedtoMrBoutw

      Boutwell married Hester Cooks

    3. ywife,Innd,isnosmallcuriositytothispeople,thoughoneoftheirkindred,accordingtothenesh.HermannersanddressbeingthatofnAmericanwoman,whichmostofthenumberneversaw,excitesthestareandgazeofall,youngandold,maleandfemal

      Boutwell's wife is an Ojibwe woman

    4. allseemedtodemandthatIshouldhaveawi

      Mr. Boutwell's circumstances seem to him that he needs a wife

    5. WilliamTBoutwellPapers,MNHS.1Box.P2528March19[1834]Quiteillthismorning—withbile

      Boutwell is sick



    1. AlinefromBr.Elyrecdthisev

      Mr. Ely tells Mr. Boutwell that the first chief, La Gueule Plot, wants a school

    2. ButIforbear,IhavealreadyraiserawarofexterminationifwhatIhavenowgivenyouismadepu

      Boutwell knows these statement would cause the killing of many Natives if they were made public

    3. nInd.roullmostsurelytthesd—‘ventardofyourliberolity.Every

      Boutwell sees the Natives as charity seeking

    4. hismightoperateasastimultuswiththemtocultivateafixavalueuponcorn,rice&0,atleastwithsuch,ascarstohavetheirohil.instructed,ratherthansquanderitinfeasts,&feedingsuchasaretooindolenttomakeagardenthemselve

      Boutwell disapproves of the way the Natives handle food

    5. Ire—membered.tohavereadthe“servantienotabovehisMaster

      how Boutwell views his relationship with the Ojibwe

    6. Mr.BoutnellremainayearatMackinaw,toassistHr.F.inthatmission,andtostudytheOjibwalanguage..Ou

      Mr. Boutwell stayed at Mackinaw for a year to assist with the mission there and learn the Ojibwe language